Gable Steveson signs with WWE

Originally published at Gable Steveson signs with WWE

WWE confirms that they’ve signed Gable Steveson.

Olympic gold medalist Gable Steveson has signed with WWE, the company confirmed today. Steveson commented on the news and wrote the following:

Childhood dream accomplished.. I have officially signed with the @WWE!!! Thank you for the opportunity!! LETS WORK

Childhood dream accomplished.. I have officially signed with the @WWE!!! Thank you for the opportunity!! LETS WORK 💪🏽

— Gable Steveson (@GableSteveson) September 9, 2021

Steveson tweeted out last week that he officially put pen to paper but did not clarify where he signed. He has made several appearances on WWE programming this year. His latest was at SummerSlam alongside fellow Olympic wrestling champion Tamyra Mensah-Stock.

Steveson was also shown in the crowd alongside Stephanie McMahon at TakeOver: Stand & Deliver in April.

Wow! This could be a massive signing, but at the same time it could also be a huge bust. Very curious to see how this plays out. The bar is high with gold medalists, people are naturally going to compare him to Angle. With that said, I wonder if they consider bringing Angle back at some point to pair with him as his manager.

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Would be great if he took to it as fast as Angle. As opposed to somebody like Henry, who spent years upon years struggling to get past the mid-card.

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The most interesting part is the NIL aspect of it. It gives WWE a massive advantage over UFC in signing college wrestlers. Steveson is big so he will get a chance in WWE

Maybe they can bring up Johnny Gargano to be his manager. While we at it, lets change his name too, we already have John Cena coming around every so often, so we dont need a Johnny too. People might get confused.

This is huge. Big coup for WWE


How long until we see him active on the main roster? I say less than three months. Rumble at the latest.

Hope they don’t make him Kurt Angles son :flushed:

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Well… shit.

“There are often conflicting versions of what happened and this case is no exception," he said. “In the interest of justice, there is inadequate evidence to fairly charge and prosecute this case."

He provided few details, saying his office doesn’t believe in re-victimizing the victim and that, “We appreciate her bravery in reporting this incident to police."

Freeman also hinted that alcohol may have been involved, saying that under Minnesota’s current laws on intoxication and a victim’s ability to give consent, his office was restricted in how it could bring charges in the case.

So… Looks like because the victim was intoxicated, and shitty laws - he got off free of charges.

Over the years reports like this when it involves a black man have always made me leery. I remember when Lamar Jackson (I think it was him) won the Heisman, the next day a story came out about how he tweeted something homophobic when he was 13.

Now this is definitely different then the Jackson story, but anytime a black man seems to have great success, certain media members and certain people seem to go looking for things to bring them down (for the record I do not mean you Mark, I’ve also seen these reports circulating on Twitter and Tik Tok) and its definitely worthy of discussion here and I’m glad you posted.

I say this with all due respect to the victim as I am not in any way shape or form discrediting them, I think statistically reports like this are accurate 92% of the time. With that said, given the history of the US, when a black man is not charged and then achieves great success, I am leery to hold old stories against them as traditionally black men in the US are not given the benefit of the doubt.

Its such a touchy subject, as you don’t want to not believe the victim, but at the same time you don’t want to just assume he did it especially given the historical nature of the way black men are treated in the US.

Not sure if what Im saying is adding to anything, I guess I’m just saying that cases like this are complicated, and the timing of stuff trending is always interesting.

If he did do it, then I hope the guy goes away. If he didnt, then I hope he overcomes these reports.

Either way, he’s going to be the biggest starring wrestling in a few years.

Don’t ever forget that stone cold Steve Austin was the biggest star and used to beat the shit out of his wife. Wrestlers aren’t perfect human beings in a lot of cases are actually bad human beings.

Sadly this is true. I would guess that many of the wrestlers we as fans look up to at some point in their lives did some really really shitty things.

Even Bret Hart who seemed to be squeaky clean and was my hero as a 12 year old admitted in his book to cheating on his wife all the time. Not comparing cheating to rape of physical abuse, but the point is that a lot of these guys have done bad things. The standards in this business in terms of morality don’t seem to be that high.

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