GCW Homecoming 2023 Night 2: Rina Yamashita & Blake Christian retain titles, Komander vs. Dragon Kid

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GCW: Homecoming 2023 Night 2

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Sunday, August 20, 2023

The Terminal

Singles Match: Brayden Toon vs. Tony Deppen

Tony asked “Who the fuck is Toon”  Toon promptly clarified matters by swiftly executing a significant senton maneuver, initiating a floor skirmish. During their tussle, Deppen unintentionally collided with Toon’s elbow but ultimately managed to incapacitate the burly individual with a dive from the apron. The reappearance of referee Ryan T was a welcome sight. The contest migrated back to the ring, where they exchanged forceful offensive strikes. Attempting to break free from Toon’s grip, Deppen found himself subjected to a high-angle suplex that led to a float-over vertical suplex, leaving him dumped on his head. Expelling Deppen to the outside, Toon executed a springboard suplex from the bottom rope, showcasing his tenacity. Undeterred, Toon followed up with a substantial Swanton bomb, resulting in a close near fall and a visage reminiscent of Ruby Soho. Engaging in an uppercut exchange at the ring’s center, neither contender could secure a definitive upper hand. Toon hoisted Deppen into the air with a powerbomb, yet Deppen swiftly rebounded, delivering a robust running double knee strike. Regrettably for Deppen, this assault fell short of sealing Toon’s defeat. Roused with determination, Toon propelled himself into action with a running shooting star press, only for Deppen to persistently avoid a pinfall. Exploiting the situation, Deppen propelled Toon into the referee, subsequently resorting to underhanded tactics and delivering a knee strike to the back of Toon’s head, clinching victory.

Tony Deppen Defeated Brayden Toon 

8 Person Tag Team Match: The Brat Pack (Marcus Mathers, Starboy Charlie, Leon Slater, Brogan Finlay) vs. THRUNT (EFFY, Allie Katch, Dark Sheik, Sawyer Wreck)

EFFY and Mathers commenced the match as the opening participants. They engaged in a test of strength, which EFFY easily dominated due to his height and strength advantage. EFFY employed psychological tactics against Mathers, who then ascended to the top rope and executed a forceful leaping crossbody. However, EFFY capitalized on the momentum, quickly regaining his footing and countering with an atomic drop on Mathers. Katch tagged in for her team, as did Charlie. They initiated a waist lock exchange, followed by Charlie impressively performing back handsprings and a shooting star press. Slater subsequently entered the fray, as did Sheik. Sheik adeptly evaded attacks and unleashed a series of kicks, targeting Slater’s legs, culminating in an attempted running boot in the corner that Slater narrowly dodged. In a surprising twist, Slater tripped up Sheik, then delivered a substantial splash, resulting in a near fall. Finlay leaped off the top rope with an axe handle, inadvertently striking Slater instead. Despite the mishap, Slater and Finlay executed a double dropkick on Sawyer, who retaliated by administering a double chokeslam. An attempt to replicate this move on Starboy and Marcus led to a suplex instead. Sheik returned to the ring, assertively delivering a combination of kicks to Starboy and Mathers, effectively maintaining control. All four members of THRUNT took turns unleashing their assault on Marcus Mathers. Slater executed a dynamic cross body off the top rope, followed by a powerful superkick from Matehrs that sent Sawyer to the outside. Finlay and Slater followed with a relentless series of running maneuvers. Sheik found herself perched atop the top rope, and Starboy seized the opportunity, landing a leaping head kick. However, Sheik was valiantly kicked out of the pin attempt. EFFY received the hot tag, subsequently neutralizing both Slater and Mathers. In a display of tandem strength, Allie and EFFY executed the “two gay powertrip” move, but once again, Slater and Mathers demonstrated resilience by kicking out. Slater found himself cornered and positioned atop the turnbuckle, only to be subjected to a Death Valley Driver by Finlay on the apron. Amidst the chaos, Slater connected with a mighty boot on Allie, while the remaining two members of THRUNT delivered a superkick to Sheik. The Brat Pack asserted their dominance, collectively launching into a series of dives to the outside. Charlie executed a phoenix Splash, Finlay delivered an elbow, Mathers followed suit with an elbow strike, and Slater rounded it off with his Swanton 450. A pin attempt utilizing a stack pin maneuver was initiated, but the remaining members of THRUNT intervened, rescuing EFFY. BUSSY executed a devastating doomsday Sack Ryder, Sheik followed with a top rope leg drop, and Sawyer concluded the match by administering a decisive tree slam on Mathers, securing the victory.

THRUNT Defeated The Brat Pack 

Singles Match: B3CCA vs. Maki Itoh 

B3CCA launched a preemptive attack on Itoh even before the opening bell, subjecting the MDK Gang Member to a barrage of strikes. Itoh attempted to take B3CCA down with a forceful shoulder tackle, but her efforts were repeatedly thwarted. Maki, recognizing an opportunity, playfully goaded B3CCA into another attempt. Seizing the moment, Maki deftly tripped B3CCA and delivered a headbutt. Refusing to be deterred, B3CCA rallied and administered a substantial missile dropkick to Maki, followed by a powerful running uppercut in the corner. Continuing her offensive, B3CCA executed a dropkick to the back of Maki’s head, succeeded by a leg lariat that nearly secured a pinfall.

Maki responded by unleashing a sequence of ten punches in the corner, coupled with a boot scrape and a draping DDT executed on the ring frame. After rolling B3CCA back into the ring, Maki cinched in a deep Boston Crab submission. However, B3CCA demonstrated resilience, managing to reach the ropes and subsequently ascend to the second rope, launching a flying elbow that transitioned into a TKO attempt. Despite the valiant effort, Maki managed to kick out.

Undeterred, B3CCA scaled the top rope in an attempt to execute a 450 splash, but Maki adeptly evaded by shifting out of harm’s way. In a reversal of fortunes, Maki ascended the turnbuckle, only to miss a diving headbutt and fall victim to a Death Valley Driver. Not content to halt her assault, B3CCA once again climbed the ropes to execute a 450 splash. However, Maki anticipated the move and sidestepped, capitalizing on a series of DDTs followed by a submission hold of significant intensity. This relentless pressure prompted B3CCA to ultimately tap out, granting Maki the victory.

Maki Itoh Defeated B3CCA

Singles Match: Dragon Kid vs. Komander 

In the initial phase of the match, both competitors skillfully evaded each other’s offensive maneuvers. Kid managed to take Komander down with head scissors, but his advantage was short-lived. Komander swiftly countered with a lucha arm drag and transitioned into a submission hold. However, Dragon intervened by executing a midsection kick on Komander, doubling the Luchadore over and gaining control of the match. Kid followed up with a flurry of knee strikes against Komander, propelling him face-first into the turnbuckle. Kid then delivered a close-range dropkick in the corner, targeting Komander’s chest and face. Despite this onslaught, Komander persevered and managed to kick out.

Dragon Kid employed a strategy of immobilizing Komander’s legs to neutralize his primary offensive capabilities. Komander, showing resilience, reached the ropes to break the hold. Subsequently, he deftly avoided a head kick and countered with a springboard dropkick, sending Dragon Kid to the outside. Executing a rope walk senton, Komander successfully incapacitated Dragon Kid, followed by a delayed vertical suplex. Despite the impactful move, Dragon Kid was resiliently kicked out at the two-count. Komander delivered a stiff forearm shot to Dragon Kid’s head and proceeded to lock him in the Romero Special submission hold. Dragon Kid responded with a rapid chin breaker, yet even this couldn’t sufficiently incapacitate Komander.

During the match’s progression, Komander thwarted a 619 attempt with a well-timed dropkick to Dragon Kid’s knees. Komander then ascended to the top rope, engaging in a high-risk maneuver. Dragon Kid met him up there, executing a super rana that sent Komander airborne. Remarkably, Komander managed to raise his shoulder just before the three-count.

Dragon Kid attempted a rana that transitioned into a pinning predicament, yet Komander was resiliently kicked out once more, leading to an intense exchange of strikes at the center of the ring. Komander executed a torture rack into a gut buster, immediately followed by a sit-out falcon arrow. Astonishingly, Dragon Kid kicked out yet again. In a final display of determination, Komander climbed the top rope and executed a rope walk shooting star press, securing the victory.

Komander Defeated Dragon Kid 

GCW World Championship Match: Blake Christian (Champion) vs. Masha Slamovich 

Masha struck Blake with a forceful missile dropkick while he was still being introduced, immediately launching into a dominant display. She unleashed a series of spin kicks targeting Blake’s head, followed by a daring dive to the outside. Continuing her assault on Christian, Masha inflicted a series of ferocious forehand chops and forcefully drove him into one of the pillars within the arena. Blake managed to reverse Masha’s momentum, executing a vertical suplex and subsequently ramming her against the massive pillar. After returning her to the ring, Christian found himself caught by a surprise baseball slide to the side of his head. Masha attempted to follow up with a slam, but Christian intervened by pushing her into the ring post and slamming her onto the apron. He then concentrated on targeting Masha’s back, executing a substantial snap German suplex. Masha showed resilience by promptly returning to her feet, delivering Kawada kicks to Christian. However, Blake responded by sending her outside, seizing the opportunity to trap her head within the ring frame and striking her head with a steel chair.

Blake continued his offensive by slamming Masha’s head into the turnbuckle and delivering repeated kicks to the back of her head. Masha managed to create some distance and retaliated with a barrage of kicks to Blake’s body, concluding with a powerful head kick that came close to securing a pinfall victory for the former champion. Blake twisted Masha up, followed by a grounded snap mare that was capped off with a kick to the back of her head, succeeded by a bottom rope 619. Blake’s attempt at a springboard 450 splash was met with Masha’s evasion, allowing her to bounce Blake’s head off the top turnbuckle multiple times. However, Blake regained control by catching Masha with an Ace Crusher, only for her to display tremendous resilience by kicking out.

A door was introduced into the ring, set up in a corner by Blake. Masha seized the momentum, executing a sit-out powerbomb that dumped Christian on his head and neck. Blake answered back with a half-and-half suplex, later hoisting her onto his shoulders for an air raid crash attempt. Masha countered and executed her version through the door, yet Blake managed to kick out at the last possible moment. Masha employed her chokehold submission, but Blake thwarted her efforts by driving her into the corner and inadvertently sandwiching the referee. Blake utilized his championship belt and AKIRA entered the fray, attacking Blake with a series of strikes followed by a powerful German suplex. AKIRA acquired the belt and charged at Blake, who narrowly dodged the attack. However, AKIRA’s strike accidentally hit Masha, sending him to the floor with a superkick.

Blake seized Masha and dragged her to the center of the ring, hitting her with a springboard 450 splash. Despite his efforts, it took several attempts to revive the referee, and by the time he succeeded, Masha defiantly kicked out at one. The referee’s arm drop spot was utilized, a fourth instance during the weekend’s events, but this time with a unique sequence. Blake attempted a superkick, which was interrupted by AKIRA grabbing his ankle while Masha held his back, ultimately locking in a chokehold. Although Blake initially reached the bottom rope, Masha managed to pull him back into the center of the ring and reapply the choke. The referee began the arm drop sequence, yet the SDL faction intervened, pulling the referee out of the ring. Masha continued to choke out SDL members but fell victim to a curb stomp from Blake Christian, allowing him to retain the championship. This was a very good match, solid action, the interference made sense and they’ve continued to tell a great story. 

Blake Christian Retained the GCW World Championship 

4-Way Trios Match: Los Macizos and Jimmy Lloyd vs. Three Guys (Alec Price, Cole Radrick, and Shane Mercer) vs. The Ninjas (Dante Leon, Ninja Mack, and Joey Janela) vs. Team Gringo (Jack Cartwheel, Gringo Loco, and Arez) 

As soon as the bell rang, a chaotic brawl erupted both inside and outside the ring. Cartwheel, Joey, Jimmy, and Shane found themselves in the ring, collectively engaging in cartwheel maneuvers. Miedo and Ciclope entered the ring, participating in the Spirit Squad toss spot. Meanwhile, Arez executed a step-up flip dive to the floor, and Gringo climbed to the top to deliver an inside-out moonsault to the outside. Team Gringo united to target Jimmy Lloyd, executing a coordinated assault that featured Cartwheel’s DVD, Arez running across Lloyd’s back, and Loco’s top-rope senton.

Los Macizos re-entered the ring, performing a trio’s move against Cartwheel. Following this, Team Ninja entered the fray, bombarding Ciclope with a series of lariats, while Mack executed a twisting press across Ciclope’s chest. Radrick followed suit with a driver on Ciclope, and Joey dispatched Radrick to the outside. Three Guys made their way back into the ring, collectively overwhelming Joey with a series of maneuvers. Mack and Cartwheel teamed up for stereo Sasuke Specials to the outside. While Ninja Mack evaded Cartwheel’s offense, he ultimately fell victim to a Cartwheel Driver. Cartwheel went for the pin, but Leon intervened with a flying dive off the top rope, breaking up the pin attempt.

A tower of doom spot unfolded, with Price executing a blockbuster from the top rope, taking out multiple competitors. Jimmy and Joey continued their skirmish on the apron. Joey managed to strike Jimmy with an elbow, positioning Jimmy on his shoulders. Capitalizing on this setup, Cartwheel utilized Jimmy’s back as a launching pad for a corkscrew dive to the floor. Joey brought Jimmy back into the ring and attempted a double stomp, but Gringo intervened with a Spanish fly, coming tantalizingly close to securing a pinfall victory.

Gringo began to stretch Joey’s arm, while Radrick imposed a chinlock. Mercer employed a figure-four leglock, and a pair of arm bars were applied. A triangle choke followed suit, and Ciclope rounded off the submission sequence with a rather unconventional thumb to Arez’s bum. GCW is doing PWG better than PWG does and you can watch it. 

Arez administered a destroyer to Lloyd, Mercer propelled Price into a Destroyer, Mack executed a near fall-inducing Price Cutter, and Ciclope delivered a top-rope destroyer on Mack. Leon followed suit by connecting a destroyer on Miedo. Amidst the chaos, Cartwheel remained in the ring and executed a Sasuke Special into a destroyer on Leon, crashing onto everyone outside the ring.

As the dust settled, Joey stood alone in the ring, only to be struck by Referee Ryan T with a destroyer, eliciting a resounding reaction from the crowd. While Ryan T celebrated, Mercer re-entered the ring. Ryan T pleaded with Mercer to spare him, and as Mercer turned his back, Gringo capitalized by hitting a springboard destroyer on Mercer, securing the victory.

Team Gringo Loco Wins 

Singles Match: Haley Dylan vs. Santana Jackson

Haley attempted a knuckle lock, but Jackson opted for dancing instead. Dylan retaliated by slapping Jackson across the face, only to be met with an uppercut followed by a flurry of chops in the corner. Jackson showcased his agility by walking the ropes and executing a powerful Lucha arm drag on Haley. However, Jackson’s attempt at a DDT was thwarted as Haley countered with head scissors, followed by a codebreaker and a shining wizard that nearly secured a pinfall victory.

Haley exhibited her aggression by stomping on Santana’s hat and proceeding to choke him across the second rope, punctuating her attack with a series of elbows to his jaw. A bridging suplex by Haley momentarily seemed to have Jackson at a disadvantage, but he exhibited resilience by kicking out once again. Jackson rallied, delivering a sequence of spinning clotheslines and aiming for his signature MJ elbow drop. However, Haley evaded the move successfully.

Haley unleashed a combination of strikes on Jackson, followed by a German suplex and a leaping forearm in the corner. She attempted a rainmaker, but Jackson countered with a spear. Seizing the opportunity, Jackson executed his signature elbow drop and followed up with his moonwalk DDT, ultimately securing the victory.

Santana Jackson Defeated Haley Dylan 

GCW World Tag Team Championship Match: East-West Express (Champions) vs. Toru Sugiura and Takashi Sasaki 

Sasaki and Oliver began the match for their teams; Sasaki backed Oliver up against the ropes and made a clean break. They locked up again, Oliver grabbed a waist lock but Sasaki was able to grab Oliver’s wrist. They traded wrist lock and submission maneuvers with neither man able to get a real advantage. Sasaki tagged in Toru and Oliver tagged in Wayne, Toru grabbed a headlock and took Wayne off his feet with a shoulder block but Wayne returned the favor with running head scissors. Sasaki ate double boots from East West, and Toru met the same fate. Sasaki and Toru made frequent tags as they both continued to target the injured leg of Jordan Oliver, he eventually made the hot tag to Nick Wayne who took out Sasaki with a stunner, DDT combination but it only registered a two count. East West went for double clout cutters, Toru hit a low bridge as Sasaki used a steel chair to work over the injured knee of Jordan Oliver. Violento Jack hit Nick Wayne with a steel chair to his gut followed by a package piledriver on a chair, Sasaki pinned Nick Wayne to win the tag team titles. 

Toru Sugiura and Takashi Sasaki won the GCW Tag Team Championship

GCW Ultraviolent Championship Match: Rina Yamashita (Champion) vs. Violento Jack

Rina rushed the ring and broke a bundle of tubes over Jack’s head as the crowd started going crazy. Rina started to carve away at Jack’s head with the broken end of a tube, Jack responded with a tube-assisted headbutt, The two traded forearms in the center of the ring as the crew continued to bring out various forms of weaponry. Rina locked in the testicular claw and took Jack off of his feet with a big clothesline, she tried to put Jack through a pane of glass but he put on the brakes and powerbombed through the pane. Jack picked up a steel chair and piled the broken glass into a pile in the corner and slammed Rina’s face into the pile of broken glass. Rina fired up and hit a vertical suplex onto a bundle of tubes, she grabbed more tubes and proceeded to break them over Violento Jack’s head and crotch but somehow Jack was able to get his shoulder up at 2. Jack hit a tube-assisted Rock Bottom, and Rina went to the floor and hit Jack over the head with a steel chair, they started to battle on the apron, Jack put Rina on his shoulders and hit a Finlay Roll off the apron through the glass and door bridge on the floor. Rina placed a bundle of tubes across Jack’s chest and came off the top rope with a big splash but Jack held on and planted her with a brainbuster. He kicked a bundle of tubes into her chest but Rina managed to get him up on her shoulders and dumped him with an air raid crash onto a pile of broken glass. Jack set up a glass bridge in the center of the ring, he placed her on the top rope and leveled her with an overhand chop. Jack went to superplex Rina off the top but Rina blocked it, and broke a bundle over Jack’s back. She took him off the top rope with a big splash mountain through the glass but Jack kicked out and locked her in a submission hold, but Rina used a leverage pin and retained her championship.

Rina Yamashita Retained the GCW Ultraviolent Championship

Post Match: Jack continued to beat up Rina, Sasaki, Gage, Murdoch, and Toru all returned, still brawling from before. Big Vin led his crew down to the ring to try and separate all the parties. The crowd chanted to let them fight. Gage grabbed the mic and challenged Team FREEDOMS to an Art of War Games Match. Sasaki announced Team FREEDOMs participants: Brett Lauderdale later confirmed on Twitter that Team FREEDOMS will consist of Jun Kasai, Mashai Takeda, Takashi Sasaki, Toru Sugiura, and Violento Jack. Both sides started to brawl as the show went off the air. 

War Games
Oct 7 atlantic city

*Team Freedoms*

Jun Kasai
Masashi Takeda
Takashi Sasaki
Violento Jack
Toru Sugiura


Team GCW

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