GCW Going and Going: Speedball Mike Bailey vs. Joey Janela, Blake Christian vs. SCHAFF

Originally published at GCW Going and Going: Speedball Mike Bailey vs. Joey Janela

GCW: Going and Going

Friday, November 17, 2023

Washington Hall

Seattle, Washington 

Commentary: Dave Prazak, Emil Jay, Brett Lauderdale, and Veda Scott

Non-Title Match: JCW World Champion Jordan Oliver vs. Alec Price

Oliver capitalized on his strength advantage, backing Price into the corner. After a clean break, they locked up again. Price, however, turned the tables, gaining control of Oliver’s arm. The two exchanged offenses, with Oliver executing a head scissors and a powerful arm drag. Price responded with a series of headlock takeovers and chops. Oliver countered with chops of his own, delivering a substantial kick to the shoulder and a dropkick that sent Price to the floor.

Following up with a missile dropkick, Oliver attempted a dive, but Price, displaying quick reflexes, countered with a swinging DDT, knocking Oliver down with a subsequent dive to the floor. Price continued his assault with a barrage of face chops and a back suplex. Although Oliver managed to kick out at 2, Price showcased his agility with some rope walking and a daring dive. However, Oliver thwarted Price’s plans with a well-timed dropkick, sending him flying.

Oliver regained momentum with a double chop and a crossbody to the floor. Climbing to the top rope, he aimed for a moonsault, but Price intervened, leading to a super Rana. Despite a top rope moonsault, Price resiliently kicked out. Oliver delivered a decisive superkick and attempted the Cloutcutter, but Price countered with a dropkick, followed by an inside-out swinging DDT on the floor.

Undeterred, Price ascended to the top rope, but Oliver halted his advance with a boot. However, Price retaliated by grabbing Oliver’s leg, executing two top rope double stomps. Despite the punishing moves, Oliver kicked out defiantly. Fueled by determination, Oliver connected with a boot to the side of Price’s head, setting up the Cloutcutter for the victorious finish.

JCW World Champion Jordan Oliver Defeated Alec Price 

Singles Match: Maki Itoh vs. Nicole Matthews

Matthews delivered a boot to Maki’s stomach, bringing her to tears. Attempting another boot, Matthews was thwarted by Maki’s shoulder tackle, followed by a Kokeshi. Evading Maki’s moves, Matthews stomped on Itoh. Maki reversed a whip, delivering a body block in the corner. She initiated the ten punches, but Matthews intervened, repeatedly kicking her in the back.

Matthews followed up with a series of elbows, a backbreaker, and a choke in the ropes, concluding with a substantial knee lift. Despite Matthews’ relentless assault, Maki resisted attempts to ram her head into the turnbuckles, fueling her determination. Maki countered a lariat with a headbutt, leading to an impactful DDT and another Kokeshi. Matthews, however, managed to get her shoulder up at the last second.

Undeterred, Maki executed the ten punches in the corner, followed by a forceful face wash. Despite a near fall, Matthews resiliently kicked out at the last second. Maki aimed for a top rope DDT, but Matthews disrupted her balance, countering with a bridging Northern Lights suplex. Itoh, displaying resilience, kicked out and retaliated by DDT’ing Matthews on the apron and floor for good measure.

In the final sequence, Itoh sealed the deal with one last impactful DDT, securing the victory.

Maki Itoh Defeated Nicole Matthews 

Singles Match: Jimmy Lloyd vs. Sawyer Wreck

They exchanged heavy forearm shots, with Sawyer unleashing a barrage on Jimmy. Eventually, Jimmy countered with a boot to the midsection, followed by a neckbreaker, securing the first near fall of the match. Sawyer retaliated by executing a powerful back suplex, succeeded by a boot to the head, but Jimmy resiliently kicked out at 2.

Violence is Forever entered the ring, launching an attack on both Jimmy and Sawyer.

No Contest

The Bollywood Boyz’s music blared, and the crowd erupted in excitement. They stormed the ring, taking control against VIF, but the champions swiftly countered with kicks to the head. The champions then introduced two doors into the ring just as SGC’s music hit to yet another massive reaction. SGC entered the ring, sending Kevin Ku crashing through one of the doors. Mance grabbed the microphone, delivered a promo, and announced a four-way dance for the titles.

GCW World Tag Team Title Match: Violence is Forever (Champions) vs. Jimmy Lloyd and Sawyer Wreck vs. The Bollywood Boyz vs. Second Gear Crew

VIF were forcefully driven through the other door in the corner by Manders, while the Bollywood Boyz returned to the ring to square off against SGC. The Boyz executed a double superkick on Mance, but this only fueled his determination as he retaliated by attacking everyone on the floor with brutal chair shots. In an attempt to smash Mance’s face into a chair, Dom faced resistance, and Mance counterattacked the champions with an eye poke. All the teams engaged in a brawl on the floor, with Ku and Manders exchanging vicious chops.

Jimmy brought a door into the ring, and as Ku was turned inside out by a lariat from Manders, Jimmy struck Manders over the head with a chair shot. Mance intervened with a flip-flop and fly on Lloyd. Jimmy threw a chair at Mance, executing a tombstone through a chair, while Dom re-entered the ring and hit Jimmy over the head with a broken door, followed by a fisherman buster. Sawyer came to his aid, Sabu’d Dom, and sent him crashing through an open chair with a back suplex. The match featured insane action throughout.

Manders speared Sawyer through the door in the corner, and Jimmy attempted to DVD Mance off the apron through a door. Manders made the save as SGC chokeslammed Jimmy off the apron through a door bridge on the floor. Ku, Dom, and the Bollywood Boyz were the last teams standing in the ring, with the crowd firmly behind the Bollywood Boyz. They brawled in the center of the ring, and VIF gained the advantage with a series of vicious kicks and chops. The Boyz fired up, locking VIF into stereo Sharpshooters, but Sawyer made the save but VIF relentlessly beat Sawyer in the head with the broken door, securing the victory.

Violence is Forever retained the GCW Tag Team Championship

Six Man Tag Team Match: Aramis, Laredo Kid, and Rey Horus vs. Los Desperados (Arez, Gringo Loco, Latigo)

Ares and Aramis kicked off the match for their respective teams. Aramis extended a sportsmanlike handshake, but Ares responded by flipping him off and securing a headlock. Aramis escaped the hold using the ropes, and a series of lucha libre reversals ensued before Ares executed an arm drag followed by a Pele kick. Aramis rolled through a move, and although Ares caught him mid-air, Aramis countered with a head scissors followed by tilt-a-whirl head scissors.

Loco entered the match, attempting strikes on Aramis, but the tide reversed, resulting in Aramis walking on Loco’s shoulders. However, Loco caught him in a military press, followed by a fallaway slam. Rey Horus joined the match, dodging a line and delivering blows and kicks to Loco’s head. Rey Horus followed up with a clothesline and a body scissors that sent Loco flying. After Gringo was sent to the floor, Latigo entered the ring, connecting with a superkick and a rana that sent Aramis to the outside.

Laredo Kid entered the match, delivering stiff shots to Latigo’s chest and face, followed by a head scissors that sent Latigo flying. Laredo walked the ropes, taking Latigo off his feet. The Desperados then unleashed a series of high-flying moves, culminating in a Swanton Bomb from Gringo Loco. Arez unleashed a barrage of chops on Rey Horus, but Aramis made the save for his partner and suffered the same fate. Aramis fought back, but Los Desperados cut him off, propelling him into a sit-out powerbomb from Gringo Loco—a truly incredible move.

Aramis valiantly tried to fend off all three opponents, and Laredo Kid returned to the ring to contribute a destroyer, followed by a pop-up DDT from Rey Horus onto Gringo Loco. Aramis then hit a step-up rana to the floor, Laredo Kid executed one of his own, and Rey Horus cut off Arez with a standing Spanish fly for a near fall. Rey Horus followed up with a corkscrew dive, and Laredo Kid thrilled the crowd with a Swanton bomb from the balcony. Rey hit a splash, Aramis hit a double stomp, and Laredo hit Latigo with a 450, but the pin attempt was broken up at the last second.

Arez and Rey Horus remained inside the ring, exchanging forearms and kicks to the midsection. Arez connected with a brutal overhand chop, but Rey reversed a whip, cracking him in the side of the face with a boot. Gringo Loco made the save at the last second, delivering a massive top rope cutter on Rey Horus. However, Laredo Kid intervened with a fist to Loco’s face, breaking up the pin.

The intense brawl continued in the ring, with Laredo hitting Gringo with a leaping forearm and setting him up in the corner for a series of moonsaults. Latigo, however, broke it all up at the last second. Aramis then hit Latigo with an airplane spin Blue Thunder Bomb, but Arez made the save for his team. Laredo Kid closed in with a top rope Spanish Fly on Arez, but somehow, Arez kicked out at the last second. In the final moments, Gringo Loco sealed the victory with a double jump destroyer onto Aramis. Great match but it didn’t need to go as long as it did, The same can be said for the other 6 person tag match on the show. 

Los Desperados Defeated Rey Horus, Laredo Kid, and Aramis 

Singles Match: Matt Cardona with Steph De Lander vs. Santana Jackson 

Cardona refused to initiate the match, immediately bailing to the floor. Santana danced in the ring while the crowd chanted “Holy Shit.” Santana proposed a test of strength, but instead, he danced, prompting frustration from Cardona, who kicked the ropes. The crowd, unfortunately, chanted ‘This is wrestling,’ which is not an ideal chant. Cardona delivered a boot to Jackson’s midsection, but Jackson got back up, danced some more, made Cardona dance, and dropped him with a strike.

Cardona continued his frustration inside the ring as SDL yelled instructions from the floor. Santana attempted to lock up but was met with a boot. Jackson retaliated with a big clothesline, prompting Cardona to bail to the floor to regroup with SDL. Cardona asked for the mic, gave Jackson ‘his flowers,’ apologized to the crowd for his earlier remarks about Seattle, and suggested they shouldn’t fight but should shake hands and dance.

Cardona threw a boot, Santana caught it, and they exchanged shots to the face. Santana put on the glove and took Cardona off his feet with a flurry of punches, followed by chops in the corner. Santana walked the ropes, but SDL shook them, causing Santana to lose his balance. With Deathmatch Royalty holding a 2:1 advantage over Jackson, Cardona choked Jackson while doing pushups. The ref admonished Cardona, who then Hogan’d his shirt off and tied it around Jackson’s neck.

Cardona attempted a moonwalk, flipped off the crowd, and despite Jackson trying to fire up, Cardona overpowered him, sending him flying into the opposite turnbuckle. SDL retrieved a steel chair and slid it into Cardona, who struck Jackson in the stomach and across the back with it. Cardona set the chair up in the corner, but Jackson turned the tables, sending Cardona face-first into the chair.

SDL tried to wake up Cardona, but he was out cold. Jackson went under the ring and returned in the Thriller outfit and mask, spearing Cardona, doing some dancing, and hitting him with a leaping elbow. Santana went for the cover, but SDL broke up the pinfall. She went to slap him, but Jackson walked the ropes and sent her flying into Cardona with a spear.

Jackson attempted a double moonwalk DDT, but they low-blowed him. SDL hit Jackson with a German Suplex, followed by a double face wash in the corner, but somehow, Santana got his shoulder up. SDL held up Jackson as Cardona prepared to strike, and Jimmy Lloyd made the save, hitting Cardona with the Sack Ryder. Jackson then hit the double DDT on Cardona and SDL for the victory.

Santana Jackson Defeated Matt Cardona 

Six-Person Tag Team Match: THRUSSY (EFFY, Allie Katch, and Dark Sheik) vs. Sovereign (Evan Rivers, Judas Icarus, and Travis Williams)

EFFY and Judas kicked off the match for their teams. Judas took EFFY off his feet with a big jumping tackle, attempting it again, but EFFY dropped to his knees, causing Judas to hold up at the last second. EFFY went for Judas’s feet, but Judas jumped out of the way as Katch and Williams entered the match.

Katch received a great ovation, but Travis quickly tied her up in a submission. Williams trapped Katch’s arm and started to grind into her ribs, bridging backward to further stretch her out. Katch fought back, connecting with a series of jabs and hitting Williams with a body slam followed by a senton. Katch set Williams up in the corner and went for the hip attack, but he moved out of the way and kicked her in the head.

Sheik and Rivers tagged in. Sheik attempted head scissors, but Rivers stopped her momentum with his strength. Climbing to the top, Sheik went for a crossbody, but Rivers caught her in mid-air and sent her flying across the ring. He followed that up with a clothesline and a leaping elbow. Sheik retaliated with kicks and chops in the corner, elevating Rivers on her shoulders and taking him off the top rope with a leg lock.

EFFY and Katch ran wild with hip attacks and standing crossbodies, elevating Dark Sheik, who hit Rivers with the splits. Icarus tried to make the save, but EFFY sent him to the apron. Rivers attacked EFFY from behind and planted him with a facebuster for a two-count. Williams choked EFFY on the top rope, and The Sovereign did some quick tags, isolating and beating down EFFY in the corner. Eventually, EFFY made the hot tag to Allie Katch, who ran wild on Williams and Rivers with running hip attacks followed by cannonballs. Sheik took them both out with a sliced bread, and Icarus returned to the ring, only to be taken out via the Total Elimination.

With EFFY sent to the floor, Sheik was left alone in the ring. Rivers hit her with a big knee strike, and they all hit dives to the floor, sending EFFY back inside the ring. They attacked EFFY across the back and feet with a steel chair, attempting to Pillmanize EFFY’s feet. However, Nick Gage ran in to make the save, hitting Rivers with a piledriver and a chair-assisted face wash onto Icarus. THRUSSY executed a powerbomb Sack Ryder Top Rope Leg Drop Combination for the victory.

THRUSSY Defeated The Sovereign 

GCW World Championship Match: Blake Christian (Champion) vs. Schaff

The early narrative of the match centered around Schaff leveraging his strength advantage to counteract Blake’s agility and quickness. Schaff repeatedly pushed Blake away, causing frustration on Blake’s part, leading to him taking a powder on the floor to regroup. Although Blake managed to secure a quick side headlock, Schaff quickly tossed him from one side of the ring to the other.

Blake retreated to the floor, where Schaff followed, continuing to assault the champion. Placing Blake onto a chair, Schaff hurled his body with a running crossbody, followed by a cannonball in the corner once back inside the ring. Schaff executed a delayed vertical suplex and tossed Blake with ease, but Blake resiliently kicked out at 2.

Blake responded by sending Schaff to the floor with a low bridge and a dropkick. As Schaff recovered on the floor, the crowd expressed their sentiment with a chant of ‘Fuck you, Blake.’ Schaff found himself sent into the steel ring post, enduring a barrage of headbutts from Blake. Returning the favor, Blake hit Schaff with a running boot. Blake followed up with more punches to Schaff’s head, attempting to whip him across the ring. However, Schaff applied the brakes, only to be kicked in the head and hit with an imploding somersault senton.

Climbing to the top rope, Blake executed a top rope double stomp. Schaff fired up and responded with a big release German Suplex followed by a significant STO, yet Blake managed to kick out once again. Schaff unleashed a series of chops, but Blake retaliated with a sequence of head kicks and took him out with a tope con hilo and a 450, although Schaff kicked out at the last second.

Schaff knocked Blake off his feet with a powerful forearm shot, but Blake persistently got back up. He struck Schaff with a DVD followed by a 619 into a diving top rope headbutt. Blake signaled for the curb stomp, but Schaff popped Christian up for a cutter, yet Blake once again managed to get his shoulder up.

Attempting to use the belt as a weapon, Blake’s plan was thwarted when Schaff hit him with a lariat followed by a torture rack into a neckbreaker. Despite Schaff’s efforts, Blake got his foot on the bottom rope. Blake retaliated by hitting Schaff in the side of the head with the belt and followed it up with a springboard forearm, concluding with the curb stomp for the victory.

Blake Christian Retained the GCW World Championship

Singles Match: Joey Janela vs. Mike Bailey 

The match commenced with a stiff lock-up, and Bailey found himself taken off his feet with a shoulder tackle. However, he quickly retaliated, bringing Joey down with a lariat. Joey sought refuge on the floor, but Bailey wasn’t deterred, taking him out with a dive. Bailey dominated Joey around ringside, but Joey counterattacked with a couple of chops.

Not to be outdone, Bailey connected with the Speedball kicks. He sent Joey back into the ring, where Joey fired up and reciprocated with a dive. The back-and-forth continued as Bailey hit a dive of his own, showcasing the deep familiarity these two opponents had with each other. Janela executed a Dragon suplex, but Bailey retreated to the floor, only to endure another Dragon Suplex there.

Joey exposed the floor and attempted another Dragon Suplex, but Bailey broke the full nelson. Despite that, he still took a DDT. Lauderdale drew a comparison to the old Boston Garden floor. Joey began manhandling Bailey inside the ring, driving his head into the turnbuckle repeatedly and targeting the already injured neck. The crowd showed divided support for both competitors.

Bailey charged back up, connecting with a couple of chops, but Joey cut him off, hitting him with a neckbreaker, resulting in a two-count. Bailey endured a Death Valley Driver but managed to kick out at the last second. He responded with a missile dropkick to Joey’s face, working him over with a series of kicks across his back and chest, and hit a standing shooting star press for another quick nearfall.

Winding up for an attack, Bailey’s kick was caught by Joey, who was then hit with a series of Dragon Screw Leg Whips. Setting up an already broken door in the corner, Bailey sent Joey knee-first through it, locking him in the trailer hitch and wrenching back on the Bad Boy’s ankle. Climbing to the top rope, Bailey hit a top knee to the back of Joey’s neck.

Bailey kicked Joey in the side of the head, firing him up even more. Bailey went for the tornado kicks, but Joey cut him off with a big forearm that dropped Mike Bailey. In response, Bailey delivered a leg kick to the injured knee. Joey connected with uppercuts and chops, climbing to the top and attempting a double stomp. However, Bailey moved out of the way, kicked Joey in the chest, and hit him with a moonsault double knee.

Joey got his knees up, and they both connected knee to knee, resulting in a brutal exchange. Both men made it back to their feet, trading forearm shots in the center of the ring. They continued with open-hand shots before Janela took Bailey off his feet with a rolling elbow. They teased hitting each other with piledrivers, with Joey dodging a moonsault double knee.

While attempting a brainbuster, they both tumbled over the top rope while in the suplex position and landed hard on the floor. Janela powerbombed Speedball, getting a maximum leverage pin, but Bailey kicked out. They traded pin attempts, with Bailey going to the apron. Joey charged to the floor, Bailey jumped, hitting a springboard moonsault and taking out Joey instantly.

Joey avoided the Flamingo Driver, hitting Bailey with a Destroyer into a stiff superkick for a nearfall. Bailey was folded in half with a package piledriver, yet he barely got his shoulder up at the last second. Bailey brought a chair into the ring and set Joey up on the top rope, attempting the Flamingo Driver on the chair.

However, Joey got out of it and sent Bailey headfirst into the turnbuckle. Joey went for a double stomp on the chair, but Bailey moved out of the way, kicked Joey in the head with the chair, and hit him with the Ultimate Weapon. Joey, astonishingly, still kicked out at the last second. Bailey set up a door bridge on the floor, and they fought on the apron.

Joey got his leg swept, but he moved out of the way of the moonsault double knee. Joey got Bailey up on his shoulders and took him off the apron through the door with a Death Valley Driver. Joey hit another DVD onto a chair, but Bailey kicked out again. Attempting to climb to the top rope, Joey’s knee gave out right away.

Bailey jumped on him, stretching out his knee on the ropes. They fought for the advantage, Bailey lost that battle, and Joey hit him with a double stomp to the chest. Bailey kicked out once again. Bailey was turned inside out with a series of lariats from Joey. Joey hit Bailey with the Burning Hammer for the hard-fought victory. This match was an absolute war, showcasing the tremendous effort both competitors put into it.

A tremendous show, every match was great and had something different. A helluva way to make a debut in a new market. 

Joey Janela Defeated Mike Bailey