Game of Thrones*SPOILER ALERT*

Any Game of Thrones fans on here?

What did you think of the Battle of Winterfell?

I cant help but be kind of disappointed. I was really hyped for this episode and it was great, but the fact that it took place at night, really hurt it. It was so hard to see a lot of it, especially at the start. I’m also not a fan of how the Night King was killed off. We got this build of something to come between the Night King & Bran, it finally comes and they just stare at each other and then he gets killed by Arya of all people?

Maybe I just hyped myself too much by reading a lot of theories and stuff. I’m not one of those who thought the Night King was Bran or some kind Stark or Targaryn relative or any of the other crazy theories, but I thought there would be something more.

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I loved it. It being dark made sense since they where fighting against the long night. Plus, you got to feel like the people in the battle, overwhelmed and almost lost.

Everything in Aryas story has built to this moment. The call back from the red woman kinda solidified this. Plus Bran giving her the dagger and saying “you’ll need this more than me” or something along those lines was great foreshadowing.

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I loved it, I expected more major deaths, and it had a few issues. But overall it was very well done.

I’m a big Game of Thrones fan. I have watched every season more than once and read all the books.

One of the most difficult thing about GoT, Star Wars or Marvel movies is limiting your own expectations. The promotional campaigns for these movies and shows (or even wrestling events) are meant to make it feel like it will be the greatest thing ever. This has been especially difficult with GoT which had an extra year of hype.

But so far the season has lived up to my expectations. The first three episodes have each been fantastic for different reasons. And you can’t watch last nights battle episode and not be impressed by the incredible technical feat it was. It was a war scene more impressive than most movies. And I feel like it did deliver big “holy shit” moments and a huge “hell yeah” moment with Arya which paid off the years of stealthy warrior training storylines.

I still loved the episode and thought it was amazing. I’ve thought this season has been fantastic too, I just maybe was expecting more from the Night King and his army. I thought there would be a lot more interaction between him and Bran, than just staring at each other. No major characters were killed in the battle and I hate that in any show. Jorah was really the only character that died, that I actually gave a shit about. The rest were either alright or I was happy they were gone.

And Arya killing the Night King…it doesnt do it for me. Sure its been hinted at. It was built up. It isnt like it was out of nowhere, but she isnt one of my favorite characters, so it came off as underwhelming to me.

Plus, I wanted to see the Night King hit Kings Landing.

Arya is one of my favorite characters so I was all for seeing her dealing the killing blow.

At first GoT became known for subverting expectations by killing off major characters in early seasons. The show is still being surprising by not killing them off.

Although I do expect more main characters to die in the last 3 episodes when the pissed off North and Daenerys turn all their rage against Kings Landing.

Also, it might be a really good idea to put Spoiler Warning in the title of this post.

I’ve been thinking about that lately and really, I’m starting to think they didn’t really kill anyone that major. I mean, at the time people like Ned, Joffrey, Tywin were shocking, but I don’t think any of them game changing. The one big death was Jon Snow and then he was brought back.

The one thing I think this show has been really good at, is making certain characters feel more important than they really are, so the death is more shocking at the time it happens. I remember when Jon Snow was killed and my dad was PISSED to the point where he said he was going to stop watching. I expect deaths coming up, but I’m really hoping they dont get soft and keep too many people alive. I dont want to see all of Sansa, Arya, Bran & Jon alive. 2 or maybe even all 3 of Tyrion, Jamie & Cersei have to go. The Mountain & The Hound have to battle. Only 1 of Dani or Jon needs to stay alive.

I’m probably setting my hopes way too high, I know.

That is really about your definition of major. As a reader of the books Eddard (Ned), and Catelyn were both “chapter characters” in the books with Ned being essentially the main character of book 1 so both are major deaths. By that measure Theon is also a major character from the books with his own POV chapters. There are also plenty of characters that were major players at the time of their deaths their importance has been reduced as they are dead, but Tywin, Robb, Ramsay, Joffrey, Olena, Margery, littlefinger, Baristan the Bold, Stanis. None needed up as “main characters” by the end but only because they died earlier. In the show.

As for game changing Ned’s death essentially starts the whole story in motion with the war of the 5 Kings. If Joffrey spares him the north may have never broken away from the crown.

I really disliked it. There was definitely some cool scenes, and I thought the score was fantastic, but I hated the plot armour that every main character had in the episode. Remember when Jon was surrounded on all sides by hundreds of the undead and we cut back to him and he’s fine? Jaime, Sam, Brienne and Grey Worm each should of died like 12 times this episode! Jaime has one hand! It’s not even his sword hand! He’s been struggling to 1v1 people for 5 seasons. Super Arya saves the day at the exact right moment of course and the night king dies without us ever knowing his motivations and the army of the dead falls in the first battle. No one survives except literally everybody important (except Theon I suppose?).

It feels like the shows kind of lost what made it great in the early seasons. The production is still top notch and I’m invested in the characters, but it feels like fanfiction at this point to me. I was really disappointed.

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I mean Jorah and Melisandre are also pretty big deaths, I think part of the disappointment was expectation based. I expected some of those front line fighters to have tearful demises (Brienne dying to save Jamie for instance). But I think the conflict with Cersie is more interesting if only because both sides have emotional investment. The Night King is just a big source of death.

I could of accepted none of those characters dying if they weren’t put in positions where they should of died and there was no reasonable chance of survival. You know, simple things like Tyrion and Sansa hiding ontop of the stones in the crypt to survive. But I think aside from them, Bran, Arya and maybe Daenerys every character was shown in a position where they SHOULD of died, and they were saved by lazy writing as opposed to any clever strategy. Even the dragons and ghost survived the episode. I just can’t defend lazy writing from a show that I always thought was so clever.

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Meh…every character was in a situation where they should have died. So I agree about the crazy plot armor, but I’m willing to forgive it if those characters are used well through the last 3 episodes. If not and it is just happy endings for all I think this outcome is more disappointing. In general the battle comes across as a means to balance the sides between John/Dany and Cersei.

That is what it is for me I think. At the end of the day, I can accept people surviving impossible situations. I can accept all the main characters surviving. But the Night King, White Walkers etc. They were my favorite part of the show. As someone who is not a reader of the books, those characters brought GOT to a new level for me. It wasnt something I was expecting from a show like this. I thought it was just some show, set in the old days and the fantasy element made it so much more.

For this character(Night King) to go through all this stuff, from Hardhome(which is my favorite episode) to getting a dragon and breaking down the wall and just striking total fear into everyone with his army. I thought there was going to be some crazy mind shit going on between him and Bran, but all we get is a fucking stare down between the 2 and then he’s killed by a little girl. It sucks.

My other favorite characters were Littlefinger, Joffrey & Ramsay Bolton, so clearly my favorites dont end up doing too well.

It is (literally) fan fiction, has been for a while now.

So you just wanted the bad guys to win? You’ve still got Cersei to cheer on!

Anyone wanna put bets down on Arya killing Cersei too? Probably wearing Jaimes face after he gets killed for no reason in one of the next two episodes? For whatever reason I have a strong feeling that’s where they’re going but hopefully I’m wrong.

Edit: I take it back, I’m too salty right now :joy: there is no way they’ll go for that (right?).

Joffrey & Ramsay I just enjoyed, I thought the actors played the roles amazing. I didnt want them to win though. Littlefinger on the other hand, he was incredible and I truly thought he was an underdog pick to get close to the throne. I really loved Littlefinger. I do not like Cersei though, oddly enough.

Out of everyone left, I hope Tyrion gets to sit on the throne.

I’m thinking Cersei gets done in by Sansa or Tyrion.

But I’m really just excited for Cleganebowl!

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I’m just thinking back to what mellisandre said about “brown eyes, green eyes, blue eyes”. I suppose Walder and the Nights King are two of those, and doesn’t Cersei have green eyes? And it would (loophole) satisfy the Cersei getting killed by her brother prophecy if she was wearing Jaimes face.

I would hate that so much, but I really feel like that’s where they are going.

Cleganebowl hype.

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