GCW Fight Club 2: Houston - GCW vs. Loko, Steel Cage Death Match, Mascara Dorada debuts

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GCW Fight Club 2: Houston: GCW vs. Loko

Friday, February 4, 2022, Houston Premier Arena, Houston, Texas

By Jon Pine

Tonight’s show was plagued by travel delays but the card lived up to the anticipated hype

A lot has been said about the Hammerstein Ballroom show so I might as well throw my opinion out there. I had a lot of fun the entire day. I drove into the city from Rhode Island and spent the day in the city and the night at the Hammerstein. This was my first time back at the Hammerstein Ballroom since Ring of Honor War of the Worlds 2014 when I was still in college. The first time I met John and Wai was at the Hammerstein in 2013 for Ring of Honor Supercard of Honor, the night that Jay Briscoe beat Kevin Steen for the World Title.

Overall I thought it was a decent show, some of the booking decisions didn’t make much sense to me but being in the arena for such a monumental event was fantastic. The electricity inside the ballroom was something I hadn’t experienced in a long time, everyone wanted the show to succeed and did everything in their power to ensure that. It was just a fun environment and gratifying to see GCW on their biggest stage.

The pre-show was fantastic, I loved the surprises in the Battle Royal. I was so happy to see Parrow and KTB back in action for Game Changer Wrestling. Parrow is on the cusp of being a major star, I don’t understand how a national company hasn’t signed this man; he has size, charisma, and he can work a normal match just as well as he can work a Deathmatch. I was also really excited to see KTB back in action. He is an unsung hero of the promotion as he was one of their first champions as well as an anchor for many early Scramble Matches. The scramble match was insane as always, I was really happy Grim Reefer got the win in that match.

The main card was really good as well, I didn’t agree with some of the booking decisions but I trust Brett Lauderdale and Giancarlo as promoters/bookers. The ladder match controlled chaos in the best way possible, there were some scary bumps and a classic “Did I just watch G-Raver die” moment. Jordan Oliver is a can’t miss prospect. I wish they had someone else in there besides PCO but the match served its purpose of being a car wreck and the fans loved it. The lucha 6 man match was awe inspiring; the things that those men are able to do blows my mind, the triple stack spot, anything ASF or Gringo Loco do. It was a fantastic match and the best match of the show. I was so happy that Gringo Loco got such a big stage to show to the rest of the world how damn good he really is. Blake Christian vs. Lio Rush was athletically a fantastic match, these two always deliver when they are matched up against each other. Lio was taking the place of Jonathan Gresham, who had a positive COVID test. The only thing the crowd liked about it was the high spots and voicing their displeasure at Lio Rush. Janela vs. Cardona was interesting, had a lot of run-ins which took away from the overall match but it also served its purpose. The crowd was going nuts for Enter Sandman, so many people were looking around to see where Cardona would enter. One guy yelled ‘there he is’ and people started taking pictures of a balcony. I liked the homage to One Night Stand 2006, and when the roof blew off the Hammerstein when X-Pac run in, I’m so glad that he chose GCW to have his final run.

Ruby Soho vs. Allie Katch was a lot of fun but the ending of the match took the wind out of the crowd’s sails; I thought it was a very well worked match that really elevated Allie, I just wish she would’ve won. I was a big TNA fan back in the day so seeing Jeff Jarrett in person for the first time was awesome. He looked in phenomenal shape for his age and he and Effy worked a great match that had a surprise ending. The look on Effy’s face as he entered the Ballroom was really special, it was a look of pure joy. I was disappointed in the moment but during my drive home I came to terms with the fact that this match wasn’t going to be the final match in their feud. Will we see Jeff Jarrett compete in a Deathmatch in 2022? As was mentioned by John and Wai during their review, the World Title match fell victim to the time constraints. Other than the timing, this match delivered on all my expectations, it was so great seeing Mox back in action and most importantly, looking healthy.

This was my first time seeing Matt Tremont in person and it lived up to my expectations. It was awesome belting out his theme song like I have done countless times on my way to Atlantic City as he came to the ring. The moment he came out everyone in the building knew what was coming next, as the bells hit I looked to my left and Thunder Rosa was standing next to me recording Gage’s entrance on her phone like she was one of us. It was a really cool moment to see someone who is on national TV get caught up in the moment like so many of us. I cannot wait for Tremont v. Hoodfoot on February 19 in Atlantic City. It was great seeing so many familiar faces on this massive stage and I can’t wait for them to run the Hammerstein once again.


Atticus Cogar was the most protected talent in GCW in 2021. When they played the opening video at the top of the show Atticus Cogar got a bigger pop than Nick Gage.

Sunday was a smash hit business wise for gcw. All records shattered and its not even close. But im not happy at all. Feel like I let a lot of people down. Got played and I shoulda known better. Big time learning experience. Gonna work harder than ever to get a 2nd chance.

— brett lauderdale (@Lauderdale11) January 26, 2022


Announced Card: If I Die First, February 5, 2022, Dallas, TX,

Singles Match: Psycho Clown vs. Gringo Loco

Singles Match: Mike Bailey vs. Jimmy Lloyd

Singles Match: Laredo Kid vs. Blake Christian

Singles Match: Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Joey Janela

GCW Extreme Title Match: AJ Gray (champion) vs. Allie Katch

Announced: John Wayne Murdoch

The Collective 2022, March 31 – April 2, 2022, Dallas, Texas:

This year The Collective is taking place at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas, the events will run from March 31 until April 2. So far they have announced that there will be stage shows, podcasts, games, and various vendors, the announced shows are as follows: Joey Janela’s Spring Break Night 1 and Joey Janela’s Spring Break Night 2: The Greatest Clusterfuck, Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 8, and finally Gringo Locos The Wrld on Lucha. I’m really happy that Gringo Loco is getting his own show, you know you’re going to get an absolutely insane card. I’m hoping we see another installation of Allie Katch’s Real Hot Girl Shit and Alex Colon’s Planet Death. Last year’s installation of The Collective featured the following shows: Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 6, The Acid Cup Night 1, For the Culture 2021, Jimmy Lloyd’s D-Generation F 2021, rSpring Break Presented by 44OH!, Acid Cup Night 2, Allie Kat’s Real Hot Girl Shit, Planet Death, Effy’s Big Gay Brunch 2021.

Upcoming Shows:

Believe Me – February 19, 2022, Atlantic City, NJ
Ultraviolent Champion Alex Colon vs. American Deathmatch Champion Reed Bentley
Matt Tremont vs. Hoodfoot
John Wayne Murdoch vs. G-Raver
Mascara Dorada vs. Joey Janela
The Briscoe Brothers vs. The S.A.T

JCW: Gladiator Days, February 19, 2022, Atlantic City, NJ
Bryan Keith vs. Cole Radrick
Edith Surreal, Delirious and Hallowicked vs. Billie Starkz, Janai Kai and Yoya
Charles Mason vs. Big Vin
Joey Janela vs. Slade

Don’t Tell Me What To Do- February 20, 2022, Atlantic City, NJ
H8 Club (Gage and Tremont) vs. The Rejects (Murdoch and Bentley) Tag Team Title Match
Joey Janela and Marko Stunt vs. Second Gear Crew (AJ Gray and Matthew Justice)
2 Cold Scorpio vs. Gringo Loco
Atticus Cogar vs. Alex Zayne

Say You Will – January 15, 2022, Hoffman Estates, IL:

Gringo Loco won the 6-Way Scramble Match defeating Alex Zayne, Dante Leon, Dark Sheik, Nick Wayne and Ninja Mack, Tony Deppen defeated Mike Bailey, Blake Christian defeated Bandido, Jonathan Gresham retained the Ring of Honor World Title against 2 Cold Scorpio, AJ Gray won the GCW Extreme Championship defeating PCO. Ricky Morton defeated Matt Cardona, Allie Katch defeated Kylie Rae, The Briscoe Brothers retained the GCW Tag Team Titles against The Rejects (John Wayne Murdoch and Reed Bentley) Jimmy Llody the 666 Markus Crane Tribute Deathmatch defeating Alex Colon and Spyder Nate Webb.

The Wrld on GCW 2022 – January 23, 2022, Manhattan, NY:

Big Vin won the 20 Man Battle Royal, Grim Reefer won the 6-Way Scramble Match defeating Alex Zayne, Dante Leon, Jack Cartwheel, Ninja Mack and Shane Mercer. AJ Gray won the Grab The Brass Ring Ladder Match, defeating Alex Colon, G-Raver, Jimmy Lloyd, Jordan Olvier, PCO, and Tony Deppen. Team Gringo Loco (Arez, Demonic Flamita, Gringo Loco) Defeated Team Bandido (ASF, Laredo Kid, Bandido), Blake Christian defeated Lio Rush, Matt Cardona defeated Joey Janela. Ruby Soho defeated Allie Katch, Jeff Jarrett defeated Effy, Jon Moxley retained the GCW World Title defeating Homicide. The H8 Club (Nick Gage and Matt Tremont) won the GCW Tag Team Titles defeating The Briscoe Brothers (Mark and Jay)

Spoiler Free Match Recommendation:

Nick Wayne vs. Ninja Mack
Dante Leon vs. Sam Stackhouse
Atticus Cogar vs. Gino Medina

Last Time in Houston: So High – December 13, 2021, Houston, TX

Dante Leon retained the Loko Title defeating Jack Cartwheel, Allie Katch defeated Gino Medina, Ninja Mack defeated Jimmy Lloyd, The Second Gear Crew defeated Bryan Keith and Mysterious Q, ASF, Chris Carter, Drago Kid defeated Gringo Loco, Low Rider, Demonic Flamita, Atticus Cogar defeated Nick Wayne, Bandido defeated Tony Deppen, Effy defeated Sadika.

Today has been a brutal travel day for some of our talent. Many flights have been delayed, re-routed or cancelled & despite our best efforts, some talent will be unable to appear tonite at #GCWvsLoko2.

However, the show MUST go on and the talent that made it is ready to go 110%. pic.twitter.com/dS47RgNPKH

— GameChangerWrestling (@GCWrestling_) February 5, 2022


Show Results:

Commentary: Kevin Gill, Emil J, Allie Katch

Four-Way Scramble Match: Jordan Oliver vs. Low Rider vs. Chris Carter vs. Grim Reefer

Chris Carter comes to the ring wearing an old-school plague mask, as Grim Reefer runs wild to open the match hitting all of his high spots while smoking a joint as the crowd goes wild. Jordan Oliver takes over from where Reefer left off, running wild against all the competitors until it was just Reefer and Oliver with Reefer getting the better of Oliver. Commentary keeps noting how Chris Carter is going to be the next wrestler to break out of Loko Wrestling. I agree with them, he has the potential to steal The Collective. The first stars to break out of Loko have been: Sadika, Dante Leon, and Ninja Mack. All of the competitors take their turns smoking Grim Reefer’s joint to the delight of the crowd. Jordan Oliver pins Chris Carter.

Jordan Oliver wins the Scramble Match

Singles Match: Allie Katch vs. Mysterious Q

Last time we saw Mysterious Q was in a losing effort teaming with Bryan Keith against Second Gear Crew. Allie Katch is stepping in for AJ Gray who couldn’t be there tonight due to travel issues. The match starts off with a test of strength followed by the two jockeying for position. Q condescendingly pats Katch on the head, pissing off the feisty Allie Katch. Allie Katch had a fantastic tribute to Lady Gaga during her entrance at the Hammerstein. The two continue to wrestle to various stalemates, Q hits a Muta-esque elbow drop as he gains control over Katch, the crowd starts to rally behind Katch but her momentum is cut off by Q as they start trading near falls. Katch fires up hitting her signature hip attack and running cannonball onto Q for a very close near fall. Both of the competitors start trading forearms in the center of the ring with Q asking Katch if that’s all she’s got. Katch gets slapped in the face by Q and she fires up only for Q to punk her out on a super kick, stomps on her hand, and then lands a stiff super kick for a near fall. Q gets her in an airplane spin into a blue thunder bomb only for Katch to kick out at 2. A stunned Mysterious Q takes off his wrist tape and makes his way to the top rope. Katch crotches Q, attacking his chest with a shoulder block. Katch hits a superplex, floats through but is caught with a small packer driver for a near fall. The crowd gets to their feet in appreciation of these two athletes, Katch goes for a Destroyer but she’s unable to get Q up. Q hits an ace crusher for a two count, Allie flips Q off as Q retaliates but Allie Katch is able to hit two consecutive piledrivers for the victory.

Allie Katch Defeated Mysterious Q

The ring crew taped up the canvas, as a retired campaign organizer I enjoyed the fact that they used painter’s tape.

Singles Match: Nick Wayne vs. Ninja Mack

This match should be a fantastic match between two of the best highfliers in the business. A lot was made out of Nick Wayne being pulled from the Hammerstein show and if you’re interested in reading up on it, I highly suggest you check out John Pollock or Bix’s reporting on this issue. Both men did a fantastic job capturing and delving into the weird circumstances that led to Nick Wayne being pulled off the show. Loko Wrestling’s own Ninja Mack, makes his way to the ring as the crowd goes crazy for their hometown wrestler. Nick Wayne has a significant size advantage over Ninja Mack but that isn’t going to phase the Ninja. The match starts off with a series of high-flying Lucha spots, both men wrestle to two consecutive stalemates to the delight of the crowd, Kevin Gill notes that Ninja Mack has been lobbying Josh Barnett for a spot in this year’s Bloodsport citing his Jiu-Jitsu background. Nick Wayne hits a massive tope onto Ninja Mack taking out Ninja Mack, Mack follows up with a massive dive of his own. Nick Wayne went for a swanton but Ninja got his knees up and shot him into the corner, Wayne goes for a cutter but Ninja ends up rolling up Nick Wayne for the victory.

Ninja Mack Defeated Nick Wayne

Loko Title Match: Dante Leon (Champion) vs. Sam Stackhouse

Coming off their appearances at the Hammerstein Ballroom both Dante Leon and Sam Stackhouse have something to prove in this outing for GCW. For Leon, it’s a matter of differentiating himself from the other up and coming highfliers, for Stackhouse it’s a matter of justifying his appearance on the card; he can’t really move, he’s not a talented wrestler, his upside is that he’s large and can do a moonsault. I could’ve done without his comedy spot with Hornswoggle at the Hammerstein, it watered down the match. This is Dante Leon’s second title defense, successfully defeating Sadika and Jack Cartwheel. Stackhouse rushes in but Dante is able to evade the larger Stackhouse, he goes for a springboard maneuver but is caught by Stackhouse, Stackhouse hits an enziguri as the crowd goes wild in shock. Leon goes for a crossbody to the outside but he is once again caught by Stackhouse who slams Leon onto the floor. Stackhouse goes to the back and grabs two doors and calls for the fans to move out of the way as he stacks the doors within the crowd. Leon cuts off Stackhouse before he can add the second door to the mix, he attacks Stackhouse leaving him reeling long enough to prop that second door up. Stackhouse goes down as Leon charges at Stackhouse hitting a running bulldog off the stage through the two doors on the floor. The crowd chants holy shit as both men try and recover on the floor. The action returns to the ring as the two men face off once again, Leon goes for a hurricanrana but is caught by Stackhouse who slams Leon. Leon is able to fire back up and hits a posionrana on Sam Stackhouse for a two count. Stackhouse hits a huge blackhole slam ending Leon’s momentum. The crowd is chanting for both of these men as Stackhouse sets up Leon in the corner for his moonsault but Leon is able to get out of the way just in time. Leon hits a series of hook kicks followed up by a super whisper in the wind for only a 2 count. Leon hits a double stomp followed up by a shooting star elbow drop for another two-count. A stunned Dante Leon goes to the floor and retrieves a door and chair, Stackhouse hits a running spinning heal kick and throws Leon into the corner. Stackhouse sets Leon up on the door and hits a moonsault through the door for the victory. This match was a lot of fun, Stackhouse can really go in the ring for a man of his size and it’s rare Leon has a bad match.

Sam Stackhouse Defeated Dante Leon for the Loko Wrestling Championship

Singles Match: Atticus Cogar vs. Gino Medina

Atticus wasn’t used correctly at the Hammerstein Ballroom show but hopefully, his match against Gino Medina will be the first step back in the right direction. This is a first-time match-up between the two. The last time they were in Houston, Atticus Cogar was able to secure the victory over Nick Wayne and Gino Medina lost to Allie Katch. Cogar jumps Medina before the bell and beats him up, Medina sends Cogar to the floor and hits a dive through the second and third rope in the corner. Cogar regains control and hits a suplex onto the floor. The action returns to the ring as the two start trading strikes in the center of the ring, ending when Cogar gouged Medina’s eyes. Cogar gains the advantage laying out Medina, he bails to the floor and grabs a chair from underneath the ring. He tries to use it against Medina, Medina goes to strike Cogar but Atticus rushes in and starts stabbing the skewers into the back and stomach of Gino Medina, Cogar kicks a chair into Medina’s head followed up by a headlock driver onto the chair for the pin.

Another fantastic showing and a new side of brutality from Cogar.

Atticus Cogar Defeated Gino Medina

Singles Match: Effy vs. Bryan Keith

It was announced on Twitter that Tony Deppen would not be able to compete at this event so taking his place against the Texas Native Bryan Keith, is Effy. is most recently coming off a controversial loss at the Hammerstein to Jeff Jarrett, a move that left a sour taste in some of the attendees’ mouths but I have faith that they have something big planned for the blow-off for this feud. Will we see Jeff Jarrett tonight? Effy comes to the ring sporting a short-haired look, both men come to the ring to massive ovations. Allie Katch joined Kevin Gill on commentary for this match, the two men start trading wild punches all over their bodies, Effy backs Keith into the corner and hits a big boot followed up with a violent knee strike right to the side of Bryan Keith’s head for a two count. The two men continue brawling, but Effy hits a Sack Ryder for a two count, he locks Bryan Keith in a cross-face chicken wing for a brief period of time but Keith powers out and hits a vicious dragon screw. Keith hits a massive lariat taking Effy off his feet and then muscles Effy up for a giant rock bottom for a two count. Keith backs Effy into the corner and starts laying in strikes, Effy eggs Keith only to be grounded by a hard strike. The two men climb to the second rope with each man trying to suplex the other, Keith hits a blockbuster smashing Effy’s face on the top turnbuckle, Effy musters up enough strength to hit a flipping neck breaker from top rope to the floor. Effy hits under the rainbow for a two count as both men clutch their necks. Bryan Keith hits a powerbomb, Effy lands high on his shoulders but is able to kick out at 2. Effy is able to bridge and pin Bryan Keith.

Effy Defeated Bryan Keith

Four Way Match: Mascara Dorada vs. Gringo Loco vs. Blake Christian vs. ASF

When this match was announced my excitement was only matched by the dread of how to recap this match which will undoubtedly be an incredible spot fest. All of these competitors tear it up every single time they step in the ring and this match will be no different, it’s going to be awesome watching Dorada with the chains off for the first time since he signed with WWE. Brett Lauderdale has gone on record that Dorada is one of his favorite wrestlers and is ecstatic that he is finally able to book this man. This is going to be ASF’s year, the man has it all in the ring, and his physical charisma is incredible, his series with Gringo Loco that closed 2021 is a must-watch. All of the competitors hit a series of Lucha exchanges as they all wrestle to a stalemate. ASF and Dorada hit dives to the floor taking out the other two competitors as they return to the ring and face off against each other. Emil J put it best Dorada is doing some ‘King of the Ropes’ shit as he gets the best of Gringo Loco; Blake Christian throws Dorada to the floor, he was looking for a dive but is cut off by ASF. Christain sends ASF outside and hits a flipping senton into a reverse DDT position, he rana’s ASF off the ring apron, and then DDT’s the other two. Truly incredible athletics from every competitor in this match, they make it look so effortless. Gringo Loco has ASF and Blake Christian in a triple stack, Dorada hits a dropkick sending ASF over who hit a poison rana on Christian. Blake Christian hits a flurry of offense onto the various competitors and rolls up ASF for the victory.

Blake Christian Defeated Mascara Dorada, Gringo Loco, ASF

Steel Cage Deathmatch: Jimmy Lloyd vs. Sadika vs. Chris Carter vs. Atticus Cogar

Weapons Used: Steel Cage, light tubes, chairs, doors,

This match was supposed to be Matt Tremont vs Sadika but his flight was canceled so taking his place tonight is none other than Jimmy Lloyd. The crowd is very pleased with Jimmy Lloyd taking the spot of Matt Tremont tonight. Sadika stalks Jimmy Lloyd from the opposite side of the cage. Emil J leaves the cage and the match is underway, but before the two could lock up, Chris Carter sprints to the ring and climbs the cage, and enters himself into the match, Atticus Cogar comes out with a mic and says:

“We go from selling out Hammerstein to this fucking shit hole building, for those of you at home who don’t know it’s 30 fucking degrees in this building. No wonder Tremont’s Fat ass didn’t show up. And now the main event of GCW, we’ve got Jimmy Lloyd (crowd is chanting shut the fuck up) we’ve got Sadika, and this fucking loser who runs out and enters himself into the main event. If that’s how things are going to be run, let’s actually make it a MAIN event caliber match and if I lose, I will pack my bags and go back to Ohio”.

Atticus blindsides Chris Carter and Sadika goes after JImmy Lloyd, Cogar starts taking the fight to Sadika cutting off her offense against Jimmy Lloyd. Cogar sends Carter and Jimmy Lloyd into the steel cage and Sadika cuts off Cogar by throwing a chair into his face. Cogar is able to recover and sends Sadika face-first into the turnbuckle. Chris Carter sends Cogar into the steel cage but gets hit with a cutter from Jimmy Lloyd. Sadika hits Cogar over the head with a steel chair and follows it up by hitting Jimmy Lloyd in the balls. Sadika is blasted with a bundle of tubes from Atticus Cogar who starts to carve away at the masked monster. Cogar throws chairs around the ring and takes a moment to revel in what he’s done. Jimmy Lloyd blasts Cogar with a bundle of tubes, Chris Carter hits Jimmy Lloyd with tubes but gets gorilla pressed into the cage. Sadika puts tubes into the back of Jimmy Lloyd’s shirt and drops kicks them. Cogar hits Chris Carter with an air raid crash through a door, Sadika breaks up the pin attempt and hits a tube-assisted running double knee into Cogar’s face; she goes for a pinfall but Cogar kicks out. Sadika starts carving away on Cogar’s head as Jimmy Lloyd and Chris Carter hit each other over the head with a broken half of the doors. Jimmy Lloyd piles tubes into the center of the ring, all of the competitors tee off on Chris Carter with a flurry of light tube shots. Sadika hits a sky twister press onto Cogar who had a bundle of tubes on his chest, Jimmy Lloyd breaks up the pin by hitting Sadika over the head with a steel chair. Atticus Cogar starts skewering Chris Carter’s head, then gets hit over the head with a steel chair, followed by a headlock driver for the victory.

Atticus Cogar Defeated Chris Carter, Sadika, and Jimmy Lloyd

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