Game Changer Wrestling

Anybody keep up on this promotion?

I’ve been pretty invested since seeing them live the first time at a show they did with Black Label Pro on All Out Weekend.

Definitely captures that ECW party vibe and mixes in a good amount of PWG style wrestling next to their deathmatches for those who, like me, aren’t the biggest fan of gratuitous violence.

Watched their event last night “Let’s Be Honest” and it was a great show. My personal highlights being:

RSP vs Effy
Dickinson v Starr
Deppen v Mance

Looking forward to all of their Collective mania week shows - definitely one of my favorite promotions of the year for 2019 (Two Cups Stuffed being the most fun I’ve had at a wrestling show pushed me to revisit their archive) and already gearing up for a great 2020. Excited to see Janela return and become more involved - they’re a great partner promotion for AEW.

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Heard of it in passing,will check it out.AEW other than the ex fed guys has not done much for me and need something different.

If there’s one independent event you watch this year - let it be GCW - Run Rickey Run.

The couple month build up to the main event and the result are the reason I fell in love with wrestling to begin with.

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