G1 NJPW/ROH Supercard live discussion thread.

I really hope all the entrances aren’t going to be dubbed over they just murdered KAZE NI NARE.

Damn now Taguchi

The no entrance music is gonna suck

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Man, each and every performer must be super stoked to perform at MSG. For some, it’s probably one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments.

#20 is probably MJ’s pick to win.:joy::joy:

Dude, they dubbing the NJPW music. Pathetic.

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So for what’s it’s worth @Y2jbrock sold the tickets I gave away to make sure listeners can go.

Totally F’d up.

But Jesse is a stand up dude

This is awesome!!

Stupid ending with Kenny king

Well that ending was retarded.

It would’ve been cool for Liger to get an ROH title shot but it made King a heel

Didn’t like that ending at all liger could of won and received a title shot against the roh champion and it would of been a big match.

what happened?? So you gave the tickets away out of kindness and he went and sold them?

Correct. Two that I gave to the person in the original contest who was the only one of those 3 to not get a ticket. He sold them to a lovely couple that bought resale tickets on TM. :man_shrugging:
The world is full of Tanahashi’s and Tama Tonga’s I guess

Shouldn’t have transferred them. That was a mistake. Whatever, sucks. If he has any ounce of decency he’ll send me the money but whatever, doubt we’ll ever hear from him again around here.

I was just reading the contest post.

You gave him two tickets to the show right?

You’re a sound guy you didn’t deserve that mate sorry.


Brother, I’m sorry to hear that man. I’m thankful and super proud of you. You were thoughtful and generous to give away those tickets!! Keep your head up and have a great and safe night!!


Good lord what a card OSPREAY STARTS THE SHOW!!!

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At least got to Kaze Ni Nare before finding out. Going to be a great show. Crowds full. Hot for Japanese stars.


Wow what a douche. He should be banned

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Anyone else slightly underwhelmed by opener? It’s good but didn’t hit the levels I thought it would