GCW Long. Live. GCW. 2023: Nick Gage vs. Joey Janela from Oberhausen

Originally published at GCW Long. Live. GCW. 2023: Nick Gage vs. Joey Janela

GCW: Long. Live. GCW. 2023

Turbinenhalle 2

Oberhausen, Germany

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GCW World Title Match: Blake Christian vs. Peter Tihanyi: This was my first time seeing Tihanyi, he’s only 23 years old and is an incredible athlete. He and Christian put on a great match and told a great story. 

Nick Gage vs. Joey Janela: The match was great as expected but it was the crowd that really made this match special. They were so pumped for Nick’s return, they chanted for his brother Justice Pain. Nick Gage is one of the nicest and most humble people I’ve ever met and had the privilege to hang out with, I’m so happy for him that he got this experience. 

13+ years later
Nick Gage in Germany 🇩🇪
Never thought id see the day

Congratulations Nick,
you earned this

MDK All FN Day#LongLiveGCW pic.twitter.com/nyAZy7raif

— brett lauderdale (@Lauderdale11) September 23, 2023


JCW World Championship Match: Jordan Oliver (Champion) vs. The Rotation 

The two men shook hands before engaging in a tense lockup, which saw Oliver back Rotation into the corner, prompting him to perform his “Young Dumb and Broke” chant. They grappled for position but eventually reached a stalemate before locking up once again. Rotation secured a submission hold by tying up Oliver’s legs. Oliver managed to chop Rotation a couple of times, forcing him to eventually break the hold, but the damage was done. Oliver followed up with a hiptoss and a double chop that sent Rotation to the mat. Oliver then stalked him in the corner, delivering a big running boot and positioning him on the top turnbuckle, attempting an Acid Bomb. However, Rotation managed to fight his way out of it.

Rotation was perched on the top rope and executed a top rope rana, followed by a series of powerful overhand chops and a Satellite DDT. However, Oliver narrowly managed to get his shoulder up at the last moment. Oliver connected with another significant kick and attempted to set Rotation up on the top rope once more, but Rotation once again thwarted the Acid Bomb attempt. Eventually, Rotation was caught with a devastating Acid Kick, leveling him. Both men found themselves down as the referee reached a count of six. Oliver booted Rotation and went for the Cloutcutter, but Rotation countered with a German Suplex. Oliver kicked out and made another attempt at the Cloutcutter, seemingly hitting it this time. However, Rotation did a handstand to avoid the impact with the mat.

Rotation dumped Oliver on his head and ascended to the top rope, rolling through with a 450 but was caught in a Kleopatra hold, transitioning into the Acid Bomb for an incredibly close near fall. Oliver couldn’t believe that Rotation had kicked out and retaliated with a second Cloutcutter to retain the JCW World Championship.

Jordan Oliver retained the JCW World Championship

Singles Match: Leon Slater vs. Gringo Loco

The crowd was wicked hot for Loco at the beginning of the match. Loco skillfully evaded Slater’s attacks a couple of times, relishing the adoration from the audience. It was then Slater’s turn to evade some of Gringo’s offense, and he eventually grounded Loco. Slater attempted an arm drag, but they both held their ground. Slater then took Loco off his feet with a powerful dropkick, sending him back into the corner. He followed up with a leaping forearm strike and a crossbody to the floor. Slater continued by stomping away at Gringo in the corner and delivered a standing frog splash, resulting in a very close near fall. The crowd began chanting for both competitors as Loco caught Slater out of mid-air and planted him face-first for a near fall of his own.

Slater attempted a kick, but Loco pushed him away and executed a military press, followed by tying up Slater’s legs and starting to stretch the young up-and-coming star. Loco then aimed for a double jump moonsault, but Slater managed to evade it. Slater rushed in but was caught with an elbow. They both hit the ropes, and Slater executed a cutter in the center of the ring. Slater followed that up with a Blue Thunder Bomb, but once again, Loco managed to kick out despite being folded in half. Slater signaled for a lariat but instead kicked Loco in the back of the head. Slater posed for the crowd as Loco writhed on the mat. Loco blocked a belly-to-back suplex, and Slater responded by kicking Loco in the side of the head as he was perched on the top turnbuckle.

Slater then ascended to the top rope, was pushed off, and subsequently hit with a remarkable springboard cutter by Loco. However, Slater was able to kick out at the very last moment. Slater retaliated with a leaping kick to the back of Gringo’s head, followed by a stiff forearm strike to Loco’s face. Slater turned Gringo inside out with a powerful boot, climbed to the top rope, and attempted a 450 but landed on his feet. Loco and Slater simultaneously went for kicks and lariats. Loco caught Slater with a standing Spanish fly, but Slater managed to get his shoulder up in the nick of time.

Loco stacked Slater on the top rope, attempting the Base Bomb, but Slater countered with a Rana. He then climbed to the top rope and executed a beautiful Swanton 450, but Gringo Loco reached out and grabbed the rope at the last possible second. Slater and Loco continued their battle on the top rope, and Loco hit Slater with a top-rope Spanish fly. They exchanged near falls, and Loco was staggered with a kick to the head. However, he managed to elevate Slater to the top rope and hit him with the Base Bomb for the victory.

Gringo Loco Defeated Leon Slater

Singles Match: Shigehiro Irie vs. Arez

Irie grabbed Arez’s arm, but Arez managed to flip out of it. They locked up once more, and Arez used some fancy footwork to escape, which frustrated Irie. Arez ducked a clothesline and brought Irie to the mat with a series of dropkicks. Irie rolled to the floor but quickly re-entered the ring, where he was met with a forearm strike and a hefty overhand chop from Arez.

Arez attempted a crossbody, but Irie caught him, planted him, and followed up with a rebound splash for a very close near fall. Irie then executed another big splash from the top rope. Arez regained his composure and landed a couple of kicks before hitting the big man with a brainbuster and his trademark move, running across the back of his opponents. He stunned Irie with a kick to the jaw and attempted another, but Irie caught the kick and delivered a headbutt to Arez’s chest.

Arez went for a move but found himself caught up in the “tree of whoa” and was hit with two cannonballs. However, it wasn’t enough to put the luchadore away. Arez countered with a sit-out powerbomb following an intense grappling exchange. He then ascended to the top rope and connected with a massive double stomp, but Irie kicked out at just one count.

Arez followed up by kicking Irie in the back of the head. He climbed to the top rope again, but Irie managed to catch him up there, leading to a second-rope Samoan Drop followed by a devastating lariat that secured the victory.

Shigehiro Irie Defeated Arez 

GCW Ultraviolent Championship Match: Rina Yamashita (Champion) vs. Jimmy Lloyd 

Jimmy attempted to force Rina into the barbed wire board that had been set up in the corner, and Rina tried to do the same to Jimmy as they broke their hold. Rina then seized a Kendo stick and swung it at Jimmy. Jimmy managed to block it, although Rina missed a couple of times. However, he eventually broke the stick over her head, sending her tumbling head over heels into the barbed wire board in the corner. Jimmy then grabbed a strand of barbed wire and began raking it across Rina’s face, causing her to start bleeding. He proceeded to cut up Rina’s back with the wire before obtaining a staple gun and unloading it on Rina’s forehead.

Rina rallied and landed a significant lariat that sent Jimmy crashing to the canvas. She pulled a strand of wire off a board and wrapped it around her forearm. She went for a lariat, but Jimmy blocked it, and they began punching each other with barbed wire-covered fists. Rina then grabbed a handful of skewers and drove them into Jimmy Lloyd’s head before spiking him with a DDT. Amazingly, Jimmy managed to kick out at two with the skewers still embedded in his forehead. Rina began grinding them into Jimmy’s forehead from all four sides of the ring. She then drove them into her own head and kicked Jimmy in the mouth, but Jimmy kicked out.

Rina executed a belly-to-back suplex on Jimmy and draped the barbed wire board across him. Jimmy managed to recover in time and hit her with a driver off the apron, sending her crashing through a barbed wire contraption on the floor. Both competitors took a brutal spill. Jimmy rolled her back into the ring, but somehow she was able to kick out.

Jimmy set up an open chair in the center of the ring, but Rina thwarted his attempt and hit him with an air raid crash through the chair. Rina then arranged the barbed wire board and a chair in the middle of the ring and finished off Jimmy with the Splash Mountain for the victory.

Rina Yamashita Retained the GCW Ultraviolent Championship

Singles Match: Dark SHeik vs. Norman Harras 

Harras started with a side headlock and then dropped Sheik with a back body drop. Sheik responded with a flurry of kicks, one of which caught him in the head as she clotheslined him to the floor. Sheik attempted two tope suicidas, but Harras blocked both attempts and suplexed her onto the chairs in the front row. Norman threw Sheik back into the ring and continued to pummel her with stiff forearm shots and kicks to her head.

Sheik went for a crossbody, but Norman caught her and executed a Finlay roll followed by a knee strike to her midsection. However, Sheik managed to get her shoulder up. Sheik then drove Harras back-first into the mat and came off the top rope with a spinkick. Sheik delivered a boot to Harras’s head and took him off his feet with a leg lariat, followed by a slingshot leg drop senton combination. Sheik executed a beautiful bridging suplex and attempted a cutter, but Harras countered with a flapjack and a flying European uppercut.

Sheik responded with a sliced bread and connected with a spinning leg drop off the top rope to secure the victory.

Dark Sheik Defeated Norman Harras 

Tag Team Match: BUSSY vs. Second Gear Crew

These two are very familiar with each other, and Mance promised to tear the whole place down. Mance sent Katch into the first row and threw a chair at her head. SGC grabbed a steel chair and threw it at EFFY, who was attempting a tope. Katch caught Manders with a forearm strike, but Manders quickly followed up with a series of chops of his own. Katch was able to take Manders off his feet with a springboard DDT, but Mance punched her in the face as EFFY came off the top with a blockbuster.

Mance went for a knee strike, but EFFY blocked it and took him over with a rana and then executed “Under the Rainbow.” BUSSY hit SGC with a series of tag team maneuvers and followed that up with running hip attacks in the corners. Both EFFY and Mance were busted open as both teams continued to pummel each other. SGC reversed the momentum and hit them with a running hip attack of their own. Katch went for a lariat but was caught with a series of jabs from Mance and had her eyes poked for good measure. BUSSY caught them with big boots, and SGC hit the “Two Gay Power Trip” on BUSSY, but they managed to get their shoulders up at the last second.

Mance grabbed a chair from the front row and chokeslammed EFFY onto it, causing the chair to explode. Katch was able to make the save at the last second but was quickly taken off her feet by Manders, who attempted to hit her with a powerslam, but she caught him with a kick and then planted Mance with a piledriver. Manders broke up the pin with a lariat to the back of Katch’s head. Katch retaliated with a couple of chops, but Manders sent her crashing into the corner with a single chop. Manders rushed in but was taken off his feet and sent to the ring apron. Katch caught Manders with a heat seeker, EFFY hit Manders with the Sack Ryder, but Mance broke the pin up with a knee to EFFY’s head.

Mance went for another knee strike, but EFFY rolled Mance up and pinned him for the victory.

BUSSY Defeated Second Gear Crew

GCW World Championship Match: Blake Christian (Champion) vs. Peter Tihanyi

Peter countered Christian’s wrist lock with lightning-quick evasions, causing Blake to back off in the corner. They locked up again, and Christian grabbed the wrist lock, beginning to twist Peter’s arm. Once again, Peter’s agility and quickness enabled him to escape the hold. They reset, and Blake picked Peter’s leg, working over his arm on the mat. Blake then took Peter off his feet with a big shoulder tackle and a kick to the chest. Peter rolled to the floor, and Christian teased a dive but held back, playfully gesturing for everyone to “suck it.”

Peter returned to the ring and ate a boot from Christian but quickly recovered, hitting Christian with a stiff elbow for a two-count. Christian went back to work on Peter’s left shoulder, kicking away and trapping it in the ropes. Peter wound up for a chop, but Christian blocked it and countered with a side suplex, followed by calling for a curb stomp. Peter blocked the curb stomp attempt, and Christian went for a handspring cutter, but Peter caught him in mid-air and locked in a sleeper hold in an incredible sequence.

Peter then hit a desperation superkick, causing both men to crumble to the mat. He popped back up and executed a rope-assisted tornado DDT, with Christian delivering a Dolph Ziggler-level sell after the bump. Christian was putting in tremendous effort throughout the match, giving his all to Peter. Christian drove Peter’s arm into the mat, kicked him in the back of the head, and hit him with a ripcord Spanish fly, but Peter managed to kick out once again.

They moved to the apron, where Christian caught Peter with a spear, followed by a Fosbury flop and a tombstone on the floor, showcasing another incredible sequence of maneuvers. Christian rolled Peter back into the ring and went for the pin, but Peter kicked out, only to be caught with a Pele kick. Christian then attempted a triangle moonsault but was countered by a cutter from Peter. However, the champion kicked out. This match had many close calls, as they say.

Christian landed a head kick on Peter and locked in a cross armbreaker, but Peter managed to leverage it into a pin. Blake intervened, low-blowed Peter, and finished him off with a curb stomp for the victory.

Blake Christian Retained the GCW World Championship

Singles Match: Nick Gage vs. Joey Janela 

This was the first time the two faces of GCW had squared off in five years, and the crowd was going crazy for both of these men even before they locked up. Gage backed Joey into the corner but made a clean break. Joey attempted a shoulder block off the ropes, but Gage refused to go down. Joey tried another one, but instead, Gage countered with a forearm and then hit him with a spinebuster, followed by a neckbreaker that sent Joey to the floor.

Gage and Joey began brawling amongst the crowd. Gage suplexed Joey on the floor and unleashed a series of headbutts. He dragged Joey up to the apron and attempted a DDT, but Joey blocked it and responded with a series of forearms, finishing with a Death Valley Driver that sent Gage to the floor. Joey continued to stomp away, but Gage retaliated with forearm strikes of his own. Joey took Gage off his feet with a back elbow and took a moment to soak in the crowd’s love. Joey went for another lariat, but Gage caught him with a DDT followed by a big forearm in the corner. Joey was rocked in the corner, and Gage hit him with a facewash, followed by a reverse springboard elbow.

Gage retrieved a bunch of chairs from under the ring and slid them inside. He placed a chair in Joey’s face and attempted another facewash, but Joey got up and swung the chair into Gage’s head, then hit him with a Swanton Bomb for a close near fall. Joey placed a chair across Gage’s chest, but this time Nick got up in time and struck Joey in the stomach with a chair before climbing to the top rope. Gage hit Joey with a superplex onto the pile of chairs, but it wasn’t enough to put away the Bad Boy.

Gage grabbed a pizza cutter and began slicing Joey’s forehead. Joey was busted open as Gage sliced away at his forehead on all four sides of the ring. Joey sold his agony from the pizza cutter. Gage handed the cutter to a fan and was met with a superkick from Joey. Janela unleashed a series of stiff right hands on Gage, but it only fired Gage up even more. The two men continued to trade shots in the center of the ring, with Gage hitting Joey with a Michinoku Driver. Still, Joey kicked out at two.

Gage went under the ring and grabbed a bag, but Joey punched him in the face before he could empty the bag. Joey dumped the bag over Gage’s head, revealing thumbtacks. Joey attempted a Death Valley Driver, but Gage countered and hit Joey with a Falcon Arrow into the tacks. Joey fought through the pain, delivering a brainbuster on the tacks, causing even more tacks to stick to their bodies. Gage kicked out, pounded the mat, and unleashed a series of forearms and chops on Janela.

Gage struck Joey over the head with a chair and placed it on his face in the corner before hitting the facewash. Gage set up a platform of chairs and attempted a piledriver, but Joey broke free and gained the advantage, hitting Gage with a package piledriver. However, Gage managed to kick out again. Joey dragged Nick through the thumbtacks and hit Gage with a chair-assisted double stomp, but the King kicked out once more.

Joey set up two chairs in the center of the ring and poured a bunch of thumbtacks on them. He brought Gage back to his feet and placed him on the chairs. Joey ascended to the top rope, but Gage met him there and hit Joey with a fall-away slam into the chairs, followed by the chokebreaker and a piledriver on the tacks. Somehow, Janela managed to kick out. Joey was then hit with another piledriver and a powerbomb, resulting in Gage securing the victory.

Nick Gage Defeated Joey Janela