GCW: Find You Again: Joey Janela vs. John Wayne Murdoch, Effy & Allie Katch retain titles

Originally published at GCW: Find You Again: Joey Janela vs. John Wayne Murdoch, Shelley vs. Oliver

GCW: Find You Again

Friday, April 22, 2022, Columbus, Ohio

By: Jon Pine

Spoiler Free Match Recommendations:
John Wayne Murdoch vs. Joey Janela
Alex Shelley vs. Jordan Oliver
Blake Christian vs. Dante Leon
SGC vs. Big Starkz Brand

Tournament of Survival 7 Updates:

Talent Announced: Drew Parker, Toru Sugiura, Rina Yamashita

Qualifying Matches:
SLADE vs. Sawyer Wreck
AKIRA vs. Hoodfoot
Matt Tremont vs. Brandon Kirk
Shane Mercer vs. Jimmy Lloyd

Tomorrow Nights Card:

GCW: The Old Me, April 23, 2022, Detroit, Michigan
Singles Match: Chris Dickinson vs. ACH
High incident Match: The Briscoes vs. The Second Gear Crew
Singles Match: 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Minoru Suzuki
Singles Match: Joey Janela vs. Bandido
Singles Match: Alex Shelley vs. Nick Wayne
Deathmatch: John Wayne Murdoch vs. Hoodfoot
GCW Extreme Title Match: AJ Gray (champion) vs. Alex Colon
GCW Tag Team Championship Match: BUSSY (champions) vs. Gringo Loco and ASF

Upcoming Shows:

GCW: In Too Deep
Saturday, April 30, 2022, Carousel Room, Atlantic City, New Jersey
Singles Match: Joey Janela vs. Mike Bailey
Singles Match: Chris Dickinson vs. Biff Busick
Singles Match: ACH vs. Alex Zayne
Tournament of Survival Qualifying Match: AKIRA vs. Hoodfoot
Tournament of Survival Qualifying Match: SLADE vs. Sawyer Wreck
GCW Ultraviolent Championship Match: John Wayne Murdoch (champion) vs. Cole Radrick

JCW: May Flowers
Sunday, May 1, 2022, Carousel Room, Atlantic City, New Jersey
Tag Team Match: Jimmy Lloyd and Sawyer Wreck vs. Charlie Tiger and Ellis Taylor
Four Way Match: Azrieal vs. Grim Reefer vs. Archadia vs. Steve Scott
Singles Match: Hoodfoot vs. Yoya
Singles Match: Brandon Kirk vs. Big Vin
Singles Match: Alec Price vs. Dyln McKay

GCW: Life Goes On
Sunday, May 1, 2022, Carousel Room, Atlantic City, New Jersey
Tag Team Match: Jordan Oliver and Nick Wayne vs. The SAT
Singles Match: Joey Janela vs. Masha Slamovich
GCW Tag Team Championship Match: BUSSY vs. The Rejects (John Wayne Murdoch and AKIRA)
Tournament of Survival Qualifying Match: Matt Tremont vs Brandon Kirk

ICW No Holds Barred Vol. 25:
Sunday, May 15, 2022, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Deathmatch: Brandon Kirk vs. Kasey Kirk
Deathmatch: Casanova Valentine vs. KRule
Deathmatch: Isaiah Broner vs. Justin Kyle
Deathmatch: AKIRA vs. Tommy Vendetta
Deathmatch: John Wayne Murdoch vs. SHLAK

Find You Again Results:

Commentary: Dave Prazak and Kevin Gill

Ring Announcer: Emil J

Nick Gage opened the show and the standing room only crowd went nuts for the King. Emil J proceeded to give the Nick Gage introduction,

“WHERE’S MY MOTHERFUCKING GANG AT, COLUMBUS I SAID WHERE’S MY MOTHERFUCKING GANG, you know what motherfuckers we could’ve went to Dayton, we could’ve gone to that pussyass place Cleveland , but I made a motherfucking shot call and I called Lauderdale and told him we are coming to Columbus, because I heard Columbus is Gang Affiliated so let’s get this shit started *MDK call and response* EMIL lets get this shit fucking going”

Singles Match: Blake Christian vs. Dante Leon

Both men went for their finishers right away before they engaged in a series of nearfalls and reversals, Leon was able to connect with a top rope cutter which sent Christian to the floor. Leon wasn’t able to maintain the advantage long as the more experienced Christian retook control of the match with his usual spectacular offensive sequences that culminated in hitting a tope to the floor and laying out Leon further with a series of chops. Christian attempted a 450 but no one was home which allowed Leon to fire back up, and hit another top rope cutter. Dante was still able to kick out after several flurries of offense from Christian and connected with a third cutter. Christian hit a Johnny Gargano DDT followed by the golden trident for the victory.

Blake Christian Defeated Dante Leon

Post Match: Christian cuts a promo on Johnny Gargano

Singles Match: Alex Colon vs. Tony Deppen

Alex Colon returned this week from Australia where he competed for Deathmatch Down Under; Emil J announces that Tony Deppen has requested no weapons and that this be a traditional wrestling match. The crowd was split 50/50 as these two locked up for the first time and engaged in a series of chain wrestling and submissions. Every time Alex would seemingly get the advantage, Deppen would lock him in a different submission hold. Colon went to the floor and started sliding chairs into the ring, Deppen threw them out on the other side, Colon returned to the ring and hit a variation of Cena’s Five Moves of Doom, he attempted a tope but Deppen picked his leg, returned to the ring and hit Colon with a massive tope con hilo. While Colon was recovering on the floor Deppen set up a door bridge, Colon Sabu’ed a chair into Deppen’s head and tossed him onto the second row of chairs. With the action back in the ring Colon set up a chair in the corner only for him to get caught with a drop told hold and a chair to the face from Deppen. Colon superkicked the chair into Deppen’s face and took him out on the floor with a sucicide dive. Colon placed Deppen on the previously set up door, but the door broke before anything could happen. Colon hit the floor hard missing the door, Deppen hit a double stomp for a two count. Colon sent Deppen through the door, connected with the running double knees but Deppen was able to kick out. Deppen was selling his back as he set up two chairs in the center of the ring and climbed to the top rope; Colon quickly followed but was caught with a snot rocket from Deppen. Deppen powerbombed Colon through the chairs but Colon caught Deppen with a backslide for the victory.

Alex Colon Defeated Tony Deppen

“John Wayne Murdoch you bitch, I know you’re in the back, everyone seen what you did to my arm, you took a cheapshot and I want my rematch right here right now. Whether it’s here, tomorrow, TOS in the tournament it doesn’t matter your ass is mine and that belt is coming home.” -Alex Colon

Singles Match: Alex Zayne vs. Nick Wayne

The two traded hard strikes and kicks to open the match as they kept one-upping each other. The larger Zayne quickly took control of the matchup, wrenching on his back and neck wearing the high schooler down; Zayne sent Wayne to the floor and connected with a moonsault to the floor, Zayne went for another maneuver but didn’t land it at all, allowing Wayne to briefly fire back up. Wayne tells Zayne to bring it as they lock hands and exchange stiff forearm strikes, Wayne flipped out of a pump handle slam and was able to land a poisonrana for a two count. Wayne was firmly in control from that point on, hitting a series of suplexes and a Code Red followed by even more high flying offense for another two-count. Zayne went for his finishing maneuver, The Cutthroat Driver, but Nick Wayne was quickly able to quickly roll Zayne up for the victory.

Nick Wayne Defeated Alex Zayne

6 Man Tag Match: The Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner, Matthew Justice) vs. Big Starkz Brand (Billie Starkz, Calvin Tankman, Cole Radrick)

Ahead of their High Incident match-up tomorrow night against the Briscoes, SGC takes on the younger Big Starkz Brand. AJ Gray was unable to make the event due to travel issues. Tankman and Cole tried to tell Billie that she shouldn’t start the match, the crowd chanted ‘Let her Fight’ and it developed into a rock paper scissors game which was won by Cole Radrick. Justice and Cole locked up, Billie tagged herself in as she faced off against Justice to the cheers from the entire crowd; Billie is only 17 years old and successfully took the fight to Justice with a series of chops and kicks but was grounded by a single kick from Justice. Justice tagged out and Mancer entered the ring and put his face out for a free shot; Billie punched him but Mance didn’t take her seriously, as he headbutted her into her corner which allowed Calvin Tankman to tag in. Tankman charged at Mance, but was sent to the floor as SGC worked over Tankman with chair shots, Billie and Cole connected with a series of dives saving their partner. BSB worked over both members of SGC with repeated chair shots and brawling on the floor. While Billie was taking the fight to Justice on one side of the ring, Tankman and Cole were beating up Mance

SGC took command of the match, hitting all of the members of Big Starkz Brand with doors, chairs, and a broom. Warner and Justice isolated Tankman in the ring for a short time while the others recovered on the floor. Tankman then connected with a double high cross body, Radrick reappeared on the apron and received the hot tag, lighting up the crowd once again. Tankman and Mance Warner traded stiff chops with both competitors staying on their feet and bringing the crowd to theirs. Cole hit a lionsault onto a door for a two-count that was broken up by a series of chair shots from Mancer. Billie was isolated in the ring but was able to fire up on the two larger men, hitting them both with chair shots, a spin kick, and hit Mance with a swanton; and then went for one on Justice but he moved out of the way. Mance chokeslammed her through a door but Billie kicked out at one but was cut in half by a spear and was pinned by Mance Warner. Billie was showcased perfectly throughout this match-up.

The Second Gear Crew Defeated Big Starkz Brand

Seven-Way Scramble Match: Spyder Nate Webb vs. Jimmy Lloyd vs. Lucky 13 vs. Gringo Loco vs. Steve Scott vs. ASF vs. Yoya

Every competitor was sent to the floor as Nate Webb took them all out with a tope, Gringo and ASF returned to the ring and stood face to face trading slaps across the face before they started running wild with Lucha based offense. Loco was sent to the floor as Steve Scott returned to the ring, locked in a submission move on ASF, and took a selfie, ASF was sent to the floor and Yoya came in and threw around the much larger Steve Scott as if he was nothing. Lucky 13 and Jimmy Lloyd exchanged a couple of strikes, Lucky was sent to the floor as the Spyder entered the ring as they stood off face to face. ASF hit a twisting press to the floor taking out all the competitors. The match eventually returned to the ring. All the competitors got a chance to run wild with some high-flying moves, Nate Webb hit a chairsault on Lucky 13 for the victory.

Bro wtf?! #GCWFindYou pic.twitter.com/HPSsOjSGQM

— 🎬Pink Lady, Arkansas Traveler 🧳 (@ThatRoseTattoo) April 23, 2022

Spyder Nate Webb won the Scramble Match

Post Match: Charles Mason attacked Nate Webb with a Piano Wire

Nate Webb is the epitome of everything wrong with @GCWrestling_
A poor, decrepit, disgusting, alcoholic who’s been leaching off this company for some time now.

They don’t have the heart to kill your career, but I’ll take pleasure in it & make you all watch #EatThePoor

— Charles Mason (@CharlesMas0n) April 23, 2022

GCW Tag Team Championship Match: BUSSY vs. 1 Called Manders and Levi Everett

The match started with a dueling chant for both EFFY and Allie, EFFY slapped Manders in the face as the match got underway with a flurry of stiff shots to the face and chest. EFFY attempted to take Manders off of his feet with a couple of shoulder tackles but was unsuccessful, EFFY ran the ropes again and Manders dropped to his knees. EFFY jumped on his back as the crowd counted to 8 as if it was a bull riding competition. Manders was pissed and tagged in his partner Levi Everett, a legit Amish man, EFFY went to the floor and grabbed Levi’s butter churn, Levi got pissed off and rushed EFFY and connected with a spear. EFFY tagged out to Allie who hit a series of running hip attacks on Manders and Everett but her momentum didn’t last long as Levi caught her with a suplex and isolated her in the corner. Allie eventually fired up and hit the flip flop and fly followed by a double DDT and a hot tag to EFFY. EFFY connected with a top rope blockbuster, and under the rainbow for a two count, EFFY introduced weapons into the match retrieving a pair of doors and chairs, Levi speared EFFY through a door, and then Allie with a powerslam and proceeded to churn their arms. A door bridge was set up in the center of the ring and BUSSY attempted a powerbomb blockbuster combo on Manders but they missed the door. A pissed-off Manders speared EFFY through the door sending him to the floor and leaving Katch in the center of the ring. They went to Katch in the head with the broken pieces of the door but Katch ducked, EFFY made the save with a chair and Katch ran wild with the broken door. Katch pinned Everett with a piledriver.

BUSSY retain the Tag Team Championships

Singles Match: Alex Shelley vs. Jordan Oliver

First time ever matchup between the veteran Shelley and the relative newcomer Jordan Oliver. The two men shook hands as the match started with Shelley fully in control during the opening minutes as he was able to ground Oliver with submissions and joint manipulation. Oliver connected with an enzuigiri and was able to hit three high-impact moves, followed by a series of Acid kicks for 2 near falls. Shelley cut him off with a facebuster, superkick, and an air raid crash for a really close near fall that brought the fans to their feet, the pace picked up as they evaded various attempted offensive moves with Shelley once again locking in the Border City Stretch. Both men stood in the center of the ring and connected with a series of brutal overhand chops with Oliver getting the best of that exchange; Shelley hit the sliced bread number 2 but Oliver kicked out at one. Shelley locked in the border city stretch for the victory.

Alex Shelley Defeated Jordan Oliver

“Jordan, come here, Jordan, I don’t know how many people know this or how many people care, this match was special to me and this match was special to him, his trainer was one of my best friends, Jimmy Rave, Jimmy Rave Chant, I don’t want to take up too much time but GCW made this match happen, we worked our asses off for you Jimmy, you did good with this one (Oliver). “- Alex Shelley

Singles Match: John Wayne Murdoch vs. Joey Janela

The match started with dueling “Fuck’em up Murdoch” and Joey chants, Murdoch went to lock up but Joey took a powder on the floor. Joey grabbed Mike Bieszck’s (fan) jug of Iced Tea, or as commentary calls it, the piss jug; he smelled and recoiled but then as the crowd was chanting, drink the piss, Joey took a swig and did the Triple H water spit with the Iced Tea aka Piss. The crowd and commentary went crazy as the two wrestlers finally locked up, Murdoch hit an atomic drop and took control of the matchup. Both men exchanged hard chops in the center of the ring with Janela grounding Murdoch with one final strike; Murdoch retreated to the corner but Joey continued his onslaught. Joey was sent to the floor and Murdoch connected with a senton and grabbed the Piss Jug, took a swig, and connected with the Jim Norton, spitting the ‘Piss’ into Joey’s face

Back in the ring, Joey locked in the figure four leg lock and pried old thumbtacks out of the bottom of the Duke’s boot, and shoved them into JWM’s head. Murdoch bailed to the floor, Joey attempted a running cross-body but no one was home which sent him crashing into the chairs, a brutal landing. Murdoch saw an opening and connected with a running cross-body of his own.

Duke with a crossbody into Janela and the chairs! #GCWFindYou pic.twitter.com/oRciFETDTG

— I Gif All The Wrestling (@Aregularindyfan) April 23, 2022

Murdoch sent Joey back into the ring and called for the Deep South Destroyer, Joey escaped as they went back to the floor, Murdoch grabbed a steel chair and tried to attack Joey. Joey was able to avoid the onslaught, took the Duke off of his feet, and connected with a chair-assisted double stomp on the apron, Joey then hit Atticus Cogar’s finishing move only for Murdoch to kick out at 1. The two stood in the center of the ring trading forearm shots, Murdoch was able to create some separation with a pump kick but was again caught with a brainbuster. They went to the floor again, Joey set up a door bridge, climbed on top of the bathroom, and hit a flying elbow on Murdoch sending him through the door. Joey was only able to get a nearfall, JWM suplexed Joey on an open chair for another near fall. Murdoch set up a door bridge in the center of the ring as the two battled on the top rope, Murdoch was able to maneuver himself and connect with a top rope Deep South Destroyer for the victory.

John Wayne Murdoch Defeated Joey Janela

“Earlier tonight, I sat in the back and I heard Alex Colon call me a bitch. He said come out here and fight him, that’s tough talk knowing I had to prepare for Joey Janela. But now that I beat Joey, Alex you could come to the ring right now and we can fight you stupid bitch.”

Colon rushed the ring and briefly brawled as the ref and staff separated these two. They broke free and brawled on the floor.