GCW Get Lost Alot: Minoru Suzuki vs. Homicide, Matt Cardona vs. Effy

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GCW Get Lost A Lot

Melrose Ballroom

By: Jon Pine

Another sold-out show with a hot crowd for tonight’s hard-hitting GCW action. Continuing with the Ring of Honor nostalgia, tonight’s commentary team featured Dave Prazak and Lenny Leonard with the occasional appearance by Kevin Gill. Lenny and Dave should be contracted to do every major Indie wrestling show, they are just a phenomenal team. It also needs to be mentioned how important Emil Jay is to the GCW product, not only is he the best ring announcer in Pro Wrestling today but he embodies the vibe and spirit of GCW and brings an energy that is unmatched by any other ring announcer. I’m very glad that GCW has started bringing him to all of their shows like the ones he’s not on are severely lacking in fire and feeling.

The matches to seek out from tonight were the Six-Man Scramble, Tony Deppen vs. Taiji Ishimori, and of course Homicide vs. Minoru Suzuki.

Emil Jay welcomes us to another night of wrestling at the Melrose Ballroom and we started off the show with our opening match between AR Fox vs. Alex Zayne.

Alex Zayne vs AR Fox

This was an amazing match to open the show with, both of these men are absolutely incredible athletes and treated us to amazing high-flying acrobatics and innovative offense.

LO MEIN PAIN and a 450 Splash from @ARealFoxx #GCWLost pic.twitter.com/wBvydMPLZZ

— Tripping Balls (@IsThisWrestling) September 25, 2021

A Must see match fun high-flying match between two of the best. Alex Zayne catches AR Fox with the Taco driver for the victory.

Alex Zayne def. AR Fox

Emil Jay introduces former GCW World Champion and first-ever GCW Universal Champion, Matt Cardona for his ‘Major’ announcement. Cardona enters the arena to major, (pun intended), heat and with his GCW Universal championship Spinner Belt. Before Cardona even says anything, he’s greeted by “Shut the fuck up” and “Major Bitch” chants. Cardona announces “Daddy’s Home” a direct reference to Effy. Matt apologized for not making it to “Emo Fest”. “Back in the day Triple H didn’t want to work Tuesdays and I don’t work B shows either.” Cardona starts singing Hoeski and proceeds to cut a promo on Moxley and Brett Lauderdale proclaiming himself the Deathmatch King.

Matt has a great reference, telling Brett that he’s not going to Jump ship and ‘earn it in the pit’ a reference to former GCW founder Danny Demanto’s promotion, ICW No Holds Barred. (Danny likes to take potshots at GCW but it’s basically pissing in the wind.) A fun inside reference that got a great reaction for the hardcore Deathmatch fans in attendance and Cardona’s commitment to the gimmick. After the show, Cardona posted a tweet asking if anyone has Danny’s number to which Danny responded “DM’s are open Broski.” I really hope we get a Cardona in ICW NHB, give me John Wayne Murdock vs. Matt Cardona for the American Deathmatch Title.

Cardona announces that he will be invoking his rematch clause and announces that it’ll be Mox vs Gage vs Cardona. Brett gets on the mic and says that’s not how we do business and that you have to earn it, provoking Matt to put his Internet Title on the line later tonight. Matt says that it’s a gimmick title and that he doesn’t defend it. Crowd chants bitch at him. Cardona says fuck it and agrees. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road hits and Effy sneaks up rolls up Cardona to win the Internet Title ending the 10-year reign.

.@EFFYlives IS INTERNET CHAMPION! #GCWlost @GCWrestling_
▶️https://t.co/VJ0f7QNNBJ pic.twitter.com/44pwnEwQyz

— Rob (@HeyyImRob) September 25, 2021

The crowd goes absolutely nuts and chants you fucked up at Matt. Brett Lauderdale tells him to hit the bricks and leads the crowd in Vince McMahon’s favorite song, Nah Nah Nah Nah Hey Hey Hey Goodbye.
Cardona leaves the Melrose Ballroom to “don’t come back” chants.

Jordan Oliver vs. Atticus Cogar

This match features the two next massive Indy stars on the cusp of breaking out. Atticus is sans any of the 440H neon green and commentary is continually bringing up how Atticus is going at it alone and building an Animosity between Rickey Shane Page and his protege, Atticus Cogar. Each man takes turns trading stiff shots. At one point, Cogar goes skewers Oliver, but another member of Young Dumb and Broke takes them out of his hand. Atticus sidesteps the incoming Oliver, hits a low blow, and headlock driver for the victory.

This is the GCW equivalent of MJF vs. Jungle Boy, you know both guys are going to be massive stars and you’re getting to see them in their infancy. Great match, definitely recommend checking it out.

Atticus Cogar def. Jordan Oliver

GCW Tag Team Championship Match
Mance Warner and Matthew Justice, Second Gear Crew (c) vs. Chris Dickinson and Starboy Charlie

This match was very hard-hitting as all 4 men don’t care about beating the shit out of each other. SGC has the size and experience advantage over the much smaller Starboy Charlie. They continue to manhandle him as Dickinson is seething on the apron. SGC attempted to Starboy through a door in the corner but Starboy reversed and tags Dickinson. Dickinson fires up on SGC only to get cut off by Mancer who puts him through the door followed by a coast to coast by Justice.

Dickinson and Starboy go for an electric chair onto Mance but Justice hits Dickinson with a steel chair. They catch them with the Power and Glory for the victory.

This was my favorite Starboy Charlie match because he showed a different side of his abilities. He focused more on the ground-based attacks compared to his aerial offense. SGC hit the power and glory to retain the titles. Great tag team match, now that their titles are no longer in limbo in Mexico, it’s been great watching GCW recommit to tag team wrestling. There is no better team in GCW, other than Iron Beasts, to lead this resurgence.

Second Gear Crew def. Starboy Charlie and Chris Dickinson

Emil Jay announces that someone lost their vaccination card and that it’s with the bartender. The crowd chants you fucked up 2021.

Tony Deppen vs. Taiji Ishimori

This is Ishimori’s GCW debut and consequently the First ever match-up between these two Junior heavyweights. The crowd is split in their support as we start with great technical exchanges, transitioning into a more face-paced match bringing the crowd to their feet with a GCW chant.

Ishimori worked over Tony’s arm slowing the pace back down. The match escalated into amazing sequences and near falls.

Ishimori hits the bloody cross for the victory. The crowd gives both men a standing ovation chanting please come back at Ishimori. This match delivered exactly as you’d imagine and I highly recommend searching it out.

Taiji Ishimori def. Tony Deppen

Whenever and Wherever Danielson vs Deppen happens, it’s going to be unbelievable.


Six-Man Scramble

Jimmy Lloyd vs. Ninja Mack vs. Nick Wayne vs. Dante Leon vs. Cole Radrick vs. Deranged

The match moved so fast with each man getting their own shine within the body of the match. Julia Hart was 3 years old when Nick Wayne was born. Dante Leon and Ninja Mack are incredibly fun to watch work together, like AR Fox and Zayne they can make incredible high-flying moves look so easy. Nick Wayne hit a Sasuke special but was caught by Jimmy Lloyd but was able to transition it into a DDT.

Ninja Mack hits a BEAUTIFUL Phoenix 630 onto Nick Wayne for the win.

Ninja Mack is victorious

The crowd is throwing money into the ring as the 6 men take a group picture. Easily the best Scramble match of the year and I urge you all to search this one out. Ninja Mack can do things Ricochet can only dream of.

Yoya vs. AJ Gray

AJ slaps Yoya HARD across the face, Yoya returns the strike. There is a significant size discrepancy between the two which makes for great storytelling dynamics as AJ bullies Yoya around the ring. AJ hit a vicious brain-buster for a 2 count, AJ continues to further decimate Yoya.

Yoya fires back up slapping AJ hard across the face again, both men stand in the center of the ring exchanging very hard strikes. AJ destroys Yoya with two massive lariats for the win.

AJ Gray def. Yoya

Post Match: AJ Gray helps Yoya to his feet, hugs him.

Co-Main Event: Grim Reefer vs. Nick Gage

If you’ve never experienced @thekingnickgage’s entrance & intro by @TheEmilJay live & in person, it’s tough to describe how awesome it is.

Everyone in wrestling wants to hold the crowd in the palm of their hand, but few have the ability to do it the way Nick does.

It’s special pic.twitter.com/h0nQIzpwWz

— Lenny Leonard (@WWNLennyLeonard) September 25, 2021

The first-ever battle between these two New Jersey wrestling legends. Gage dumps Reefer right in the back of his head with a brutal back suplex, hits the face wash and grabs a door and chairs from under the ring, sets it up in the corner, and hits a superplex through the door. Reefer was not phased and responds by lighting up a joint exchanging punches with Gage sending him to the floor, hits a top rope flip dive onto Gage all while smoking the joint. Gage regains the advantage, places Reefer under a door, and hits a springboard senton. Gage is moving slowly after he landed weird on his back earlier in the match which leads to a couple of mistimed spots later in the match. Gage goes after Reefer with a piece of the broken door but is reversed and he’s caught in a crossface. Gage recovers, hits Reefer with a choke breaker and a pile driver for the win.

Nick Gage def. Grim Reefer

Main Event: Minoru Suzuki vs. Homicide

The crowd was going absolutely nuts for both of these men. Holy Shit chant even before the lock-up. Stiff strike exchange to begin brutality each other’s chests. Suzuki is laughing in Homicide’s face as they continue to go back and forth with overhand chops.

The match spilled to the floor as Suzuki works over Homicide’s arm. Homicide teases using the fork on Suzuki’s head, Suzuki blocks it and applies some small joint manipulation. Suzuki and Homicide continue to beat up going toe to toe on each exchange. Homicide tees off on Suzuki with stiff forearm shots stunning Suzuki, only to catch Homicide in the sleeper but Homicide escapes.
They exchanged strikes again only for Homicide to get caught again, Suzuki locks it in further with the body scissors for the win.

Minoru Suzuki def. Homicide

Suzuki demands the mic from Emil Jay and says the following:
“I speak little English, thank you New York City, and Thank You fucking Homicide. I’ll be back”

Suzuki leaves the arena and the crowd gives Homicide a standing ovation as the show goes off the air.

Tonight’s show was fantastic, highlighted by the Six-Man Scramble and Deppen vs. Ishimori.

GCW returns to The Showboat Casino in Columbus Day Weekend with two stacked shoes featuring Jon Moxley vs. Nick Gage for the GCW World Title and Minoru Suzuki vs. Joey Janela.

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