G1 Special Cow Palace.

Anyone here planning on attending the Cow Palace show?

not planning on going but I was wondering if anyone had any more information about it. I think that arena can hold more than 10k… if NJPW is willing to sell that many tickets, they might beat All In to the punch on getting 10k paid.

I got 4 tickets to the show (2 pairs). Was wondering the same thing about others attending the show.

I am but after seeing how every big match is going to be happening at Dominion I can’t help but not be that hyped.

I’ll be there, really amazing seats as well. The one positive is that if they want to sell out Cow Palace they need an outstanding card. I guess that’s the risk in purchasing tickets before any matches are announced.

I am sure we will be getting an excellent card, they need to do something big, especially after seeing the ticket prices for “All In”. If they want a sell out (or close to it) at the Cow Palace they need to put together something special. My only concern is that we may get Kenny vs. Cody as the main event, a match that I am not crazy about.

I’m very interested to see what, if anything, changes in terms of booking the US shows. While I enjoyed last year’s US shows (and certainly the title tournament changes things up from usual card structure), I felt like the show was a little heavy on US indie/ROH talent (plus the oddball Billy Gunn appearance) and lighter on the sort of NJPW-specific match-ups I think most of us NA NJPW fans are hankering for. For instance, I’d be excited to actually have at least one block’s worth of actual G1 tournament matches, rather than just gesturing to the idea that all these guys will be fighting in the tournament…back in Japan.

I think title or no title it’s Kenny vs Cody at Cow Palace… I have literally zero interest in it, the first match did fuck nothing for me.

Up until Okada called out Kenny all Dontaku was about in regards to Omega was setting up a match with Cody, Okada calling Kenny out gives Omega an excuse to put off his match with Cody until Cow Palace, how generous of NJPW

I am looking forward to Dominion as a show. However, how awesome would it have been if they held off Tanahashi/Okada for Dominion and had the Omega/Okada match at the Cow Palace?

Honestly they must hold off Naito/Jericho until the Cow Palace (unless Jericho wins and they do a rematch), because they need to announce something. NJPW is brutally naive in thinking Omega/Cody (title or not) is big enough to increase ticket sales or headline the G1 Special.

I have never been to San Fran, so I am looking forward to the trip regardless, I just hope we get some nice matches announced. Btw I do like the idea of having some of the actual G1 on the show. They need something!

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Question: does Omega-Cody for IWGP Heavyweight and Jay White-Okada for the IWGP US Title do anything for anyone?

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Not really, I wouldn’t mind that, but it wouldn’t be ideal. I guess If we get Okada in a featured singles match I can’t really complain. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Suzuki in one of the main matches.

Suzuki Naito?
Those three matches would be a strong card to me

Yes Naito/Suzuki. Either way I think the Cow Palace gets some combination of those three (Suzuki, Jericho, Naito). I think Suzuki gets Naito at Dominion, Naito wins and faces Jericho at Cow Palace, but I would be just as (if not happier) with Suzuki/Naito at Cow Palace.
If you throw in Ospreay/Mysterio or something on top of that, I would be quite pleased with the card tbh.

I’m curious why the public is now willing to say Jericho could be used in San Fran when previously it was widely thought he’d not wrestle for them on US soil. Was anything addressed about this or just a shift in belief about it