Gail Kim wishes Stephanie McMahon fought more for the women during Gail's time in WWE

Originally published at Gail Kim wishes Stephanie McMahon fought more for the women during Gail's time in WWE

Gail Kim shares her thoughts about topics related to WWE and IMPACT Wrestling.

From 2002-2004 and 2008-2011, Gail Kim spent time with WWE and as of today, she is currently working for IMPACT Wrestling as a co-Head of Talent Relations alongside D’Lo Brown.

Gail formally retired from in-ring competition in 2019 and since her last match, she shared that she has been offered the opportunity to wrestle again. Gail discussed her in-ring career and post in-ring career while guest appearing on René Duprée’s Café De René podcast. While looking back at her cumulative time with WWE, Gail mentioned that it felt like there was no one fighting for the women or in their corner outside of Fit Finlay.

She wishes that Stephanie McMahon was more outspoken about women empowerment, relating her point to Stephanie’s backing of the division over the past seven years. She added that all of that blame cannot be tossed onto Stephanie solely as Gail assumed that Vince McMahon did not like women’s wrestling at one point.

I’ve never seen any indication of her wants from us, so, they can’t necessarily fight for us because they’re worried about their own position, right? So Fit could only fight oh so much for us which we understood. I just thought it was a losing battle because Vince never liked women’s wrestling. You know, that’s what you chalk it up to. You know, making assumptions when you don’t have answers so…

Later in the conversation, Gail was asked about the idea of Killer Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux returning to IMPACT Wrestling. Both Kross and Scarlett have openly stated that they are not interested in that and Gail made mention of those comments.

I don’t know if they kind of want to — I was not involved so much in when they left with us but I know that was… a not so pleasant situation I guess in… it didn’t work out amicably so I don’t — and they have voiced their opinion in terms of not wanting to come back as well so that’s not really — I’m Talent Relations but I don’t make those decisions myself. I would probably say not in the near future at least for now, based on what I know.

Gail is an on-screen figurehead on IMPACT television. Over the weekend at the ‘Sacrifice’ special, the Knockouts Title changed hands for the 25th time as Tasha Steelz became champion.

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