GCW Don't Talk To Me: Hijo del Vikingo vs. Gringo Loco, Tribute for Jay Briscoe

Originally published at GCW Don't Talk To Me: Hijo del Vikingo vs. Gringo Loco, Tribute for Jay Briscoe

GCW: Don’t Talk To Me

Friday, January 20, 2023

Cabarrus Arena & Events Center

Concord, North Carolina

A very emotional Emil J and Nick Gage addressed the crowd to start the event. 

Emil J: 

“As many of you know, the professional wrestling world and the world in general, earlier this week we lost not only a great wrestler, a great father, a great brother, a great son, and a great man. Unfortunately, we lost Jay Briscoe, and right now we would like to celebrate him with a traditional 10-bell salute.”

Nick Gage: 

“Give it up for the best ring announcer on this fucking planet. I mean that shit, right here man points to his heart you know I aint no fake motherfucker, you are a real motherfucking ring announcer motherfucker. *Emil J Chant*. Speaking of real motherfuckers, Jay Briscoe, he was a real motherfucker. I go back with the Briscoes since they were about 15 years old. At one point they were so young they had to wear masks to wrestle me and my tag team partner Nate Hatred. That’s how long I go back with Jay and Mark. I want to give my fucking condolences,*pauses*  shit I shouldn’t be cursing but that’s just the way I talk. I give my condolences to him and his family, you know not only was he a good wrestler but he was a good fucking father. That whole family is awesome, from Papa Briscoe all the way down to Jay and Mark. You know I don’t know man, let’s send it out like we always do, It’s MDK *All fucking day*, Nah man it’s Jay Briscoe *All fucking day*. Rest in Peace Jay Briscoe.” 

Commentary: Emil J, Dave Prazak, and Nick Gage

Singles Match: Nick Wayne vs. Arez

They started the match off with a series of reversals and counters, Wayne went for the clout cutter but it was blocked by Arez who arm dragged Wayne off the ropes but hit a back handspring as the two men stood at a stalemate. Wayne responded with running head scissors followed by a back elbow, Wayne attempted another move but Arez hooked him and hit a double underhook lung blower. Wayne was able to briefly fight off Arez with a couple of chops but Arez grounded Wayne and ran up his back with 5 repeated stomps which resulted in a near fall. Wayne responded with a stunner into a northern lights suplex for a near fall, Wayne went for a dragon suplex but Arez blocked it with a flurry of kicks followed by a second rope one-foot moonsault for a two-count. Arez wrapped Wayne up in the ropes and started to stretch him, Wayne was able to escape and hit another northern lights suplex into a dragon suplex which sent Arez to the floor. Wayne didn’t waste any time and took Arez out with a flip dive over the top rope, Wayne threw Arez back into the ring and hit him with a Swanton Bomb but Arez kicked out. Arez kicked Wayne in the face and shot Wayne off the ropes, Wayne responded with a Code Red followed by a Cloutcutter for the victory. 

Nick Wayne Defeated Arez

Singles Match: Blake Christian vs. Andrew Everett 

Early on, Blake Christian had control of the match repeatedly taking Andrew down with kicks and power moves, Everett created some space and hit a standing moonsault followed by a series of chops in the corners. Blake started targeting Andrew Everett’s shoulder to try and break down the arm that he uses for chokeslams, after a couple of kicks, Blake sent Everett’s shoulder first into the ring post and then stretched his arm across the turnbuckle. Everett connected with a middle rope missile dropkick followed by a couple of lariats, and a standing moonsault for a near-fall. Christian responded with an armbar but Everett got to the ropes and attempted a chokeslam but it was blocked, so he hit a spinning wheel kick to Christian’s head. Christian again cut Everett off and hit a beautiful Fosbury Flop into a double underhook DDT for a near fall. Everett cut Christian off and hit a chokeslam but he kicked out, Everett hit a shooting star press for another near fall. Everett went for another chokeslam but Christian grabbed the ref which allowed for some space. Christian kicked the ropes into Everett’s balls and hit him with a curb stomp for the victory. 

Blake Christian Defeated Andrew Everett 

Post Match: Blake Christian Pilmanized Everett’s neck 

Singles Match: Jordan Oliver vs. Kerry Morton 

They kept attempting to lock up but Kerry kept begging off due to his broken wrist. Heavy crowd work match due to the injury to Kerry’s wrist, every time Oliver would get Morton in a hold, Morton would scramble to the ropes and take a powder on the outside. Kerry caught Jordan with a thumb to the eye, Morton went to use the caste as a weapon but Oliver sent him to the floor and beat him down with chops and kicks. Morton sent Oliver into the first row of chairs and retrieved one from underneath the ring and threw it in the ring. He went to chop Oliver but Oliver ducked and Morton chopped the ring post with his good hand. Morton hit Oliver with an inverted atomic drop, Oliver hit Morton in the head with the chair and rolled Morton up for the victory. 

Jordan Oliver Defeated Kerry Morton 

Singles Match: Cole Radrick vs. Marty Garner 

The two traded headlock takeovers and wrist locks before they wrestled to a stalemate, Garner took Radrick down with a powerslam that resulted in a near fall. Garner kept hitting strings of moves on Radrick but he couldn’t get more than a 2 count. It wasn’t a back-and-forth match, Garner was just doing things with no real fight from Cole. Cole attempted a springboard cutter but Cole missed and then there was a late kick out after Cole hit a Lionsault. Cole rolled him up with a small package. 

Cole Radrick Defeated Marty Garner 

GCW Tag Team Championship: Los Macizos (Champions) vs. The Ugly Ducklings 

Before we could get introductions the Ugly Ducklings came flying out of the ring taking out the champions. They isolated Ciclope in the ring and performed a series of tandem moves on him for a couple of near falls. Ciclope was able to get some space which allowed him and Miedo to hit their tandem offense which consisted of a couple of kicks to their heads followed by an elevated sit-out slam. The champions went to the floor and retrieved the first doors of the evening and set up a double-door bridge, this gave the Ducklings time to recover and they sent the champs to the floor. They attempted a dive but Los Macizos cut them off with a door to their faces. All four men stood in the center of the ring and hit each other with chairs, The Ducklings set up a door bridge of their own, they placed Ciclope up on the top rope but Miedo cut them off and hit Lance with an avalanche release suplex through 4 chairs for a 2 count. Los Macizos launched Lance Lude out of the ring through the previously set up door bridge on the floor; Ciclope put his sunglasses on and they hit a Doomsday Device for another two-count. Miedo put Killjoy on his shoulders and Ciclope hit him with a doomsday destroyer through a pair of chairs for victory.

Los Macizos Retained the GCW Tag Team Championships

Scramble Match: Jimmy Lloyd vs. Zenshi vs. Axton Ray vs. Marcus Mathers vs. Terry Yaki vs. Yoya

Everyone paired off and threw their partner to the floor, with Zenshi and Ray the only two left standing in the ring. Mathers took out Zenshi with a flurry of moves including a Lionsault before Jimmy Lloyd reentered the match for his time to get shine. Axton Ray sent Yaki flying with a pump knee strike, Yoya took Ray off of his feet with a Code Red but was quickly kicked in the head and sent to the floor by Ray. Mathers and Ray took everyone out with flip dives, Ray pinned Terry Yaki with a Doctor Bomb. 

Axton Ray won the Scramble

Tag Team Match: BUSSY vs. Charles Mason and Parrow

Long-time rivals EFFY and Parrow started the match off with a series of forearms from EFFY and repeated attempts to chop Parrow down which he eventually did with a clothesline. Parrow popped right back up and grounded EFFY with a strike and a lariat. EFFY made the tag to Allie Katch who then helped EFFY run wild on a grounded Parrow; this advantage didn’t last long as Mason cut off Katch which allowed Parrow to dump EFFY across the top turnbuckle. Parrow is one of my favorite Indy Wrestlers, a true giant on the scene, and extremely talented in a menagerie of wrestling styles. EFFY was planted with a sit-out powerbomb from Parrow while Allie Katch was thrown in the second row by Charles Mason. EFFY was somehow able to fire up and hit a Sack Ryder on Parrow; EFFY and Parrow made the hot tags to their partners, Katch ran wild on both Mason and Parrow, Katch hit Mason with a northern lights suplex for a two count. EFFY set up a door bridge on the floor, he brained Parrow with a chairshot to the head which kept him on the floor. BUSSY ran wild on Charles Mason inside the ring. Katch was taken out with a clothesline from Mason while EFFY was suplexed from the top turnbuckle through the door bridge on the floor. Mason forced Katch to look at the destruction and hit her with a chokeslam STO. Billy Dixon climbed up onto the apron with a chair to help assist Mason but Katch drove Mason’s head into the chair and rolled him up for the victory. 

BUSSY Defeated Charles Mason and Parrow 

Singles Match: Tony Deppen vs. Ricky Morton 

Tony felt the need to start the match off by ‘embarrassing’ Ricky with his quick reversals and ground-based offense. Morton got his foot up and took Deppen down with a boot followed by an aggressive shoulder block. Deppen wrestled Morton back into the corner and flipped him off. Morton did some antics with the ref before taking Deppen off of his feet with a hip toss arm drag. Deppen went to the floor to recover as Morton riled up the crowd; Deppen went for a senton but Morton got his knees up and took Deppen off of his feet with a series of clotheslines, Deppen was able to ground Morton, got his feet on the ropes for a leverage pinfall. 

Tony Deppen Defeated Ricky Morton 

Four Way Tag Team Match: John Wayne Murdoch and George South vs. Second Gear Crew vs. The Revolt vs. BoJack and Ali

Zane Riley and George South began the match with some crowd work before BoJack tagged himself in and Zane attempted to suplex the big man. SGC was sharing a Bud Light on the apron waiting for their moment to enter the match, Murdoch and Mance Warner threw fists before they took each other off their feet with headbutts and chair shots to the head and gut. SGC sent Murdoch to the floor and hit him with a pair of eye pokes. Caleb Konley launched himself out of the ring onto SGC, Ali was thrown to the floor by his tag team partner onto the rest of the competitors. Bojack knocked George South off the apron and took everyone out with a flipping senton to the floor. George South grabbed a barbed wire bat but it was quickly turned against him by Zane who busted the legend open. Mance Sabu’d a chair into Zane’s head which allowed South to take control of the bat and drive it into Zane’s head. All four teams brawled on the floor for the majority of the match with none of them able to get a real advantage on the other until the Revolt isolated Bojack in the ring for a brief moment but that also didn’t last long as the Duke of Hardcore came in like a Wrecking Crew and quickly disposed of them. Murdoch attempted to hit the 600lbs Bojack with a brainbuster but Bojack reversed it and suplexed him into a door in the corner. Bojack pulled his partner off Murdoch to break the pin, Mance speared George through a door and Justice hit Ali with a big splash for the victory. 

Second Gear Crew Defeats Bojack and Ali, The Revolt and John Wayne Murdoch and George South

Main Event: Gringo Loco vs. El Hijo Del Vikingo 

Both men attempted to gain control of the other with various lucha counters and reversals until they wrestled to a stalemate. Gringo Loco was able to string together some offense including a dropkick to Vikingo’s face which resulted in a near fall. They had a slower pace to start this match before they kicked it into gear in the late innings. Vikingo responded with a series of kicks to the back of Gringo’s head, Vikingo stood on the ring post, launched himself into the ring for a rebound arm drag,

El Hijo del Vikingo is the best kind of lunatic. #GCWTalk @GCWrestling_
▶️https://t.co/b7gftQy2a3 pic.twitter.com/Hadoxsguw5

— Rob (@HeyyImRob) January 21, 2023

Which was then followed by a second rope dragon rana that wiped Gringo Loco out on the floor, the two battled on the floor with Vikingo hitting a Gringo with a stiff kick to his head. Back in the ring Vikingo hit Gringo with a tornillo phoenix splash for another near fall. Vikingo set Gringo Loco up in a chair on the floor and dove out of the ring but Gringo moved out of the way and crashed and burned on the chair.

JESUS CHRIST!!! @GringoLocoOG moves out of the way of Vikingo's dive which sends him right into the concrete floor!#GCWTalk @GCWrestling_
▶️https://t.co/b7gftQyzZB pic.twitter.com/dOHWZpEru0

— Rob (@HeyyImRob) January 21, 2023

Gringo Loco hit Vikingo over the head with a chair and sent him through several rows of chairs. Back inside the ring, Gringo continued his beatdown on Vikingo hitting him with a sit-out powerbomb followed by several strikes in the corner. Vikingo fired back up and hit a double jump head scissors followed by running double knees in the corner. 

…huh?#GCWTalk @GCWrestling_
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— Rob (@HeyyImRob) January 21, 2023

Vikingo followed that up with a one-foot tornillo to the floor, the body control this man has is truly incredible. 

El Hijo del Vikingo with a rope-walk one-footed tornillo to the outside!#GCWTalk @GCWrestling_
▶️https://t.co/b7gftQy2a3 pic.twitter.com/aWNBl70mj0

— Rob (@HeyyImRob) January 21, 2023

Vikingo grabbed a chair from underneath the ring and blasted Gringo’s shoulder and back with it, Vikingo adjusted the door bridge that was set up on the corner which allowed Gringo Loco some time to recover and kick out at 2. Gringo Loco planted Vikingo on the top of his head with a sit-out piledriver which resulted in a two count, Loco went to the top rope and dove off but nobody was home. VIkingo responded by stacking Gringo up on the top rope, Gringo went for a crossbody but Vikingo turned it into a black hole slam into a superkick. Gringo Loco was set up on the door bridge, Vikingo hit a second rope 630 to the floor through the door, an absolutely incredible-looking move by the AAA Mega Heavyweight Champion. Vikingo climbed to the top but Gringo swept his legs out, the two fought on the top rope with Gringo Loco hitting an avalanche military press falcon arrow for a very close near fall. Vikingo hit Gringo Loco with a final 630 Senton for the victory.

El Hijo Del Vikingo Defeated Gringo Loco