GCW Mastermind: Joey Janela beats Tank, Blake Christian retains

Originally published at GCW Mastermind: Joey Janela beats Tank, Blake Christian retains

GCW: MasterMind

Saturday, June 24, 2023

Von Braun Center

Huntsville, Alabama 

Singles Match: Hunter Drake vs. Cole Radrick

They traded shots back and forth, Drake took Cole off his feet with a dropkick which went Cole to the floor, Drake followed that up with a dive that wiped out Cole. Back inside the ring, Cole caught Drake in the back of the head with a northern lariat and stomped away at Drake’s chest in the corner. Cole got Drake in the air raid crash position but Drake rolled through but still ate a forearm to the face for a quick nearfall. Drake responded with a series of slaps across Cole’s face, a buzzsaw kick, and a forearm but it wasn’t enough to put Cole down for a three-count. Hunter fought off Cole who tried to suplex him off the top rope and connected with a double stomp followed by a Cannonball into a pop-up Dragon Suplex for another close nearfall. Cole’s shoulder wasn’t completely down which caused Drake to have to shift his weight and Cole to kick out. Cole connected with a Tornado DDT, a hook kick, and finally hit Lil Sebastian’s curse for the victory. 

Cole Radrick Defeated Hunter Drake 

Singles Match: Alec Price vs. Terry Yaki

They battled for wrist control, Price took Yaki off of his feet with a shoulder tackle and ducked an incoming dropkick from Yaki. Price went for a crossbody but no one was home, Yaki capitalized and leveled Price with a dropkick followed by a diving uppercut in the corner. Price went to the floor and was taken out by a flying Terry Yaki; Yaki went for a tornado DDT but Price blocked it and took him down with a leg lariat. Yaki walked the ropes, reversed a whip, and hit a deadlift suplex, he tried to follow up but Price leveled him with a kick and turned him inside out with a half-and-half suplex for a close nearfall. Price kicked Yaki in the head, he went for a springboard but he slipped and Yaki took advantage and drove Price down for a near fall; Yaki charged across the ring, and went for a leaping moonsault but Price fought out of it only to be hit with a Pele. Price again fought Yaki off and connected with a Gotch Style Powerbomb followed by his finisher for the victory.

Alec Price Defeated Terry Yaki 

Singles Match: EFFY vs. GCW Ultraviolent Champion Rina Yamashita

They tried to take each other down with lariats, but neither one of them moved, Rina fired off some left hands but EFFY responded with an Atomic Drop followed by a headlock. EFFY laid in some offense on RIna, he rushed in but Rina tripped him up and connected with a knee right between his shoulder blades for a quick one count. Rina went to the floor and retrieved a couple of chairs, they had a chair duel, EFFY Sabu’d a chair at Rina but she caught it and threw it right back into EFFY’s head and leveled him with a chair-assisted DDT. Rina placed EFFY’s head on the seat of the chair and hit it with another chair for a close two count; Rina tried to follow it up but EFFY caught her with the Under the Rainbow onto the seat of the chair, EFFY continued his onslaught by hitting Rina across the back with a chair. He went underneath the ring and retrieved the first door of the evening. EFFY put Rina up on his shoulders and drove her through the door in the corner but it was only enough for a two count; Rina responded with a back suplex of her own but she didn’t have enough to go for the cover. Rina hit a ripcord lariat into a dead eye but EFFY fired up and hit a flurry of offense which consisted of a series of lariats in the corner. Rina fired up and hit Splash Mountain onto a chair for the victory.

Rina Yamashita Defeated EFFY

Six-Man Tag Team Match: Jimmy Lloyd and Los Macizos vs. Young Middle-Aged Senior Average IQ with a Pension Death Kill (Jordan Oliver, Mike Jackson, Nick Gage)

Meido and Jordan started the match off by exchanging holds, they each showcased their reversals as neither was able to get the advantage over the other. Jackson and Ciclope entered the ring next, Ciclope caught Mike with a boot to his gut but Jackson fired back up and took Ciclope out with head scissors followed by an arm drag, Jackson tagged in Nick Gage as he and Lloyd started to trade fists in center of the ring, Gage drilled Lloyd with DDT followed by a running swinging neckbreaker, the King tagged in Mike Jackson who started to attack Jimmy Lloyd’s arm. All three men took turns working over Jimmy’s arm, Meido finally stepped in and tried to save Jimmy but Gage took him off his feet with a lariat followed by a triple chop from his opponents. Oliver and Lloyd slowed the pace down, Lloyd locked in a chin lock, Oliver drove some back elbows into Jimmy’s chest but was taken off of his feet with one from Jimmy. Jimmy went for the Assault Driver but Oliver was able to escape, but before he was able to make the tag to one of his partners, Meido jumped Oliver from behind and laid in some offense. Gage received the hot tag and worked over all three of his opponents, he hit Jimmy with a back elbow followed by a reverse back elbow. The Macizo took Gage out but Jackson made the save for his partner and took out both men, Ciclope and Oliver tagged back in, Meido leveled Oliver with a knee strike and they hit Oliver the sky high. Meido set up a door bridge in the corner, they tried to put Oliver through it but he was able to fight out of it and connected with a superkick on Ciclope, Jackson took out everyone with a dive to the floor. Oliver helped Jackson walk the ropes as Gage held Lloyd in place on the door. Jackson came off the top rope sending Jimmy crashing through the door for the victory.

Gage, Jackson, and Oliver Defeated Jimmy Lloyd and Los Macizos 

Deathmatch: John Wayne Murdoch vs. Sawyer Wreck

Sawyer chokeslammed Murdoch off the apron through a door covered in mouse traps, she rolled him back inside the ring but Murdoch kicked out at 2. She grabbed one of the mouse traps and snapped it on his ear lobes, new Met Gala outfit? Sawyer emptied a bag of loose Gusset plates and drove one into Murdoch’s head and her own. She took Murdoch off his feet with a northern lariat but Murdoch kicked out at 1; Murdoch sent Sawyer shoulder first into the ring post and grabbed a handful of skewers and hammered them into her head. Murdoch placed Sawyer on the top turnbuckle as he placed gusset plates in the center of the ring and superplexed Sawyer back into the ring onto the gussets. Murdoch pressed a gusset into the palm of Sawyer’s hand, followed by one to her shoulders, Murdoch threw a chair into the ring and it smoked Sawyer in the back of the head accidentally. Murdoch set up the chairs and tried to hit a brainbuster but Sawyer reversed it and chokeslammed the Duke on them for the victory. 

Sawyer Wreck Defeated John Wayne Murdoch

Eight-Man Tag Team Match: Team GCW (Manders, brogan Finlay, Jack Cartwheel, and Starboy Charlie) vs. Team New South ( Brandon Williams, Brayden Toon, Cabana Man Dan, and Donnie Primetime)

Williams and Charlie showed off their technical prowess early as they engaged in a series of counters and reversals, Charlie tagged in Manders and William’s tagged in Toon, they challenged each other to a battle of shoulder tackles, and Manders sent Toon flying across the ring as Team GCW took control of the matchup. Finlay and Dan entered the match, and showed off their hard striking ability before Cartwheel and Primetime made the blind tags, Primetime did a Cartwheel, which only fired Jack up who started to run wild on Prime with a series of cartwheels and ‘rana variations. Primetime slowed Cartwheel down with a fist to his jaw followed by a kick to his chest, he jaw-jacked with the fans and taunted Manders which caused everyone to start brawling in the ring and on the floor. Williams connected with a Fisherman’s Suplex, Toon tagged in and continued the beat down on Jack Cartwheel. Manders took Williams off his feet with an overhand chop and sent Primetime flying with a big Back Body Drop, Cabana came off the top rope but Manders caught him with a powerslam. Toon took Manders off his feet with a Moonsault; Charlie and Primetime locked up, and Charlie ended up tying up both Williams and Primetime. Cabana broke it up with a flip-flop to everyone’s chest. Team New South fired up and laid Team GCW out on the floor, Williams locked in an ankle lock on Charlie. Charlie was able to escape and connect with an uppercut followed by a springboard dropkick into a Moonsault off the apron. Not to be outdone, Brayden Toon hit a big flip dive of his own, Primtime climbed the ropes and hit a moonsault gloated to the crowd but was caught with a Sasuke Special from Cartwheel. Cartwheel went for a shooting star but Finlay moved Primetime out of the way, which gave Primetime the chance to roll up Cartwheel. 

Team New South Defeated Team GCW

GCW World Championship Match: Blake Christian (Champion) vs. Adam Priest 

Priest didn’t waste any time as he hit a DDT right after Emil finished his ring introductions, the ref rang the bell and Priest hit a piledriver for a close near fall. Priest went to the top, looking for the Alabama Jam but Blake rolled out of the ring; Priest continued his assault on Christian around ringside. Christian caught Adam with a spear on the apron followed by an Arabian press to the floor. Christian swung the momentum in his favor by sending Priest crashing into the third row of chairs, Christian brought the fight back inside the ring where he beat down Priest with more kicks and a knee to the back of his head. Priest fired up and connected with a brainbuster but it still wasn’t enough to keep the champion down, Blake hung Adam up on the ropes and hit him with a frog splash followed by a springboard 450 but only for two as Priest was able to kick out. Blake sprung him around and executed a brutal half nelson suplex as the fans chanted for them to fight forever. Adam Priest hit Christian with snake eyes followed by a top rope leg drop but Blake was again able to kick out, they battled don the top rope but Blake slipped through, low-blowed Priest but he still kicked out. Christian ended the match with the curb stomp.

Blake Christian Retained the GCW World Championship

Deathmatch: Tank vs. Joey Janela 

Tank shoved Joey off his feet, Joey tried for a couple of shoulder tackles but he was unsuccessful, Tank sent Joey flying with a headbutt. Joey went to the floor as the match spilled to the floor, Tank beat down on Joey for a little bit until Joey ran his head into the ring post. Joey retrieved a shopping cart full of weapons, Joey tried to Sabu a bunch of items at Tank but Tank impressively caught them all and threw them inside the ring. Tank put Joey in the shopping cart and drove him into the ring post then finally dumped him into the chair’s ringside. Tank went to put a trash can on Joey’s but Joey caught him with a super kick and smashed the can over Tank’s head. Joey played the trash can over Tank’s head and beat him with a steel chair, Joey again hit him over the head with a trash can. Joey placed a can over Tank’s body and went to the top rope, Tank popped back up and hit Joey across the back with the can. Tank grabbed a cheese grater but Joey blocked it and rubbed it across Tank’s head, they traded fists in the center of the ring but Tank took Joey down with a big lariat. Joey hit Tank across the back and chest with a broom, Joey grabbed a door and set it up in the corner. Joey tried to choke Tank out but Tank sent them both crashing through the door, Joey responded with a DDT onto the chair but Joey was unable to roll over and make the cover. Joey started to stomp away at Tank’s body and beat him across the back with a steel chair, Tank ate a couple of chair shots and started to trade forearms with Joey in the center of the ring. Tank brought the shopping cart inside the ring, Joey Sabu’d Tank and tried to suplex the big man on the cart. Tank fought out of it and delivered a suplex onto the cart. A devastating bump but Joey still had enough left to get his shoulder up, Joey fired up and stunned Tank with a couple of right hands and grabbed another door, and set up a door bridge. Tank skunk up from behind Joey and punched him in the face, Tank set him up on the top rope, and Joey fought him off with a palm strike that sent Tank crashing through the door and followed that up with a double stomp. Joey broke more doors over Tank’s head and hit him with a chair-assisted double stomp but Tank again kicked out. Joey hit a third and fourth double stomp on Tank to finally secure the victory. I’ve watched a lot of terrible Tank matches in ICW over the years and this was easily the best match I’ve seen Tank have. 

Joey Janela Defeated Tank