GCW and VsX Present Jimmy Lloyd’s All Grown Up: Jimmy Lloyd vs EFFY

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GCW and VsX Present Jimmy Lloyd’s All Grown Up

Friday, February 17, 2023

FSW Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada 

Commentary: Emil J 

Tag Team Match: East West Express vs. Strange by Kommand (13:40)

Jordan Oliver and Komander started the match with a feeling-out process, during which neither man was able to connect with anything in the early goings of the match. Next up were Wayne and Arez, who followed suit with a similar exchange, showing off their agility. Arez extended his hand, and a reluctant Wayne reciprocated but was caught with a kick to the gut. Arez went to the floor, which served as a distraction as Komander took Wayne out with a crossbody. Oliver teased going for a dive, but Arez cut him off with a series of kicks and a leg lace. The East-West Express then isolated Arez in the ring and hit him with a combination of their tag team maneuvers, swinging the momentum of the match in their favor. Wayne attempted a Northern Lights Suplex, but Arez cut him off and tried to tag Komander, only for Oliver to knock him off the apron. The East-West Express attempted some more tandem offense, but Arez cut them off and made the hot tag to Komander, who got a close nearfall on Oliver. Komander ran wild with a couple of his lucha arm drags and kicks before Nick Wayne got the hot tag for his team and took the fight to Komander. Wayne wasn’t able to capitalize on his offense as Arez broke up a pin attempt with a stiff kick to Wayne’s back. Komander hit a double DDT from Arez’s shoulders, and the two hit East-West Express with stereo dives. They then threw Wayne and Oliver back into the ring, and Komander hit a rope walk Shooting Star Press and a step-up moonsault from Arez for a nearfall. The two teams faced off in the center of the ring and exchanged a series of chops. East West Express took Strange by Kommand off their feet with double big boots, followed by a sit-out hip toss for a nearfall on Arez. Arez caught Wayne with a driver for another nearfall. Arez planted Wayne in the center of the ring, and Komander rope-walked and splashed his own partner, which allowed Oliver and Wayne to hit the Cloutcutter for the victory.

East West Express Defeated Strange by Kommand 

Singles Match: Dante Leon vs. Cole Radrick 

Cole trapped Leon in an abdominal stretch, followed by a long arm sequence. Leon eventually fought out and backed Radrick up into the corner, causing some separation between the two. They locked up and Radrick took Leon off his feet with a step-up Rana, followed by a slingshot DDT. Radrick attempted a Lionsault, but Leon moved out of the way and stomped Radrick’s head into the second turnbuckle. Leon went to the second rope and hit a Shooting Star Press for the first near fall of the match.

Cole fired back up with a combination of kicks to Leon’s head, which sent Leon to the floor. Cole followed him to the outside and attempted to chop him, but Leon moved and connected with a kick to Radrick’s chest. Cole punched Leon in the face a couple of times, ran around ringside, and poked him in the eyes, much to the delight of the fans. Back inside the ring, Cole continued to dominate Leon, but it still wasn’t enough to get the victory.

Cole attempted a springboard cutter, but Leon caught him and kicked Cole in the face. Cole fired up a little bit, but Leon connected with a hook kick followed by a second rope-flipping stunner. Cole bailed to the floor, where Leon took him out with a tope. Leon threw Radrick back inside the ring and climbed to the top rope, but Radrick cut him off and attempted a super stunner. Leon regained his wits, chopped Cole a couple of times, and hit a triangle lo mein pain for a very close near fall.

Leon attempted his second rope Ace Crusher, but Cole caught him with the Lil Sebastian’s Curse for the victory.

Cole Radrick Defeated Dante Leon 

Intoxication Match: Rob Shit vs. Kit Osbourne 

Rules: If you are pinned and kick out, you must take a shot or shotgun a beer 

Rob Shit took Kit down with a sidewalk slam and got a quick near fall, which resulted in Kit taking a shot of Jager. Shit continued his control with a series of punches and another slam that sent Kit to the floor. Shit chopped Kit a couple of times, threw him back into the ring, and continued to kick and punch him. Kit gained control of the match with a kick to Shit’s stomach, but his advantage didn’t last long as Shit fired up and hit a springboard splash for another near fall.

This time, Kit decided to chug a beer but spit it in Shit’s face and took him down with a Russian Leg Sweep for a near fall. Shit chugged a beer but was caught with a curb stomp, resulting in another near fall. This time, Shit chose the Jager and took a giant pull from the bottle. However, Kit was able to roll through a Jackhammer, resulting in another near fall.

Shit again chose the Jager, took another giant pull, and took Kit off of his feet with a series of shoulder tackles followed by a powerslam, resulting in a pin attempt on Kit. Kit kicked out and didn’t drink; instead, he attacked Shit. Shit got another pin attempt, and Kit took a double shot of Jager, taking a moment to collect himself before he hit Shit with a low blow followed by a swinging neck breaker. Kit then grabbed a beer, drank it for good measure, and used the crushed can to cut open Rob Shit’s head.

Shit hit Kit with a DDT for the victory.

Casket Match: Ciclope vs. Matthew Justice 

Ciclope sent Justice to the floor and attempted to dive, but Justice hit him over the head with a chair and proceeded to throw a bunch of them into the ring. Justice returned to the ring and started to beat Ciclope over the back with a series of chair shots. He set up two open chairs in the center of the ring and dumped Ciclope back-first, crushing the chairs on impact. Justice rolled Ciclope to the floor and opened the casket, rolling him in. Justice closed one half, but Ciclope blocked the second part of the lid from closing and hit Justice over the head with a chair. Justice returned the favor with a couple of chair shots of his own.

Justice threw a ladder into the ring, and Ciclope cut him off and brought a door into the match. They engaged in the bar fight spot, with Ciclope getting the advantage after he hit a low dropkick. Ciclope grabbed Justice and tried to overpower him, but Justice fought out and threw a couple of chairs at Ciclope’s head, followed by the ladder. Ciclope was able to fight out, and he set up a door bridge in the center of the ring but was caught on the side of the head with a chair from Justice.

Ciclope was set up on the door, and Justice came off the top rope with a splash. However, Ciclope rolled to the opposite side of the ring to avoid the casket. Ciclope hit a swinging DDT from the apron, which planted Justice in the casket. Justice was able to fight off the lid and returned to the ring, where he was speared through a door by Ciclope. Justice came off the top rope with a giant splash onto the casket, but Ciclope moved and closed the lid on Matthew Justice.

Ciclope Defeated Matthew Justice 

Singles Match: Jai Vidal vs. Daron Corbin

Daron went for the quick pinfall attempts with a series of spears, Jai fired up with a couple of head kicks that sent Corbin to the floor, Jai hit him with three consecutive topes followed by a flying knee into a Sharpshooter for the victory.

Jai Vidal Defeated Daron Corbin

Singles Match: Miedo Extremo vs. Mike Bailey 

The match began with both men trading punches in the center of the ring. Bailey landed a couple of hard forearm shots, which caused the match to spill onto the floor. After fighting around ringside for a bit, Bailey threw Meido back into the ring and hit him with a missile dropkick, followed by an elevated double knee to his chest for the first nearfall of the match. Bailey then connected with the Speedball kicks, but Meido caught the last one and took him down with a Dragon Screw Legwhip. Meido proceeded to bite Bailey’s toes, which prompted Emil J to make a reference to Tony Atlas.

Meido locked in a figure four leg lock while utilizing the ropes, then transitioned into the trailer hitch to further damage Bailey’s legs. However, Bailey fired back up and hit Meido with a flurry of kicks, followed by a standing shooting star press for a nearfall. Meido put the brakes on an attempted Rana from Bailey and hit him with a sit-out powerbomb, followed by another Dragon Screw. Speedball was sent outside, where Meido took him out with two topes. Meido chased Bailey up onto the bleachers and locked him in a submission move that sent Bailey tumbling back down to the floor.

The two continued to battle on the apron, with Bailey connecting with a kick to Meido’s stomach and chest before being clotheslined back into the ring by Meido. Bailey hit Meido with the Ultimate Weapon on the apron, followed by an attempted spin kick, but Meido caught him and tried for a Splash Mountain. Bailey reversed it into a rana for a nearfall. Bailey was then catapulted into the corner and hit with a German suplex. Bailey fought out and hit a poisonrana, but was clotheslined by Meido for a close nearfall. Bailey fought out again and hit Meido with the Flamingo Driver for the victory.

Mike Bailey Defeated Miedo Extremo

Singles Match: Dark Sheik vs. Santana Jackson

Jackson showed off his impressive footwork agility as he started doing his Michael Jackson routine. The two engaged in a dance-off before they started doing some wrestling, Sheik executed a leg drop followed by a split-legged bronco buster. Jackson moonwalked on the top rope before hitting an arm drag that sent Sheik to the floor. Jackson attempted a dive but Sheik bagged off, Sheik hit Jackson with a shoulder block followed by a slingshot leg drop into a spinebuster. Sheik then hit a People’s Elbow but nobody was home, Jackson bailed to the floor and grabbed a werewolf mask, and speared Sheik before hitting a People’s Elbow of their own. Sheik attempted another leg drop but Jackson moved out of the way. Sheik pinned Jackson with a pump handle slam. 

Dark Sheik Defeated Santana Jackson

No Rope Barbed Wire Deathmatch: Jimmy Lloyd vs. EFFY

They started by trying to shove each other into the wire. EFFY attempted a pinfall, but Jimmy caught him with a dropkick that caused EFFY to slide out of the ring on the barbed wire onto the floor. EFFY’s back was sliced open, and the replay of the spot was even worse than seeing it the first time. EFFY ran Jimmy’s head into the barbed wire, causing Jimmy to start bleeding. EFFY continued to run Jimmy’s body into the barbed wire, but Jimmy fired up and started to slice EFFY up with the wire. Jimmy set up a pile of chairs on the floor, got EFFY up on his shoulders, and hit a Death Valley Driver from the ring to the floor. Jimmy rolled EFFY back into the ring, where they started to trade strikes in the center of the ring. EFFY hit the Sack Ryder for a two count, grabbed two chairs, and gave Jimmy a blockbuster on the chairs, but he still kicked out at 2. They had a chair battle in the center of the ring. Jimmy won that battle and hit EFFY with a jumping Tombstone. EFFY kicked out at 2 and was locked in the crossface. EFFY managed to get to the ropes, but Jimmy used the barbed wire to assist the crossface, causing EFFY to tap out.

Jimmy Lloyd Defeated EFFY 

Post Match: The locker room came out and sang Happy Birthday to Jimmy Lloyd and presented him with a cake on a broken piece of door.