GCW Most Notorious: Matt Cardona wins ECW TV title, Kevin Nash & Sabu appear

Originally published at GCW Most Notorious: Matt Cardona wins ECW TV title, Kevin Nash appears

GCW: Most Notorious

Friday, January 14, 2022, Harpo’s Theater, Detroit, Michigan

By: Jon Pine

The biggest news coming out of tonight was the formal announcement that GCW World Champion Jon Moxley will be defending his title against #1 contender Homicide at The WRLD On GCW, at the Hammerstein Ballroom.


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*GCW World Title Match*


Janela vs Cardona
Allie vs Ruby
Gresham vs Blake
Team Bandido vs Team Gringo

Watch LIVE on PPV or @FiteTV:https://t.co/DT2a5ab7r0

Sun, Jan 23rd – 8PM
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— GameChangerWrestling (@GCWrestling_) January 15, 2022

Tonight GCW made their debut at the legendary Harpos Theater, a venue that played host to acts like Molly Hatchet, Johnny Winter, Judas Priest, and the Burning Embers. We are a week away from Game Changer Wrestling’s biggest show in their history at The Hammerstein Ballroom. So far only a couple of matches have been announced but I’d presume that that will change as we creep into next week. GCW Most Notorious is a tribute show of sorts to the Detroit Wrestling scene. This event features long-time staples such as Alex Shelley, Jimmy Jacobs, Leon Ruff, Rhino, Sabu, and Kevin Nash. Since his announced appearance on this show, I have been greatly intrigued to see what Big Sexy will do at this show and if you thought Kevin Nash in a GCW ring was wild, who would have foreseen the main event tag match between 2 Cold Scorpio and Ricky Morton vs. Bussy (Allie Katch and Effy). This was a very entertaining and fun show on the road to the Hammerstein Ballroom.

Hammerstein Ballroom: The WORLD on GCW 2022 Card Thus Far:
GCW World Title Match: Jon Moxley (c) vs. Homicide
Ring of Honor World Championship Match: Jonathan Gresham (c) vs. Blake Christian
Lucha 6 Man: Team Gringo Loco (Gringo Loco, Demonic Flamita, Arez) vs. Team Bandido (Bandido, ASF, Laredo Kid)
Singles Match: Ruby Soho vs. Allie Katch
Singles Match: Matt Cardona with Chelsea Green vs. Joey Janela

GCW Til Infinity Results:

PCO Defeats Matt Tremont, Tony Deppen Defeated Cole Radrick, Jimmy Lloyd Defeated Ho Ho Lun, Jack Cartwheel Defeated Nick Wayne, Atticus Cogar Defeated Everett Connors, Alex Zayne and Blake Christian Defeated Ninja Mack and Dante Leon, Dark Sheik Defeated Colby Corino, Second Gear Crew Defeated Young Dumb and Broke, Calvin Tankman Defeated 1 Called Manders, JJ Garrett, Marcus Mathers, Shane Mercer, and Yoya, Allie Katch Defeated Charli Evans, G-Raver Defeated AKIRA

GCW Die 4 This Results:

The Briscoes retained the GCW World Tag Team Championships, Calvin Tankman Defeated Yoya, Joey Janela Defeated Scotty 2 Hotty, Homicide won the #1 Contender Rumble, Alex Colon Retained GCW Ultraviolent Championship

Spoiler Free Match Recommendations:

  • Alex Shelley vs. Jimmy Jacobs
  • Scramble Match
  • Atticus Cogar vs. Matthew Justice
  • Alex Colon vs. Hoodfoot

Scramble Match: Nate Webb vs. Gringo Loco vs. Jimmy Lloyd vs. JJ Garrett vs. Dante Leon vs. Ninja Mack

Jordan Oliver took the place of Rich Swann in the next match, and taking his place in the match is JJ Garrett. The match starts off with Alex Zayne flying into the ring taking out all the competitors, and Emil J formally announces him for the match. The match starts off fast, every competitor hits a dive to the floor, culminating with Ninja Mack diving off the legendary stage. The match returns to the ring with Ninja Mack and Gringo Loco facing off. Ricochet wishes he had Ninja Macks agility, the things this man is able to pull off in the ring are astounding, he kipped up into a headstand. JJ Garret returns to the ring and starts talking out the various competitors only until Jimmy Lloyd. Nate Webb hit a moonsault coast-to-coast dropkick. This was a fairly quick match but it was a perfect opener for an electric crowd.

Gringo Loco Wins the scramble

Singles Match: Jordan Oliver vs. Leon Ruffin

First-time match-up between these two young men, it’s really amazing to see how much Jordan Oliver has grown over the pandemic. He’s a surefire main eventer in any promotion. Oliver and Ruffin start the match with a scramble for the advantage. The crowd was loving their hometown star Leon Ruffin giving Jordan Oliver a run for his money. Leon Ruffin works over Oliver’s arm and in honor of the venue plays air guitar with Oliver’s arm. The more agile Ruffin took control of the first part of the match but it really wasn’t for long as the much bigger and taller Oliver is able to muscle Leon around the ring, hitting his new finisher the Orange Crush for the victory.

Jordan Oliver defeats Leon Ruffin

Emil J announces Kevin Nash who comes to the ring to NWO Wolfpack theme song, the greatest theme song of all time. Kevin Nash hugs Emil J who hands the legend the mic. The crowd chants ‘welcome home’. “I was really pissed off watching the first match tonight, all those guys are stealing all my shit.” Kevin Nash explains how he was contacted for the appearance and describes his hotel room and how he was able to see all the famous Detroit landmarks and mentions it’s very nice to be home. Kevin Nash mentions “I could very easily be stoned right now, it’s recreational like Billiards.” Kevin Nash introduces his former Co-Star in Paparazzi productions, Alex Shelley who comes out and cuts a promo thanking his mentor Kevin Nash, and how Shelley is mentoring the GCW talent and how they come up to him, as he did to Nash and say “you’re the fucking shit”. The two 2 sweet in an extended version of the ritual which leads to a ‘You still got it.”

#TooSweet, Too Sweet!!!!!!@RealKevinNash & Alex Shelley#GCWNotorious pic.twitter.com/ctUD24Cv1S

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Kevin Nash puts over Shelley as Jimmy Jacobs comes to the ring to Goodbye Horses

Singles Match: Alex Shelley vs. Jimmy Jacobs

These two legends of Detroit lock up once again, this time in a Game Changer Wrestling ring. Both of these men have carried the banner of Michigan Wrestling throughout their careers and to see them fight in their home state on this type of stage was probably very special for both of these men. The first time these two wrestled was in 2003 in IWA-Mid South. Commentary notes how these two men have been fighting for years on every Indy and ultimately working for WWE in their own ways. They highlight how versatile these two wrestlers are, as they have competed in every type of match imaginable, which isn’t too hard to conceive considering they worked for IWA Mid-South. They also recognize that long-time Indy referee Brian Gorie is officiating this match tonight. Both men are working over each other with various holds and sequences until they start exchanging headbutts, of which Shelley gets the advantage. Shelley locks Jacobs in a crossface but Jacobs is able to work his way to the ropes breaking the hold. Jacobs starts running over Shelley eventually hitting a gore for a two count, bringing the crowd to their feet. The two recover and start exchanging strikes, further exhausting both these competitors. Shelley locks Jacobs into the crossface once again but only for a moment’s time as Jacobs was able to roll out of it locking in a guillotine, Shelly gets another near fall and locks in the crossface for the victory. This was a fantastic match that had the crowd going nuts for most of the match.

Alex Shelley Defeats Jimmy Jacobs

Singles Match: Rhino vs. Matt Cardona

We have not seen Matt Cardona in GCW since he and his wife Chelsea Green lost their match against Effy and Allie Katch in Los Angeles. They proceeded to cut a promo stating that they were quitting Game Changer but you can only stay away for so long. Last week the internet was lit ablaze as it was revealed that Joey Janela might’ve been conoodling with the now married Chelsea Green at the Cardona household. Matt Cardona was unboxing a gift that fellow figure collector Joey Janela sent him. It turned out to be a box of pictures of Chelsea Green and Joey Janela. They are playing off the Ric Flair-Randy Savage angle from Wrestlemania VIII with Janela in the Flair role, Caronda in the Savage role, and Chelsea Green as Miss Elizabeth. The set of pictures that they took were a take off on the Ric Flair/Ms. Elizabeth photoshoot from back in the day, all three of these performers are great at hiding little easter eggs that the wrestling fans have to unpack. Their match at the Hammerstein became official this week.


Just Signed for #TheWrldOnGCW:

MATT CARDONA (w/Chelsea?)

Allie vs Ruby
Gresham vs Blake
Team Bandido vs Team Gringo

Watch LIVE on PPV or @FiteTV:https://t.co/DT2a5ab7r0

Sun, Jan 23rd – 8PM
LIVE from The Hammerstein Ballroom! pic.twitter.com/2Nydao0QyV

— GameChangerWrestling (@GCWrestling_) January 14, 2022

Matt Cardona makes his way with his wife Chelsea Green, both sporting shirts with the GCW logo crossed out. Chelsea takes the mic from Emil J and starts inciting the crowd. Chelsea invites us all to the end of Joey Janela at the Hammerstein Ballroom, she shifts her focus to Rhino, she says that the Cardona’s aren’t afraid of Rhino or the Gore. She hands the mic to Matt Cardona who proclaims that this is an F town, and continues to run down Joey Janela, mentioning how he wasn’t able to be here tonight. “While you were jerking the curtain on Dark, I put this company on my back.” Cardona mentions how everyone thinks Rhino was the last ECW Champion, and proclaims that no one forget that Ezikiel Jackson is the true last ECW World Champion.

The match starts with both men jockeying for position but Rhino ends up directing the crowd to do the wave. The match spills to the floor as both men work each other over with a series of hard strikes and kicks. The match is like a Main Event match, kind of formulaic, Cardona hits a Rough Ryder for a two count. Chelsea Green slides in a bag containing the ECW TV Title, Cardona runs in to hit Rhino with the belt but hits the ref instead, Rhino hits a Gore for a visual pinfall. Rhino bails to the floor and gets a door, much to the crowd’s delight. Rhino sets up the door in the corner and is attacked by Chelsea Green; she goes to check on her husband but is Gored through the door. Cardona hits a low blow on Rhino, and pins Rhino. Cardona celebrates the championship win, as his wife is lying broken in the corner, he doesn’t go to check on her until he decides to leave the ring!

Matt Cardona Defeats Rhino for the ECW TV Title

Post Match:

Singles Match: Tony Deppen vs. Dark Sheik

Sheik is making her Detroit debut, which is surprising considering her longevity in the business. This is also a first time match up between these two staples of the Independent wrestling scene. Deppen cheap shots Sheik in the back of the neck as the match gets underway, Tony runs in for another strike but Sheik is able to escape from the corner as she bests Tony in this exchange. They lock up again and Dark Sheik is once again able to reverse Deppen’s momentum to her advantage; Sheik sends Deppen to the floor and attempts a suicide dive but is caught by Tony who throws her on the ring apron. Deppen takes control of the match gloating around the ring and hitting a series of knee drops on the prone Dark Sheik; he’s not taking his competition seriously. Sheik regains her composure and hits a sucidide dive onto Deppen and is followed up with a springboard DDT for a two count. The tables have turned and Sheik is the one gloating, she takes too long getting to the top rope and successfully thwarts a superplex only to be nailed with a superkick followed up with a Frankensteiner. Deppen reverses the sliced bread and hits a tombstone for a two count. The pacing picks up as the two start trading stiff strikes leading to a near fall on Deppen. Her momentum doesn’t last long as Deppen is able to lock in the Cattle Mutilation for the victory. These two have great chemistry in the ring and I hope that Deppen has started using the Cattle Mutilation as a slow build for Danielson vs. Deppen at Spring Break.

Tony Deppen Defeats Dark Sheik

Emil J introduces ECW Original and Detroit native, Sabu. The crowd goes crazy for the living legend and hometown hero. Emil J says he has the privilege on behalf of GCW and the crowd here tonight and thanks Sabu for everything he has done over his entire career. He notes how many people in the locker room wouldn’t be where they are today if it wasn’t for Sabu blazing the trail. Before Sabu can speak, he is cut off by Atticus Cogar. Cogar notes how there was an aura around Sabu back in the day because he didn’t speak, “Now all you do is speak on twitter and in $20 shoot interviews”…“You’re nothing more than an old fuck with a broken back and broken bank account, it’s a shame that I looked up to you as a kid and now I have to fuck you up”.

Before Cogar can beat up Sabu blindsided by Matthew Justice.

Singles Match: Matthew Justice vs. Atticus Cogar


— Atticus Cogar (@Atticus_Cogar) January 14, 2022

Atticus Cogar was seconds away from fighting for the GCW World Championship at the Hammerstein Ballroom, but Homicide was able to eliminate him, capturing the title opportunity. Atticus turns his attention to the embodiment of Thrash Metal, and cornerstone of the Second Gear Crew, Matthew Justice. These two have faced off in the past most notably at The Art of War Games. Other than that these two have been kept separate from each other. Both of these men always have something to prove and Atticus has been on a streak of show stealing matches. It will be interesting to see where these two end up on the Hammerstein card, one would think that Cogar has earned a prominent singles match and SGC has earned a prominent Tag Team Match. Time will tell where these two end up but in the meantime they have to go through each other in order to make it to the most anticipated show in Game Changer Wrestling history.

The two brawl to the floor with Matthew Justice walking Cogar around the ring and beating him up on every side of the ring. Justice asks two fans to hold a chair as he rams Cogar’s head into the chair. This Malice at the Palace type brawl goes towards the commentary table as they brawl on the dance floor area on the second level. Cogar gets his head rammed into various tables and was thrown off the second tier of the building onto the concrete floor. They are back up on a ledge with Justice again looking to throw Cogar over the balcony, Justice gets Cogar up on his shoulders but Cogar muscles out, Justice runs at Cogar and he proceeds to back body drop Justice over the railing, capitalizing it with a giant cross body onto Justice. Not a lot of fans are wearing masks. Cogar tries to Pilmanize Justice’s neck and throws more chairs on the beat up Justice. They start brawling backstage and the camera cuts away as they reemerge on top of the stage, with Sabu looking over his shoulder, Atticus Cogar pulls the skewers out of his pocket but gets kicked off of the stage. Justice tells the crowd to clear a path as he hits a massive stage drive. He landed HARD on his tailbone, you could hear the thud over the crowd. Justice is willing himself up trying to work through the pain as he throws some chairs at Cogar. They make their way back into the ring, with Cogar getting the advantage, he hits a draping DDT followed by an air raid crash through a chair for a two count. Cogar has had enough as he sticks the skewers into Justice’s head and blasts him with a steel chair, but Justice kicks out at one as the crowd loses their minds. Cogar retrieves a door and throws it on Justice’s head. Cogar Sabu’s a chair at Justice’s head and absorbs a series of the unprotected chair shots he throws Cogar off the top rope and hits a superfly splash for a two count. Justice was about to go coast to coast but was distracted by Greg Iron and Bobby Beverly who held Sabu captive. Cogar rolls up Justice for the victory, winning this Palace Malice.

Atticus Cogar Defeats Matthew Justice

Post Match: Matthew Justice mentions how he’s been watching concert videos from this venue since he was 8 years old and puts over Sabu being the living legend that he is a true innovator of pro wrestling.

Emil J announces that GCW will return to Detroit April 23rd.

Tag Team Match: 2 Cold Scorpio and Ricky Morton vs. BUSSY (Allie Katch and Effy)

This is the epitome of a GCW match, something that you’d expect to see at Joey Janela’s Spring Break. This is the first time 2 Cold Scorpio and Ricky Morton have ever teamed up, let alone face BUSSY. This match is coming off the announcement that Allie Katch will be facing Ruby Soho at the Hammerstein Ballroom, the announcement featured a beautifully shot and directed video by the great Giancarlo Dittamo. Katch has gone on record that this is a dream match but she has to get through these two legends, plus a formidable Kylie Rae on tomorrow’s night show in Chicago. Everyone is waiting to see what will come of Jeff Jarrett’s appearance in GCW and whether it’ll lead to a match– or will Effy spurn Double J’s advances like he’s promised to do on Twitter.

All four competitors come out to a hero’s welcome, as the crowd breaks into a dueling chant of ‘Let’s go Bussy’ ‘Rock and Roll.’ Effy and Scorpio start off the match at a slower pace, Scorpio doesn’t appreciate being slapped in the face by Effy and returns fire with a stiff forearm knocking Effy to the canvas. The two wrestle on culminating in a near fall, as their partners are tagged in. Morton and Katch square off with Ricky being hesitant to lock up with Katch. Katch knocks him down with a shoulder block and Ricky low blows Katch to no avail. Effy is tagged in and continues to work over Ricky but the advantage doesn’t last long enough for a near fall as Ricky low blows Effy and tags in Scorpio who works over Effy with a couple of submission moves and makes the quick tag into Ricky Morton. Morton gets thrown into the opposing team’s corner and is held there by dueling boots from Katch and Effy. The combined age of Morton and Scorpio is 121 years old. Allie Katch runs wild on Scorpio for a near fall as she tags in Effy and they hit dueling crotch thrusts onto Scorpio’s head, Effy hits under the rainbow for a pin attempt, but was broken up by Ricky Morton. Who hits a Canadian Destroyer on Effy, Scorpio hits a moonsault leg drop landing with his full weight onto Effys stomach. Effy fires up and hits the Sack Ryder onto Scorpio, Allie Katch hits a piledriver for the victory.

BUSSY Defeats Too Cold Scorpio and Ricky Morton

Post Match: Effy puts over his opponents and turns his sights on Jeff Jarrett, he says that he will not wrestle Jarrett, he will not give Jarrett what he wants which is the rub from Effy and Game Changer Wrestling and promises that Jarrett “will never drink the organic clout blood of independent wrestling”.

GCW Ultraviolent Title Match: Alex Colon vs. Hoodfoot

Coming off his somewhat controversial win over John Wayne Murdoch at GCW Die 4 This, the Ultraviolent Champ returns to Detroit to face off against the up-and-coming Deathmatch Wrestler, Hoodfoot. Not only does he have one of the best names in Wrestling but Hoodfoot is also a damn good Deathmatch Wrestler. His breakout performance came against Deathmatch Legend, Mad Man Pondo. Both men were gushing in that match and Hoodfoot never backed down to the mounting challenge. I don’t foresee a title switch given the stakes and continued fallout from the John Wayne Murdoch match, but GCW is always full of surprises so who could say.

Weapons Used: Lightubes, Pane of glass, Door

Hoodfoot is making his Game Changer Wrestling debut tonight and he couldn’t have picked a tougher opponent in the Blood Fighter Alex Colon. Alex Colon comes to the ring wearing a Bridesmaid shirt with John Wayne Murdoch’s face on it, a callback to the promo Murdoch cut on Colon after he attacked him at the Nick Gage Invitational 6. Colon tries to knock Hoodfoot off his feet, he runs into the corner with a tube and is blocked, the tube was then drop-kicked into Hoodfoots stomach. Colon strings Hotfoots leg in the ropes and dropkicks a tube into Hoodfoots inner thigh then proceeds to break a series of tubes into his thighs, slowly chipping away at the larger man’s base. Hoodfoot has a 100lbs advantage over the GCW Ultraviolent Champion. Colon brings Hoodfoot to all of the sides of the ring as he starts carving away on Hoodfoots head with the shards of broken glass cutting his opponent open even further. Colon charges at Hoodfoot but is back body dropped over the top rope through a pane of glass and a door for a two count. Colon bails to the floor and cuts Hoodfoot’s attempted suicide dive with a bundle of tubes to his head, Colon is then caught and suplex on the back of his with tubes for a close 2 count. The crowd is getting showered with glass and loving every second of it cheering on their newfound favorite of Hoodfoot. Colon is throwing everything he has at Hoodfoot but Hoodfoot keeps kicking out. Hoodfoot suplex’s Colon through a pane of glass for a two count, the camera cuts to the corner where there are two things of salt, much to the dismay of Kevin Gill and Emil J. The two start exchanging lightube shots with Hoodfoot getting the best of the exchange for only a two count. Colon dumps salt onto Hoodfoots head and hits a tube assisted double knees for a two count, Colon dumps the two other salt jars onto Hoodfoots entire body and eyes. He locks in the camel clutch for the victory. What a fucking match. Between this match and AJ Gray vs. Matt Tremont last weekend at VxS vs. No Peace Underground there have been some amazing matches already this year. Truly a star making performance from Hoodfoot.

Alex Colon Defeats Hoodfoot

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That’s awesome that they had Shelley vs. Jacobs at this show.