GCW Back To The Bay: Mike Bailey vs. Jack Cartwheel, Nick Wayne vs. Kevin Blackwood

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GCW Back To The Bay

Sunday, July 17, 2022

The Midway

San Francisco, California

Spoiler Free Match Recommendations:

  • Mike Bailey vs. Jack Cartwheel
  • Nick Wayne vs. Kevin Blackwood
  • Starboy Charlie vs. Joey Janela
  • Tony Deppen vs. Alex Zayne

Back To The Bay Results

Commentary: Kevin Gill and Emil J

Singles Match: Cole Radrick vs. Midas Kreed

Kreed had the early advantage as he was able to take down Cole with a leg submission; Cole was able to get out of the hold but Kreed caught him with a dropkick that sent Cole to the floor. Cole turned the tables on Kreed as he hit a modified 619 and a rope-assisted senton; back in the ring Cole continued to work away on Kreed with a couple of suplexes and strikes. Kreed tried to slingshot himself through the ropes but Cole had an answer for it and continued his domination of Midas Kreed. Cole attempted a brainbuster but Kreed was able to slink out of it and sent Cole to the floor once again with a kick to the gut. Kreed launched himself with an Asai moonsault, and rolled Radrick back in the ring but was only able to register a two count. Cole slapped Kreed in the face but Kreed fired up and hit a superkick followed by a spinning DDT; Midas got a decent amount of near falls but it still wasn’t enough to stop Cole Radrick who pinned Kreed with a protect your neck.

Cole Radrick Defeated Midas Kreed

Singles Match: Gringo Loco vs. Komander

The two luchadors shook hands to begin the match then quickly went into a sequence of counters that highlighted Komander’s agility on the mat. This was a big weekend for Komander as he worked two GCW staples in Tony Deppen and Gringo Loco. Gringo Loco was unable to get any momentum going for himself as Komander had an answer for every move. Gringo Loco bailed to the floor to collect himself, he said “No more flippy shit”; Gringo picked Komander out of the air and hit him with a Styles Clash for a two count. Loco had Komander in the pendulum hold and stretched him out pretty well, after Gringo broke the hold he dropped an elbow on Komander’s back for good measure. Loco was sent onto the apron where he tried to cut off Komander, Komander landed a couple of kicks and proceeded to run across the ropes and hit Gringo with a hurricanrana. Komander has incredible agility as he rolled Loco back into the ring and hit a rope walk shooting star press. Loco was able to fire back up and hit Komander with a turn-around top rope moonsault for a two count; Komander tried to fight back but Loco again hit him with a sit-out powerbomb. Loco put Komander on his shoulders and hit his super base bomb for the victory.

Gringo Loco Defeated Komander

GCW Tag Team Championship Match: BUSSY vs. Anton Voorhees and Dark Sheik

Voorhees and EFFY started the match off by doing butt bumps, and the action picked up significantly as EFFY started to beat down Voorhees. Katch was tagged into the match-up hit with a superkick but did an oversell of not falling over which got the crowd into this match even further. Voorhees proceeded to isolate Katch in the right and hit her with a cannonball in the corner and tagged in Sheik; Sheik picked up where her partner left off and continued the beat down of Allie Katch. Allie Katch attacked Sheik with her series of running hip attacks and tagged EFFY back into the match, BUSSY attempted a double team maneuver but Voorhees cut them off and had EFFY in a tree of whoa. Voorhees and Sheik hit EFFY with a double drop kick followed by a top rope leg drop from Sheik but they were only able to get a count of 2. Sheik brought a door into the ring and attempted to put EFFY through the door, EFFY returned fire with a top rope blockbuster for a two count. The door didn’t break when both competitors landed on it. Allie Katch and EFFY hit the two gay power trip (pedigree and stunner combo) for a two count, with both competitors recovering on the canvass BUSSY set up a door in the corner and one bridge. EFFY got German suplexed through the door, Katch hit Sheik with a superplex followed by a Death Valley Driver through the door in the corner. Both teams regained their composure and traded strikes in the center of the ring, EFFY hit a double sack Ryder, followed by tandem BUSSY piledrivers for the victory.

BUSSY Retained the Game Changer Wrestling Tag Team Championships

Singles Match: Tony Deppen vs. Alex Zayne

Lars Frederiksen on commentary

Tony started the match off with some knee walking in an attempt to keep Zayne from flying around. The two started the match off with a Greco-Roman knuckle lock exchange that saw both men gain a little momentum but they were pretty evenly matched. The pace picked up with both men engaging in impressive offensive moves and reversals and eventually wrestled to a standoff; Zayne draped Deppen on the ring apron and hit a standing flipping leg drop. Zayne attempted a springboard moonsault but Deppen picked his leg and hit a dragon screw leg whip, Zayne attempted to fire back up but Tony continued to work over Zayne’s knee. Zayne cut off Deppen’s momentum when he got his knees up on a senton, Zayne grounded Deppen further when he hit a massive sit-out powerbomb for a very close near fall. Zayne placed Deppen on the top rope and hit Deppen with a hurricanrana but Deppen rolled through and picked Zayne’s bad leg and got a near fall; Deppen locked in a figure four as Zayne writhed on the mat. Tony broke the hold and retrieved a door from underneath the ring and set it up in the corner, Alex Zayne was able to land a couple of offensive maneuvers which briefly stunned Tony Deppen. Zayne attempted a springboard but his knee gave out and crashed back into the ring, Deppen took advantage of the mistake and hit Zayne with a Death Valley Driver followed by a Hidden Blade for two. Deppen set up a door bridge, and the two men slapped each other in the face. Zayne sent Deppen face first through the door; he hit Deppen with the Taco Driver for the victory.

Alex Zayne Defeated Tony Deppen

Singles Match: Joey Janela vs. Starboy Charlie

Lars Frederiksen on commentary

The match started with a series of wrist locks and headlock takeovers with Janela getting the best of the situation. Charlie caught Joey with an atomic drop and followed that up with a standing shooting star press for the first near fall of the match. Joey fully took control of the match when he threw a stiff lariat and a back suplex on his much smaller and younger opponent. Joey sent Charlie to the floor and hit Charlie with a running drop kick which resulted in Charlie splatting on the concrete. Somehow, Charlie fired back up and returned the favor to Joey with a springboard moonsault. Joey had Charlie in a vertical suplex and proceeded to walk out of the arena with Charlie, Joey eventually returned and dumped Charle on a fan’s chair. Back in the ring, Joey continued to toss around Charlie with a couple of suplexes and strikes to the face, Joey climbed to the middle rope, mooned the crowd, and jumped off only to be caught with a boot from Charlie. Charlie lit Janela’s chest up with a series of chops and forearms; Joey bailed to the apron to try and create some separation, Charlie continued his onslaught with a kick to the head and a punch to the jaw. Joey powerbombed Charlie on the ring apron, rolled him back into the ring and hit him with a Death Valley Driver but Charlie still kicked out. They exchanged chops in the center of the ring, Joey continually grounded Starboy Charlie with chops and a kick to the mouth, and Charlie fired back up and hit Joey with a piledriver. Joey bailed to the floor again and was hit with a Fosbury flop, Joey went for an elbow drop but Charlie got his knees up and took Janela off his feet and hit a middle rope phoenix splash for a very close near fall. They traded a series of near falls with Joey eventually taking Charlie off his feet with a headbutt and package piledriver but Charlie kicked out. Charlie kicked Joey in the mouth four times in a row but Joey rocked him with a rolling elbow followed by a Death Valley Driver for the victory.

Joey Janela Defeated Starboy Charlie

Post Match: Joey and Starboy each cut a promo and were attacked in the ring by Journey Fatu and Juicy Finau.

Singles Match: Jordan Oliver vs. Titus Alexander

The match got off to a hot start with both men locking and backing each other in the corner as they battled for control. They continued their intense pace with multiple series of offense and evasions. Jordan Oliver was able to get a quick near fall and started to lay in chops on Titus. Oliver worked over Titus for a couple of minutes, Titus eventually caught Oliver with an STO, Titus started to work over Oliver’s back with a series of stomps, strikes and stretches. Titus went for a series of pin attempts and Oliver kicked out at one each time; this pissed off Titus and threw a kick at the ref. Oliver used that brief ‘meltdown’ to his advantage as he kicked Titus in the head multiple times and planted Titus with a Dragon suplex. Jordan Oliver went for the Clout Cutter but was intercepted mid-air by a drop kick from Titus. Titus hit some pretty innovative offense on Jordan Oliver. He dropped Oliver on the back of his head with a back suplex for a near fall; the two exchanged forearm strikes in the center of the ring and on the ring apron Oliver was able to connect with a suplex followed by a piledriver and a Clout Cutter for the victory.

Jordan Oliver Defeated Titus Alexander

Singles Match: Mike Bailey vs. Jack Cartwheel

They started the match off with a series of cartwheels from both men as they evaded each other’s highflying offense. The ref even did a cartwheel. Bailey used that distraction to attack Jack Cartwheel with a series of strikes and kicks. Cartwheel attempted a fosbury flop but Bailey picked his leg and grounded him with a knee strike followed by a triangle moonsault. Bailey landed right on Jack Cartwheel’s ankle which led to his knee twisting in a weird way. Back inside the ring Bailey locked in a single leg Boston Crab, Cartwheel was able to get to the ropes which broke the hold. Bailey came down hard on Jack Cartwheel’s chest with double knees, he followed that up by shooting Jack off the ropes and chopping him each time. Bailey backed Cartwheel in the corner and unloaded on him with a series of kicks to the chest and one to the face for good measure. The two exchanged forearm strikes in the center of the ring, Cartwheel rushed in and got sent on the apron, Cartwheel was able to strike Bailey a couple times which caused Bailey to bail to the other side of the floor, Jack Cartwheel used this to his advantage as springboard back elbow. Bailey and Cartwheel kicked each other a couple times, Cartwheel finished the sequence with a crucifix bomb for a very close near fall. Both men stood in the center of the ring and exchanged overhand chops and forearm strikes, both men unloaded each other with clubbing blows. Cartwheel was kicked 4 times in a row each time he popped up but eventually was grounded after Bailey landed a double knee. Bailey tried to connect with a pump kick but Cartwheel blocked it and hit a high angle German suplex and a deadlift German suplex. That sequence momentarily stunned Mike Bailey but didn’t do enough damage as Bailey fired back up a penalty kick followed by a moonsault double knee. Cartwheel was slow to get to his feet but was still able to duck a couple incoming kicks with two cartwheel reversals and a Finlay roll; Cartwheel ascended to the top rope and attempted a Shooting Star Press but he landed on his feet. Bailey bailed to the floor but was caught by Cartwheel who hit a Space Flying Tiger Drop; Cartwheel went back up to the top rope and was able to knock Bailey off for a moment with a couple of elbows but Bailey jumped back up only to be hit with an avalanche poisonrana. Bailey fired back up and hit his running spin kick followed by the Flamingo Driver for the victory.

Mike Bailey Defeated Jack Cartwheel

Singles Match: Kevin Blackwood vs. Nick Wayne

As expected this match got off to a very fast start with each man getting the brief advantage over the other; Wayne attempted a springboard cutter but Blackwood caught him in mid-air and dumped him on the back of his head with a German Suplex. Blackwood was firmly in control as he started to work over various body parts of Nick Wayne with a series of kicks and strikes; Wayne and Blackwood stood in the center of the ring and exchanged a couple stiff strikes with Wayne getting the best of the situation. Wayne started to pick away at Kevin Blackwood’s knee with a Dragon Screw leg whip and a couple of kicks to the inner thigh. They returned to the center of the ring and exchanged hard strikes and kicks, Blackwood hit Wayne with a northern lights bomb but was only able to get a two count. Blackwood climbed to the top rope but Nick Wayne proved to be too fast as he knocked Blackwood off with a head kick. They battled on the apron but both men crashed and burned when Blackwood attempted a tombstone and his knee gave out. Wayne locked in the Figure Four Leg Lock and wrenched back considerably which caused even more damage to Blackwood’s already injured knee. Blackwood was able to briefly swing the momentum in his favor when he connected with a top rope double stomp followed by powerbomb but Blackwood was caught and rana’d which Wayne turned into the Clout Cutter for the victory.

Nick Wayne Defeated Kevin Blackwood

Tag Team Match: Los Macizos vs. Fatu and Juicy Finau

The match started with each man pairing off with Fatu and Finau firmly in control of either member of Los Macizos. Meido was able to cut Juicy down with a series of chair shots to his legs, they ran Fatu into the ring post. Fatu came out of nowhere with a double jump plancha that took out both members of Los Macizos and put his team back in control. Ciclope reentered the ring and hit Finau with a chair but it had no effect on the giant Tongan; Medio got a head of steam and was able to send Fatu to the floor and hit Finau with a blockbuster. Fatu and Meido each retrieved a door, Fatu set up a door bridge as Ciclope was on the top rope; Los Macizos were able to send Fatu crashing through the door bridge with a Doomsday Device. Juicy Finau threw both members of Los Macizos through two doors with complete ease, Fatu hit a springboard splash, Juicy climbed to the top rope, Meido met him up on the turnbuckle and arm dragged Finau off the top rope which resulted in a big impact on the canvass. Meido Sabu’d a chair around Finau’s head which got a great reaction from the crowd, Los Macizos set up two door bridges on the floor Ciclope took out Fatu with a moonsault sending both men crashing through the door. Meido hit Finau with a 450 splash and schoolboyed him for the victory.

Los Macizos Defeated Juicy Finau and Fatu

Post Match: Fatu and Finau beat up both members of Los Macizos and were going to unload on Ciclope but Joey Janela and Starboy Charlie made the save and ran Fatu and Finau off.

“First off fuck you bitches, yall better take a good fucking look at what the fuck we just did, that could be you, you little ass fucking kid (Starboy Charlie). GCW can’t hold us we dog walk motherfuckers all over the west coast”- Fatu