GCW In Too Deep: Joey Janela vs. Speedball, Murdoch vs. Radrick

Originally published at GCW In Too Deep: Joey Janela vs. Speedball, Murdoch vs. Radrick

GCW In Too Deep

Saturday, April 30, 2022, Carousel Room, Atlantic City, New Jersey

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Spoiler Free Match Recommendations:
Mike Bailey vs. Joey Janela
SGC vs. Bussy with Grim Reefer
Hoodfoot vs. AKIRA
John Wayne Murdoch vs. Cole Radrick
SLADE vs. Sawyer Wreck

GCW News:

2022 Deathmatch Hall of Fame:

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We kick off the #DMHoF22 updates with the announcement of a Midwest Deathmatch Icon!

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GCW Event Announcements:

This week GCW announced a slew of new dates for this summer.


GCW debuts in PROVIDENCE on Sunday, June 19th!

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GCW @ Fete
Sunday, June 19th – 4PM
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St. Louis, Missouri, July 1, 2022
Evansville, Indiana, July 3, 2022
Nashville, Tennessee, July 29, 2022
Charlotte, North Carolina, August 19, 2022

Tomorrow Night’s Card

GCW: Life Goes On
Sunday, May 1, 2022, Carousel Room, Atlantic City, New Jersey

Tag Team Match: Jordan Oliver and Nick Wayne vs. The SAT
Singles Match: Joey Janela vs. Masha Slamovich
GCW Tag Team Championship Match: BUSSY vs. The Rejects (John Wayne Murdoch and AKIRA )
Tournament of Survival Qualifying Match: Matt Tremont vs Brandon Kirk

Upcoming Shows:

GCW Maniac
Saturday, May 21, 2020 Los Angeles, California

Singles Match:
Bandido vs. Nick Wayne
Singles Match: LuFisto vs. Dark Sheik
Singles Match: Joey Janela vs. Drew Parker

GCW Downward Spiral
Saturday, May 28, 2022, Las Vegas, Nevada

Talent Announced: Allie Katch, Blake Christian, Drew Parker, Early Morning Guy Steele, EFFY, The Briscoe Brothers, Mance Warner, Matt Cardona, Matthew Justice, Mike Bailey, Nick Wayne, Rina Yamashita

GCW Tournament of Survival 7
Saturday, June 4, 2022, Atlantic City, New Jersey

Drew Parker, Rina Yamashita, Toru Sugiura

Sunday, June 5, 2022, Atlantic City, New Jersey

Cage of Survival:
GCW Ultraviolent Champion John Wayne Murdoch vs. TNT Extreme Division Champion Alex Colon

In Too Deep Results

Commentary: Dave Prazak, Emil J, and Nick Gage

Ring Announcer: Emil J


It’s one thing to watch these incredible athletes on Fite but seeing them live only adds to the feeling of awe that they are able to pull off these amazing feats of athleticism with such ease. ASF was over the entire match and is definitely going to be a major star sometime soon. All of the competitors had a chance to shine throughout the match, Mercer had ASF on his shoulders and started to walk the ropes, Gringo Loco met him halfway and connected with a beautiful Spanish fly which brought the crowd to their feet. Loco hit with a top rope spinebuster onto Shane Mercer for the victory.

Gringo Loco Won the 7-way Scramble

Singles Match: Jordan Oliver vs. Masha Slamovich

Even though Masha is a relative newcomer to the Game Changer Wrestling scene, she was able to win over the crowd at the conclusion of this match. The crowd was loud and engaged the entire time as they watched these two young athletes battle it out. The match started off at a slower pace with the competitors engaged in some chain wrestling to see who could get the advantage early on. Jordan continued to work over Masha until she caught him with a stomp to the chest followed by a cannonball to the floor. Later on, in the match Oliver regained control of the match and continued to beat down Masha, planting her in the center of the ring with a sit-out powerbomb for a very close nearfall. Masha hit Oliver with a Japanese ocean cyclone suplex on the ring apron but Oliver was still able to kick out. This was the point in the match that the crowd got fully engaged in the match as they knew they were witnessing a star-making performance from Masha. In the end, however, Oliver was to pin Masha with the orange crush.

Jordan Oliver Defeated Masha Slamovich

Singles Match: ACH vs. Alex Zayne

The match started off with dueling high-flying evasion to the delight of the crowd, ACH got the best of the exchange but Zayne quickly returned to the ring and sent ACH to the floor. Zayne cleared the top rope with a tope and wiped out ACH on the floor. There were dueling chants throughout the match as the two men showed off their athletic prowess with various high-flying moves. The match was hampered a little bit when Zayne slipped a couple of times on the ropes, causing the crowd to chant ‘you fucked up’, Zayne connected with the crunch wrap supreme from the victory. A very good match that had its issues in the end but it was still incredible to watch these two athletes compete in person.

Alex Zayne Defeated ACH

Trios Match: BUSSY and Grim Reefer vs. Second Gear Crew

SGC’s entrance is one of the more electric moments of the entire show; you cannot help but sing along with the masses as these two brawlers make their way to the ring. Both teams started brawling to start off the match, SGC rushed in for another round but they were sent to the floor as Reefer lit up a joint and passed it to EFFY and Allie Katch. Emil J noted that “it looks like he has a baseball bat rolled. Reefer and Katch take out SGC on the floor with a pair of dives, EFFY got caught by AJ Gray and Justice was hit with a double splash. Reefer returned to the ring to make the save still smoking the joint, he connected with a handful of offensive maneuvers but Justice and Mancer grounded him for a near fall. Mancer and Katch had a chop battle in the center of the ring, they each Sabu-ed a chair at each other’s head which dropped each other. EFFY retrieved a door from underneath the ring but was hit by a running Death Valley Driver, sending him through the door. Reefer and EFFY hit powerbombs and the recipients landed badly with AJ Gray coming up with a bloody nose. He looked to be in a high level of discomfort for the rest of the match as they went to the finish, SGC hit a doomsday clothesline for the victory.

SGC defeated BUSSY and Grim Reefer

Singles Match: Blake Christian vs. Biff Busick

Biff was one of the more over competitors of the entire night as the fans routinely chanted his theme song throughout the match-up with Blake Christian. The match started off slowly with some chain wrestling but the pace picked up quickly as Blake Christian went on a run of impressive offensive maneuvers catching Buskick by surprise. Throughout the match, Busick was trying to ground Blake with his more smashmouth style of wrestling but was only semi-successful. They brawled on the floor for a little bit, and the crowd was loving every moment of the action as it came towards them. Christian went for a chop but his hand collided with the ring post which allowed Biff to regain the advantage, laying in a series of chops and attempting a diver to the floor only to be cut off by Christian. Back in the ring Christian went for a springboard but Biff connected with a stiff forearm which swung the momentum back in Biff’s direction. Christian draped Biff over the top rope and hit him with a frog splash and a stomp for the victory.

Blake Christian Defeated Biff Busick

Post Match: Blake Christian called out Alex Shelley, Kushida, and Johnny Gargano

Singles Match: Joey Janela vs. Mike Bailey

The crowd was hot throughout this entire match as they knew they were able to see an amazing match that fully lived up to the hype. This match was incredible and further proved why both of these men are among the top wrestlers in the world, they were able to tell a story during the entirety of the match, with a series of forearm exchanges, kicks, strikes, and brawling on the floor. Each man got their chance to shine throughout this match with Joey getting the occasional advantage due to his size advantage. I was super excited for this match as this was my first time ever seeing Mike Bailey wrestle in person and he exceeded my expectations. He is such a fun wrestler to watch as he is so fluid in the ring with his strikes and dives. Joey and Bailey brawled on the merch table, they exchanged some strikes, Bailey grounded Janela and hit his moonsault double knees sending Joey crashing through the table to the floor. Later on, in the match they traded a series of near falls and strikes, Joey couldn’t find a move to fully put Joey away and he eventually caught the flamingo driver for the victory.

Speedball Mike Bailey Defeated Joey Janela

Charles Mason: Mason cut a meandering promo on the GCW fans and locker room, Nick Gage got involved at the production area but there wasn’t anything physical until Spyder Nate Webb made his way to the ring but was jumped by Mason who choked out Webb with his belt.

Tournament of Survival Qualifying Match: AKIRA vs. Hoodfoot

The match started off with a modest chop exchange with neither man getting the advantage so it was time to chop each other with Gusset plates. AKIRA was ripped open on the first shot across his chest, same with Hoodfoot’s shoulders, AKIRA kicked a gusset into Hoodfoot’s head causing him to leak. “Man look at that leak”-Nick Gage.

Hoodfoot set up a barbed-wire door on the floor, AKIRA went for a moonsault but no one was home, missing Hoodfoot and the barbed wire door. To make up for the lack of spot, AKIRA retrieved a board covered in gusset plates and hit a running cannonball taking out Hoodfoot. Hoodfoot stuck a gusset plate into the head of AKIRA causing him to leak and followed that up with a tube shot to the head. AKIRA threw a ladder into Hoodfoot’s head and connected with a tube-assisted running double knees for a two count. Hoodfoot went to the floor and retrieved a weedwhacker and weed-whacked AKIRA ’s back; AKIRA fired back and weed-whacked Hoodfoot’s chest and back. AKIRA ’s back was bleeding heavily following the weed whacking, it was pretty gross. AKIRA broke some glass in the center of the ring and connected with a series of kicks, but Hoodfoot slammed AKIRA right on the broken glass for a two count. Hoodfoot retrieved a chain and hit AKIRA with a lariat for the victory

Hoodfoot Qualified for Tournament of Survival 7

Tournament of Survival Qualifying Match: SLADE vs. Sawyer Wreck

The match started off in a hurry with Sawyer blasting SLADE with countless tubes in the opening seconds of the match. The crowd bought in immediately after this exchange as they realized they were about to see some fast-paced Deathmatch wrestling. After connecting with the tubes, Sawyer retrieved two gussets, put one in SLADE’s head, and put one in her own head. Sawyer then choked-slammed Slade on the cut can board, Slade followed back up with one of his own. Slade smashed a gusset into Sawyer’s head which allowed him to set up two chairs in the center of the ring and choke slammed her through the chairs. Not to be outdone; Sawyer emptied a box of tubes and choke slammed SLADE onto the mass of tubes for a two count. Slade caught her in a sleeper hold for the victory. A sprint of the match that had some great deathmatch wrestling and bloody spots.

SLADE Qualified for Tournament of Survival 7

GCW Ultraviolent Championship Match: John Wayne Murdoch (champion) vs. Cole Radrick

Before the match started, the great Jonesy distributed a bunch of ‘Radrick or Riot’ signs for the entire crowd. Cole Radrick came to the ring with JC Bailey-inspired gear. The match started with some chain wrestling before it broke down into light tube-filled fun; each man connected with various shots to the body. JWM took a shard and started carving away at Radrick’s head, JWM went to cut up Radrick’s ear which prompted Nick Gage to say “ah man you only need one ear anyway, you can still hear out of one.” Cole’s arm was pretty cut up by this point in the match, JWM threw a barbed wire board into Radrick’s arm, causing it to get stuck on his shoulder. JWM attempted to continue the onslaught with a Gusset plate but the tables were turned and Radrick added another scar to the already heavily scarred arm of The Duke. There was glass flying into the crowd with every tube shot, there were a pair of very young kids, probably 4th graders and one of the ends of the tubes came FLYING towards them. It didn’t phase them at all as they scampered off their chairs to retrieve the piece of broken glass. They presented it to one of the parents with the same pride a child has when they find a hermit crab on the beach. Every family is different LOL

Cole attempted to break a tube across the mouth of JWM two times, but with time JWM was able to cut him off every time with his veteran prowess. Cole continued his onslaught, laying JWM on the canvas and riding a ladder down onto him for another two-count. Cole was finally able to break the tube across JWM’s mouth and turned the tube on himself and cut open his own chest to the delight of the crowd. There was incredible energy throughout this match as Cole is one of the most underrated wrestlers on the GCW roster. It’s been amazing watching his rise over the past couple of months and seeing the pride on his friend’s faces as he continues to take the wrestling world by storm. Cole laid out Murdoch and propped him up on the door in the center of the ring, climbed the ladder that was set up in the corner, and connected with a Swanton through the tubes through the door for a massive near fall, Cole locked in the crossface, wrenching it back on JWM’s neck and arms. JWM was able to get to the ropes, I don’t understand why there are rope breaks in a deathmatch. Cole unloads with a couple of tube shots across the head of JWM but Murdoch was able to recover and hit a tube shot of his own; he propped Cole up on the top rope and hit a twisting suplex through the door for the victory.

John Wayne Murdoch retained the GCW Ultraviolent Champion

Post Match: JWM puts over Cole Radrick and gives Cole his spot in the Tournament of Survival

This was a fantastic show that had the crowd captivated the entire night, every match delivered and it was great seeing familiar faces and meeting new friends.