G4 signs Xavier Woods

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WWE’s Xavier Woods created the platform known as UpUpDownDown which has reached over 2 million subscribers on YouTube and Woods is well-known within the gaming community. He lobbied on social media to get himself on the G4TV team and during the G4 Holiday reunion special on YouTube, Woods was announced as an on-air talent for the platform.

The gaming network aired on cable television from the early 2000s until 2014 when they ceased operations. Over the Summer, a relaunch of the brand was announced. Kevin Sabbe, Head of Content at G4 formally welcomed Xavier Woods to the team.


Welcome @WWE Superstar Xavier Woods, @AustinCreedWins, Future King of the Ring AND absurdly long title collector to the G4 Family! pic.twitter.com/0PrjwTUpwV

— G4TV (@G4TV) November 25, 2020

Woods had the following to say about the new venture that awaits him:

“Never in my wildest dreams did I expect #Creed4G4 to gain so much momentum among WWE fans and gamers alike. As a lifelong video game fanatic, I have always held a genuine affinity for the G4 brand, and I’m honored and humbled to be joining the G4 team at a time when interest in gaming and the gaming community has never been stronger.”

Also, several days ago, Woods won the Esports Content Creator of the Year Award.


Don’t tell Vince :shushing_face:

“G4? Why the hell are we letting Woods wrestle in Japan?!”


Hard to be happy for the guy when WWE gets half(?) which I think is one of the subliminal points of the third party deal. Don’t see Individual who wrestles for WWE, see WWE Superstar who has a partnership. Note the subtle difference.

When the relaunch of G4 was announced and Woods began his campaign, I had heard on a video game podcast to which I regularly listen (the Giant Bombcast) that one of the people involved used to work in WWE, even hiring one of Giant Bomb’s people to work there. That guy, Brian Terwilliger, who left WWE in May, now has a high position in this new G4, so Woods essentially already had an in to working here. Regardless, it’s surely a great fit.

Here’s Terwilliger’s credentials:

Here’s that podcast clip going over it, with what I just wrote coming in around the 7-minute mark. The guy leading the conversation in the podcast clip used to work with Gamespot, and by extension the original G4.