GCW Crushed Up Results: Rina Yamashita vs. Speedball Mike Bailey

Originally published at GCW Crushed Up Results: Rina Yamashita vs. Mike Bailey

GCW: Crushed Up 2023

Roulette Intermedium 

Brooklyn, New York

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Stating for the record- Kota Ibushi’s best match since coming back was against Joey Janela. 

Commentary: Dave Prazak, Nick Knowledge, and Veda Scott

Four-Way Tag Team Match: Alec Price and Cole Radrick vs. BUSSY vs. Los Macizos vs. Wasted Youth

Los Macizos took everyone out with Dragon Screw Legwhips. They isolated Mathers, but McKay returned and took Ciclope out on the apron, hitting a head kick on Miedo. Wasted Youth executed a sequence of tandem offenses, but they were quickly cut off by BUSSY. Allie was taken out with a crossbody from Price and then an elbow to the back of her head from Radrick. They picked her up and attempted another move, but EFFY came off the top with a blockbuster, taking both of them out.

BUSSY hit their combination cannonball and boot, followed by a TKO for the first near fall of the matchup. Los Macios returned to the ring and ran wild on BUSSY. Wasted Youth hit Katch with a missile dropkick that sent BUSSY to the floor. Price and Radrick fired up and executed a lariat-stunner combination. Cole came off the top rope with a swanton on McKay, but EFFY was able to break up the pin attempt. Katch took Cole off his feet with a DDT and sent him right into the hands of EFFY, who hit him with a chokeslam. Wasted Youth executed a Meltzer Driver on Price, and Los Macizos returned to the ring, hitting the Doomsday Device on McKay for the victory.

Los Macizos Defeated Alec Price and Cole Radrick, Wasted Youth, and BUSSY

Singles Match: Richard Holliday Vs. Charles Mason

Holliday took the fight to Mason after Mason tried to persuade him to join forces as evil rich guys. Holliday had shaken Mason’s hand, but when Mason asked him to hit a ring attendant over the head with a steel chair, Holliday punched Mason in the face, and they started to brawl on the floor. Mason was able to turn the tables and laid into Holliday with a series of right hands. He then sent Holliday back into the ring and continued to beat him down in the corner.

Holliday eventually fired up and sent Mason to the floor, but Mason spat water in Holliday’s face and DDT’d him on the apron. Mason continued to punish Holliday with repeated punches and thumbs to the eyes to further blind his challenger. Holliday fired up with a couple of chops, but Mason reversed the whip and connected with a big dropkick. Mason followed up with a series of chops. Holliday muscled Mason up and hit him with a powerbomb, followed by a series of clotheslines and a tilt-a-whirl slam that resulted in a two-count.

Mason locked in a choke, but Holliday was eventually able to make it to the ropes. They battled on the ring apron, exchanging punches and chops. Mason locked in another choke, but Holliday again was able to fight back out of it and hit an inverted neckbreaker from the top rope to secure the victory.

Richard Holliday Defeated Charles Mason 

Singles Match: Maki Itoh vs. Killer Kelly

Kelly landed several big open-handed chops on Maki. Maki attempted to take Kelly down with a shoulder tackle, but Kelly remained steadfast and didn’t budge. Despite Maki’s repeated attempts, she couldn’t bring Kelly to the mat. Maki challenged Kelly to try the move herself, but as Kelly went to run, Maki tripped her and delivered her Kokeshi.

Kelly responded with a powerful penalty kick, followed by a series of forearms that fired her up. Maki rolled to the floor, only to be met with another substantial penalty kick from Kelly. Kelly attempted another one, but Maki caught her leg and executed a DDT on the floor. She then rolled Kelly back into the ring and nearly secured a close pinfall.

Maki took control by trapping Kelly in the corner and delivering the Cutest in the World Punches, followed by a facewash in the corner. Kelly retaliated by trapping Maki’s arms and using repeated headbutts. She then executed a butterfly suplex, sending Itoh flying into the corner, followed by a dropkick to her face. However, it still wasn’t enough to keep Maki down.

Maki regained her momentum and knocked Kelly out with a series of headbutts. She climbed to the top rope, where Kelly met her, but Maki managed to connect with a top-rope DDT, followed by a Tornado DDT to secure the victory.

Maki Itoh Defeated Killer Kelly 

Tag Team Match: Bang and Matthews vs. East-West Express

It’s truly awesome to see Bang and Matthews gaining more exposure on the East Coast, as they’re primarily featured on GCW Midwest shows. Bang and Wayne kicked off the match for their respective teams, exchanging handshakes before locking up. Oliver quickly tagged in and engaged with Bang, with Bang securing a wrist lock as both men grappled for control. They exchanged near falls before reaching a stalemate, which ignited the crowd’s enthusiasm for Jordan Oliver.

Matthews and Wayne entered the match and attempted a test of strength. Wayne, however, evaded a clothesline and executed a Rana, sending Matthews onto the apron. East West unleashed a flurry of tandem offensive maneuvers, but Bang tripped up Oliver, allowing Bang and Matthews to dominate the former GCW Tag Team Champions. Oliver managed a desperation lariat that turned Davey Bang inside out, leading to Oliver making the hot tag to Wayne. Wayne briefly ran wild on both Bang and Matthews, but their opponents quickly regained control, using a combination of high-flying moves to take out Wayne and Oliver.

Wayne was thrown back into the ring, where he was hit with the Quad Stomp. However, Oliver came to his partner’s rescue at the last second. Bang and Matthews countered the Double Cloutcutter with double German Suplexes, leading to both teams tossing each other with suplexes and engaging in a dropkick exchange. Bang and Oliver crawled toward each other, exchanging open-handed shots across each other’s faces. Bang gained the advantage, but Oliver dropped him with a jumping knee. Bang and Matthews attempted the Spears Tower, but Oliver kicked out.

Oliver evaded a 450 and engaged in a back-and-forth battle over pinning combinations, eventually culminating in Oliver and Wayne hitting the double cloutcutter for the victory. It was a tremendous match that truly elevated Bang and Matthews.

East West Express Defeated Bang and Matthews

Singles Match: Joey Janela vs. Alex Coughlin 

The match began with a stiff lockup, during which Alex easily tossed Joey around. They transitioned to grappling, where neither gained an advantage, leading them to get back up on their feet and reset. Joey and Alex engaged in a brutal chop exchange that left both men’s chests battered.

Coughlin tied up Janela on the mat, and Joey attempted to reach the ropes but couldn’t quite get there. Instead, he grabbed a chinlock in an attempt to break the hold. However, Coughlin bridged out of it and continued to control Joey in the center of the ring. Joey managed to create some separation and began driving his elbow into the back of Alex’s neck and shoulders. Joey continued to target Coughlin’s neck, but Coughlin used his strength to muscle Joey up and dump him on the back of his head.

Surprisingly, people were still chanting ‘Too Sweet’ in 2023. The two men duked it out in the center of the ring with a series of vicious forearm shots. Joey went for a lariat, but Coughlin managed to avoid it and countered with an inverted bodyslam. Joey struck first with a barrage of overhand chops and strikes, and they continued to exchange strikes without either man being able to take the other off their feet.

Joey attempted a top rope crossbody, but Coughlin caught him and executed a bridging slam. Joey managed to get his shoulder up and responded with a desperate Death Valley Driver. The match devolved into a slap fight, with neither man gaining an advantage. Coughlin unleashed a series of brutal chops, and Joey sent Coughlin to the floor. However, Coughlin was seated and managed to deadlift Joey up, hitting him with a lariat, but Joey somehow kicked out at two.

Coughlin fired up and attempted to put Joey away, but Joey slipped out and delivered two superkicks. Nevertheless, Coughlin turned Joey inside out with a lariat. Joey responded with a brainbuster, another superkick, and a package piledriver, but Coughlin kicked out. With Coughlin prone on the mat, Joey hit his top rope double stomp to secure the victory.

Incredible hard-hitting match. 

Joey Janela Defeated Alex Coughlin 

Post Match: Joey Janela challenged Jun Kasai to a Deathmatch at Korakuen Hall 

Singles Match: Jacob Fatu vs. Mance Warner

The two men began battling on the floor. Mance struck Fatu across the back with a chair and delivered a series of punches. He followed up with a sequence of jabs and a couple of Dusty elbows, but Fatu remained on his feet. Mance grabbed a camera and used it to hit Fatu over the head as Fatu rolled back inside the ring. Fatu retaliated by launching a steel chair at Mancer’s head and then utilized the chair by placing it across Mance Warner’s throat in the corner.

Mance executed a popup tree slam and followed it up with a You Can’t See Me eye poke. He attempted to lock in an STFU, but Fatu kept muscling out of it and drove Mance into the corner, hitting him with a massive Samoan Drop. Fatu went under the ring and retrieved multiple doors, launching another chair into Mance’s face as the two men began exchanging chops in the center of the ring. Despite being turned inside out with a lariat, Fatu quickly recovered and delivered another high-angle Samoan Drop for a close near fall.

Fatu climbed to the top rope, missed with a Swanton, and was met with a knee to the head from Mance, resulting in a very close near fall. Mance then climbed to the top rope, but Fatu sent another chair flying into Mance’s head and met him on the top rope. However, Fatu was caught with a chokeslam that sent both men crashing through the door bridge below.

Back in the ring, they engaged in a dueling punch exchange. Fatu hit a handspring moonsault, but Mance managed to get his shoulder up. Fatu then utilized the Samoan Spike and set up another door bridge in the corner. He flew from the opposite turnbuckle, clearing over half the ring with ease, and hit Mance with a splash through the door, yet Mance once again kicked out. Fatu placed the door on top of Mance and hit two beautiful BMEs for the victory.

Jacob Fatu Defeated Mance Warner 

Six-Man Tag Team Match: AKIRA, Masha Slamovich, and Jimmy Lloyd vs. GCW World Champion Blake Christian and Deathmatch Royalty (Matt Cardona and Steph De Lander)

Blake quickly tagged in Matt Cardona before locking up with Masha. Masha kicked Cardona in the jaw, prompting him to make a quick tag to SDL. SDL delivered a boot to Masha’s face but got tripped up on the ropes, allowing Masha to boot her in the head and take her off her feet with a big lariat. SDL was the first to get back on her feet and tagged in Cardona. Masha unleashed a series of chops and a powerful kick on Cardona before tagging in AKIRA. It’s fantastic to see AKIRA in a GCW ring; he is undoubtedly one of the most underrated wrestlers on the indie scene today. AKIRA took the fight to Cardona, choked him in the corner, and delivered a significant hesitation dropkick. Jimmy was tagged in and pummeled Cardona with a flurry of forearms.

Blake made a blind tag and caught Jimmy with a handspring kick, driving Jimmy’s shoulder into the mat. SDL tagged herself in and pounded down on Jimmy’s back, choking him in the corner. Cardona continued to target Jimmy’s shoulder and arm. Eventually, Cardona and Jimmy made the hot tag to Blake and Masha, who ran wild on each other. Masha grabbed Cardona’s back and locked in a sleeper hold. AKIRA unleashed a series of kicks on SDL but was quickly taken out by Cardona, who used his Internet Title.

SDL resorted to hitting Jimmy in a sensitive area, and Cardona attempted to throw his Pre Workout at Jimmy, but Jimmy ducked, and Cardona accidentally hit SDL in the face. Masha jumped on Blake’s back with the sleeper hold and choked him out.

Masha Slamovich, AKIRA, and Jimmy Lloyd Defeated Deathmatch Royalty and GCW World Champion Blake Christian 

Non-Title Match: GCW Ultraviolent Champion Rina Yamashita vs. Mike Bailey 

Bailey rushed in and received a quick, powerful boot, followed by a brainbuster for a lightning-fast near fall. They began trading blows in the center of the ring. Bailey attempted to kick Rina in the legs, but Rina caught him and leveled him with a chop and a German Suplex. Bailey rolled to the floor, and Rina followed him outside, where she continued to pummel him with stiff lariats against the guardrail. Bailey retaliated with some chops, but Rina fired back with a forceful overhand chop that sent Bailey tumbling to the ground.

Rina then retrieved a metal trash can, placed it on the ring apron, and leaped off into the steel barricade, but Bailey evaded the attack, causing Rina to crash and burn. Back inside the ring, Rina fell victim to a dragon screw leg whip, followed by a big boot that sent her sprawling to the floor, where she was taken out with a triangle moonsault by Bailey. Bailey continued to target Rina’s injured leg with the trash can and delivered a series of rapid-fire speedball kicks before locking in a deep half-crab. Rina managed to reach the bottom rope and rolled onto the apron, where she endured more kicks to her knee.

Rina eventually made it back to a standing position, where she caught an incoming kick and hit Bailey with a Dead Eye on the apron. She then dragged Speedball back into the ring and unleashed a barrage of chops and a running clothesline in the corner. Instead of going for the pin, Rina grabbed the trash can and struck Bailey with a brutal DDT, but he miraculously kicked out at the last possible moment. Bailey blocked the testicular claw, so Rina opted to kick him in the groin, but this resulted in her eating a dropkick from Bailey.

Rina staggered to her feet, and both she and Bailey simultaneously unleashed superkicks, collapsing onto the mat. It was an extremely physical main event. Both wrestlers went under the ring to retrieve chairs and engaged in a brief duel. Bailey eventually caught Rina with an axe kick, followed by a standing shooting star press, but Rina still managed to kick out. Rina attempted to set up for the Flamingo Driver, but Bailey countered, and although Rina fought back, her leg was injured in the process. Rina struck Bailey in the face with a steel chair, but Bailey still found the strength to kick out. Rina was caught with a sliding lariat and had her legs entangled by Bailey. She finally made it to the bottom rope and connected with a sliding lariat for an incredibly close near fall.

Rina set up two doors in opposite corners and climbed to the top rope, but Bailey cut her off and executed a massive superplex. However, Rina quickly recovered and took Bailey out with a lariat, followed by an air raid crash through one of the doors. Bailey kicked out and retaliated with a vicious superkick, elevating Rina for the Flamingo Driver. Astonishingly, Rina managed to get her shoulders up again. Bailey set up a door bridge in the corner and positioned Rina on it as he attempted a shooting star double knee strike. However, Rina evaded the move and struck Bailey over the head with a broken piece of the door, followed by another Dead Eye. They exchanged headbutts that left one of them bleeding. Rina leaped off the top rope with a massive splash, but Bailey kicked out once more. Finally, Rina executed the Splash Mountain for the victory.

GCW Ultraviolent Champion Rina Yamashita Defeated Speedball Mike Bailey