GCW Homecoming Night 1: Violento Jack vs. Matt Tremont, Gage & Itoh vs. The Deathmatch Busters

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GCW: Homecoming Night 1

Saturday, August 19, 2023

The Terminal

Showboat Hotel

Tag Team Match: Maki Itoh and Nick Gage vs. Steph De Lander and Matt Cardona 

After the introductions, Cardona grabbed the mic and told the crowd to shut the fuck up, proclaiming themselves as the Deathmatch busters. Cardona tagged in SDL before he and Gage could lock up. SDL called out Gage, and they locked up, with SDL gaining a quick advantage using a side headlock. Gage responded swiftly with a spinebuster followed by a running neck breaker. Gage then tagged in Maki, who repeatedly hit SDL with headbutts. SDL countered with a boot to the gut. Cardona tagged in, but Maki took the fight to him, delivering a series of punches followed by a tornado DDT and more punches in the corner. She then hit Cardona with a face wash. Gage grabbed a bundle of tubes, aiming to strike Cardona, but SDL low-blowed Gage. Cardona shattered a bundle over Gage’s head, causing him to start bleeding. SDL performed a scoop slam on Gage, followed by more punches and boots to the downed opponent.

Who’s gonna fucking sign us?! pic.twitter.com/MV4xIq0rLM

— Matt Cardona (@TheMattCardona) August 20, 2023

Cardona reentered the match and targeted the cuts on Gage’s head. Cardona set up a door in the corner, but Gage reversed it and speared Cardona through the door. Maki and SDL faced off, with Maki tying up SDL and delivering repeated DDTs in the ring and on the floor. Cardona attempted to hit Maki with a chair, but she countered it. Gage and Maki each struck him with bundles of tubes. Both Cardona and SDL were bleeding and having a pizza cutter dragged across their foreheads didn’t improve their situation. They continued to work over SDL and Cardona using the pizza cutters. Gage poured a bag of tacks into the ring. SDL and Cardona attempted pedigrees, but they were back body dropped onto the tacks and then each experienced Maki’s diving headbutts, leading to the pinfall victory.

Nick Gage and Maki Itoh Defeated The Deathmatch Busters 

Singles Match: Leon Slater vs. Alec Price

The match began with a stiff lock-up. Price was able to get something going, but Slater reversed it with his athletic agility. Price eventually did the same before he was taken off his feet with a tough shoulder tackle from Slater. In response, Price executed a springboard crossbody followed by a running leaping knee that caught Slater off guard. Price launched himself out of the ring to the floor, but Slater moved out of the way, causing Price to land hard on the concrete floor.

It took Price a little while to get back up to his feet, and when he did, he clutched his hip in pain. Slater connected with some impactful offense and hit Price with a leaping splash for a close near fall. The energy in the room seemed to diminish after Price’s fall. However, Price fired back up and delivered repeated running boots to Slater, who managed to evade them. They engaged in a game of cat and mouse before Price finally caught Slater with a neck breaker.

They evaded each other’s offensive moves before Price managed to hoist Slater onto his shoulders and stack him up in the corner. However, Slater reversed and executed a high-angle top rope falcon arrow, earning a great near fall. The two competitors exchanged forearm strikes in the center of the ring, and Slater landed some kicks of his own. Price retaliated and executed a devastating half-suplex, followed by a big springboard neck breaker that sent Slater to the floor.

Price successfully executed his dive to the floor this time, followed by a powerful top rope double stomp for another close near fall. As they continued to trade kicks, Slater suddenly unleashed his finisher out of nowhere and pinned Alec Price for the victory.

Leon Slater Defeated Alec Price 

Trios Match: Los Macizos vs. THRUSSY

Sheik and Crazy King kicked off the match, with King quickly gaining control through a series of headlock takeovers. However, Sheik turned the tables with a well-executed rana that grounded King. King then sent Sheik to the floor, followed by EFFY and Allie, who delivered a trios dive. The three members of Los Macizos teamed up against Sheik, and Katch was sent crotch-first into Sheik’s face in the corner. EFFY eliminated Ciclope with a backdrop, followed by tandem offense from BUSSY and then THRUSSY. Both King and Miedo re-entered the ring, and King executed a spike piledriver on Effy. Katch managed to break up the pin attempt and engaged in a fight with Ciclope and King. Allie intervened, taking out both opponents and hitting Miedo with a hip thrust in the corner. Miedo held onto Allie’s waist, and it took everyone in the match to try and separate them. Los Macizos launched Sheik to the floor, and as they attempted to carry her on their shoulders, she cleverly escaped by kissing Ciclope. Effy performed the “Gut and Over the Rainbow” move on King and Miedo. BUSSY executed a Doomsday Leg Drop on Ciclope, followed by a top rope leg drop from Sheik, sealing the victory for their team.

THRUSSY defeated Los Macizos 

There’s a Clussy in the crowd tonight, shout-out Chris Stanley 

Singles Match: Alex Zayne vs. Tony Deppen

Tony returned to the ring after breaking his arm against ZSJ in June in Brooklyn. He wasted no time and took Zayne down early with a strong grappling exchange. Zayne managed to turn the tables briefly, but Tony quickly reasserted his control with a hold. They eventually reached a standoff, trading several close near falls. Tony took a moment to catch his breath in the corner as they both reset. Deppen fired back, delivering a powerful kick that leveled Alex, but Zayne managed to reverse the situation with a corkscrew shooting star.

Tony retaliated with a series of kicks against Zayne. He attempted his signature running double knee move in the corner, but Zayne agilely evaded it. Zayne went for a dive, but Deppen pulled his leg off the rope. Zayne, using his agility, flipped out of the situation and executed a senton leg drop on Deppen. Zayne followed up with a flip dive to the floor. Back in the ring, Zayne stacked Deppen up on the top turnbuckle and attempted a flipping rana, but Deppen reversed it and locked in the Boston crab. He smoothly transitioned that into the STF, but Zayne managed to reach the ropes to break the hold.

They returned to a standing position, leveling each other with forearm strikes, followed by a series of repeated kicks. Deppen seized the victory with a quick roll-up, stealing the win in a surprise twist.

Tony Deppen Defeated Alex Zayne 

Double Dog Collar Tag Team Match: Joey Janela and Sawyer Wreck vs. Parrow and Charles Mason

They began by trading punches, pairing off into separate corners. Mason and Parrow retaliated with punches of their own, followed by a sequence of chain wrestling. Parrow and Janela engaged in a brawl on the floor, where Janela was already bleeding from the chain, and Sawyer quickly joined them, sporting her own crimson mask. Sawyer fended off Mason with powerful boots while Oarekw hurled Joey into one of the concrete pillars. The four of them brawled in the crowd, taking turns being slammed into the pillar and subjected to various offensive moves.

Parrow and Mason both re-entered the ring with bloodied faces. They attempted to choke each other with the chain. Joey struck Parrow across the knees with the chain, then grabbed two chairs and a door. Joey hit Parrow’s stomach with the chain, but Mason halted his attack with a Ryu kick. Sawyer tried to chokeslam Mason, but he escaped to the floor and pulled her through a door in the corner. Joey and Mason exchanged punches in the center of the ring. Mason executed a spike piledriver on Joey, but Sawyer broke the pin and hit Mason with a choke slam. However, Parrow swiftly responded by powerbombing Sawyer. Joey intervened, breaking up the pin by delivering a chair shot to the back of Parrow’s head in Sabu’s style.

Joey dropped Parrow through a chair with a back driver. In response to the crowd’s chant, “One more time,” Joey obliged and struck both opponents over the head with a steel chair. Joey then ascended the top rope, but Oareiw pulled him down into a DVD onto a chair. Parrow reciprocated by hitting Sawyer across the back with a steel chair. Parrow dragged Joey to the floor, but not before Joey executed a flip senton onto everyone. They constructed a door bridge near the scissor lift. Parrow placed Joey on it, but Joey resisted. As the lift ascended, Parrow and Mason had no choice but to surrender, resulting in Joey’s victory.

Sawyer Wreck and Joey Janela Defeated Parrow and Charles Mason  

All-Star Scramble: Jimmy Lloyd vs. Shane Mercer vs. Ninja Mack vs. Cole Radrick vs. Arez vs. Dante Leon vs. Komander vs. Gringo Loco

Mercer slammed Radrick with a powerful powerslam, and they all attempted to land offense on the big man, only to have their moves quickly reversed. Komander executed a destroyer following a vertical suplex, and Loco unleashed his wild side. Komander’s attempt to halt Loco was thwarted, as Loco hit him with a double jump senton. Komander and Arez both propelled themselves out of the ring, soaring through the air with various flips and reversals. Lloyd and Radrick paired off, and Cole suffered a neck breaker from Lloyd. Mack re-entered the ring, engaging in a brawl with Leon.

Mack was about to execute a dive, but Arez and Kinandwe intervened, cutting him off and tossing him back into the ring with a towering vertical suplex. All competitors hit dives to the outside. Arez sent Loco back into the ring and attempted a cover. Arez took Loco down with a spinning DDT. Komander kicked Arez in the face but got caught by Mack’s boot. Mack delivered a series of knee strikes to Kinandwe’s chest before being blindsided by Dante Leon. They engaged in an exchange of chops and kicks before Lloyd and Radrick interrupted the sequence.

Leon cleared the others and caught Mercer and Radrick, executing a cutter. Mack impressed with a beautiful Sasuke special dive to the floor, followed by Loco performing one of his own. Komander followed suit with a rope walk senton. Mercer was astonished with a moonsault and a battery, but Mack intervened with a Phoenix splash to break up the pin attempt. Lloyd sent Mack to the floor and hit Arez with a spike piledriver, securing the victory.

Jimmy Lloyd wins the scramble

When Jimmy eventually wins the GCW Title the roof is going to come off the arena

GCW Ultraviolent Championship Match: Rina Yamashita (Champion) vs.Takeshi Sasaki

They began by punching each other in the face as they vied for an advantage. They teased sending one another through the barbed wire doors in the corner, but they both stopped just before impact. Runs blocked a tube shot and then sent Sasaki crashing through the barbed wire door. She broke a tube over his head and proceeded to carve at his forehead. Rina attempted to slam Sasaki onto the barbed wire, but he resisted and managed to slam her onto the wire instead. Sasaki repeated the move, this time slamming Rina onto the broken glass. He then set up the wire in the center of the ring and suplexed the champion onto it. Sasaki shattered a series of tubes across Rina’s stomach with knee strikes. He went for a hit with the barbed wire chair but instead tried to slam her onto it. Rina fought back and slammed Sasaki, hitting him with multiple tube shots.

Rina placed a barbed wire door across Sasaki’s chest. He managed to escape and hit Rina with a superplex onto the barbed wire door. Runs kicked out at one count as they exchanged forearm strikes in the center of the ring. Sasaki landed a knee to Rina’s jaw, but the champion kicked out. Sasaki arranged a bundle of tubes across her chest and smashed them, making me duck to avoid incoming glass. Rina kicked out at two. She fought out of a piledriver attempt and transformed it into a powerful slam on the broken glass, resulting in another close near fall. Rina executed the deadlift cradle piledriver, but Sasaki shockingly kicked out at one, which prompted boos from the crowd. Rina rallied, positioned Sasaki on the top rope, and sent him crashing through the barbed wire door and tubes with the Splash Mountain maneuver.

Rina Yamashita Retains the GCW ultraviolent championship 

King of Freedoms Championship: Toru Sugiura (Champion) vs. John Wayne Murdoch 

As Emil finished his introductions, Toru broke a bundle over Murdoch’s head. Murdoch headed to the floor where Story took him out with a flip dive. Murdoch ended up busted open early in the match, and they continued their battle on the outside. Murdoch sent Toru crashing through a pane of glass that had been set up in the corner, and then he began using tubes and chairs to work over his opponent. Murdoch executed a leg sweep that sent both of them crashing into a bundle of tubes. He then sent Toru back to the floor and hit him across the back with a barbed wire chair. Murdoch persistently attacked Toru on the floor, using a broken tube shard on his forehead.

In the ring, they exchanged tube shots, followed by repeated forearms. Murdoch retrieved a fuzzer and attempted to use it against the champion. However, Toru managed to take it from Murdoch’s hand and struck him in the head with it. Murdoch found himself cornered with a pane of glass, and Toru launched himself through it with a cannonball, but he could only secure a two-count pinfall attempt.

Toru set up a glass bridge in the corner, but Murdoch powered out of it and sent Toru crashing through multiple layers of glass. Despite the brutal assault, Toru continued to kick out. Murdoch arranged twin steel chairs but was sent crashing through them, remarkably kicking out at just one count. After enduring a tube shot, Murdoch finally fell victim to Toru’s finishing move, leading to Toru’s victory.

Toru Sugiura Retained the King of Freedoms title 

Singles Match: Nate Webb vs. Masha Slamovich 

Masha took the fight to Nate and hit him with a series of strikes followed by a dive to the floor which took the Sypder out. Nate tossed her around ringside and into the second row of chairs. The match returned to the ring where they continued to trade offense and pinfalls. Masha fired up with a series of kicks but Nate kept kicking out. Nate missed a moonsault, Masha connected with some head kicks, and finally a curb stomp into a choke submission victory. 

Masha Slamovich Defeated Nate Webb

Main Event Deathmatch. Violento Jack vs. Matt Tremont 

The two men locked eyes as the crowd roared with excitement. Tremont shattered a tube over Jack’s head, then returned the favor with one to Tremont’s chest. They brawled on the floor, and Tremont took a tube-assisted headbutt from Jack. Jack wielded a piece of broken glass to target Tremont’s horn, but Tremont seemed unaffected, responding with a tube-assisted headbutt of his own. Both men were now bleeding as Tremont was positioned in the ring and hit with a springboard tube-assisted elbow drop that earned a close near fall.

Jack focused his attention on Tremont’s shoulder, delivering stomps and tube-assisted stomps. They struggled for position, attempting to force the other into a pane of glass. Tremont emerged victorious from this contest, executing a powerful back body drop that sent the former champion crashing into a heap of glass on the mat. Tremont even stabbed his own forehead with a fork as the GCW chants from the crowd filled the arena. They engaged in a fierce forearm strike exchange at the center of the ring. Jack resorted to a low blow, drawing the ire of the audience. Both fighters dropped to their knees, dishing out pounding chops to each other. Tremont wedged Jack in the corner with a bundle of tubes, but Jack rallied, hitting Tremont with a tube-assisted shoulder tackle, followed by a high-flying tope that sent both men crashing into chairs at ringside.

Jack set up a cluster of tubes on the floor and the battle continued on the apron. Tremont gained the upper hand, throwing both men off the apron through a door covered in barbed wire and tubes. Tremont was the first to return to the ring after the brutal fall. They charged at each other with bundles, mirroring a spot they had used three times throughout the match. Jack placed Tremont on the top turnbuckle and set up a glass bridge in the corner. Jack executed a flapjack that sent Tremont through the pane of glass. Jack followed up with a massive lariat, but Tremont surprisingly kicked out at just one, a recurring theme during the match. Jack then delivered a tube-assisted frog splash, coming close to victory once again.

Tremont brought more tubes into the center of the ring, prompting Jack to toss a huge bundle at Tremont’s head. However, Tremont fired up, smashing Jack with a big tube-assisted lariat, followed by a Death Valley driver. Despite Jack’s resistance, Tremont managed to kick out, and Jack applied a submission hold on Tremont, causing him to eventually pass out and secure the victory.

Violento Jack Defeated Matt Tremont