GCW For The Culture 4: Trish Adora vs. Calvin Tankman, 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Bryan Keith

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GCW: For The Culture 4

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Ukrainian Cultural Center

Los Angeles, California

Match Recommendations: 

Black Wrestlers Matter Championship Match: Myron Reed  (Champion) vs. Man Like DeReiss vs. Kevin Knight 
Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling World Title: Trish Adora (Champion) vs. Calvin Tankman

Scramble Match

Scramble Match: Ashton Starr vs. Ju Dizz vs. Keita Murray vs. Darius Carter vs. Terry Yaki vs. Devon Monroe vs. Faye Jackson

Darius Carter hit Faye with a forearm, and Ms. Jackson responded with one of her own, prompting everyone else to join in on the beatdown. Yaki sent Carter to the floor with a lariat, and everyone reset in the ring. Keita was hit with double superkicks, which sent him to the floor. Starr and Monroe paired off in the ring and started hitting each other with a series of chops, followed by a deep arm drag from Monroe. Faye twerked in the center of the ring but was quickly booted in the face by Darius Carter, who was swiftly taken out by Ju Dizz. Dizz and Murray each hit dives to the floor, taking everyone out. Yaki returned to the ring and hit a step-up dive to the floor. Murray quickly dragged Yaki back into the ring and locked in a Boston Crab. Ashton Starr broke up the hold but was quickly spiked on his head with a scissors kick. Yaki fired back up and hit Murray with a DDT for a close nearfall. Faye took out Monroe and twerked again, only to be jumped by Carter, who spiked her with a piledriver. Ju Dizz came to Faye’s rescue and hit Carter with a pump-handle slam for a close near fall. Darius Carter stole the pin from Devon Monroe to win the scramble match.

Darius Carter win the Scramble Match

Singles Match: Willie Mack vs. Billy Dixon 

Right off the bat, Billy went to the floor to retrieve a set of doors and chairs, but he was quickly followed by Willie Mack, who hit him with a stiff chop across the chest. Billy responded with some strikes of his own as they continued to brawl throughout the Ukrainian Cultural Center. Mack leveled Dixon with vicious chops to his chest and a couple of chair shots to Dixon’s back. Dixon fired up and hit the kickback DDT, but it only resulted in a two-count. Mack was stacked up in the corner and hit with a series of punches, but he quickly turned the tables and powerbombed Dixon through a door and hit him with a standing frog splash for a close nearfall. Dixon hit Mack with a spinebuster but still couldn’t secure the victory. Mack turned Dixon inside out with a stunner and quickly climbed to the top rope and went for a splash, but Billy moved out of the way. Dixon went to the floor where he was able to attack Willie Mack, but Mack again turned the tables and slammed Billy on the floor with a chair-assisted bodyslam. Despite all of this, Billy Dixon was able to get a backslide and pin Willie Mack.

Billy Dixon Defeated Willie Mack

Ten-Man Tag Team Match: The World (AC Mack, J. Malachi, JC Storm, Jeffrey John, and Suge D) vs. The West Coast (Alpha Zo, Mida Kreed, G. Sharpe, Kenny King, and Mazzerati) (Survivor Series rules)

AC Mack started the match with a dropkick on Alpha Zo and followed up with a hesitation dropkick attempt, but Zo countered with a running boot and a half-and-half suplex for a close nearfall. Malachi and Sharpe entered next, displaying their Lucha skills with a series of arm drags and exchanging forearms. Storm and Mazzerati paired off, with Storm hitting a kick to the face and chest of Mazzerati, while Creed and John exchanged moves, with John getting the upper hand after each exchange. Kenny King and Suge D then faced off, with King taking Suge down with several arm-drag takeovers, but Suge fought back with a headlock, attempting to take King down with shoulder tackles to no avail. Suge finally managed to trip King and hit him with a shoulder tackle, but King recovered and hit him with a buzzsaw kick for a nearfall.

The match broke down into a brawl both inside and outside the ring, with Suge D being sidestepped and crashing to the floor, allowing Kenny King to hit a dive and take out everyone. G Sharpe blocked Malachi’s cutter and planted him with a brainbuster, eliminating him first. Jeffrey John then hit Sharpe with a Gory Bomb and tagged in Midas Kreed, who dominated John with a series of strikes and dropkicks. Suge D returned to the match and eliminated Kreed with a rolling elbow. Mazzerati and Suge D squared off, with Mazzerati surprising Suge with her fighting spirit, but ultimately being eliminated by AC Mack.

JC Storm re-entered the match and speared Mazzerati out of her boots, but was quickly eliminated by Mazzerati’s Northern Lights suplex. Kenny King hit Suge D with a spinebuster, and John returned to hit Sharpe with a Blue Thunder Bomb but was eliminated by King’s flatliner. AC Mack and Suge D double-teamed Kenny King and eliminated Sharpe with an assisted Mack 10. The final four competitors were Alpha Zo, Kenny King, Suge D, and AC Mack, with Kenny and Zo scoring a roll-up victory over Suge and Mack.

The West Coast Defeated The World 

Singles Match: 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Bryan Keith 

Bryan Keith took control of the match right away with a series of headlocks and arm drags. Scorpio tried to fire up, but Keith routinely grounded the much older competitor. Scorpio locked Keith in a key lock and followed that up with a flipping leg drop for a quick nearfall. Keith was able to ground the legend with a series of basement dropkicks, followed by a couple of kicks to the chest, but he still couldn’t put Scorpio away. They traded boots in the center of the ring, with neither man gaining the advantage. Keith tried to fire up but was caught by a boot that sent him to the mat. Scorpio went to the top rope and hit a twisting splash for a close nearfall. Scorpio hit a beautiful moonsault for another close nearfall. He went back up to the top rope, but Keith pushed the ref into the ropes, causing Scorpio to lose his balance. Keith ran the ropes and hit Scorpio with an avalanche exploder suplex and the diamond dust for another close nearfall. He finally put the legend away with a sunset roll-up pin.

Bryan Keith Defeated 2 Cold Scorpio 

Black Wrestlers Matter Championship Match: Myron Reed  (Champion) vs. Man Like DeReiss vs. Kevin Knight 

Reed hit Kevin Knight with an inside-out leg drop but was quickly jumped by DeReiss, who took him off his feet with a series of dropkicks. Knight tried to toss DeReiss, but he landed on his feet and stuck Knight with a dropkick to the back, followed by a 619 to the gut for the first nearfall of the match. Knight fired up and leveled DeReiss with a series of chops and strikes in the corner. Reed returned to the match and took Knight off of his feet with a series of clotheslines and a toss powerbomb. He then hit Knight with a top rope-assisted flatliner for another nearfall.

DeReiss fired up and leveled Knight with a kick to the head and attempted to do the same to Myron Reed, but Reed was able to duck it and hit a strike of his own. DeReiss took Reed and Knight out with a top rope blockbuster, and they all reset and squared off in the center of the ring, hitting each other with chops and strikes. DeReiss was able to hit a cutter, but Reed fired up and went for an elevated cutter. However, Knight cut him off in mid-air with a beautiful dropkick that resulted in a nearfall.

Knight then planted the champ with a powerbomb, and DeReiss went for a 450 but Reed moved out of the way. Knight came off the top rope and was hit with a cutter to secure the victory.

Myron Reed retained the Black Wrestlers Matter Championship

Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling World Title: Trish Adora (Champion) vs. Calvin Tankman

Trish attacked Tankman right after the bell rang and sent him to the floor. She laid into him with a couple of kicks before they both returned to the ring. Trish took Tankman out with a Satellite DDT, followed by an attempted snap suplex, but she couldn’t get the big man off of his feet. Tankman caught Trish with a pop-up elbow, followed by a couple of scoop slams as he was firmly in control of the match.

Trish tried to fire up with a couple of chops, but Tankman routinely planted her in the center of the ring with a scoop slam. Trish rocked Tankman with a forearm strike, followed by a running attack. Tankman pushed Trish off but was caught with a pump kick, followed by a senton for another close nearfall. Tankman leveled Trish with a Hidden Blade, but Trish somehow kicked out at 2. A stunned Tankman continued his assault as he tried to superplex Trish back into the ring, but Trish fought out of it and hit him with a sunset powerbomb.

Trish fired up and leveled Tankman with a lariat, followed by the Cattle Mutilation for the victory.

Trish Adora Retained the Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling World Championship