GCW Moment of Clarity: Speedball Mike Bailey vs. Jonathan Gresham

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GCW Moment of Clarity

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Columbus, Ohio, Valley Dale Ballroom

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Spoiler Free Match Recommendations:

Nick Wayne and Jordan Oliver vs. The Mega Bastards
Allie Katch vs. Billie Starkz
Los Macizos vs. Gringo Loco and ASF
Mike Bailey vs. Jonathan Gresham

Commentary: Dave Prazak, Veda Scott, and Emil J

Moment of Clarity Results:

Singles Match: Alec Price vs. SB Kento

Alec Price had the noticeable size advantage which allowed him to slam Kento to the mat off of a collar and elbow tie-up; Kento responded right away, sending Price off the ropes, dropping him, and had the beginning stages of the Kento Lock locked in but Price went to the floor. Price returned and took Kento off his feet with head scissors and started to light Kento up with a series of forearm strikes. The two men stood in the center of the ring, Price invited Kento to chop him which he did a couple of times, and planted Price with a Michinoku Driver for a two count. Price fired back up and hit Kento with a series of knee strikes followed by a Quebrada; they returned to trading strikes in the center of the ring with each man getting their fair share of decent strikes in. Price hit a rebound back elbow but was planted by Kento with a neckbreaker; Kento snapped Price over with a series of German Suplexes but Price continued to kick out. Kento hit Price with a deadlift German Suplex but Price was again able to kick out. Price fired up and caught Kento with a double jump blockbuster followed by the surprise kick for the victory.

Alec Price Defeated SB Kento

Singles Match: Komander vs. Shane Mercer

Coming off an impressive victory over Tommy Vendetta in a death match, Shane Mercer got to show off his other abilities in a Lucha match. Komander started to bounce off the ropes and eventually took Mercer out with head scissors followed by a dive to the floor. Back inside the ring, Komander went for a dive but was caught by Mercer who suplexed Komander across the ring. Shane Mercer teased throwing Komander out of the ring but Komander escaped via the ropes and chopped Mercer down and hit him with a frog splash for a two count. Mercer took control of the match and popped Komander up and hit him with a powerslam for a two count, Mercer placed Komander up on the top rope and attempted a Moonsault and Battery but Komander reversed it with a poisonrana followed by a drop kick that sent Mercer to the floor. Komander ran up the ropes and used the ring post to leap off and take Mercer out with a head scissors; Komander followed that up by walking across the ropes and attempting his usual dive but Mercer caught him and Military pressed him onto the stage. Mercer continued his assault by power slamming Komander onto the stage, Mercer got Komander up in another Military press but Komander bounced off the ropes and DDTed Mercer which was a setup for a shooting star press from the apron. Komander sent Mercer back into the ring and hit a 450. Mercer kicked out and placed Komander up on the top rope, Komander flipped out, kicked Mercer in the back, and then proceeded to walk across the ropes only to be caught by a Moonsault and Battery, Komander leveraged the pin and got the victory over Shane Mercer.

Komander Defeated Shane Mercer

Tag Team Match: Mega Bastards vs. Nick Wayne and Jordan Oliver

Oliver and Wayne went to shake the Mega Bastards’ hands but they refused to shake them, the match got underway with Jordan Oliver and Alex Colon exchanging a variety of holds with neither man able to get the advantage over the other. They tagged in their partners and it was NIck Wayne and John Wayne Murdoch’s turn to show the crowd in Columbus what they could do. Murdoch connected with a fist to Wayne’s head followed by a series of chops, he shot Wayne off the ropes which wasn’t a smart idea as it allowed Wayne to gain momentum and sent Murdoch to the floor with a head scissors. Oliver started to run wild with the various tag team maneuvers on both Colon and Murdoch, the former GCW Tag Team Champions bailed to the floor and dragged Oliver and Wayne with them. Murdoch and Oliver were paired off with both men trading strikes and chops on the floor; Alex Colon sent NIck Wayne shoulder first through a door that was set up in the corner of the ring, Nick Wayne clutched his shoulders and called for the ref. While officials were trying to help Nick Wayne to the back, John Wayne Murdoch attacked him and brought him back into the ring, Colon connected with a chairshot to Jordan Oliver’s head. Colon returned to the ring and started to work over Nick Wayne’s body with the top of the chair. Murdoch set up a chair in the corner and sent Nick Wayne head-first into it, Alex Colon retrieved a cane and Murdoch drove Wayne’s face into the cane. Murdoch and Colon worked over Wayne’s injured shoulder while Oliver finally returned to the apron who was pleading with his partner to power through and make a tag. The Bastards draped Wayne across the top rope and Colon came off the top with a double stomp, they attempted to hit the maneuver again but Wayne wriggled out and hit Murdoch with a dragon suplex and finally made the tag to his partner. Oliver ran wild on Colon and Murdoch hitting them with a pair of cutters followed by a powerbomb on Colon which resulted in a two count. Oliver attempted a tiger suplex but he left his back wide open; Murdoch took advantage and hit Oliver across the back with a chair and followed that up with a brainbuster onto the top of the chair. Oliver and Wayne hit Murdoch and Colon with a dropkick suplex combination onto Colon followed by a double team maneuver on Murdoch but they weren’t able to secure the victory. Oliver made the hot tag to Nick Wayne who hit Murdoch with an elevated DDT; they hit Colon with a double clout cutter for the victory.

Nick Wayne and Jordan Oliver Defeated Alex Colon and John Wayne Murdoch

Post Match: John Wayne Murdoch shoved Colon, Colon asked for a handshake the two butted heads and shoved each other, and went to the back.

Singles Match: Allie Katch vs. Billie Starkz

They started the match with a series of wrist locks and reversals which saw neither one of them gaining the advantage. Starkz kicked Katch in the side of the head but her momentum didn’t last long as Allie started to hit her signature offense. Billie got out of the way and kicked Katch in the back for a near fall. Billie attempted a kick but she was caught with a knee strike to her face, Katch locked in a headlock, Billie was able to power out and connected with a series of kicks across the chest of Allie Katch, Billie attempted another move but she was caught with a Michinoku Driver from Katch. There were dueling chants for both of these women as they traded strikes in the center of the ring; Billie fired up and hit a combination forearm strike into a bridging German Suplex for a two count. Starkz climbed to the top rope but Katch cut her off and hit her with a superplex followed by a DVD in the corner but Billie was still able to kick out. Billie hit Katch with a Gory Bomb and attempted a Swanton but Katch moved out of the way and hit Starkz with a piledriver for the closet near-fall of the night. Billie slapped Katch across the face and planted Katch with a piledriver of her own but she kicked out and Billie climbed to the tope rope and hit a Swanton bomb for another two-count, Katch hit a final piledriver and pinned Billie Starkz.

Allie Katch Defeated Billie Starkz

GCW Tag Team Championship Match: Los Macizos vs. Gringo Loco and ASF

Gringo Loco and Ciclope started the match with Gringo hitting a stiff arm drag that stunned Ciclope, Ciclope quickly recovered and tried to lay in some offense on Gringo Loco but Loco proved to be too quick for one-half of the GCW Tag Team Champions. ASF and Miedo Extremo entered the match-up and saw ASF taking MIedo off of his feet with a beautiful tilt-a-whirl head scissors, followed by a tornillo wheelbarrow arm drag. Miedo and Ciclope were firmly in control of the match until Gringo set ASF up on his shoulders and ASF hit Ciclope and Miedo with a DDT. Gringo Loco followed it up with a double jump moonsault and a tope con Hilo to the floor. Back inside the ring, ASF took Miedo out with a German Suplex, Gringo Loco attempted a cutter but he slipped on the ropes, Miedo attempted to get the victory but Gringo kicked out at 2. Gringo helped ASF balance on the ropes as he was able to hit a beautiful tornillo to the floor, Loco hit a dive of his own which took out everyone. Gringo slid Miedo back into the ring, ASF attempted a moonsault press but he was caught by Miedo who threw him to Ciclope who hit ASF with a vicious powerbomb. Miedo sent Gringo to the floor and took him out with a flip dive, Miedo Extremo hit ASF with a sit-out piledriver and Ciclope came off the top rope with a splash for the victory.

Los Macizos Defeated ASF and Gringo Loco to Retain the GCW Tag Team Championships

Singles Match: Yamato vs. Blake Christian

The two men shook hands as the match got underway with a YAMATO gaining the early advantage with a wrist lock; he took Blake off his feet and tied up his legs. They eventually went back to a standing position but YAMATO once again took Christian off of his feet with a stiff shoulder tackle. Christian came alive and they started engaging in a series of evasive maneuvers that ended in a stalemate. The “wrestling…yay” gimmick should’ve ended when ROH was sold to Sinclair a decade ago. YAMATO zeroed in on Blake Christian’s knees which is a smart move given Christian’s proclivity for high flying. YAMATO laid into Christian with a series of stomps to the face and to the back of the knee before eventually locking in a half crab. Christian fired up and hit YAMATO with a springboard uppercut which was followed up by a handspring head kick and a moonsault press for a close near-fall. The two men went back and forth trading forearms in the center of the ring; neither man budged as they laid in some stiff strikes and kicks. Christian hit YAMATO with a standing Spanish fly for another near fall, YAMATO rolled out to the apron where Christian sent him to the floor with a drop kick and took YAMATO out with a Fosbury Flop into a DDT. YAMATO quickly recovered and hit Christian with a Frankensteiner for the victory.

YAMATO Defeated Blake Christian

6-Man Tag Team Match: Second Gear Crew (EFFY, Matthew Justice, and Mance Warner) vs. Team Unsanctioned (Aaron Williams, Lorde Crew, and Jeffrey John)

EFFY hit John with a Sack Ryder as the two other members of the match brawled on the floor, Lorde Crew and Williams traded fists with Justice and Warner in the center of the ring, Justice speared Crew which sent him to the floor, Mancer hit Williams with a big elbow but Williams was unphased and responded with a couple of kicks of his own which sent Mance to the floor. Aaron Williams and EFFY were left in the ring, EFFY was dropped with a single punch but he got back to his knees via the EFFYrooni; EFFY suckered Williams in and kicked him in the gut, and sent him to the floor. SGC stood tall inside the ring, Mance put a stop to a double dive, Mance teased a dive but hit all three of his opponents with eye pokes followed by dives from EFFY and Justice. Williams responded with a moonsault off the turnbuckle which took out SGC, Team Unsanctioned Pro went to the back and retrieved three doors, and threw them into the ring. All 6 competitors were back in the ring, Team Unsanctioned Pro put all three members of the Second Gear Crew through the doors but they were unable to secure the victory. SGC got Jeffrey John up on their shoulders and EFFY hit the top rope Sack Ryder for the victory.

Second Gear Crew Defeated Team Unsanctioned Pro

Scramble Match: Cole Radrick vs. Anakin Murphy vs. Kristian Robinson vs. Jimmy Lloyd

Each man got their chance to shine in this match with Kristian Robinson making the biggest impression. Lloyd slammed Robinson in the corner but was eventually sent to the floor via Anakin Murphy. Murphy was taken off of his feet with a kick from Cole, Cole attempted to come off the top rope with a double stomp but Murphy moved out of the way. Jimmy Lloyd threw Anakin Murphy onto the stage but it didn’t have the intended effect as Murphy came right back with a running double stomp to Jimmy Lloyd. Back inside the ring, Robinson and Murphy squared off, Robinson attempted a 450 but he came down hard on his knee and rolled to the outside. Jimmy Lloyd returned to the ring and caught Murphy on the top rope with a brainbuster followed by a vertebreaker but Cole Radrick broke up the pin. Robinson hit Lloyd with a posionrana but he was caught by Little Sebastian’s curse and was rolled up by Cole Radrick.

Cole Radrick won the Scramble

Singles Match: Mike Bailey vs. Jonathan Gresham

The two men started the match with an aggressive lock-up followed by a quick sequence of reversals as they stared each other down. The two men locked back up, Gresham caught Bailey’s leg and took him off his feet, Gresham allowed Bailey to get back up to his feet as they started back from square 1. The pace picked up as they started shooting each other off the ropes, Bailey ended Gresham’s momentum with a kick to his chest, and Gresham quickly recovered and swept Bailey off of his feet and stomped on his fingers. Gresham hit a big hesitation drop kick that sent Mike Bailey to the floor; Gresham allowed Bailey to get back inside the ring which wasn’t a smart move as Bailey struck him numerous times with a forearm. The two men got even more aggressive as they traded stiff forearms in the center of the ring, Bailey was taken off of his feet via a surprise dropkick from Jonathan Gresham. Gresham hit a series of spears onto Bailey followed by a brainbuster for a close near fall; Gresham laid into Bailey’s chest with a series of chops but Bailey fired himself up and hit his Speedball kicks followed by a Green Tea Plunge. Bailey missed wildly with a kick but made contact with a vicious elbow. Bailey connected with a couple of hard forearms which brought Gresham to his feet, Bailey helped him back up and they went back to trading chops and strikes. Gresham ate a couple of incredible kicks to the chest and was hit with Bailey’s standing double knee followed by the Buzzsaw kick for another two count. Bailey took Gresham out on the floor with a beautiful triangle moonsault, Bailey struggled to get Gresham back into the ring which resulted in a Dragon Screw Leg whip. Bailey powered up and rolled Gresham back into the ring and hit the Ultimate Weapon, Gresham kicked out at 2, Bailey attempted the Flamingo Driver but Gresham floated through and locked in an Ankle Lock followed by a leg trap German Suplex. Gresham kept brutalizing Bailey with forearm shots but Bailey kept kicking out, Gresham tied up Bailey’s legs and pinned his shoulders to the mat for the victory.

Jonathan Gresham Defeated Mike Bailey