GCW live shows, content library to be available through FITE

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2022/11/01/gcw-live-shows-content-library-to-be-available-through-fite/

FITE is the new home of GCW content.

It was promoted that Game Changer Wrestling would be making an announcement about the future of their streaming/broadcasts.

GCW promoter Brett Lauderdale made the announcement via an interview with Fightful and stated that all GCW live shows and their library is moving to FITE+. FITE can be joined for $4.99 a month and Lauderdale explained why he felt this was the route to go.

We’ve been part of FITE for a few years and they’ve been a big part of GCW’s success and growth. This is something we’ve talked about behind the scenes, in-house with our team and with FITE. We explored all options, and FITE is going to invest in this platform and service. They’re willing to make that investment and commitment to GCW, enough to where we’re ready to commit with them to FITE+. It’s a model and strategy we believe in going forward, enough that we’re willing to leave our current and successful model to join it. I’ve talked about this with the other companies that are joining and everything that is possible for them and what FITE has done with us and what I think it can be for them as well as the landscape continues to change, as it does with wrestling every day. I believe in FITE and I’m happy to see that others are going to be part of it and join the team.


Effective Immediately:

GCW has joined Fite+!

– Watch *ALL* GCW Live Events!
– Watch the *COMPLETE* GCW Library!

Get *EVERYTHING* GCW for just $4.99 per month EXCLUSIVELY on @FiteTV+!

Subscribe TODAY and be part of indie wrestling history! pic.twitter.com/2U0qsMfQgT

— GameChangerWrestling (@GCWrestling_) November 1, 2022

The first live GCW show on FITE under this new partnership is the Nick Gage Invitational 7 on November 12th.

Gage successfully defended the GCW World Title on 10/29 against Lio Rush.