GCW Life Goes On: Tournament of Survival qualifying matches, Effy & Allie Katch defend titles

Originally published at GCW Life Goes On: Tournament of Survival qualifying matches

GCW Life Goes On

Sunday, May 1, 2022, Carousel Room, Atlantic City, New Jersey

In Too Deep Results:
Gringo Loco won the Scramble match, Jordan Oliver Defeated Masha Slamovich, Alex Zayne Defeated ACH, Second Gear Crew Defeated BUSY420, Blake Christian Defeated Biff Busick, Mike Bailey Defeated Joey Janela, Hoodfoot and SLADE Qualified for Tournament of Survival 7, John Wayne Murdoch Retained the GCW Ultraviolent Championship and gave Cole Radrick his spot in Tournament of Survival 7.

Spoiler Free Match Recommendation:
BUSSY vs. The Rejects
Tremont vs. Brandon Kirk
Lloyd vs. Shane Mercer
Extreme Title Scramble

Tournament of Survival 7 Update:

Participants: Cole Radrick, Hoodfoot, SLADE, Drew Parker, Rina Yamashita, Toru Sugiura

Life Goes On Results:

Commentary: Dave Prazak, Veda Scott, Nick Knowledge, Emil J, Nick Gage

Ring Announcer: Emil J

Singles Match: Alec Price vs. ASF

Tony Deppen was unable to compete at last night’s event due to travel issues so coming back for a second night was ASF. The match starts with an exchange of near falls and high-flying evasion as ASF was able to send Price to the floor; ASF attempted a springboard moonsault to the floor, landed on his feet but was kicked in the face giving Price an opening. Price worked over ASF for a little while which allowed the pace of the match to decrease but it didn’t last long as ASF was able to hit a modified destroyer for a close near fall. Price attempted a running torture rack in the corner but ASF was able to land on the ropes and connected with a rolling DVD into a J-Driller for the victory.

ASF Defeated Alec Price

Singles Match: Alex Zayne vs. Dante Leon

This morning it was announced that Alex Zayne would be competing in New Japan’s Best of the Super Juniors. The match started with Leon evading the offensive onslaught from Zayne, Leon was able to break free for a second as they started laying in stiff strikes in the center of the ring. The match spilled to the floor with Leon in the driver’s seat for most of their floor exchanges until Leon set up a bunch of chairs, and went to put Zayne through them with a cannonball but Zayne got out of the way. Back in the ring the two once battled for control of the match with Leon hitting a springboard Spanish fly followed by a brainbuster for a two count. Leon went for a cutter but landed on his feet so he just did a destroyer instead, kind of a weird spot that took the air out of the crowd. Alex Zayne pinned Leon with a cutthroat pump handle driver.

Alex Zayne Defeated Dante Leon

GCW Tag Team Championship Match: BUSSY vs. The Rejects (John Wayne Murdoch and AKIRA)

John Wayne Murdoch is no stranger to the GCW Tag Team Championships with Reed Bentley, in 2017/2018 holding them for 197 days. Dave Prazak notes that Allie Katch is wearing the title belt the same way Nigel McGuinness used to wear it. Unimpressed with BUSSY, John Wayne Murdoch briefly walked out of the Carousel Room but eventually made his way back into the ring as he and Katch started off the match. JWM backed her up in the corner but he was caught when he went back in and Allie hit a running hip attack, JWM scrambled and made the tag. AKIRA and EFFY locked up and EFFY took him down and did a couple of gator rolls, EFFY attempted to kiss AKIRA, JWM got into the ring and slapped his own partner across the face. When Murdoch turned back around he was met with a kiss from EFFY and was sent to the floor. EFFY kissed AKIRA but AKIRA bit his tongue and laid all the competitors out with a moonsault to the floor. Back in the ring, EFFY and AKIRA locked up for a little bit, Murdoch made the save with a couple of light tube shots to Allie’s head, he then started carving away with the tube shard. The now bleeding Katch fired back up for a little bit and connected with a couple of fists to Murdoch’s face but he grounded her and hit her with more tubes. EFFY finally made the save with a Sack Ryder to Murdoch and a DVD through a door for AKIRA. BUSSY set up a door bridge in the center of the ring, Allie had Murdoch in the powerbomb position as EFFY hit a top rope-assisted Sack Ryder through the door. Before BUSSY was able to capitalize on their offense, AKIRA made the save. JWM and EFFY battled on the apron only for Katch to knock both of them off, which sent them crashing through a door. Katch and AKIRA faced off, Katch got the best of the situation, hitting two piledrivers for the victory.

BUSSY retains the GCW Tag Team Championship

Post Match: JWM and EFFY brawled to the back

Tournament of Survival Qualifying Match: Shane Mercer vs. Jimmy Lloyd

Before Emil J was able to make his full introduction of Shane Mercer, Lloyd hit Mercer over the back with a bundle of tubes, Jimmy went for an Assault Driver but it was reversed by Mercer who hit a poisonrana. Mercer called to the back and a ring attendant brought out the weedwhacker, Lloyd hit Mercer in the arms with the weedwhacker but it didn’t “phase” Mercer at all. Mercer’s arm was bleeding right away from the whipping strands of the weedwhacker, Mercer bailed to the floor and retrieved a medieval mace. Lloyd was able to duck the mace and hit Mercer over the head with a couple of chair shots. Lloyd finally planted Mercer through the barbed wire door with an Assault Driver, Lloyd set up a barbed-wire door in the center of the ring but was caught on the top rope and Mercer was able to connect with the moonsault and battery for the victory. Mercer’s elbow and shoulder look awful from the weedwhacker spot.

Shane Mercer Qualified for Tournament of Survival 7

Six-Way Extreme Title Scramble: Gringo Loco vs. Cole Radrick vs. AJ Gray(Champion) vs. Drago Kid vs. Axton Ray vs. Marcus Mathers

Everyone left the ring leaving AJ and Radrick as the others watched from the outside they shot each other off the ropes a couple of times. AJ wasn’t budging and took out Cole with one and started working him over with chops, Axton Ray entered the match connected with a powerslam on AJ, Drago Kid and Loco were the next to pair off they exchanged in beautiful Lucha sequences that are even more stunning in person. Marcus Mathers jumped Loo and hit a dive onto Axton Ray and Cole Radrick. Drago hit a cancun tornado to the floor as he stepped on the shoulders of Ray and Loco. Loco had Mathers and Drago on his shoulders as Ray was on the mat, he flipped each man off his shoulders on Ray and connected with a moonsault of his own for the first real near fall of the match. AJ Gray and Axton Ray exchanged stiff shots in the center of the ring and exchanged a couple of shots but Gray was able to hit a Samoan drop which sent Ray to the floor. Mathers attempts to chop Gray a couple of times with no real effect, Mathers was grounded with one chop but was still able to hit with a cutter which temporarily grounded AJ. Gray fired back up and connected with a lariat and a top rope leg drop for the victory.

AJ Gray Retained the Extreme Championship

Tag Team Match: Jordan Oliver and Nick Wayne vs. The SAT

Nick Wayne had a match at Defy last night, got to the airport just in time for boarding but the flight was canceled due to mechanical errors, and was told that the next flight out would be Monday. Nick Wayne was able to finesse his way with the agents and got on a flight to JFK 60 minutes after his original scheduled boarding time.

The match started off with handshakes and a fast pace as Wayne and Oliver sent both of the SATs to the floor and connected with a pair of dives taking both of the SATs out. Wayne got cut off and they hit Wayne with the washing machine, face-first suplex, and slowed the pace down. They both continued to work over Wayne with headlocks and other submission moves; Oliver got the hot tag and ran wild on both members of the SAT with a series of suplexes and cutters. Wayne and Oliver hit a cutter into a suplex followed by a dive to the floor for a near fall. The SAT hit a double Spanish fly for the victory.

The SAT Defeated Jordan Oliver and Nick Wayne

Singles Match: Joey Janela vs. Masha Slamovich

The match started with each competitor trading hard forearm strikes to the face; Masha was able to hit a boot to the face but Janela slapped her across the face. Masha followed up that flurry of offense with a spinning back fist, Joey fired back up and asked for more. Janela hit her with two consecutive powerbombs but he didn’t even go for a pinfall, instead, he attempted to hit a lariat but was met with a spin kick and a brainbuster from Masha. Masha hit a tope suicida onto Joey on the floor, but Janela wasn’t really phased by it so he quickly regained the advantage in the match. Janela ate an unprotected chair shot from Masha, fired up back up only to Flair flop and hit with a northern lights bomb. Masha brought a door into the ring only for her to be slammed through it, hit with a cradle piledriver for a two count. Masha was laid out on the apron by Janela, she tried to fire back up but was met with a superkick and was pinned.

Joey Janela Defeated Masha Slamovich

Post Match Promo: Janela noted how much he learned in AEW not for himself but for the GCW locker room; he said that he is very lucky to have had the dream matches within the first six months, he got to wrestle on TNT. “The money ain’t shit if I’m not working hard for it.” He announced that he was going to be wrestling in seven different countries in the coming six months.

Tournament of Survival Qualifying Match: Matt Tremont vs Brandon Kirk

The match started with both men sizing each other up with Kirk quickly grabbing a waist lock but only to be shot into three corners, crashing through the awaiting light tube bundles. Kirk smashed a gusset into Tremont’s head and Tremont returned the favor to Kirk. Both men were busted open as they exchanged fists and headbutts, Tremont charged in but Kirk got his boot up, and sent Tremont into a bundle of tubes in the corner. Kirk shattered a tube in the mouth of Matt Tremont, but Kirk took too much time and was Samoan dropped into a bundle of tubes, followed by a couple of more bundles to the head. Kirk was somehow able to kick out at one and took dozens of tube shots to the head. Both men were bleeding pretty heavily by this point in the match. Matt Tremont retrieved a branding iron and attempted to brand Kirk, Kirk hit a cutter and branded Tremont, and emptied a box of tubes on the head of Tremont. Tremont hit a DVD through a log cabin of light tubes for a close near fall, he hit another DVD followed by 3 more for the victory.

Matt Tremont Qualified for Tournament of Survival