Ganbare Pro-Wrestling to establish 'Ganbare Joshi' shows in 2023, no men's wrestling or mixed tags at those events

Originally published at Ganbare Pro-Wrestling to establish 'Ganbare Joshi' shows in 2023

Ganbare Pro’s women’s division to begin full-scale operations in 2023. 

Ganbare Pro Wrestling is under the CyberFight umbrella along with Tokyo Joshi Pro, Pro Wrestling NOAH and DDT. 

At today’s Ganbare Pro show, it was announced that in the new year, their women’s division, Ganbare Joshi, will begin holding women’s wrestling-only events. There will not be any male or mixed tags on those shows. Below is the caption for the announcement:

In 2023, Ganbare Joshi, the women’s division of Ganbare Pro Wrestling, will begin full-scale operations. We will not have men’s wrestling or mixed matches, and will deliver a ‘Ganjo’ of pure women’s wrestling that is distinctly different from the traditional ‘Ganjo’. The timing of the event will be announced as soon as it is decided.


— ガンバレ☆プロレス(ガンプロ) (@ganpro0417) December 27, 2022

In addition to that announcement, it was revealed that the first Young Ganbare Cup is kicking off January 5th.