GCW If I Die First: Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Joey Janela, Psycho Clown vs. Gringo Loco

Originally published at GCW If I Die First: Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Joey Janela, Psycho Clown vs. Gringo Loco

GCW: If I Die First

Saturday, February 5, 2022, Irving Arena, Dallas, Texas

By: Jon Pine

Tonight’s show was absolutely fantastic, as every single match delivered, and there was no match on this show that dragged the card down. It’s a MUST WATCH show. Tonight’s show was much more lucha based rather than the smattering of Deathmatches that accompany a Game Changer Wrestling show. They are once again proving that they are much more than a “blood and guts’ company and that they can have some of the best luchadors in the world congregate under the GCW banner. With John Wayne Murdoch on the card there is always a possibility of some bloodshed and it turns out Gringo Loco used lightubes in his match and John Wayne Murdoch didn’t! There has been a cool role reversal on the card with most of the Deathmatch guys working more lucha style matches and as we saw in the Loco match there were lightubes used

Even with a couple of wrestlers unable to make it to Houston due to travel reasons, it didn’t phase GCW as they returned to Houston with another steller card and night of action. The main event was supposed to be a first time ever matchup between Sadika and ‘The Bulldozer’ Matt Tremont but Tremont was unable to attend, instead we got a terrific steel cage Deathmatch Main Event featuring Jimmy Lloyd, Sadika, Chris Carter, and Atticus Cogar. The lucha 4 way match was also incredible. I say it time and time again, Gringo Loco is the best American-born Luchador working today.


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I was harsh on Sam Stackhouse in the past but he made me eat my words, as his match last night with Dante Leon was a lot of fun and he proved he’s much more than a large man who can do a moonsault. Atticus Cogar had two dominant performances last night, beating Gino Medina in 4:45min.; then he cut a great promo and entered himself into the main event where he was dominant once pinning Chris Carter, no relation to the Vikings Wide Receiver, in 10:26min.

Apologies to those those that witnessed the incident between Psycho Clown & Dr. Wagner during the Meet and Greet tonite in Dallas. We had no indication there were any issues and are taking precautions to ensure there are no further incidents this evening.

— brett lauderdale (@Lauderdale11) February 6, 2022

On Instagram one of the regular GCW Fans, Dewey aka The Indy Wrestling Hotdog, @Dewey_Cane on Twitter, tweeted about a GCW Bingo Game that he’s running for tonight’s show and it was a very fun ‘group hang’ as we all watched the incredible action from tonight’s show. If you want to play along, reach out to Dewey on twitter.

The Collective 2022:

Mission Pro Wrestling has been announced for The Collective this year. They are an all women’s promotion that is owned by AEW Wrestler Thunder Rosa

Alex Colon News:

Alex Colon will make his Australia debut at Downunder’s Deathmatch Downunder’s: Not Hear 2 Fuck Spiders show on April 16, 2022. Deathmatch Downunder (DMDU) is based out of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and is a predominantly Deathmatch company. They held their first-ever Deathmatch Tournament the D.R.E.A.M Tournament this last year on November 20, 2021, and is where GCW/JCW Star Charli Evans has competed on numerous occasions. His international tour was supposed to start this weekend with a booking in the UK for TNT Extreme Wrestling.

GCW Ultraviolent Champion ALEX COLON is headed to AUSTRALIA in April for @DMDownunder! https://t.co/7ww4UhdKrb

— GameChangerWrestling (@GCWrestling_) February 5, 2022

Debut in Atlanta: Astronaut, Atlanta, Georgia, March 12, 2022

Finally, after much anticipation Game Changer Wrestling has announced the name and some talent appearing on their debut at the legendary Center Stage, in Atlanta, Georgia. So far Matt Cardona has been announced along with the match that was scheduled to take place at the Hammerstein Ballroom, Jonathan Gresham vs. Blake Christian.

GCW debuts in ATLANTA on Saturday, March 12 at the legendary CENTER STAGE!

Just Signed:


TICKETS on Sale FRIDAY at 10AM:https://t.co/PYUEQ9ODKL

GCW presents
Saturday 3/12 – 8PM
Streaming LIVE on @FiteTV! pic.twitter.com/oD4sCTXan5

— GameChangerWrestling (@GCWrestling_) February 4, 2022

If I Die First Spoiler Free Match Recommendation:

Watch every match, if you don’t have time watch Gringo Loco vs. Psycho Clown

GCW vs. Loko Fight Club 2: Houston, February 4, 2022, Results:

Jordan Oliver wins the Four-Way Scramble Match, Allie Katch Defeated Mysterious Q,

Ninja Mack Defeated Nick Wayne, Sam Stackhouse Defeated Dante Leon for the Loko Wrestling Championship, Atticus Cogar Defeated Gino Medina, Effy Defeated Bryan Keith, Blake Christian Defeated Mascara Dorada, Gringo Loco, ASF, Atticus Cogar Defeated Chris Carter, Sadika, and Jimmy Lloyd in a Steel Cage Deathmatch

Upcoming Shows:

Welcome To Heartbreak, February 25, 2022, Los Angeles, CA

Tag Team Match: X-Pac and Joey Janela vs. Brian Myers and Matt Cardona

Singles Match: Atticus Cogar vs. Kevin Blackwood

Dream Match: Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Homicide

Singles Match: Blake Christian vs. Nick Wayne

GCW Extreme Title Match: AJ Gray(champion) vs. Lio Rush

LA Fights Vol. 3, February 26, 2022, Los Angeles, CA

Singles Match: Peter Avalon vs. Dark Sheik

Singles Match: Kevin Blackwood vs. Jai Vidal

Singles Match: Tyler Bateman vs. Bad Dude Tito


The Coldest Winter, February 26, 2022, Los Angeles, CA

Singles Match: Atticus Cogar vs. Dark Sheik

Singles Match: Tony Deppen vs. Thunder Rosa

Singles Match: Mike Bailey vs. Blake Christian

Dream Match: Mascara Dorada vs. Gringo Loco


Last Time in Dallas – So High, December 15, 2022

Joey Janela defeated ASF, Tony Deppen defeated Demonic Flamita, No Contest: Atticus Cogar vs Jordan Oliver, Blake Christian defeated Jack Cartwheel, Second Gear Crew (AJ Gray and Matthew Justice) defeated Alex Colon and Sadika, Fuego Del Sol won the 6-Way Scramble Match, The Briscoe Brothers retained the GCW Tag Team Titles against Dante Leon and Ninja Mack, Thunder Rosa defeated Allie Katch, John Wayne Murdoch defeated Jimmy Lloyd in a Deathmatch.

If I Die First Show Results:

Commentary: OG Kevin Gill, Emil J, Dave Prazak

Tag Team Match: Jordan Oliver and Nick Wayne vs. Dante Leon and Ninja Mack

Dante Leon is coming off a loss from the night prior when he lost his Loko Championship to Big Sam Stackhouse, the match was fantastic and as I mentioned earlier Sam Stackhouse really won. Both of these teams are capable of incredible highflying maneuvers and I have no doubt that this match will be incredible. Will Nick Wayne capture his first win in Game Changer Wrestling or will it still elude him? Dante Leon and Jordan Oliver start the match with each trying to gain advantage over the other, Oliver hits a shoulder block and tags in Nick Wayne. Oliver and Wayne have the size and weight advantage in this match up. Last time Oliver and Wayne tagged was at GCW So Evil in Detroit, Michigan. Wayne tags in Oliver again and continues to work over the smaller Dante Leon, they try for a double suplex but Leon blocks it for a moment, once he’s up he hits Oliver with a knee strike and hits Wayne with a suplex of his own, Oliver knocks Ninja off the apron to continue the beat down on Leon. They go for another double suplex but he reverses into a sliced bread into a DDT; Leon tags in Nina Mack who runs wild on Wayne and Oliver, he hits the Ninja Mack Special onto Nick Wayne and Leon hits Oliver with a dive on the other side of the ring. The crowd is going nuts for these two stars. Mack tags in Leon and they work over Nick Wayne, Leon hits a package piledriver but the pin attempt was broken up from Jordan Oliver who flew in from the top rope. The crowd is chanting ‘go ninja go ninja go’ as these two teams face off in the center of the ring with each team eventually getting the better of each other. Oliver hits a stunner suplex combo for a two count as Nick Wayne flies over the top rope taking out Ninja Mack on the floor. Ninja Mack goes for a shooting star press but gets caught with a cutter from Nick Wayne. Leon comes to the rescue and they work over Wayne with their high flying offense, culminating with a 630 from Ninja Mack who pins Dante Leon. This match was a sprint and it was a fantastic opener that set the bar high for the rest of the card tonight.

Ninja Mack and Dante Leon Defeat Nick Wayne and Jordan Oliver

Singles Match: John Wayne Murdoch vs. ASF

Weapons used: Steel Chair, Door

This is John Wayne Murdoch’s first match back in Game Changer Wrestling since he lost his American Deathmatch Championship to his tag-team partner, Reed Bentley. John continues to call out Alex Colon and GCW management because he wants a rematch with Colon at Spring Break. So far no offer has been laid out yet. John Wayne Murdoch wearing a Paper Champion shirt featuring GCW Ultraviolent Champion Alex Colon.

“Alex Colon is a bitch who’s always been ducking me, I invited Alex to Dallas tonight but he said he’s leaving the country and that shit was cancled and he still isnt here,and then Mathew Justice steps up, I respect him hes a tough motherfucker, but he’s not fucking here (crowd boos), I dont know if its brain damage or what but he couldn’t seem to get on the fucking plane (more boos), you know I love Texas I do, but is there anybody in this fucking state willing to fight me, is there anyone in that lockeroom willing to fight me.”

ASF’s music hits to a stunned crowd.

“Listen, who the fuck are you, (crowd chants ASF), what the fuck does that even stand for”

ASF takes the mic (speaks spanish) and calls John Wayne Murdoch a bitch and says he will out wrestle him.

JWM throws the much smaller ASF into a chair in the corner and starts to beat down ASF with a steel chair, JWM sits in the steel chair as ASF reels on the canvas, he goes for a pin but ASF kicks out. JWM bails to the floor and brings in a door from under the ring, he goes to bring it into the door, ASF hits a dropkick with the door hitting JWM in the face, and hits a series of dives into the JWM. JWM hits a back suplex planting ASF’s head on the seat of the steel chair and once again works ASF with another steel chair. ASF sets Murdoch up on a chair and goes for a springboard move but JWM catches him and plants him on the chair for a two count. ASF hits some explosive and hits a Death valley Driver through a chair for a two count on the Duke of Hardcore. The crowd is chanting ‘fuck him up’ towards ASF who brings a door into the ring; he sets it up in the corner but he gave too much time to JWM who kicks him in the stomach and props the door up on the second rope. ASF evades lands feet first onto the door and hits a springboard DDT for a two count, he climbs back up on the door, JWM cuts him off with a series of headbuts and hits a DDT through the door for the victory. This was a very fun match. It’s always great when you can see Deathmatch guys work a normal match and PROVE that they also can go in that variety as well. John Wayne Murdoch captures his first victory in this run in GCW.

John Wayne Murdoch Defeats ASF

GCW Extreme Title Match: AJ Gray (champion) vs. Allie Katch

AJ Gray was unable to compete last night due to travel issues and Allie Katch was the one who stepped up and took his place in the match against Mysterious Q. It was a very fun and solidly paced match that saw Allie Katch get the pinfall victory over the much bigger Mysterious Q. Tonight she faces the Extreme Title holder and if their past in ring interactions are any indicator, this match is going to be VERY hard hitting. Texas Native Allie Katch gets a massive ovation from her home state crowd. The crowd starts ‘Fuck’em up Allie Fuck’em up”, AJ takes issue to this and starts his offense on Allie Katch, the two continue to trade and attemp various submission holds as Allie catches AJ in an armbreaker but AJ is able to get to the ropes as they two regroup. Katch hits an inverted DDT onto AJ for a two count and starts to work him over with a front face lock, Katches hits some chops on Gray who asks if that’s all she’s got. Gray catches her with a leg lariat as he starts to work over Katch with hard chops. AJ fakes for the chop to the chest and hits her in the leg as he struts in the ring (crowd boos). AJ whips her into the ropes and mocks Allie Katch as she reels in pain on the mat. He boot scrapes her a couple times, chops her and props her on the top rope; he attempts a superplex but Katch slides down and hits a powerbomb. (Crowd Chanting Allie) as she goes for her hip attack/cannonball combination for a two count. AJ Gray calls for the lariat but Katch cuts him off with a lariat of her own and sends him over the top rope and hits a modified form of a piledriver for an attempted pin. AJ muscles up but Katch is able to hit a big lariat for a two count. Katch goes for a piledriver but AJ hits an enziguri followed by a side suplex and another leg lariat/brainbuster but she kicks out again. Gray hits a lariat for a close two count, he ascends to the top turnbuckle but Katch crotches him on the top, repositions him, but AJ hits a top rope sidewalk slam for the victory. Allie Katch danced with fate but was unable to pull out the victory.

AJ Gray Retains the GCW Extreme TItle Defeating Allie Katch

Post Match:

AJ Gray is handed a beer and called Katch back into the ring and they share the beer together. AJ leaves Katch alone in the ring as she soaks in the adulation of her home state crowd.

The crowd is very hot tonight and it looks like their biggest crowd so far in Dallas.

Singles Match: Mike Bailey vs. Jimmy Lloyd

Jimmy Lloyd competed in a 4 way Steel Cage Deathmatch, tonight he’s going to wrestle a completely different style and do it flawlessly as always. The Mark Loretta of Game Changer Wrestling strikes again. Whatever you need him to do, he does it amazingly. Jimmy Lloyd is an unsung hero of Game Changer Wrestling. Last time we saw Mike Bailey was in a losing effort against Tony Deppen at You Will on January, 15, 2022, in Chicago, IL. This is another first time match up. As commentary notes this is a great opportunity for Jimmy Lloyd to once again prove that he’s more than a Deathmatch Wrestler. Lloyd offers Bailey his chin and plants a forearm into Lloyd’s face, both men exchange forearm shots with Bailey getting the advantage. Lloyd gets kicked in the chest but fires up and sends Bailey into the ropes as they engage in some lucha. Bailey hits a flipping senton onto Lloyd who is splayed outside of the ring. There is a boxing ring in the arena and Bailey leaps off the apron and hits a double stomp onto Jimmy Lloyd, they go back into the ring and Bailey hits a series of forearm strikes. They exchange forearms in the center of the ring with both men standing their ground, both men try to take each other off their feet. Lloyd hits a stiff forearm but Bailey returns with a series of kicks, Bailey gets sent into the ropes and is cut off by a big dropkick from Lloyd, Jimmy hits a dragon suplex for a two count, Lloyd goes for a dive, Bailey leaps to the top rope who then hits a springboard moonsault taking out Jimmy Lloyd on the floor. Bailey hits a shooting star knee drop onto Lloyd for the victory. Another amazing outing for Mike Bailey and another homerun for Jimmy Lloyd.

Mike Bailey Defeats Jimmy Lloyd

There’s a man in a green flannel who’s having the time of his life tonight.

this man got in multiple wrestlers faces and told them to "SEEK AND DESTROY" and it was the most awesome shit i heard in mad long https://t.co/Mk5CgpixY0

— emil (@TheEmilJay) February 6, 2022

Dream Match: Psycho Clown vs. Gringo Loco

Both men come to the ring to massive ovations.

Gringo Loco grabs the mic

“You might be a be a big fucking super star in mexican but youre in my house tonight bitch. (inaudible), I got one more suprise for you tonight bitch, Falls Count Anywhere”

Psycho Loco grabs the mic and gets the crowd on his side and declares himself Psycho Loco, he speaks spanish as the crowd goes wild.

They lock up and start working each other over with various power and lucha based moves. Clown sends Loco to the floor as they start brawling, Clown hits Gringo with a ladies purse and sends him flying several rows back into the seats. They go back into the ring and Loco gets the advantage over Clown but it doesn’t last long as Clown is able to power out and hits a tope between the turnbuckles taking out Loco on the floor. Clown grabs a chair and starts working over Loco with the chair, Clown hops back into the ring and tries to go for a tope but Loco cuts him off with a chair to the head. Clown is stunned on the floor as he continues to work over Clown, rolls him back into the ring and rips his mask in half. The crowd is booing and chanting ‘Fuck you Gringo’, Gringo hits Clown over the head with a steel chair as the crowd jeers in both Spanish and English. Clown is now bleeding as he gets kicked in the head and sent to the floor. Loco backs Clown down as they fight on either side of the ring leaving a bloodstain on the white ring post. The crowd is firmly behind Psycho Clown as Loco starts biting the bleeding head of the half masked Clown. Loco places him on the top rope, pulls the hair out of the mask, Clown fights him off and hits a massive crossbody for a 2 count. Gringo Loco props a door up on the chairs outside of the ring and he follows Clown back into the ring. Clown hits a string of lucha based offense for a two count, he hits a twisting dive to the floor sending himself and Loco through the door. Clown threatens the ref with half of the door but decides to hit Loco with the half of the door and crotches Loco on the bloody ring post. Clown breaks the other half of the broken door over Loco’s head, Loco comes up bloody as he’s paraded around the ring and sent flying through several rows of chairs. The crowd is going wild for Psycho Clown as they go back into the ring and he continues to work over Loco with the chair followed by a face wash. Clown sets a chair up on Loco’s balls and hits the legs of the chair with another chair sending Loco reeling but he’s still able to kick out. The crowd is chanting Psycho Loco as they trade shots in the center of the ring, Gringo Loco’s face is covered with blood. Gringo hits a superkick runs the ropes but is cut off by Clown who hits his own kick and a powerslam for a two count. Gringo hits a spinning draping DDT for a two count as he searches for what else he can throw at the Lucha Libre Legend. Clown grabs a door and chair from underneath the ring and runs after Loco with the door and sets it up underneath the indoor Field Goal Post, Gringo hits Clown over the head with a chair and is laid out on the door. Gringo climbs to the second floor of the building and onto the Field Goal Post and hits a swanton bomb onto Clown through the door. Clown hits Gringo with a chair and climbs to the second floor and hits a massive cross body onto Loco taking him out to the roar of the crowd. Clown is in control of the match as they make their way back to the ring, Clown hits an air raid crash through a chair for a two count, Clown brings another door and pair of chairs into the ring hits Loco with a chair and sets up another door bridge in the corner, the crowd is chanting Psycho but Loco hits him with a low blow laying out Clown on the door and Loco goes to the floor and grabs a bundle of tubes and places across Clown’s chest, Clown gets up bashes the tubes over Loco’s head and over his own he hits a spanish fly through the door and pins Gringo Loco.

Another star making performance from Gringo Loco who switched it up and went hardcore tonight with some of his offense. This was an absolutely incredible match, it’s a must watch.

Psycho Clown Defeated Gringo Loco


Scramble Match: Deranged vs. Grim Reefer vs. Atticus Cogar vs. Alex Zanye vs. Dark Sheik

The insanity continues as we kick off the second half of the show with an insane scramble match. After making his Houston debut last night the 22-year veteran and breakout GCW star, Grim Reefer, makes his Dallas, Texas debut. The ref calls for the opening bell as this match gets underway, Cogar tells everyone to go fuck themselves as he eats superkicks from the rest of the competitors. Zayne and Sheik start beating up Deranged and Reefer with various tandem offenses, Sheik gets the best of Zayne, bows in the ring and is taken out by the returning Grim Reefer who slams her. Zayne recovers and starts working over Reefer and Deranged but is cut off by Atticus Cogar who runs wild hitting some high flying offense taking out every single competitor in the match as the crowd gets behind him. Deranged hits a dive to the floor, Sheik hits a trust fall and, Reefer lights up, Cogar grabs the joint and stomps it out on the apron but is taken out by Alex Zayne who hits a flipping DDT onto the floor taking out Cogar, Sheik, and Deranged. Zayne throws Cogar back into the ring, places him onto the top rope, tries for a suplex, but Cogar cuts him off by biting his hand. He goes to suplex Zayne to the outside of the ring but Sheik and Reefer jump in and hit a tandem superplex, not everyone had the best landing. Cogar retrieves the skewers from his pocket and Reefer grabs another joint from his pocket, lights it up and attacks Atticus Cogar and the rest of the competitors in the match while smoking the joint. Reefer grabs Cogar’s head and puts the joint out on his head, Cogar writhes in pain but the pin is broken up by the other members of the match. Deranged hits Reefer with some athletic offense but Zayne pulls him to the floor before he can go for a pinfall. Reefer hits a piledriver on Deranged but is cut off by Zanye who hits a kneelift onto Reefer and hits Deranged with some offense; before Zayne can go for the pin Cogar comes in and sends him shoulder first into the ring post and pins Deranged.

Atticus Cogar wins the Scramble Match

Post Match:

Cogar skewers Alex Zayne and leaves the ring

Singles Match: Laredo Kid vs. Blake Christian

First time singles match up between these two exceptional athletes as they start off in a spring exchanging various Lucha evasion as they wrestle to a stalemate. They soak in the adulation of the crowd as they once again go back to work, Christian runs in and hits some strikes onto Kid but is cut off quickly as Laredo Kid gets the advantage and hits a pair of massive dives in ring and to the floor taking out Blake Christian. Blake Christian hits a double stomp across the neck of Laredo Kid, he pulls Laredo back into the ring with a stiff waist lock as Christian hits some superkicks on the prone Laredo. They exchange a series of near falls with both men engaging in some stunning Lucha sequences. Laredo Kid rushes into the corner on a prone Blake Christian, Christian side steps him sending Laredo flying to the floor; Christian goes wild with a series of massive dives to the floor ending with Christian inadvertently stomping on Laredo Kid’s head. Back in the ring Laredo gets the advantage and hits a michinoku driver, followed by a middle rope splash. He tires again but is cut off and Christian runs wild on Laredo Kid. The pace of this match would make Sunday Silence and Easy Goer jealous. They are battling on the ropes and Kid hits a second rope springboard cutter for a two count, Blake Christian kicks out at 2 as Laredo Kid argues with the ref that that was 3. Blake Christian gets Laredo Kid in the 619 position and hits a middle rope 619 to Laredo’s knees followed by a giant frog splash for another 2 count. Blake Christian doesn’t know what to do next but still climbs to the top rope, Laredo gets back on his feet, kicks Christian’s head and hits some sort of flipping maneuver. Blake Christian landed weird. They go back onto the top rope and Christian hits a top rope hurricanrana followed by a flipping DDT and pins Laredo Kid.

Blake Christian Defeats Laredo Kid

Emil J hypes up the crowd with various Collective announcements as he announces its time for the main event.

Dream Match: Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Joey Janela

Both men come to the ring to massive ovations, The Doctor is making his debut in Game Changer Wrestling. Before they lock up the crowd chants this is awesome, Dr. Wagner flips off Janela as the crowd continues to go crazy which splits into a 50/50 chant for each man. Janela and Wagner continue to tease a lock up but they end up flipping each other off. Janlea starts to work over the arm of Dr. Wagner’s shoulder who escapes to the ropes. Janela then gets his shoulder worked over by the Lucha Libre Legend who takes down Janela, tying up his legs and lands some strikes on the prone Janela. The two men compete in a test of strength but it gets broken up before someone can win when Dr. Wagner kicks Janlea in the leg. Wagner tries to attack the ref but he begs off, scared for his life as Wagner soaks it in. They tie up once again with Wagner getting the better of Janela who bails to the outside to regroup. Kevin Gill mentions that he hopes one day we can get Joey Janela Jr. vs. Dr. Wagner III. The crowd is ‘Fuck’em up Joey, Fuck’em” Wagner lands a stiff forearm shot to Janela’s jaw as the two men starts tee off on each others chest with stiff strikes they battle it out until Janela thumbs Wagner’s eye. Wagner keeps taunting Janela asking if that’s all he’s got; both men’s chests are bright red as Wagner kicks Janela in the face and goes for a pin attempt, he once again takes issue with the ref admonishing him for his counting style. Janela goes for a cross body to the floor but Wagner side steps, sending Joey flying into the second row of chairs. Wagner throws Janela back into the ring and hits a senton for a two count. Janela is starting to get worn down as he gets tied in a submission, but he’s able to fight his way out of the hold as he bails to the floor. Wagner Jr. hits Janela over the head with a chair, sending Janela writhing on the floor; they battle towards the front door and towards the merch table. Joey is bleeding from the chairshot to the head, Janela clears the lane, runs and clears the merch table taking out Dr. Wagner Jr. They go back inside the ring, Janela has a chair inside the ring and hits Wagner with a Death Valley Driver, Wagner is able to fire back up and locks in The Gory Special as blood runs down the Bad Boy’s face as he refuses to give up. Janela grabs a door from underneath the ring and props it up outside of the ring, he beats up Wagner and slumps him onto the door. Janela climbs to the top rope and hits a dive from the ring post through the door, but Wagner was able to get out of the way. Wagner now goes underneath the ring and retrieves another door as Janela leaks on the floor as he tries to recover. Wagner sends Janela back into the ring and gets caught with a series of superkicks. Janela sets up the door bridging it on the chairs, beats up Wagner and places him on the propped up door; the fans are chanting for both of these wrestlers as Janela goes to the top rope and hits an elbow drop and covers Dr. Wagner Jr for a two count. Janela is LEAKING. He sets up four chairs with an upside down chair on top, Janela goes for a top rope maneuver but Wagner throws Janela on top of the chair structure and pins Janela. Another incredible match.

Dr. Wagner Jr. Defeats Joey Jaela

Post Match:

Dr. Wagner cuts a promo in spanish and the crowd goes crazy.

Psycho Clown interrupts Dr. Wagner Jr. who throws some chairs in the ring as Dr. Wagner asks “Who invited you? Who invited you? Who invited you? Hey Motherfucker! Take it easy, Hey Motherfucker! You and Me Singles match right here, I only need 5min to beat you motherfucker. You and me Mask vs. Hair.” Psycho Clown enters the ring and the two men have to be separated as the fans chant ‘let them fight’, as Dr. Wagner Jr. stands tall in the ring.

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