GCW Nick Gage Invitational 6: One Night Tournament

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GCW: Nick Gage Invitational 6

Saturday, November 13, 2021, Summit Park District, Summit, IL

By: Jon Pine

Nick Gage Invitational Champions:

NGI 2: Matt Tremont
NGI 3: Masashi Takeda
NGI 4: Nick Gage
NGI 5: Mance Warner
NGI 6: ???

Coming off last night’s event in Detroit, which saw Alex Colon and Masashi Takeda team up in a winning effort against fellow Deathmatch warriors, Jimmy Lloyd and G-Raver, the show also featured the continuation of the Effy/GCW vs. The Cardona’s and we saw an amazing debut for both Rina Yamashita and Charli Evans. Game Changer Wrestling returns to the Chicagoland area with their latest installment of the Nick Gage Invitational. While Nick Gage was in prison, Gage wanted to give back to the fans who kept him going and showed their love throughout his incarceration, and that materialized in the Nick Gage Invitational where the top names in the world of Deathmatch Wrestling compete for the ultimate bloody prize.

In 2015, The Nick Gage Invitational was the first event that was promoted under the brand new Game Changer Wrestling banner. That year’s tournament featured a field full of legends: Danny Havoc, Matt Tremont, CZW Legend Nate Hatred, Lowlife Louie Ramos, Jeff Cannonball, KTB, Corporal Robinson, MASADA. Nick Gage was supposed to be on this show but due to a parole issue he was unable to attend, but made his triumphant return to his namesake tournament during 2017, eventually winning it in 2019. The finals featured another bloody encounter between MASADA and Danny Havoc with MASADA taking home the win. This tournament set the pace for what GCW was going to be and set a standard of what modern Deathmatch tournaments should look like.

Last year’s Nick Gage Invitational took place outside of the Showboat Hotel right on the boardwalk in The Sandlot. Can’t beat watching Deathmatch Wrestling to the sound of the waves breaking on the beach. It was a star-studded field that featured some first-time NGI competitors: MASADA, Shane Mercer, Lucky 13, Lowlife Louie, AJ Gray, Aeroboy, and Alex Colon. The finals featured a brutal Taipei Deathmatch between Mance Warner and MASADA, with Mance Warner claiming victory over the inaugural Nick Gage Invitational Champion, MASADA. The match was cut short after MASADA suffered a nasty cut under his arm but that did not stop either man from laying it in and beating each other up with various ultraviolent weapons.

This year’s tournament looks to be the best one yet as every single first-round match is a main event anywhere in the entire world which only adds to the anticipation of what this year’s tournament is going to look like.

Nick Gage Invitational 6 Spoiler-Free Match Recommendations:

  • Alex Colon vs. AKIRA

  • Atticus Cogar vs. Rina Yamashita

  • Charli Evans vs. Alex Colon

  • Masashi Takeda vs. Alex Colon

2021 Nick Gage Invitational 6 Competitors:

  1. AKIRA

After attending and witnessing the war between Jun Kasai and Alex Colon at GCW’s They Said It Couldn’t Be Done back in February 16, 2019, he decided that the world of Deathmatch Wrestling was the place for him. AKIRA rose to prominence in the Deathmatch world over the last year and a half in “rival” promotion, ICW No Holds Barred. This past year, AKIRA joined the likes of Jun Kasai, Matt Tremont, and Thumbtack Jack by becoming IWA East Coast Masters of Pain 2021 Champion, Asylum Deathmatch Tournament 2021 Champion, Survival of the Sickest 4 Semi-Finalist, Southern Sickness Cup 2019 Finalist, Southern Sickness Cup 2021 Participant, Insane 8 2020 participant.

  1. Alex Colon

Along with Masashi Takeda, Eric Ryan, and John Wayne Murdoch, Alex Colon is one of the best Deathmatch Wrestlers in the world. He is the current three-time defending Tournament of Survival Champion, the first-ever GCW Ultraviolent Champion, H2O Danny Havoc Hardcore Title Tournament Finalist, H2O Hardcore Kingdom 5 Tournament Semi-Finalist, NGI 4 Finalist, NGI 3 Semi-Finalist, H2O Hardcore Kingdom II Finalist, H2O Hardcore Kingdom Tournament champion, CZW Tournament of Death XV Semi-Finalist, The Texas Deathmatch Massacre Finalist, ICW Insane 8 Semi-Finalist.

  1. Atticus Cogar

If you’ve read any of my reports you know how high I am on Atticus Cogar, a deathmatch legend in the making with the potential to cross over into mainstream wrestling effortlessly. He is one of the best promos in independent wrestling today and can work a menagerie of styles with complete ease. 2020 Prince of the Deathmatches Champion, 2021 Tremont Deathmatch Tournament Semi-Finalist, Current reigning H2O Danny Havoc Hardcore Champion, Tournament of Survival 666 Finalist, H2O Hardcore Kingdom 5 Tournament Finalist, King of the Deathmatches 2021 competitor, Double Death Tag Team Tournament 2021 Champion, Tournament of Survial 5 Semi-Finalist.

  1. Eric Ryan

Ryan is the current two-time defending King of the Deathmatches, one of the only men to repeat as winner. Ryan has put on two Deathmatch of the year contenders both times facing John Wayne Murdoch in a losing effort. He is one of the hardest-hitting competitors in the Deathmatch scene. King of the Deathmatches Champion 2020 and 2021, Double Death Tag Team Tournament 2021 Champion, GCW Tournament of Survival 5 Semi-Finalist, Prince of the Deathmatches 2017 participant, King of the Deathmatches 2017 and 2018 participant, NGI Invitational 4 Semi-Finalist, Tremont’s Deathmatch Tournament Semi-Finalist, King of The Deathmatches vs. Southern Sickness Cup Semi-Finalists, H2O Hardcore Kingdom 5 Tournament Finalist.

  1. Kit Osbourne

Kit is one of the most underrated independent wrestlers on the scene today. In every single promotion he works he always stands out. Kit has competed in CZW, ICW NHB, No Peace Underground, MLW, GCW, H2O, IWA-Mid South, and MLW, he always stands out. He is an incredible promo, he is technically sound, he has proven he can do and succeed in any style of match. I’d personally love to see Bobby Fish vs. Kit Osbourne one day. Tournament of Death 17 Participant, King of the No Ring Deathmatch Tournament Finalist, H2O Hardcore Kingdom 4 Semi-Finalist.

  1. Masashi Takeda

Mixing shoot style and Ultraviolence, Takeda is the Best in the World at what he does. He has no regard for his own safety, which is concerning as he’s taking more and more dangerous spots; but his talent and charisma are undeniable. Current reigning GCW Ultraviolent Champion, 2018 NGI 2 Champion, 2 time King of FREEDOM World Champion, Big Japan Deathmatch Heavyweight Champion, 2013 FREEDOMS Deathmatch Tournament Champion, CZW Tournament of Death X Finalist, Ikkitousen Deathmath Survivor 2011 Finalist, GCW Tournament of Survival 2 Semi-Finalist.

  1. Rina Yamashita

Even though she doesn’t have a long list of Deathmatch Tournaments and championship wins under her belt, as we saw last night at GCW Evil Deeds; Rina is not to be messed with. Combining a traditional hard-hitting Japanese wrestling style with Deathmatch wrestling is a perfect recipe for wrestling violence.

  1. SHLAK and Charli Evans

SHLAK competes in all the deathmatch tournaments but rarely gets a victory but that doesn’t stop him from being one of the most entertaining deathmatch wrestlers in the game today. I had a feeling that Charli Evans was going to be the surprise given the reaction to his match last night. She became a true star this weekend.

Commentary: Dave Prazak and Kevin Gill

Emil J welcomes us to the Nick Gage Invitational 6 and we start off right away with our first match.

Opening Round Matches:

Opening Round Match: Atticus Cogar vs. Rina Yamashita

Cogar paint brushes Rina’s face and the two are off and running exchanging forearms. Atticus teases the crowd and throws a tube on the ground to the dismay of the crowd, he breaks on over his knee and starts carving away on Rina’s forehead. Rina dropkicks Atticus into a light tube tower and starts carving up Atticus’s forehead. Rina places a bundle of tubes in the center of the ring and calls for a brainbuster only for it to get blocked by Atticus who suplexes her onto the tubes. The two pool their resources and start breaking tubes over each other’s heads, Cogar brings out light tube fans and breaks them over Rina’s head only for a two count. Rina hits Atticus with a gin and tonic on a pile of tubes and then breaks a light tube fan of her own over the head of Atticus as she drags him through the broken glass. She placed a bundle of tubes across Atticus’s chest and landed a top rope splash for two. Atticus hits an air raid crash through the light tube tower only for her to kick out. Atticus has enough and is throwing tubes right at Rina’s head again for only a two count. Atticus retrieves the skewers and places them on either side of Rina’s head followed by a headlock driver for the victory. This match was awesome with some incredible light tube exchanges that brought the capacity crowd to their feet.

Atticus Cogar Defeats Rina Yamashita

Opening Round Match: Kit Osbourne vs. Charli Evans vs. SHLAK

Charli Evans is our mystery participant! The match is about to start when SHLAK comes out and the crowd goes crazy for the Mayor of Trash Island. SHLAK starts clearing house as the match officially gets underway. Kit is coming off a terrible ankle injury and one of his first bookings is this deathmatch tournament. Kit breaks the first tube in the match over SHLAK’s head as Kit and Charli team up to throw SHLAK through a barbed-wire door that doesn’t break. Kit obliterates a tube over Charli’s head, they get distracted by something happening by the entranceway, but the focus is regained after Charli breaks a tube or two over Kit’s head and back. SHLAK spears Kit through a barbed wire board while holding a light tube bundle that cuts open Kit’s stomach. SHLAK absorbs some of Charli’s offense only to eat a superkick. SHLAK is bleeding badly from his arm, requiring it to be duct-taped up to stop the bleeding. SHLAK attempts a styles clash but loses his grip on Kit, Charli goes to throw SHLAK off the top rope through a contraption on the floor. SHLAK gets pissed, pops right back up, and throws a chair at Charli. Charli made her way back into the ring and eventually caught Kit in a small package for the victory. Another incredible performance for the new coming Charli Evans, she’s really making a statement this weekend and I hope she is able to move to the States full time.

Charli Evans Defeats Kit Osbourne and SHLAK

Opening Round Match: Alex Colon vs. AKIRA

The match starts off with a knife fight which eventually ends in a stalemate with AKIRA eventually hitting a running capo kick breaking tubes onto Alex. IN the excitement AKIRA takes a bite out of the tubes to the delight of the crowd. AKIRA goes for a running senton on the floor only to be hit across the back with a tube from Colon. Colon walks AKIRA around the ring breaking tubes over AKIRA’s head and carving up his forehead. Colon takes a knife to AKIRA’s forehead and presents him to all four sides of the ring. AKIRA’s mouth is all bloody from when he bit into a light tube. Colon is going to work on AKIRA; AKIRA definitely spits in Colon’s face, which only opens him up for more pain. AKIRA hits a 619 breaking the tubes over Colon’s head upon impact. Alex Colon is so skilled with a light tube, he uses every single piece during the various exchanges. AKIRA hits a poison Rana from the top, followed that up by a top rope senton but the pool was empty. Colon has some sort of hand injury that required duct tape, I think the cut occurred during the 619 spot. AKIRA hits a light tube-assisted senton for only a two count, which was followed up by a tiger driver into a muta lock. AKIRA introduces a knife board into the equation, Kevin Gill is recalling the moment when Orin Veidt sliced open Takeda with a knifeboard as AKIRA suplexed Alex Colon across the knife board for a two count. Both men are covered in blood, as Colon hits a light tube-assisted superkick which was followed up by the camel clutch for the victory.

Alex Colon Defeats AKIRA

Post Match:

Akira speaks following his match against @alexcolon0139 in the first round of the Nick Gage Invitational.@theakiraway | @GCWrestling_#NGI6 pic.twitter.com/Z2R235RBgx

— Giancarlo Dittamo (@yeahgiancarlo) November 13, 2021

Giancarlo is releasing mini-movies during the show and just like all of his other work, this is another masterpiece.

Opening Round: Eric Ryan vs. Masashi Takeda for the GCW Ultraviolent Championship

There are multiple boxes of light tubes and bundles of loose tubes in the corners. Both men do a back bump into some tubes as Takeda eats a bundle of tubes only for him to return the favor to Ryan. Takeda takes a pair of scissors and rakes them across Eric Ryan’s forehead and mouth. Both men trade multiple light tube shots to the head like they are Hagler and Hearns; as Eric Ryan gains advantage and starts puncturing Takeda’s head with a fork on all four sides of the ring. Eric Ryan dumps a bucket full of forks into the center of the rings as he suplexes Takeda onto them for a two count; Takeda follows up with a double knee through a bundle of tubes cutting open Ryan’s chest. The two exchange suplex’s each no selling until Takeda breaks a bundle of tubes across Ryan. Takeda places a bundle of tubes on Ryan’s face and punches it showering Ryan’s face with glass for the victory.

GCW Ultraviolent Champion Masashi Takeda Defeats Eric Ryan

Every single match so far could’ve been the finals, what a tremendous start to this show and we still have one more opening round match to go. All of the competitors worked their asses off. I need to see a rematch of Eric Ryan and Masashi Takeda and I don’t think this is the last time we will be seeing a matchup between AKIRA and Alex Colon.

Opening Round Results:

Atticus Cogar, Charli Evans, Alex Colon, and Masashi Takeda

Non-Tournament Match:

Scramble Match: Spyder Nate Webb vs. Ninja Mack vs. Yoya vs. Cole Radrick vs. ASF vs. Brayden Lee vs. Gringo Loco

Gringo Loco and Ninja Mack start off the match by flying into a bunch of insane reversals until Nate Webb interrupts and mocks Ninja for all the pointless flying between moves. Quick rematch from last night within this match when Gringo Loco and ASF face off once again this time with ASF getting the better of their exchange. Gringo Loco is so fluid and makes it look so easy but gets dumped to the outside by ASF as ASF and Radrick take over. Brayden goes coast to coast on Yoya only to get caught by Nate Webb. All the competitors hit high flying moves to the floor with Ninja Mack getting the last spot on the fly only to be interrupted by Brayden Lee who hit a beautiful corkscrew moonsault. Ninja Mack can do things with his body that Ricochet can only dream of, Ninja literally floats. Gringo Loco has Yoya and Ninja on his shoulders as ASF comes off the top rope hitting a doomsday device and a two-count on Gringo. Brayden Lee and Ninja Mack hit dualing 450 splashes and Ninja catches Brayden Lee with a roll-up for the victory. I could watch Gringo Loco and ASF work every single night. They are flawless together.

Ninja Mack Defeats Spyder Nate Webb, Cole Radrick, ASF, Brayden Lee, and Gringo Loco

Commentary notes that SHLAK was taken to the hospital for the cut he had on his hand/arm.

Nick Gage Invitational 6 Semi-Final Matches:

Nick Gage Invitational 6 Semi-Final Match: Charli Evans vs. Alex Colon

This is an incredible opportunity for Charli Evans as took on Alex Colon– what an amazing weekend for this young lady. Alex hands Charli a light tube as they start off a knuckle lock as she starts kicking tubes on Colon’s back. Colon starts to go to work on Evans returning the favor by breaking tubes on her back and slicing up her arms with the shattered tube. Alex Colon dumps a bucket of thumbtacks onto Charli as she throws the bucket at her and starts to go to town on Colon who has a couple of tacks stuck to the back of his head. Charli hits a swinging DDT onto a chair for a two-count. This has been a slower-paced match compared to what we are used to in an Alex Colon match but this has still been a very entertaining match. Charli is a much better deathmatch wrestler than Kennedi Copeland who won the first-ever Tremont’s Deathmatch Tournament, and it’s not just because she knows how to break a tube or is entertaining. Charli breaks a bunch of tubes over Colon’s head and hits a massive lariat for a great near fall. Colon is on his back as a pane of glass is set over him; Colon escapes and catches Charli on the top rope breaking a bundle of tubes over her back and hitting a superplex through the pane of glass for only a one-count. The place is going nuts for Charli Evans, a star-making performance from Charli Evans. This was her weekend. This match was slow in places but is a must-watch for the amazing near falls and for how Charli completely wins over the crowd. Colon catches Charli in the camel clutch for the victory.

Alex Colon Defeats Charli Evans to advance to the Nick Gage Invitational 6 Finals.

Nick Gage Invitational 6 Semi-Final Match: GCW Ultraviolent Championship

Atticus Cogar vs. Masashi Takeda

This is arguably one of the biggest matches of Atticus Cogar’s career as he attacks Takeda before he even enters the ring breaking tubes over his head. Takeda hits Cogar with a spear through tubes slicing his own shoulder open and he follows that up with more bundle shots onto a prone Atticus; Takeda has taken the match to the next level as Cogar is writhing in the corner. Takeda sets up a pane of glass in the corner, he lifts Cogar up but Cogar reverses the maneuver and hits an air raid crash through the pane of glass for a two count. Atticus retrieves the skewers from his pocket, planting them into the forehead of Takeda. Takeda responds by hammering a gusset plate into Cogar’s forehead. They exchange headbutts in the center of the ring with the skewered and gusset plates in their heads. Cogar kicks out at 1 as the crowd goes nuts. For those who don’t know, a gusset plate is a metal plate with sharp teeth that are usually used in home building, they anchor two adjoining pieces of wood.

Takeda hits a Swanton bomb through a bundle of tubes onto Cogar’s chest, Takeda picks up the skewers as Eddy Only and Greg Iron make their way into the ring and put the boots to Takeda as Atticus skewers Takeda once again. Cogar hits the headlock driver but a hurt Jordan Oliver comes out to protect Masashi Takeda. Oliver is faking a knee injury and suckers Iron and Only in and beats them down. Takeda recovers and hits a brutal spinning backfist through the tubes sending the glass flying into Cogar’s face; he followed up by hitting a running knee strike through some tubes for a near fall. Takeda calls for a giant bundle of tubes, at least 30 tubes, spreading them across the ring. Takeda sticks the skewers into Cogar’s mouth and hits a suplex through the bundle of 30 or so tubes for the victory. This was Cogar’s biggest match of his career with a Deathmatch legend and just like always Atticus came out looking like an even bigger star. The slow build to the eventual Atticus Cogar Title or Tournament win has been exceptional.

Masashi Takeda Defeats Atticus Cogar to retain the GCW Ultraviolent TItle and advance to the Nick Gage Invitational 6 Finals.


GCW Ultraviolent Champion Masashi Takeda vs. Alex Colon

When the night started Alex Colon’s basketball jersey was white, it is now stained red, Takeda’s blonde hair is also stained red. The men go for the tubes, breaking one over each other’s heads, as Takeda starts to go to town on Alex Colon’s body. Takeda puts two tubes inside Colon’s jersey and kicks them for a two count. Colon starts breaking tubes over Takeda’s head while they are on the outside, Colon goes for a tope but is caught by Takeda and thrown through light tubes that were strung between two ladders. Colon lands hard on his head and is bleeding from his arm. There are two doors set up outside the ring and Colon sets up a glass pane on top. Alex Colon superplexes Takeda through the contraption but again lands hard on his head as he is now leaking from his head. The ring crew is wrapping up Alex Colon’s head with a washcloth and duct tape. This is very reminiscent of Rickey Shane Page vs. Matt Tremont in the Tournament of Death except this bandage is staying on Colon’s head. Colon throws a bundle of tubes into Takeda who is perched on the top rope and hits a one-man Spanish fly for a two count. Colon is still leaking from his head as the match continues to go on. Takeda hits a running knee through a bundle of tubes for a two count, the ref continues to wipe Colon’s head as Takeda breaks tubes over his own head. Takeda unloads an entire box of light tubes as Colon is on the top rope; Colon reverses and is able to hit a Spanish fly through the mass of tubes. Both men are laying in piles of glass and blood as Colon catches Takeda in the camel clutch and submits him for the victory. Amazing match between the two best Deathmatch Wrestlers in the world, a couple of scary spots where Colon landed on his head. Alex Colon is the only man to win the Tournament of Survival and The Nick Gage Invitational Tournament in the same calendar year.

NEW GCW Ultraviolent Champion and Winner of the Nick Gage Invitational 6 Alex Colon

In a scene similar to NGI 4 when RSP ran in and attacked Nick Gage after his victory, ICW No Holds Barred American Deathmatch Champion John Wayne Murdoch runs into the ring and smashes a bundle over Colon and takes out the new champion. This match is the match American deathmatch fans have wanted to see for such a long time and it’s nice to see John Wayne Murdoch step into the big leagues. Whenever they pull the trigger on this match it will be epic as there is so much backstory between both John Wayne Murdock, Alex Colon, ICW No Holds Barred, GCW, ICW NHB promoter Danny Demanto, and GCW promoter Brett Lauderdale. I cannot wait for this story to be told. This was a fantastic show that satisfied all aspects of one’s Deathmatch fandom.