GCW Holy Smokes Report: El Hijo del Vikingo vs. Alex Zayne, Drew Parker's Last Deathmatch

Originally published at GCW Holy Smokes Report: El Hijo del Vikingo vs. Alex Zayne

GCW: Holy Smokes 

Saturday, March 4, 2023

Showboat Hotel

Atlantic City, New Jerse

Scramble Match: Jimmy Lloyd vs. Shane Mercer vs. Alex Price vs. Grim Reefer vs. Gringo Loco vs. Carlos Romo

They all attacked Grim Reefer, which allowed Gringo Loco to take control of the match. Reefer returned and broke up Loco’s offense, only to be attacked from behind by Reefer. Price put a Fosbury flop to the outside, and Loco hit a springboard moonsault on Carlos, followed by a dive to the outside, taking everyone out. Reefer returned to the ring and started smoking a joint. Romo pretended to smoke it, only to hand it back to Reefer, who hit a dive to the outside. Everyone was able to showcase their high-flying offense, with Gringo Loco hitting a top rope spinning powerbomb for the victory.


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Gringo Loco won the Scramble.

Jersey Championship Wrestling Championship Match: Jordan Oliver (c) vs Alex Coughlin

The two shook hands before they started with some chain wrestling. Coughlin used his strength to block the Cloutcutter, which caught Jordan off guard. Coughlin took control of the match and wrestled Jordan to the ground. Jordan briefly fired up, but Coughlin again used his strength to block Jordan’s offense. They reset with a test of strength, which Coughlin won, and he started to fire up, but it was Jordan who used his quickness to shoot Alex. Alex responded quickly with a heavy chop, but Oliver took him off his feet and sent him to the floor, laying him out with a dive.

Alex deadlifted Oliver and hit him with a side suplex for a near fall. Alex transitioned into a submission, where he continued to wear down Oliver. The two exchanged chops and forearms in the center of the ring. Alex shot Jordan into the ropes but was caught with a flying side suplex followed by a big boot for a very close near fall. Oliver laid into Alex with some stiff strikes and chops and ran Alex chest-first into the turnbuckle.

Oliver fired up but was caught with a Black Hole Slam followed by a chop in the corner before he leveled him with a lariat, but Jordan again kicked out. They traded chops again, and Jordan egged Alex as they started trading brutal chops and strikes, which sent the crowd into a frenzy. They traded near falls, and Alex used his leg strength to block a Boston Crab. Oliver fired up, and hit him with a superkick, followed by a powerbomb into a Boston Crab for the victory.

Jordan Oliver retained the JCW Championship.

Singles Match: Blake Christian vs. AKIRA

AKIRA ambushed Christian from behind with a big boot, taking him down and focusing on Blake’s shoulder. Blake escaped to the outside, where AKIRA followed with a dive and clubbing blows to the head. AKIRA continued to dominate Blake, eventually throwing him back into the ring and stretching him out. However, Blake retaliated by attacking AKIRA’s eyes and gaining control with some power moves. He retrieved a chair and door from under the ring, set up a door bridge in the corner, and egged on the crowd. AKIRA rallied and attempted to put Blake through the door, but Blake countered with a top-rope DDT through the door. Finally, Blake finished off AKIRA with a curb stomp onto a steel chair for the win.

Blake Christian Defeated AKIRA

GCW Extreme Championship Match: Joey Janela vs. Veny

The two wrestlers started with wrist locks, but Joey got Veny to the ropes and broke the hold. After a couple of spots, Veny hit Joey with a Satellite DDT followed by a standing shooting star press. Joey then cut off Veny’s offense and threw her into the second row with a powerslam. He leveled her with a big boot and a series of suplexes in the ring. Joey climbed to the top rope, but Veny cut him off with a rana that sent him to the apron. She hit him with a couple of forearms before taking him out with a moonsault and a missile dropkick for a very close nearfall. They exchanged open-hand slaps and forearm strikes. Joey went for a rolling elbow, but Veny blocked it and still planted her with a Death Valley Driver for a close nearfall. Veny went for a moonsault, but Joey caught her with a Piledriver for another close nearfall. Joey set up a door bridge, but Veny attacked him from behind and sent him “through” the door with a moonsault double knee. The door didn’t break, so Joey broke it with his own body. Veny kicked out of a package piledriver, but Joey caught her with a Superlex brainbuster for the victory.

Joey Janela Retained the GCW Extreme Championship

Singles Match: SLADE vs EFFY

The match started with a brawl, and EFFY gained the upper hand with a big boot and back suplex. He tried a dive, but SLADE halted him with a forearm. After a close near fall from a blockbuster, SLADE choked EFFY, but EFFY escaped and landed a DDT from the apron, followed by a dice. SLADE sent EFFY into the second row of chairs, and they continued to fight on the floor. SLADE brought a chair into the ring, and they dueled, with EFFY emerging victorious. However, EFFY stayed down, and SLADE beat him with the chair before choke-slamming him onto two chairs.

EFFY recovered and hit SLADE with a spear and a curb stomp, but SLADE still kicked out. EFFY then hit the Sack Ryder for the win.


Post-Match: Charles Mason appeared, and Parrow ambushed EFFY from behind, leaving him incapacitated. Billy Dixon came to the rescue, taking out SLADE and Parrow. Mason cut a promo on Dixon about his sick mother.

GCW Tag Team Championship Match: Los Macizos vs. the SAT

The SAT attacked the champions before the bell, hitting a one-man Spanish fly for a quick visual pinfall. Miedo dove to the floor, and Ciclope did the same, taking out the challengers. They continued brawling through the crowd with the champions gaining the advantage as they brought the fight back into the ring. SAT took control of the match, slowing down the pace with various tag team maneuvers and submissions, but were only able to score a close near fall. Miedo fired up and made the hot tag to Ciclope who hit a double northern lights suplex on both brothers for a near fall. SAT hit the washing machine on Ciclope, but Miedo made the save. Both teams faced off in the center of the ring and traded strikes. The champs retrieved doors and chairs from the floor and set up a door bridge in the corner. Miedo threw Joel to the floor and they set up Jose on the top, sending him through the door with a doomsday device. The champs then hit a one-man Spanish fly for the victory.

Los Macizios Retained the GCW Tag Team Championship

Singles Match: Alex Zayne vs. El Hijo del Vikingo 

Alex Zayne was briefly locked in a front chancery but Alex was able to escape the hold and lock in a wrist lock of his own. Vikingo took control of the match with his beautiful leaping arm drag into a tope but Zayne caught him in mid-air. Vikingo hit a sky twister which took Zayne out again, Vikingo tried to bring Zayne back into the ring but Zayne reversed it and hit him with a rana followed by a suplex on the apron. Zayne sent Vikingo flying into the second row which gave Zayne the time to set up a double-door bridge on the floor. Vikingo planted Zayne with a poisonrana followed by a knee strike that took both exhausted men down. Vikingo went for a rana on the apron but was caught by Zayne who tossed him on the apron with a powerbomb. Vikingo recovered and hit a step-up 630 from the ring through the doors, Vikingo rolled Zayne back into the ring but Zayne kicked out at 2. Vikingo hit a Death Valley Driver in the corner followed by a running knee followed by a 630 for the victory. 

El Hijo del Vikingo Defeated Alex Zayne

GCW Ultraviolent Championship Match: Rina Yamashita (c) vs, Kasey Kirk

Rina flipped Kasey off to start the match, and they kicked off with Rina backing Kasey into the corner with a pane of glass. Ina was able to get out of Kasey’s submission attempts as they reached a stalemate. They both broke a tube over each other’s heads, which only fired the champion up even more. She took a bump on some tubes and fed Kasey to do the same. Rina busted a couple of tubes over Kasey’s head and started to carve her up. Rina tied Kasey up and curb-stomped her in the broken glass. Rina connected with a fist to Kasey’s face and attempted to put the pane of glass, but Kasey reversed it and spread Rina through the pane. Kasey broke a couple of tubes over Rina’s head followed by a gusset plate to her forehead and shoulder. Rina slammed Kasey on the floor, but Kasey was able to turn the tables and hit Rina with a DDT. Kasey climbed to the top rope and sent Rina crashing through the barbed wire door with a suplex. Rina went for Splash Mountain, but Kasey blocked it with a bundle of tubes, only to be dropped on her head. They traded shots in the center of the ring, and Rina got the best of Kasey, who hit her over the head with a chair. Rina invited Kasey to do the same, but it didn’t have the same effect. Kasey took an unprotected chair shot to the head but still kicked out at one. Kasey set up a bunch of chairs in the center of the ring and hit Rina with the Psycho Driver for a very close near fall. Rina kicked out of a powerbomb and hit Kasey with a straight-jacket German suplex. Rina placed a bundle on Kasey’s back and came off the top rope with a big splash, but again Kasey kicked out. Rina pinned Kasey after a Splash Mountain. Incredible match.

Rina retained the GCW Ultraviolent Championship

Singles Match: LuFisto vs Maki Ito

Maki came out to a thunderous reaction and asked where her fucking gang was at but was quickly jumped from behind by LuFisto. Maki went for her signature headbutt, but LuFisto moved out of the way and started to beat down the crowd favorite. LuFisto began to stretch Ito and connected with a running hip attack followed by a boot scrape. Ito turned the tables and hit two consecutive headbutts, but LuFisto kicked out. They traded offense back and forth for a while. Maki hit LuFisto with an inverted facebuster followed by a leaping DDT for the victory.

Maki Ito Defeated LuFisto

Post Match: Nick Gage came to the ring and cut a promo putting over the fans, he let Maki do the MDK call and response which everyone lost their minds for 

Drew Parker’s Last Deathmatch: John Wayne Murdoch vs. Drew Parker 

Drew was visibly emotional at the start of the match. The two began with a Greco-Roman knuckle lock which Drew was able to fight out of and dumped the Duke on a pile of gusset plates. He then proceeded to hammer them into his shoulders and head. Murdoch bailed to the floor, but he wasn’t able to save himself as Drew grabbed the darts and threw them into the Duke’s back. Back in the ring, Murdoch broke a tube over Parker’s head and started to carve away at his forehead and back. Murdoch sent Drew crashing through a mini pane of glass that only resulted in a two-count. Drew connected with a Russian leg sweep that sent both men crashing through a bundle of tubes. Murdoch grabbed a broken end and dragged it across Drew’s chest. Drew responded by sending Murdoch through a pane of glass with a Death Valley Driver. Murdoch countered with a short drop piledriver through a pane of glass. They fought on the apron, and Murdoch connected with a Deep South destroyer from the apron through a pair of doors. Drew set up a glass bridge on the floor and placed Murdoch underneath it. He then sent him crashing through it with a Swanton Bomb. Murdoch kicked out at one, and they went face to face before trading forearm strikes in the center of the ring. Parker hit Murdoch with an assault driver, set a bundle of tubes up on his chest, and hit another Swanton, but Murdoch again kicked out. Drew connected with a tube-assisted knee strike and climbed to the top of the ladder, but he missed with a Swanton. Murdoch hit him with two consecutive brainbusters, but Drew was still able to kick out. Murdoch placed a bunch of tubes in the center of the ring and hit Drew with the Deep South destroyer for a two-count. He then rolled it into a Koji clutch for the victory.

John Wayne Murdoch Defeated Drew Parker