G1 NJPW/ROH Supercard live discussion thread.

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We are so spoiled!..:star_struck:
I’ve been looking forward to this show as soon as I heard it was announced at the garden. Whoever is attending tonight I hope you have a bloody awesome time.

What’s everyone anticipating most on the show tonight?

I almost have to wonder - do you people that are going to this still as hyped about it?

I think it sold out with the hype of Omega being there and Jericho and the Bucks. Now we won’t have any of them. Have to really wonder if it will sell out if this was known.

Are Tanahashi and Okada huge stars to the NA market? Especially Tanahashi - would you think he is as amazing as he is if you don’t follow his NJPW closely and believe him to be an Icon?

I still think it will be a good show but we can see with the atrocious sales in Dallas that NJPW in NA is t that huge without the NA stars.

I’m not hyped for the main event - I just saw that match at WK. Could have at least added a stip or something.

The match I most want to see are the Ibushii and the ZSJ matches.

ROH main even being triple threat sucks. Would rather Lethal vs Marty one on one.

Also they added Bully Ray vs Juice. Why? Who cares about this.

Should be fine. Not what I thought it would be months ago.

The bar is set high and expectations are really high.

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Can’t wait. I’ll be on this thread all night.

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Wasn’t as hyped for this show after the Elite departed and then White was locked in as a headliner. But to have a real strong challenger to root for in Okada and then getting Naito and Ibushi and Tana and ZSJ - very excited to see them perform in MSG. I’m very curious how the venue will look and feel as I’ve seen many a big event in this arena. So there’s definite personal intrigue there. When you consider the Jrs match or Osprey v Cobb can also steal the show and maybe even the weekend it’s hard to not think the crowd will be hot throughout


I’m curious too. I feel like a lot of the crowd have a bit of buyers remorse but will try to make best of it.

Jay white vs Okada is just not exciting to me. We just saw this. Like can’t they give us something fresh?

Also who do people cheer for? Are they really huge Okada and Tana fans there? Or do ZSJ and White get cheered?

Also any “Elite” or “we want Kenny” chants tonight? Curious to see.

I still feel like it will be a good show. Probably better than Mania but not quite NXT level. Feel like it’s a given Ibushii match is the best although Osprey match could be amazing too

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Man, looks fantastic.

To those in the know do we expect this show to have a pre-show starting at 6:30? or is the Honor Rumble starting at 6:30?

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This is huge for ROH and all involved

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What’s the chance the Elite shows up anyway? It’s a pretty good possibility, since I’m pretty sure their relationship with both companies are still in really good terms!!

Signed back up to NJPW Word again for the show tonight. Much like I did for Wrestle Kingdom, I will probably cancel again after tonight. Should be a great one off card though.

Meltzer said zero. Opposite of very good

i would be interested to see if this show actually appeals more to new njpwworld subscribers than even wrestle kingdom.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Chris Jericho to show up I don’t know if he’s anywhere near New York this weekend is he?.

It would be the best storyline ever if there was an AEW invasion with Jericho. Probably won’t happen but that’s how I would book it.

Here we go then Liger has to win this doesn’t he…

From the live broadcast, production values are looking good so far. Ian Riccaboni, Colt Cabana and Kevin Kelly on commentary. Unfortunately, Kaze ni Nare has been dubbed over.

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