GCW No Signal in The Hills 2: Joey Janela vs. Kevin Blackwood, BUSSY vs. Second Gear Crew

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GCW News

GCW returns to Japan:


GCW returns to JAPAN for 3 big shows this fall!

Info and talent TBA soon…#AmericanDeathmatch#LongLiveGCW#TheWrldOnGCW pic.twitter.com/iSBIfZ16yt

— GameChangerWrestling (@GCWrestling_) July 12, 2022

GCW in the UK:

  • TNT vs. GCW, September 17, 2022, Liverpool, England
  • Talents Announced: Alex Colon, Allie Katch, Blake Christian, Cole Radrick, EFFY, Joey Janela, John Wayne Murdoch

Upcoming Shows:

GCW Back To The Bay
Sunday, July 17, 2022
The Midway
San Francisco, California

  • Singles Match: Kevin Blackwood vs. Nick Wayne
  • Singles Match: Gringo Loco vs. Komander
  • Singles Match: Tony Deppen vs. Alex Zayne
  • GCW Tag Team Championship Match: BUSSY vs. Anton Voorhees and Dark Sheik
  • Singles Match: Joey Janela vs. Starboy Charlie
  • Singles Match: Blake Christian vs. Titus Alexander
  • Singles Match: Mike Bailey vs. Jack Cartwheel
  • Tag Team Match: Los Macizos vs. Journey Fatu and Juicy Finau
  • Singles Match: Cole Radrick vs. Midas Kreed

GCW: The People vs. GCW
Friday, July 29, 2022
The Nashville Fairgrounds
Nashville, Tennessee

  • Singles Match: Joey Janela vs. Psycho Clown
  • Singles Match: Bandido vs. Jordan Oliver
  • Singles Match: Mike Bailey vs. Tony Deppen
  • GCW World Title Match: Jon Moxley vs. Blake Christian
  • Talent Announced: Allie Katch, EFFY, Gringo Loco, Mance Warner, Matthew Justice, Masha Slamovich


Just Signed

BLACK TAURUS returns to GCW on 7/29 in Nashville!

Moxley vs Blake
Janela vs Psycho
Bailey vs Deppen


Watch LIVE on @FiteTV!

Fri 7/29 – 1030PM
(*Following the Ric Flair Roast) pic.twitter.com/HpV3PQy8Ai

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GCW Homecoming Night 1 and Night 2 Updates:

Saturday, August 13, 2022, and Sunday, August 14, 2022
Carousel Room
Atlantic City, New Jersey

  • Night 1: Tag Team Match: The Birscoe Brothers vs. Los Macizos
  • Night 2: Deathmatch: Rina Yamashita vs. Sawyer Wreck
  • Night 2: Singles Match: Dark Sheik vs. Maki Itoh

No Signal in The Hills 2 Results

GCW: No Signal in The Hills 2
Friday, July 15, 2022
Ukrainian Cultural Center
Los Angeles, California

Commentary: Kevin Gill, Emil J
Ring Announcer: Emil J

Singles Match: Rocky Romero vs. Gringo Loco

The two started with a series of chain wrestling as Kevin Gill discussed how Emil J landed in LA only 42 minutes before show time and ran into the building as the show started. The crowd was very evenly split in their support for both of these incredible wrestlers; the two battled each other while locked in a Greco-Roman knuckle lock, they broke the hold and started a sequence of counters and reversals that ended in a stalemate. They exchanged monstrous chops in the center of the ring, and bailed to the floor and started chopping each other on the floor. Inside the ring, Gringo connected with a massive overhand chop, Rocky wound up to lay in another one but decided to poke Gringo Loco in the eyes. Rocky started to isolate various body parts and started to wear them down as he wound up again for the Forever clotheslines, but Loco got out of the way and connected with a DDT for the first near fall of the matchup. Loco locked in the pendulum hold followed by an elbow drop for another two count; Rocky reversed the momentum and ran wild with the Forever clotheslines but Gringo Loco caught Rocky with a double jump springboard cutter for another near fall. The two exchanged chops again but Gringo caught Rocky with a blue thunder bomb followed by a moonsault for another two counts. Rocky took Gringo off his feet with a top rope Rana followed by the Sliced Bread #2 for a near fall of his own; Rocky connected with a series of brutal kicks to the back followed by a running knee strike to the face. Rocky placed Gringo on the second rope and attempted to go for a top rope sliced bread but Gringo fought out and connected with his top rope sit-out powerbomb for the victory.

Gringo Loco defeated Rocky Romero

Singles Match: Tony Deppen vs. Komander

Before Tony Deppen could get into the ring Komander jumped off the top rope and took Tony Deppen out on the floor; from here the match began with a furious pace. Komander for the first portion of the match had complete control and locked in various submission moves onto Tony Deppen who still hadn’t had time to take off his ring jacket. Komander did some rope tricks followed by an arm drag that sent Tony to the floor, Tony finally was able to take control of the matchup with a kick to the head and started to work over various parrots of Komander’s body. Tony went for a senton but he was met with double knees to the back by the young luchador. Deppen went to the floor, Komander walked the ropes, walked backward on the ropes, and delivered a beautiful moonsault. Komander followed that up with a rope walk shooting star press for another near fall. Komander tried to walk the ropes again but Tony pushed the ref into the ropes which caused Komander to crotch himself. The two exchanged forearms strikes on the apron, Tony connected with a head kick followed by a tombstone on the hardwood floor. Tony rolled Komander back into the ring and connected with a top rope double stomp but Komander kicked out at 2. The two went head to head as they exchanged forearms strikes, Komander was able to hit a destroyer followed by rope walk 450 but Tony Deppen got out of the way and connected with a running knee strike for the victory.

Tony Deppen defeated Komander

Singles Match: Alex Zayne vs. Titus Alexander

The two exchanged shoulder tackles to start the match with both men able to display their high-flying counters and reversals. Titus Alexander is one of GCW’s most promising up-and-coming wrestlers who hasn’t made the travel schedule yet. Zayne’s offense is so effortless as he continually attacked Titu with a series of dives and planchas; Titus got sick of being Zayne’s crash test dummy and sent Zayne flying into the fourth row of chairs with a missile-like tope. Even though Titus is a California native, the crowd was firmly behind Alex Zayne, knowing his history, Titus started to target his previously injured eye of Alex Zayne. The last time they were at the UCC was when Alex Zayne suffered his arm laceration and eye injury in a deathmatch. Titus grounded Zayne with an ace crusher but was unable to follow up with a pin attempt; the two traded stiff strikes in the center of the ring with Zayne getting the best of the situation, Zayne went for a spiral tap but he was met with a knee to his back and a chaos theory. Titus had a beautiful bridging pin attempt. Zayne connected with the taco driver for the victory.

Alex Zayne Defeated Titus Alexander

Singles Match: Blake Christian vs. Starboy Charlie; Lio Rush on commentary

Lio Rush made a surprise return to Game Changer Wrestling and stared down his long-time rival Blake Christian. Lio Rush vs. Blake Christian is my least favorite independent wrestling feud so this was disappointing to see. The match started with an intense lock which quickly transitioned into both men trying to get pin attempts via headlock takeovers. Thankfully the audio wasn’t that great so you couldn’t hear whatever Lio Rush was saying on commentary. Starboy and Blake locked up again, this time they wrestled to a stalemate, the two shook hands and once again engaged in more reversals and high-octane offense. Starboy Charlie was able to get out of Christian’s kravet and strung together a couple of strikes but was met with a massive drop kick to the face from Blake Christian. Starboy tied up Christian in the ropes and took Blake out with a twisting tope to the floor. Starboy’s advantage didn’t last long as Blake Christian cut him off with a series of dropkicks and kicks to the skull. The crowd was firmly behind Starboy Charlie throughout this match-up; Christian continually whipped Starboy Charlie into the corners eventually connecting with a DDT into the corner. Ahead of his title match next week with Jon Moxley, Christian continued to mock the champion’s mannerisms and steal various moves from his moveset. Christian got caught with a snap suplex followed by a shotgun dropkick for a series of near falls. Charlie followed all of that offense up with a second rope phoenix splash; Christian kicked out at 2 and hung Charlie up on the top rope. Starboy went for another spinning heel kick but he was caught and hit with a rebound dragon suplex followed by a Finlay roll into a moonsault. Blake Christian attempted a tombstone but Charlie reversed it and hit a tombstone of his own, this caused Lio Rush to scream and his mic distort. Starboy was unable to capitalize on his momentum and so he found himself in a forearm exchange with Blake Christian. Starboy bailed to the floor and was sent into the third row from a Christiane tope, Christian rolled Charlie back into the ring, and Starboy connected with a spinebuster followed by a brainbuster for another near fall. I understand giving Charlie the shine but this match went way too long for someone who has a World Championship match next Friday. Starboy went to the top rope, Christian met him up there and hit a top rope suplex followed by a curb stomp for the victory.

Blake Christian defeated Starboy Charlie

Tag Team Match: Jordan Oliver and Nick Wayne vs. Los Macizos

The match started in a hurry with Oliver and Wayne taking out Ciclope and MIedo with a handspring kick followed by dives over the top rope. Oliver and Wayne rolled Ciclope back into the ring and started to go to town on the legendary luchador. Oliver and Wayne went for a stack pin on Ciclope but it was broken up when Miedo returned to the ring with a steel chair, Miedo hit a Van Terminator onto Nick Wayne as Los Macizos took control of the match. They worked over Nick Wayne for a portion of the matchup before Oliver eventually got the hot tag and ran wild on Los Macizos. Oliver quickens the pace which is a great game plan against the mostly mat-based offense of Miedo Extremo and Ciclope; Wayne and Oliver isolated Ciclope for a little while until Ciclope caught them both with a drop kick. Miedo Extremo slid a door into the ring and set it up in the corner as they took the fight to their much younger opponents. Miedo Extremo sent Nick Wayne through the door with a Razor’s Edge but still kicked out at 2. Los Macizos set up a door bridge on the floor, as they climbed back into the ring they were met with a pair of super kicks, Jordan Oliver took out Ciclope with a cutter, and Wayne attacked Miedo Extremo with a sunset flip powerbomb that sent Miedo crashing through the door on the floor. Wayne and Oliver set up a door bridge in the corner of the ring, Miedo took out Wayne on the floor as Ciclope hit a twisting brainbuster through the door followed by a 450 from Miedo Extremo for the victory.

Los Macizos defeated Nick Wayne and Jordan Oliver

Deathmatch: Hunter Freeman vs. Rob Shit

Hunter Freeman brained Rob Shit with a brutal chair shot to the head which set the tone of this matchup. Both of these men have something to prove and they for sure went out there to make a name for themselves. Hunter Freeman set up a barbed wire door on the floor and attempted to hit a suplex but Rob Shit low-blowed Freeman and sent him face first into the ring post. Rob Shit bladed early into the match, again these men both have something to prove. Rob Shit obtained a staple gun and ‘stapled’ a t-shirt to Hunter’s head. Rob Shit kind of looks like he could be Markus Crane’s brother, as they both have weird chest tattoos.

Hunter Freeman climbed to the top turnbuckle but before he was able to do anything Rob Shit came from behind and pushed Hunter off, which sent him through the barbed wire door that was set up on the floor. Rob Shit pulled the barbed wire off the door and tied it around Hunter Freeman; Freeman was eventually able to get himself out of the barbed wire nest and connected with a big boot for a near fall. Hunter Freeman put the shirt on Rob Shit and started to ‘staple’ Rob Shit. Hunter Freeman took out Rob Shit with a running crossbody which sent both men through the barbed wire door in the corner. Freeman sandwiched Rob Shit between both halves of the barbed wire door, hit a moonsault, and pinned Rob Shit.

Hunter Freeman defeated Rob Shit

GCW Tag Team Championship Match: BUSSY (champions) vs. Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner and Matthew Justice)

The match started with BUSSY hitting stereo DDTs on the apron, EFFY and Justice traded chair shots as Warner Sabu’d a pair of chairs into Allie Katch’s head.EFFY hit the sack Ryder off the apron onto Justice that sent him through a pair of folding chairs, back in the ring BUSSY took the fight to Justice who kicked out at 1. BUSSY hit their pelvic thurst onto Justice for a two count, then BUSSY attempted a doomsday device but it was broken up when Mance hit Allie Katch in the knees with a steel chair, and Justice threw EFFY off of the top rope which sent him crashing onto the apron. SGC hit Allie with a Spear and a lariat for a two count, and Mance started to target the previously targeted knee. Mance placed a beer bucket on Katch’s head and kicked her in the head. All of this was happening as Matthew Justice was throwing chairs and doors into the ring; SGC set up a door bridge in the corner but they were forced through the door via a tower of doom spot that resulted in a two count. EFFY hit an under the rainbow followed by Allie Katch’s running hip attack. EFFY locked in the last chancery, Allie locked in a single-leg Boston crab but Mance broke up both holds with a series of eye pokes. Warner and Katch unloaded on each other in the center of the ring with chops, strikes, and headbutts; Katch got the best of the situation and connected with a piledriver. She was quickly attacked by Matthew Justice who sent her through a door with a Death Valley Driver, EFFY returned to the ring and hit a sack Ryder; he attempted a pin but Mance Warner broke the pinfall attempt up. SGC set up another door bridge in the ring, Warner Suplexed EFFY off the top rope through the door and Justice came off the top rope with a big splash for only a two count. The crowd came unglued during the final moments of the matchup. Mance got frustrated and went to the back where he retrieved a pane of glass; EFFY tried to attack SGC with broken shards of the door but it didn’t matter as SGC beat him down. There was a pin attempt that Allie Katch broke up when she threw a steel chair at Matthew Justice’s head, she threw a chair at Mance Warner’s head as well. Allie Katch set up the pane of glass in the corner but Mance Warner speared her through the pane, Matthew Justice went for a splash off the top but his pin attempt was reversed which allowed EFFY to steal the pin.

BUSSY retained the Game Changer Wrestling Tag Team Championships

Singles Match: Dark Sheik vs. Cole Radrick

The match got off to a technically-based start with both of the competitors feeling each other out and eventually wrestling to a stalemate; the pace quickened as Sheik sent Cole to the floor and took him out with a tope, she rolled Cole back into the ring and connected with a series of Eddie Guerrero style sentons. Sheik attempted a spinning heel kick but she was caught by Cole Radrick who hit her with a powerbomb followed by an Indian deathlock which only injured Sheik’s knee further. Radrick connected with an Emerald Flosion but Sheik kicked out at 2; it was a lot of fun seeing Cole return to his traditional wrestling style which he is quite proficient in. Sheik ran wild with a series of boot washes to the face followed by a slingshot leg drop and a slingshot senton. The momentum was firmly in the corner of Dark Sheik as she once again attacked him, this time with a tornado DDT. Even after that flurry of offense, Sheik was still unable to get more than a two-count. Sheik hit the welcome to die and quickly pinned Cole Radrick for the victory. This was a much shorter match than I anticipated but it still delivered on its action.

Dark Sheik defeated Cole Radrick

Singles Match: Joey Janela vs. Kevin Blackwood

Kevin Blackwood has had a breakout in 2022, every single match he’s had in GCW you see an overall improvement from the prior ones. Now in his first GCW main event, he had a chance to once again prove that he is one of the best young Indy talents out there; and there is no one better to prove that against than Joey Janela. The match began with a long feeling-out process that saw a lot of great technical maneuvers and strikes, Janela had Blackwood over his head in a vertical suplex for over 45 seconds and started to mock Blackwood. Blackwood responded with a hard slap across the face, Joey returned fire with a thudding chop. Joey got the best of the situation and dumped Blackwood on the back of his head with a series of suplexes for the first near fall of the match. Joey hit Blackwood with a hangman’s neck breaker on the apron, rolled Blackwood back into the ring, and continued his offensive advantage. Joey locked in the Muta lock and continually focused on Blackwood’s neck throughout the match; Blackwood was finally able to get some offense in as when he connected with a lungblower. He followed that up with a series of shots onto Janela. Joey was sent flying when Blackwood connected with a shotgun drop kick and transitioned that into an exploder suplex. Blackwood hit Joey with a knee strike and a sit-out powerbomb for a two-count, Blackwood climbed to the top turnbuckle but Joey cut him off and caught him with a neck breaker into a piledriver for a two-count. Joey bailed to the floor and set up a door bridge, Joey put Blackwood on the top rope and attempted to hit Blackwood with a suplex but hit a reverse neck breaker instead. Janela attempted a double stomp but Blackwood moved out of the way and hit him with a dragon screw followed by an attempted Texas Cloverleaf, Joey blocked the leaf but was hit with a penalty kick instead. Blackwood locked in the Texas Cloverleaf in the center of the ring but Joey was able to make it to the bottom rope, Joey got hung up on the bottom rope and got double stomped through the door on the floor. Blackwood was unable to capitalize on a northern lights bomb as Joey kicked out at one, hitting Blackwood with a rolling elbow. Blackwood responded with a Death Valley Driver, which allowed both men to regain their wind before the finishing sequences. Both men traded forearms and slaps in the center of the ring, Joey got kicked in the face twice but still was able to cut off Blackwood with a lariat. Joey attempted a super kick but missed a couple of times, Blackwood hit Joey with a jumping tombstone but Joey kicked out again. Blackwood slid a couple of chairs and doors into the ring as Joey recovered in the corner; Blackwood placed Joey underneath the door bridge, Joey recovered and hit Blackwood with the door and superplexed Blackwood through the door, locked in a crossface for the victory.

Joey Janela defeated Kevin Blackwood