GCW Hit Em Up Report: Nick Gage vs. Lio Rush, GCW All-Stars vs. Team LA Fights

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GCW: Hit Em Up

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Ukrainian Cultural Center, Los Angeles, California

Steel Cage Match: Juicy Finau vs. Starboy Charlie

As Starboy was making his way to the ring Juicy Finau kicked the door of the steel cage into Starboy’s face and started to beat him up on the floor. Juicy repeatedly slammed Starboy into the cage before he finally decided it was time to bring Starboy back into the cage. As Juicy was locking the cage, Starboy attempted to dropkick Juicy but it had no effect on the 450lbs man; Juicy had his way with Starboy for most of the match hitting him with repeated headbutts and sending Starboy head first into the steel cage. Juicy charged Starboy but Starboy got out of the way which sent Juicy crashing into the cage, Starboy hit Juicy with a couple of jabs followed by a chop block which finally grounded Juicy. Starboy Sabu’d a chair into Juicy’s head followed by a shooting star press for a near fall. Both men climbed to the top rope and attempted to go over the top of the cage but the barbed wire that was on top stopped their progress, Juicy took the strand of wire and started to rake it across Starboy’s head which caused him to fall to the mat. Starboy fired back up and hit Juicy with a second rope ‘rana followed by a chair-assisted drop kick followed by a corkscrew moonsault for another near fall. Starboy climbed over the top of the cage but Juicy caught him and superplexed him back into the ring; Juicy got to his feet first and delivered a handful of headbutts to Starboy who responded with repeated elbow strikes to Juicy’s face. Juicy no sold a swinging DDT and Starboy threw a couple of chairs at Juicy’s head but Juicy hit him with a piledriver. Juicy hit a top rope splash onto Starboy, he went for the pin but Juicy pulled him up before the ref counted three. Juicy went back up to the top rope but this time he went for a moonsault Starboy moved out of the way, climbed to the top of the cage, and hit a splash of his own for the victory.

Starboy Charlie Defeated Juicy Finau

Singles Match: Jordan Oliver vs. YAMATO

So far YAMATO is 2-2 in GCW, this was his final match in GCW before heading back to Japan. They started to chain wrestle at the start with both men gaining the advantage before they eventually wrestled to a stalemate. Oliver regained control of the match and started to work over YAMATO’s arms and legs with strikes and kicks; YAMATO eventually fired up and took Oliver out with a Dragon screw followed by a couple of kicks to Oliver’s head before he started to work over Oliver’s back and legs. YAMATO sent Oliver off the ropes and Oliver caught him with a sidewalk slam followed by a big clothesline; Oliver started to toy with YAMATO which YAMATO didn’t take too kindly so he slapped Oliver in the face and followed that up with a running dropkick in the corner. Oliver was leveled by a series of big forearms but he kept firing up and landed an Acid Kick which grounded YAMATO. Oliver hit YAMATO with the Cleopatra followed by a sit-out powerbomb but he was still only able to get a two count, YAMATO locked in a choke followed by the Galleria for the victory.

YAMATO Defeated Jordan Oliver

Singles Match: Flip Gordon vs. Blake Christian

Flip went to shake Christian’s hand but instead, he kicked him in the gut, they two traded some flippy moves before Flip took control of the opening part of the match. Both men put on an incredible display of offensive counters and maneuvers, Christian sent Flip to the floor and took him out with an Arabian Press followed by an attempted baseball slide but Gordon was able to move out of the way and kick Christian in the face. Back in the ring, Gordon planted Christian with a flipping Neckbreaker that planted Christian’s head on the match. The pace slowed down a bit as Gordon went to work on the arms of Blake Christian; Christian got a burst of adrenaline and took Gordon down with a big lariat followed by a couple of punches to the jaw. Christian took Gordon down with a handspring kick in the face followed by a Lionsault for a two-count. They traded running uppercuts, Christian attempted a second rope move but Gordon moved out of the way and hit a springboard sling blade. The two battled on the top rope, Gordon slunk away and hit Christian with a Torture Rack, Christian was able to break the hold and hit him with a Spanish fly but he was unable to seal the deal as Gordon again kicked out. The two exchanged forearms in the center of the ring, Gordon went for a move but Christian caught him with a knee strike and hit a version of Matt Sydal’s Here it is Driver. Gordon went to the apron and hit a springboard DDT but Blake was again able to get his shoulder up. Christian hit a standing Spanish fly followed by a Springboard 450.

Blake Christian Defeated Flip Gordon

GCW Tag Team Championship Match: Los Macizos (Champions) vs. The Wolf Zaddies (Bad Dude Tito and Che Cabrera)

The Macizos sent the Zaddies to the floor but the Zaddies turned the tables quickly and started beating down the GCW Tag Team Champions. Zaddies isolated Miedo Extremo who they planted with a flapjack followed by stereo hip attacks; Ciclope was hip tossed then was locked into a reverse Boston Crab which was quickly turned into a pendulum hold. The Zaddies had complete control of the match until they butted each other’s heads and Miedo used that as an opening to take out Che with a tope, Ciclope went underneath the ring and retrieved the first door of the evening. Ciclope was placed on the top rope while Tito threw a bunch of chairs in the center of the ring, Tito proceeded to suplex Ciclope off the top rope onto the pile of chairs. Tito planted Miedo with a neckbreaker but Ciclope responded with a shining wizard as all four competitors took their time to recover from the various assaults. All four men hit each other over the heads with chairs and then started to trade fists in the center of the ring, Bad Dude Tito got Miedo up on his shoulders and threw him through the door that was placed in the corner. The Wolf Zaddies set up a door bridge in the center of the ring, but their fortunes were reversed and the Macizos put Che through the door with a doomsday device followed by a frog splash for the victory.

Los Macizos Retained the GCW Tag Team Championship

Singles Match: Mike Bailey vs. Willie Mack

The two men shook hands as the match commenced with an exchange of reversals that saw Willie Mack standing tall. Bailey tried to take Mack off his feet with repeated shoulder block attempts but Mack ended up taking Bailey down with a block of his own. Bailey was finally able to get Mack off his feet with a standing head scissors followed by a drop kick to the much bigger man’s face. Bailey sent Mack off the ropes but Mack responded with a Rana of his own followed by a massive leg lariat that sent Bailey to the floor. Willie wasn’t done but Bailey cut off his attempted dive only to be hip tossed onto the ring apron; the two continued to brawl around ringside with Mack firmly in control of the match. Bailey escaped to the stage and took Mack out with a running knee strike to his face; Bailey sent Mack back into the ring and took him out with a missile drop kick that only resulted in a one count. Bailey hit Mack with a short slam followed by a top rope double knee, Mack responded by attempting to suplex Bailey but he instead rocked him a couple of times in the face with a forearm strike followed by a jumping leg drop that got the crowd really fired up. Bailey started to light up Mack with a series of kicks followed by a twisting press that resulted in another two-count. Bailey wound up but Mack caught the kick attempt which only allowed for a momentary reprieve as Bailey broke free and started to land a series of kicks to Mack’s chest followed by the Speedball Kicks. Bailey charged in but he was popped up and hit with a vicious forearm to the face followed by an exploder suplex into the corner. The two men stood on their knees in the center of the ring and started to hit each other with some stiff forearm strikes and chops; Willie Mack hit a stunner which sent Bailey to the floor and followed it up with a plancha. Mack rolled Bailey back inside the ring and climbed to the top rope only for him to be dropkicked back to the floor and hit with a triangle moonsault from Bailey. Bailey attempted the ultimate weapon and Willie Mack planted him with a cutter for a very close nearfall. Mack attempted a frog splash but was met with a couple of kicks to the head followed by the ultimate weapon for the victory.

Mike Bailey Defeated Willie Mack

Singles Match: Allie Katch vs. Taya Valkyrie

The two locked up with Allie Katch grabbing a wrist lock and taking firm control of the match. Taya didn’t take kindly to Katches offense and kicked her in the gut a couple of times followed by driving her face into the turnbuckle for a two-count. Katch rolled out of the ring and tried to shake off the effects of Taya’s offense but Taya joined her out there and brought out a staple gun, she took a couple of dollar bills and started to staple them to the forehead of Allie Katch. Katch caught Taya with a kick and told the crowd to hold her, she retrieved the same staple gun and returned the favor by stapling a bill to Taya’s head. Katch hit Taya with a seated Senton then followed that up by hitting her running hip attack combination but she was only able to get a two count. Katch went for a piledriver but Taya blocked it but Katch was still able to hit a destroyer for another two-count. Katches head started bleeding from the staple which caused a momentary distraction but Katch fired right back up and hit her with a rope-leveraged piledriver. Katch placed Taya up on the top rope but Taya fought out of it and connected with a big sit-out powerbombed followed by a spear for another two-count. Taya climbed to the top rope but Katch blocked her momentum and hit her with an air raid crash, a man at ringside handed Katch a box, there was a note in the box that Katch read and then ran out the front door of the arena. Brett Lauderdale and Emil J conferred with the ref who called the match a no-contest. Not sure what that was.

No Contest

Deathmatch: Jimmy Lloyd vs. Hunter Freeman

Lloyd and Freeman grabbed gusset plates and attempted to drive them into each other’s heads with Jimmy Lloyd connecting first, Freeman quickly got back to his feet and slammed one into Lloyd’s head and arm. Hunter Freeman slammed Jimmy Lloyd on a pile of thumbtacks and went for the pin but Lloyd kicked out at 1 and planted Freeman with a Falcon Arrow on the pile of thumbtacks. Lloyd grabbed a strand of Barbed wire and started to wrap it across the face and mouth of Hunter Freeman; Freeman Sabu’d a chair at Lloyd’s head a couple of times and retook control of the match-up. Freeman sent Lloyd to the floor and took him out with a tope, while Lloyd was recovering Freeman took the time to set up a barbed wire door bridge on the floor. They went back into the ring, Freeman tried to get Jimmy up but Jimmy muscled his way out and threw Freeman over the top rope through the barbed wire door with a Razor’s Edge. Lloyd brought Freeman back into the ring but it still wasn’t enough to keep Freeman down, Lloyd planted Freeman on another barbed wire door but the door refused to break so Jimmy got him back up on his shoulders and threw him through the door. They need to bring Kevin Gill back on commentary because whoever was with Dave Prazak was terrible. He was playing commentator rather than just being one. Freeman popped Lloyd up and set him through a barbed wire door of his own and pinned him.

Hunter Freeman Defeated Jimmy Lloyd

8-Man Tag Team Match: GCW All Stars (B-Boy, Joey Janela, Kevin Blackwood, and Titus Alexander) vs. Team LA Fights (Dom Kubrick, Drugz Bunny, Jordan Cruz, and Rob Shit)

This was an 8-man tag match that followed the same formula as a scramble match as everyone got their chance to shine and have control of the match. Eventually, the match broke down into a brawl which saw Titus Alexander, B-Boy, and Joey Janela running wild on Dom Kubrick. Titus got to shine during the majority of the match-up, he has Randy Orton-level dropkicks that are absolutely incredible to watch. He also hit a massive dive to the floor where he displayed tremendous body control. Joey Janela entered the match and started to take out all the members of LA Fights while holding and drinking a white claw, Joey had Kubrick up in a vertical suplex and then he DDT’d Jordan Cruz. Cruz went for a flip dive but GCW All Stars caught him and then Kevin Blackwood came off the top rope with a double stomp which elicited a GCW chant from the sold-out Los Angeles crowd. Blackwood’s momentum was ended when Rob Shit hit him with a popup stunner. B-Boy entered the match and took out the remaining competitors, Joey hit Kubrick with a brutal DDT; Drugz Bunny finally got his chance to shine in the match and took Joey Janela and B-Boy out with popup stunners which allowed Jordan Cruz the opportunity to hit Titus Alexander with a superplex. Joey folded Drugz Bunny in half with a suplex and got the victory.

GCW All Stars Defeated Team LA Fights

GCW World Championship: Nick Gage (Champion) vs. Lio Rush

After an exhausting weekend, there is nothing like a Nick Gage entrance to fire you up on a Monday. Lio took some time to size up the King, Lio grabbed a waist lock but was met with a stiff back elbow from Nick Gage. Lio threw a kick but was met with a flurry of punches and a dropkick that sent him tumbling to the floor, Lio returned to the ring and slapped the champion across the face. Lio tried to use his quickness to evade Gage but Gage caught him and planted him with a back elbow followed by a twisting senton elbow from the second rope. Gage went to the apron where Lio caught him with a lope followed by a moonsault that shifted the momentum into the challenger’s favor. Lio took out a chair and started to drive Gage’s head into the chair and started to light him up with a series of chops, Lio went for a running start for a senton but Gage moved out of the way which caused Lio to crash and burn on the chair. With Lio weakened, Gage retrieved a door from under the ring and placed it in the corner of the ring; Gage spiked Lio with a DDT and then retrieved his pizza cutter from his pocket. Lio got back up to his feet and realized that the game has changed as Nick Gage started to swing wildly with the Cutter. Lio avoided the attempts and got in Gage’s face before bailing to the floor and grabbing two steel chairs. The two men sat in the center of the ring, and the two played rock paper scissors, Gage lost and was speared through the door he set up in the corner. Lio connected with a series of kicks followed by a flying clothesline but he was unable to pin the champion. Lio used a piece of the broken door and smashed it over Gage’s head, Gage invited him to hit him some more which Lio obliged but was caught with a big spinebuster from Gage. Gage followed that up with a forearm and the boot scrape for a two count; Gage grabbed a couple more chairs from underneath the ring and propped one up in between the top and second rope on either side of the ring. Gage proceeded to smash Lio’s head into both of the chairs causing Lio to get busted wide open. Gage retrieved another pizza cutter from his shorts and proceeded to carve away at Lio’s forehead on all sides of the ring. Gage attempted a piledriver but Lio was able to block it by grabbing ahold of Gage’s leg, Gage went for another Piledriver but Lio kicked him low and then kicked him in the head to the dismay of the crowd, Lio attempted a move but Gage spiked him with a piledriver. Gage attempted a powerbomb but Lio reversed it into a head-scissor, Lio rushed in but Gage moved and Lio took out the official. This allowed Lio to hit a cutter followed by a frog splash, Lio the visual pin, a second ref slid into the ring and Gage kicked out just at the right time. Gage spiked Lio again with a piledriver but Lio kicked out, Gage got frustrated with the ref and hit him with a forearm. The two exhausted men traded fists in the center of the ring with Gage winning the battle, he hit the choke breaker and retained his World Title.

Nick Gage Retained the GCW World Championship