GCW in Liverpool Results: "Must-see match" between Blake Christian and Leon Slater

Originally published at GCW in Liverpool Results: "Must-see match" between Blake Christian and Leon Slater

GCW in Liverpool 2023

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Hangar 34

Liverpool, Merseyside, England 

Recommend Match: Leon Slater vs. Blake Christian is a must-watch match, they told an incredible story and every move meant something.  The main event is also a must-watch for any Deathmatch fan. Incredible performance by everyone on this card. 

Tag Team Match: The Boys (Jimmy Lloyd and Starboy Charlie) vs. CPF (Joe Lando and Danny Black)

Lando and Charlie began the match with a feeling-out process, during which neither man was able to gain a significant advantage. They exchanged pin attempts and reversals. Lando connected with an uppercut and then tagged in Black. The CPF (presumably a team name) executed a combination of tag team moves, but they could only secure a two-count. However, CPF experienced a miscommunication, allowing Charlie to make the hot tag to Jimmy Lloyd. Jimmy went on a rampage against both opponents, coming close to pinning Lando. He delivered two leg drops to Lando, followed by repeated knee strikes to his back. Lando managed to create some separation, but Jimmy responded with a clothesline and tagged in Charlie.

Now it was The Boy’s turn to execute some tag team maneuvers. Charlie struck Lando in the back of the head with a powerful lariat. They engaged in standing switches, and eventually, Charlie performed a deep arm drag on Lando. Lando attempted to escape, but Charlie maintained his hold on Lando’s arm. With Lando grounded, Starboy executed a standing shooting star press, followed by another lariat. However, Charlie accidentally hit Lloyd with a Poisonrana, and Black took advantage by delivering a stunner to Lloyd on the floor.

The CPF then hit Charlie with a shooting star cutter, but Jimmy managed to break up the pin attempt just in time. Lloyd fell victim to a Capo kick by Black. Black attempted a dive, but Jimmy halted him with a superkick and then tombstoned him on the entrance ramp. Charlie executed a cosmic twist on Lando, but somehow, Lando managed to get his shoulder up at the last second. In the end, Charlie and Lloyd finished off Lando with a double stomp tombstone for the victory.

The Boys Defeated CPF 

Non-Title Singles Match: JCW Champion Jordan Oliver vs. Man Like DeReiss

DeReiss backed Oliver into the corner and played some mind games, but the fans remained firmly behind the East Coast Ace. They engaged in a Greco-Roman knuckle lock, and Oliver managed to bridge out of it. DeReiss climbed on top, but Oliver wouldn’t break his bridge, displaying incredible core strength. Returning to a standing position, Oliver backed DeReiss into the corner, and they battled for control, with Oliver eventually taking DeReiss down using a big arm drag, followed by a side headlock. DeReiss reversed it, taking Oliver down with a powerful shoulder tackle. They both evaded each other’s moves, but DeReiss executed an arm drag of his own, initiating an assault on Oliver’s arm and shoulder.

Oliver created some separation and caught DeReiss with a crossbody, then followed up with chops and boots in the corner. Oliver continued to work over DeReiss’s arms, delivering two more big boots in the corner. Oliver stacked DeReiss on the top rope and attempted an Acid Drop, but DeReiss escaped and countered with a big fall-away slam followed by a lariat. DeReiss leaped off the top rope, turning Oliver inside out with a Blockbuster, but Oliver managed to kick out at two. The crowd was engaged throughout the entire match, chanting and singing for both competitors.

Oliver made a comeback with a big lariat, prompting the referee to start a 10-count as both men tried to recover on the mat. They eventually reached their feet and exchanged rapid-fire chops. Oliver connected with a big boot and another Acid Drop, but DeReiss kicked out at the last second. Oliver then hit DeReiss with the Kleopatra followed by another boot, but DeReiss responded with a cutter of his own. Oliver signaled for the Cloutcutter, but DeReiss caught him out of mid-air and executed a Blue Thunder Bomb for another near fall. DeReiss leveled Oliver with a brutal uppercut, making it difficult for Oliver to get back on his feet. DeReiss helped him up, which gave Oliver the opportunity to hit him with a series of chops, transitioning into the fish-out-of-water spot. Oliver finally secured the victory with a Cloutcutter in an excellent back-and-forth match that kept the crowd engaged from start to finish.

JCW Champion Jordan Oliver Defeated Man Like DeReiss 

Singles Match: Joey Janela vs. Blue Kane

Jimmy Lloyd joined the commentary team. Jimmy is underrated at everything he does

The match began with Joey throwing some big right hands, but Blue Kane no-sold them. Joey attempted to take Blue Kane off his feet with a series of shoulder tackles, but he couldn’t bring down the big man. Kane goozled Joey and sent him to the floor. Kane stalked Joey around the ring and then went backstage. Kane summoned his snow with his arms, prompting Joey to put on his ring jacket due to the frigid temperatures. He then lit Kane up with two superkicks as Kane returned to his feet.

Joey quickly fled back into the ring and was met with a classic Kane-style uppercut followed by a big boot. Kane climbed to the top rope, but Joey managed to knock him off and began beating him with his jacket. Joey punched Kane repeatedly, but Kane kept kicking out at one. Joey then locked in a sleeper hold, causing Kane to start fading, but he came back to life in time to slam Joey into the corner and hit him with a sidewalk slam.

Kane returned to the top rope and connected with a clothesline to Joey. However, Joey managed to escape a chokeslam attempt and countered with a DDT on Kane, using a steel chair for added impact. Despite the DDT on the chair, Kane kicked out. Joey threw the chair at Kane’s face, but Kane sat up once again. Joey resorted to a chair-assisted double stomp to finally put down the Big Blue Machine.

A classic Janela match. 

Joey Janela Defeated Blue Kane 

Triple Threat Match: Arez vs. Latigo vs. Gringo Loco 

The action picked up right away as you’d expect with all three men evading each other with various Lucha offenses, they eventually all stood in the center of the ring as the crowd chanted for GCW and Lucha. Arez and Gringo hit Latigo with a double superkick which sent him to the floor, Arez and Loco squared off, and Arez hit him with a big arm drag followed by a big tilt-a-whirl head scissors on Loco and repeated head kicks to Latigo. Loco tried to break it up but ate kicks of his own, followed by his beautiful running foot stomps and a huge step-up plancha to the floor. Arez sent Latigo back into the ring and caught him with a big crossbody and a Pele. Arez tied Latigo up in the ropes, and Loco broke it up and locked Arez in the tarantula, Loco went to the top and was caught by Latigo who sent him to the floor and he hit a moonsault on Arez then a huge tope onto Loco that sent him flying into the second row. Latigo isolated Arez in the ring and hit him with a hard chop, Gringo returned and hit a moonsault into an arm drag and took the fight to Arez in the corner. Latigo fired up and took out both Gringo and Arez with vertical suplexes but they weren’t enough to them away. Arez lit Gringo up in the corner with a series of chops and stacked him up in the corner, Loco pushed Arez off and caught him with a springboard cutter. Arez was able to pop back up and took out Latigo with a Poisonrana and a series of forearm strikes. Arez took everyone out on the floor with a big step-up moonsault and continued his dominance with another series of chops to Latigo. Latigo and Arez battled on the top rope, Latigo hit Arez with a top rope DVD and Loco came off the other turnbuckle with a twisting Swanton, Latigo put Arez on his shoulders and Loco came off the top rope with a double jump Canadian destroyer, and then a Base Bomb on Latigo for the victory. 

Gringo Loco Defeated Arez and Latigo

GCW Ultraviolent Championship Deathmatch: GCW Ultraviolent Champion Rina Yamashita vs. Session Moth Martina

Moth appeared apprehensive about facing Rina and decided to lay on her back for the pin. However, Rina pulled Moth up at the count of 2, and Moth pleaded for mercy as she retreated to the floor. Moth then produced a bundle of roses and offered them to Rina, who accepted the gesture before promptly smashing Moth over the head with the roses.

Rina attempted a powerbomb, but once again, Moth managed to escape to the floor. This time, Moth retrieved a beer and grabbed a box of chocolates, only to have Rina use the chocolates to strike her over the head. Rina then armed herself with a tube, and Moth responded by grabbing another beer, even though getting hit with a light tube is healthier than drinking.

Moth tried to take Rina off her feet, but Rina caught her and executed a powerful slam. Rina went for a jumping elbow drop, but Moth evaded it. Moth also ducked a series of lariats and swept Rina off her feet, but Rina quickly countered with a dropkick and a tube to Moth’s head. Rina broke a tube over her own head and used the broken end to inflict damage on Moth. Moth attempted to fight back with weak shots, but Rina swiftly planted her, delivered repeated curb stomps, and leveled her with a forearm strike.

Rina then grabbed a Can-Do-Stick and swung wildly but missed. Moth capitalized by striking Rina with the stick and cutting her in half with a spear. Moth followed up with a twisting suplex, but Rina managed to kick out at 2. Moth climbed to the top rope, but Rina recovered and struck Moth over the head with the tubes, taking her off the top with a big superplex. Rina went for the cover but pulled Moth up at the last moment to prolong the punishment.

Moth eventually created some separation and locked Rina in a submission hold. Rina managed to break free, and they engaged in a rapid exchange of forearm shots in the center of the ring. Rina took Moth off her feet with another lariat and once again pulled her up at 2.

Rina set up a board with carpet strips in the corner and sent Moth crashing through it with a Death Valley Driver, but Moth still kicked out at 2. Rina then stacked a bundle of tubes in the center of the ring and hit Moth with the Splash Mountain for the victory.

Rina Yamashita Retained the GCW Ultraviolent Championship

Trios Tag Team Match: Team Mayfair vs. THRUSSY

EFFY dumped Team Mayfair out of the ring and faced off against the big man in the center of the ring. EFFY found herself in a goozle, but she fought her way out of the chokeslam attempt and landed a pump kick. Sheik connected with a series of kicks on Ellis, who eventually made the tag to Mayfair. Katch tagged herself in as well. Katch executed a Lou Thesz press, but Mayfair countered, and Sheik and EFFY entered the ring to break up the action. All six of them started brawling inside the ring, with Katch and Mayfair pairing off on the floor, while Sheik took everyone down with consecutive dives outside the ring. Ellis tripped Sheik, which distracted Katch, leading to her eating a lariat to the back of her head from Mayfair. Mulligan then stomped away at Katch in the corner, and Mayfair tagged himself back in as the crowd chanted for Katch.

Ellis poked EFFY and Sheik in the eyes, allowing Team Mayfair to maintain control over Allie. Eventually, Allie made the hot tag to EFFY, who cleared the ring by executing a double blockbuster and delivering a forearm to Mulligan. EFFY connected with two pump kicks on Ellie and Mayfair, then hit Ellis with “Under the Rainbow,” followed by a TKO onto Mayfair for a close near fall.

Ellis and Mayfair blocked a double suplex attempt on EFFY, but EFFY responded with a double “Sack Ryder” and then tagged in Sheik. Sheik missed with a double leg drop, and Mayfair kicked her in the gut, but she somehow created some separation and hit a series of double stomps on Ellie and Mayfair, followed by a top-rope Rana onto Mulligan.

Katch and EFFY returned to the ring, but Sheik was caught coming off the top rope with a chokeslam, and Ellie hit Katch with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a close near fall. Ellis and Katch traded punches in the center of the ring. Katch caught Mulligan with a big kick to the side of his head and leveled Ellis with a jumping knee strike. With all three men in separate corners, she executed her running hip attack combination followed by a heatseeker on Ellis. She went for the pin, but Mayfair intervened by kissing Katch. The crowd chanted for HR as Katch caught Ellis with a piledriver for the victory.

Katch carried most of the match and delivered an outstanding performance, with the crowd solidly behind her throughout. It was an impressive showing from the longtime GCW star.

THRUSSY Defeated Team Mayfair 

Singles Match: Tony Deppen vs. Masha Slamovich

They began with a feeling-out process, with Tony allowing Masha to get back up to her feet after easily taking her down. Masha then offered her back, and they engaged in a Greco-Roman knuckle lock exchange, with Masha gaining the early advantage. She attempted to bring Tony down with a big shoulder tackle but was unable to do so, she improvised by tripping him and following it up with a lariat for a close near fall.

Masha received a kick to the head and a subsequent dropkick that sent her to the floor. Deppen teased a dive but stopped short, instead dropping Masha throat-first onto the ring apron. Masha missed with a strike, and Tony took advantage by stretching her out and imploring her to tap out. Despite Tony’s control, Masha managed to get up and over on a suplex attempt, countering with a combination of knee strikes and big boots. She furthered her offense with a spinning wheel kick, but Tony kicked out at 2.

Deppen retaliated with a stiff forearm, but Masha fought back and locked him in a sleeper, followed by a regal suplex for another close near fall. With the crowd firmly in Masha’s corner, she executed a short-range double foot stomp for a two-count. Masha rushed in, but Tony caught her with a kick to the back of her head, followed by a knee strike to her head. He then performed a sit-out powerbomb, and Masha narrowly got her shoulders up before the referee counted to three. The crowd continued to rally behind Masha as Deppen patiently awaited her return to her feet.

Deppen missed a big kick, allowing Masha to unleash a flurry of offense. She hit him with a gut-wrench powerbomb, but Deppen managed to kick out at 2. Deppen answered with a massive knee strike, followed by a half-nelson suplex and a running double knee in the corner. Although Deppen dragged her into the center of the ring, Masha was still able to get her shoulder up. Deppen dodged a running knee and landed one of his own, followed by a Tombstone Piledriver. Remarkably, Masha kicked out just in the nick of time. Masha completed her comeback with a big spin kick, followed by a package piledriver for the victory.

Masha Slamovich Defeated Tony Deppen

GCW World Championship Match: GCW World Champion Blake Christian vs. Leon Slater

The crowd initiated a chant of ‘All Shart’ at Blake Christian, which was a good bit. Blake launched an early attack on Slater, focusing on Leon’s shoulder by driving him into the turnbuckle and slamming his shoulder into the mat. As Slater attempted to mount some offense, the crowd chanted “fuck you, Blake.” However, Blake responded with a head kick and repeated kicks to Slater’s shoulder. Christian agilely evaded Slater’s offense, and the speed at which both men executed their moves made it challenging to provide a detailed recap. This match truly showcases their incredible athleticism, making it a must-watch.

Slater countered with a series of chest chops on Blake while they were on the floor, gaining momentum before delivering a big boot to Christian outside the ring. Slater continued to demonstrate his skills as the crowd cheered for him, leaping over the barricade and connecting with a devastating lariat on Christian. He then rolled Christian back into the ring and climbed to the top rope. However, Christian caught Slater on the top rope with a jumping kick, followed by a big arm wringer from the top rope.

Slater retreated to the floor to recover from the damage inflicted on his shoulder. The referee checked on Slater as Christian waited in the ring. Slater eventually reentered the ring, but Christian wasted no time attacking his shoulder again with another arm wringer and using the ropes to stretch it. The crowd expressed their discontent with Christian with chants of “Fuck you, Blake,” as he continued to punish Slater’s arm by tying it up in the barricade and wrapping it around the ring post. Christian applied a bridging key lock, and the referee kept checking on Slater’s injured shoulder.

Christian delivered a big boot to Slater’s jaw and returned to stretching Slater’s already injured shoulder. He then locked in an armbar, but Slater used his long legs to reach the ropes, forcing the break. Christian persisted, relentlessly targeting Slater’s arm, even performing the Penta arm snap spot, which elicited a “Fuck You, Blake” chant from the sold-out Liverpool crowd.

Slater avoided Christian’s curb stomp attempt and responded with a couple of big punches and a powerful cutter in the center of the ring. Leon created an opportunity for himself with a well-executed dropkick directly to Christian’s jaw, followed by a massive pump kick. However, the Champion managed to kick out. Slater went for a splash in the corner, but Christian got his boots up and executed a deep arm drag, followed by a jumping arm breaker. Christian then hit Slater with a knee strike to the face, but Slater still managed to get his shoulder up at the last second. Slater struck back with a boot, but Christian countered with a superkick. Still, Slater surprised Christian with a Blue Thunder Bomb.

Christian recovered and connected with a handspring kick, followed by a big dive to the floor. Christian rolled Slater back into the ring and hit him with a springboard 450, but Slater kicked out just in time. Christian accidentally hit the referee with a Capo Kick. Slater capitalized by hitting Christian with a Blue Thunder Bomb, resulting in a visual pinfall. Slater, frustrated, attempted to wake up the referee, but Christian tried to leave the ring. Slater, determined, performed a corner-to-corner tope on the floor, then repeated the maneuver with a dropkick.

Slater climbed to the top rope and executed a 450, but the referee’s slow count allowed Blake to kick out or hit Slater low (unclear from the description). Christian was the first to rise to his feet and locked in a crossface chicken wing. Slater lost consciousness, and Christian dumped him, following up with a curb stomp to retain his GCW Championship.

Blake Christian Retained the GCW World Championship

Tag Team Deathmatch: Clint Margera and Big F’n Joe vs. Los Macizos 

Right from the start, Ciclope blasted Joe with a bundle of tubes, while Miedo took down Clint and slammed him with a spinebuster. Joe was taken off his feet with a double back elbow, and Miedo and Ciclope hit him with various tag team maneuvers. Joe found himself isolated in the ring, but he managed to break through a tube and deliver a double chokeslam to Los Macizos.

Joe then grabbed a tube and broke it over Ciclope’s head, following up with a tube-assisted suplex. Margera returned to the ring and hit Ciclope with a tube-assisted leg drop. Together, Margera and Joe executed tag team offense on Miedo, and Margera added a tube-assisted sliding lariat. Meanwhile, Joe broke another tube across Miedo’s chest on the floor while Margera and Ciclope traded fists in the center of the ring.

Ciclope and Margera then engaged in a tube-breaking exchange, with both men smashing tubes over each other’s heads. The crowd went wild as these two unleashed their aggression. Margera slammed two gusset plates into Ciclope’s back and hit him with a Falcon Arrow onto a bundle of tubes.

Miedo returned to the ring with a Nerf gun that had thumbtacks on the end of the darts. However, Joe wrestled it away from Miedo and shot him in the head with a dart that landed PERFECTLY in Miedo’s forehead. He hit him with one in the back and then another in the shoulder, before taking a bottle of lemon juice out of his trunks and squirting Miedo with it. Jimmy Lloyd made an amusing call of “Pissing lemon juice all over Liverpool.”

Joe placed a forkboard in the center of the ring and attempted to piledrive Miedo onto it. Miedo briefly resisted, but Joe back body dropped him onto the pile of broken glass, only for Miedo to pop back up and assault Joe with vicious forearms, all while the dart remained firmly embedded in his forehead. Miedo then hit Joe with a big back suplex.

As all four men collapsed inside the ring, the crowd went wild for them. They all eventually got back to their feet and tried to attack each other with gussets. Joe and Clint initially gained the advantage and hammered the gussets into Los Macizos, but the tag team slammed a pair of gussets into Clint and Joe’s arm. Miedo brought a pane of glass into the ring with frosted dolphins on it and set it up in the corner.

They attempted to double suplex Margera into the pane of glass, but Joe broke it up, sent Ciclope to the floor, and dropkicked Miedo into the pane of glass. All four men were bleeding as they continued to battle each other. Clint hit Joe in the head with the tubes but responded quickly with a DDT on Ciclope. Clint then called for a light tube carpet strip contraption and set it up in the center of the ring.

Clint grabbed Ciclope, but Ciclope managed to reverse it, and Los Macizos hit Clint with a flap jack onto the contraption. Joe skewered Miedo’s head and hit Ciclope in the head with a tube. Joe then called for chairs and set up a pane of glass across them in the center of the ring. He stacked Ciclope up on the top rope, hit him in the head with a tube, and Miedo climbed up from behind Joe and got him in the electric chair position.

Ciclope hit Joe with a Doomsday Leg Drop through the pane of glass, which sliced Joe’s arm wide open. Joe showed off the gruesome injury to the camera as everyone watched in horror. Ciclope came off the top with a splash, but Joe continued to kick out. Ciclope tied the Mexican Flag around his neck like a cape and hit Joe with a tube-assisted splash for the victory.

This was an incredible, fast-paced, hard-hitting match that is a must-watch for any Deathmatch fan.

Los Macizos Defeated Big F’n Joe and Clint Margera