GCW EMO FIGHT: Ballad of Lacey, Stacy's Mom, My Chemical Romance

Originally published at GCW EMO FIGHT: Stacy's Mom, My Chemical Romance, Ballad of Lacey

GCW Emo Fight – Live from the Melrose Ballroom

By: Jon Pine

This was a very fun show which saw some great in-ring action, okay musical performances, and Nick Gage enjoying My Chemical Romance. All the wrestlers came out to various Emo songs or something to that extent, other than Jimmy Lloyd and Effy’s entrance it has to be mentioned how hyped-up AJ Gray was coming out to Limp Bizkit. I’m not a fan of Emo music but there is always an audience for everything.

Emil Jay welcomes us to Emo Fight and to our first musical guest, Zach Overboard. The mic wasn’t working in the beginning which wasn’t exactly a negative.

Six-Way Scramble: Matt Vandergraff vs. Steve Sanders vs. Dante Leon vs. Chris Carter vs. Colby Corino vs. Lucky 13

Awkward moment to start the match as the bell rung with only 5 guys in the ring. The crowd chanted ‘One more guy’!, and out came Lucky 13. Lucky had to sing his own theme song as the audio didn’t work for some reason.
Very solid match with each guy getting to show off their high spots. Unfortunately, the stream dropped and I missed the finish of the match.

Dante Leon is victorious

Gabby Ortiz vs. Allie Way aka Allie Katch

This was my first time seeing Gabby Ortiz and she was very impressive. Allie put Gabby into a headlock and used her hand as a mic and proceeded to sing “Ohio Is for Lovers” by Hawthorne Heights to the crowd’s delight. Allie hit Gabby with a vicious headbutt for a 2 count, Gabby fired back briefly only to get caught in Boston Crab.

Allie Way def. Gabby Ortiz via submission

Emil Jay introduced our second Musical performance by Wicca Phase. Besides Darby Allin’s theme song I have never heard of Wicca. I’m not a big Emo music guy so this was pretty brutal to sit through. I’m not sure if he sang 1 or 2 songs because it all sounded the same.

Wicca ended up singing Everett Connors to the ring which thankfully signified the end to his performance. They should’ve booked Peroxwhy?gen instead of Wicca.

Everett Connors vs. Dylan McKay

Dylan is a proud graduate of Matt Tremont’s H20 Wrestling Academy and potentially has a tremendous future in this business. He has the size, athleticism, and learned from one of the best storytellers in the business. Everett Connors has the ability to catch on in a similar vein as Orange Cassidy. Dylan went for a top rope cannonball 630 maneuver, missed Everett, and was caught with a code red.

Everett Connors Def. Dylan McKay

Post-match, the lights go out and Everett is attacked by JCW star Charles Mason and his goons. Charles put a plastic bag over Everett’s head and caused him to pass out. Charles tells the crowd to shut the fuck up and makes fun of the crowd for being Emo and challenges Everett Connors to a match on Oct 9th at JCW’s event in Atlantic City.

Emil Jay introduces our next musical performance, DJ MDK. Nick Gage comes out to his usual hero’s welcome. Gage cut a promo and yells at the DJ: “Now play My Chemical Romance, motherfucker.”

MCR’s “Welcome to the Black Parade” starts playing with Nick Gage on the stage holding the mic out to the crowd and randomly shouting out things.

Nick Gage yelling at the crowd to sing Welcome to the Black Parade louder #GCWEmo pic.twitter.com/jtp4K9qhnE

— Jake Drury (@SocksUnterShoes) September 24, 2021

Gage tells the DJ to hold the music and reminds the crowd that no matter what “be your motherfucking self”. DJ restarts Black Parade as Nick Gage leads the crowd in an MDK chant. “Hey security guards, if you let in any haters in they’ll get stomped out!”

Gage introduced “Emo Boi Jimmy Lloyd”

Jimmy Lloyd enters wearing the My Chemical Romance face paint and coat and led the crowd in a Black Parade singalong.

Kevin Gill casually mentioned that Jimmy doesn’t believe in refrigeration. A truly bizarre scene that was absolutely hilarious and worth checking out. Gage yelling “LOUDER” to the crowd will make me laugh all day. What a national treasure that man is.

Jimmy Lloyd vs. Effy

The crowd is chanting Emo Daddy at Effy. Effy hits Jimmy with a suicide Dive swinging DDT for a 2 count. Jimmy recovers and hits a Swanton for 2, they exchanged strikes in the middle of the ring, both men’s feelings get hurt and they screamed in unison ‘I hate you’ and continue their strike exchange. Effy hit the Rough Ryder, escalating the online war of words between him and Cardona in the ring. Effy hits Jimmy with a blockbuster.

Effy def. Jimmy Lloyd

Gage returned to the ring, puts over both men and Emo Night, Effy grabs the mic says “Fuck Matt Cardona”. Jimmy apologizes to Effy and Effy kisses Jimmy Lloyd as we go into intermission.

Besides Wicca Phase, the first half of the show was a lot of fun. Some people online thought Wicca Phase was good, but good is relative. The show is worth buying just for that Nick Gage segment and Effy vs. Jimmy Lloyd.

Emil Jay welcomed us back from Intermission as he ran down the card for Friday night and introduces our next musical guest, AEW and GCW’s own Marko Stunt. Stunt brings up the fact that we are back in the Melrose Ballroom where he made his debut for GCW against KTB which ended up changing his entire life. Marko performed 2 songs and finished it off with “Stacy’s Mom”. This should’ve been the main event.

Six-Man Scramble Match: AJ Gray vs. Tony Deppen vs. Cole Radrick vs. Yoya vs. Treehouse Lee vs. Jordan Oliver

This was the second Scramble Matches of the night, and Kevin Gill makes note that Alex Zayne’s flight was canceled on the tarmac which led to Yoya getting the spot in the match. I don’t understand why Treehouse Lee hasn’t been booked in PWG yet he’s a can’t miss talent. Each man had great exchanges in this fast-paced match which saw Treehouse hitting a tornado top rope leg drop onto Yoya for the victory.

Treehouse Lee is victorious

All of the men dance in the ring to “Break Stuff” by Limp Bizkit.

It’s only fitting @RichHomieJuice was in the ring solo for this. Break your fuckin in face!#GCWEmo pic.twitter.com/2IVHesOr4x

— Movie Marks (@movie_marks) September 24, 2021

Emil Jay introduced the main event of the evening, Jimmy Jacobs singing The Ballad of Lacey. Just as he’s about to start singing he’s cut off by Atticus Cogar. Atticus runs down Jimmy and mocks him for dressing Emo again, saying that he’ll probably forget the lyrics because Jimmy was probably snorting Vicodin again. Atticus with a bit of foreshadowing by saying that he saved Jimmy from embarrassing himself. Jimmy attacks Atticus.

Main Event: Jimmy Jacobs vs. Atticus Cogar

Impromptu match between the two of them as they started the match brawling on the stage and outside the ring. Jimmy hit a sloppy top rope cross body onto Atticus. Jimmy threw his loafers at Atticus which only ended up giving Atticus the opportunity to bite Jimmy’s toes. Atticus kicks Jimmy in the balls preceded by an air raid crash through a door for a 2 count. Atticus goes for the headlock driver through a door, which is reversed by Jimmy for the roll-up win.

Jimmy Jacobs def. Atticus Cogar

Post-match- Atticus goes to skewer Jimmy, Lacey hits the ring to save Jimmy, they take out Atticus and hug inside the ring. Jimmy sends the crowd home happy with The Ballad of Lacey; paying off a Gabe Sapolsky angle from 2007.

I’m not a fan of Emo music so other than Marko Stunt that portion of the show didn’t do much for me. All of the matches were solid, with Effy and Jimmy Lloyd being the standout match of the night. I would’ve rather had that as the main event of the show instead of Jimmy Jacobs singing. The Nick Gage-My Chemical Romance segment was hilarious and worth checking out whenever it appears on Twitter.

GCW returns tomorrow night to the Melrose Ballroom with another sold-out show headlined by the first time ever match between Suzuki vs. Homicide.