GCW No Signal in the Hills 3: Johnny Game Changer beats Nick Gage, Blake Christian retains title

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GCW: No Signal in the Hills 3

Friday, August 11, 2023

Ukrainian Culture Center

Los Angeles, California 

Trio’s Match: Los Macizos and Lil Cholo vs. Unguided 2.0 (Damian Drake, Bodhi Young Protegy, and Matt Vandergriff) 

As Los Macizos made their way to the ring, Vandergriff launched himself to the outside onto them, while Bodhi landed a Swanton Bomb on Lil Cholo. The Unguided executed several stack pin sequences as they continued to pummel Miedo. Ciclope entered the ring and executed a double northern lights suplex. Bodhi attempted a top rope move, but Cholo intercepted him with a mid-air cutter.

Los Macizos brought doors into the ring, and Ciclope Sabu’d Bodhi, enabling them to create a door bridge in the corner. The Unguided 2.0 rallied and executed a triple team suplex on both Ciclope and Miedo. They subdued Ciclope with a series of kicks, and Bodhi executed a suspended 450 splash that resulted in a near fall.

Miedo followed up with a blue thunder bomb and a Razor’s Edge to the floor on Bodhi. Then, Miedo lifted Vandergriff onto his shoulders, and Ciclope leaped off the top rope with a Doomsday device through the door, securing the victory.

Los Macizos and Lil Cholo Defeated Unguided 2.0

Four-Way Match: Maki Itoh vs. Steph De Lander vs. Masha Slamovich vs. Allie Katch 

They sent Steph to the floor, and Maki grounded Masha and Allie. She attempted her falling headbutt, but they moved out of the way and countered with a delayed suplex. Masha and Allie paired off, with Masha sending Allie into the corner. However, Allie escaped with an up-and-over move, and they exchanged shots in the center of the ring.

Masha fired up, but Katch caught her with a forearm. Katch managed to get out of it and hit a tope to the floor, wiping out everyone outside the ring. Steph returned to the ring, delivering boots to Allie, Katch, and leveling Maki with a forearm. SDL continued to beat down Katch with a series of boots and chops in the corner.

Masha returned to the ring but quickly ate another forearm from SDL. Katch dodged a running boot and countered with a head kick on SDL. Maki re-entered the ring and executed ten punches in the corner, followed by a boot scrape into a swinging DDT for a quick near fall. Maki reached for her pizza cutter, but SDL knocked it out of her hands. Maki used Allie as a stepping stone, hitting Masha with a tornado DDT. Climbing to the top rope, Maki was met by Allie as they fought for the advantage. Katch intervened, hitting Maki with a superplex. Maki held on, but Masha speared her, sending them all crashing to the mat.

With all three down, SDL attempted pinfalls on each of them, but they each kicked out. SDL brought Katch back to her feet, and the others followed suit, trading right hands in the center of the ring. SDL and Allie flirted with each other while Itoh and Masha tried to break them up. Instead of kissing, SDL attempted to roll Allie up with a small package.

Maki hit the Kokeshi on all three opponents and tried to secure the victory with a plank-like pin. Climbing to the top rope, Maki’s opponents moved out of the way as she came off the top with a headbutt. Katch and Masha faced off. SDL grabbed her title as a distraction, luring Masha in, but Masha quickly shifted her focus to Allie Katch. She hit Katch with a side slam and seemed poised for victory until Blake Christian rushed in and hit Masha with a double stomp.

Maki confronted Blake, launching an attack on him. SDL seized the opportunity, hitting Maki with a driver and stacking her up for the victory.

Steph De Lander Defeated Maki Itoh, Allie Katch, and Masha Slamovich 

Post Match: Masha jumped Blake Christian and choked him out, SDL broke up the submission as they brawled backstage. 

GCW World Championship Match: Blake Christian (Champion) vs. Chris Bey 

After Blake was choked out, Bey made his way to the ring. The match was announced, and Bey immediately struck Christian with a running shotgun dropkick, followed by a powerful running uppercut and a head kick. Bey ascended to the top rope, launching a leaping Lariat, but Christian kicked out at 2. Bey then executed a tope to the floor onto Christian, celebrating with the sold-out crowd.

Bey unleashed a series of chops and strikes on Christian around ringside, but Christian managed to reverse and attempted to chop Bey against the ring post. However, Bey evaded, causing Christian to hit the ring post with his hand. On the apron, they exchanged stiff forearm shots to the back. Christian eventually hit Bey with a spear and attempted a dive, but Bey retreated to the ring.

Christian snapped Bey’s neck across the top rope and executed a handspring ace crusher, coming very close to a pinfall. After a strong start from Bey, Blake turned the tide, delivering repeated stomps in the corner, followed by a forceful running boot that floored Chris Bey. Christian’s showboating gave Bey an opportunity to counter with a combination of strikes, a big clothesline, and a brainbuster, earning a near fall.

Bey signaled for the Vertebreaker, but Blake powered out and responded with a series of short-armed clotheslines, culminating in a standing one-man Spanish fly for another near fall. Blake attempted a springboard 450, Bey managed to move out of the way but was still caught by a stiff superkick. As Bey aimed for a springboard maneuver, Christian intercepted with a Springboard 450, yet Bey miraculously kicked out at the last possible moment.

Blake grabbed a fan’s replica ECW World Title belt, attempting to use it, but Bey turned the tables, hitting Blake with a Vertibreaker. Bey then soared from the top rope, delivering a graceful Frog Splash. However, Blake managed to get his foot on the bottom rope, preserving both himself and the championship.

Bey tried for another Ace Crusher, which Christian countered with a head kick followed by a bottom rope 619. Bey rallied and executed another incredible springboard Ace Crusher. But as Bey went for the pin, Blake rolled out of the ring to safety.

Blake introduced a chair into the ring and followed up with a second chair. Bey connected with a chair-assisted dropkick and attempted a tope, but Christian Sabu’d Bey, stunning him, and subsequently nailed him with the Curb Stomp for the victory.

Blake Christian Retained the GCW World Championship

Tag Team Match: Joey Janela and Sawyer Wreck vs. The Rejects (John Wayne Murdoch and Reed Bentley)

All four competitors immediately started exchanging punches as the match spilled to the floor. Murdoch and Sawyer paired off, trading chops on the outside. Meanwhile, Janela and Bentley brawled on the other side of the ring, delivering their own series of chops. Janela hit a Swanton to the outside, taking out everyone on the floor, and in the process, Murdoch was sent face-first into the ring post.

With Murdoch now busted open, he retaliated by slamming Janela’s face into the ring post. Reed brought a door into the ring while Joey and Murdoch continued their brawl on the outside. Sawyer struck Reed with a series of headbutts, resulting in both members of The Rejects bleeding. Joey then landed a running boot on Murdoch, who was positioned in the front row. Reed retrieved another chair from beneath the ring and used it to beat Joey down. The Rejects involved three members of the audience, forcing their feet into Joey’s face. Sawyer returned and executed a flip dive from the apron onto The Rejects. As Sawyer and Joey celebrated outside, they finally brought Murdoch back into the ring.

Inside the ring, Murdoch and Reed combined forces, hitting Joey with a chair-assisted running dropkick in the corner. However, Joey managed to kick out at the count of one. Murdoch seized a chair and focused on Joey’s ankle. Undeterred, Joey fired up with a superkick. Murdoch ended up on a chair, leading to a clash between Reed and Joey in the center of the ring. Murdoch attempted a boot, but Joey caught it, while Sawyer re-entered the ring, delivering a kick to the side of Murdoch’s head. Bentley was placed on Joey’s shoulders and driven through Murdoch, who was on a chair, resulting in all of them falling into a heap.

Back in the ring, they continued to exchange blows in the center. Murdoch sent Joey to the floor. The Rejects assembled a door bridge in the corner and positioned Sawyer on the top rope for a Deep South Destroyer. Joey intervened, taking Murdoch off the top with a superplex through the door. They attempted a double pin, but both members of The Rejects managed to kick out. Joey climbed the top rope and aimed for a Double Stomp on Reed, but Reed got his legs up, leading to an awkward landing.

The Rejects executed a half-and-half suplex on Sawyer, followed by a brainbuster through the door in the corner. They went for the cover, but Joey dove off the top rope to make the save for his partner. Joey set up two chairs facing each other and attempted to execute a Razor’s Edge on Murdoch. Reed intervened and hit Joey with a spinning piledriver. Despite the impact, Joey managed to kick out but was subsequently hit with a Magic Killer through both chairs, leading to the pinfall victory for The Rejects.

The Rejects Defeated Sawyer Wreck and Joey Janela 

Singles Match: Jack Cartwheel vs. Leon Slater

Both of these men exhibited incredible speed, kicking off the match with a collar and elbow tie-up. Slater executed a flip to escape the hold, and Cartwheel responded with his own agile move, both taking a moment to reset and bask in the cheers from the crowd. They engaged in another lock-up, with Slater using a powerful shoulder block to take Cartwheel off his feet. Slater attempted a lariat, but Cartwheel evaded by employing his signature cartwheel maneuver, avoiding all of Leon’s offense and eventually taking him down with a head kick.

Slater fired back, executing a big neckbreaker on Cartwheel, who managed to kick out at a count of 2. Slater continued with a barrage of punches, culminating in a dynamic standing frog splash that yielded another two-count. Cartwheel responded with a forceful chop and a head kick, following up by sweeping Slater’s legs. Slater regained momentum, propelling Cartwheel into the second row with a running dropkick, and then striking him with a kick to the back of his head. However, Slater appeared to tweak his knee in the process.

Cartwheel seized the opportunity and unleashed a big deadlift German Suplex, followed by a Carthweel neckbreaker. Despite Cartwheel’s efforts, Slater managed to get his shoulder up. Cartwheel ascended the top rope, catching Slater off-guard with a cartwheel off the top that sent Slater tumbling to the floor. Cartwheel followed up with a Sasuke Special, leaving Slater disoriented.

Slater quickly turned the tide by countering Cartwheel’s mid-air move with a cutter. He charged in with a running dropkick in the corner and followed up with a powerful running boot, yet Cartwheel displayed resilience by kicking out once again. Slater climbed the ropes for a high-risk move, but his knee betrayed him, allowing Jack to seize the opportunity. Jack executed a Dragon screw, followed by a DVD. He attempted a Spiral Tap, but Slater managed to evade by rolling away.

Climbing back to the top, Slater took a moment too long due to his knee issue, giving Jack the chance to recover and land a kick to Leon’s head. The two engaged in a battle on the second rope. Leon executed a neckbreaker, then ascended to the top again, culminating in an extraordinary Swanton 450 that secured his first victory in GCW.

Leon Slater Defeated Jack Cartwheel 

Singles Match: Mance Warner vs. Gringo Loco 

Warner and Loco wasted no time, immediately engaging in a furious exchange of fists. Gringo seized the opportunity and grounded Warner with a powerful dropkick, following it up with another aimed at Warner’s head. Mance rolled out of the ring and aimed a steel chair at Gringo, who was about to execute a tope. With a swift motion, Mance struck Gringo with the chair, continuing the assault by pummeling him relentlessly. Warner retrieved a door from beneath the ring and sent it crashing into Gringo’s head. As Gringo absorbed the impact, Mance further battered him with a steel chair to the back. Mance collected an assortment of weapons inside the ring, inflicting more punishment.

Warner’s forehead bore the signs of his own blood as he drove Gringo headfirst into the post. With a chair of his own, Warner struck Mancer across the back, adding a leather strap to his arsenal. Gringo responded by choking Mance with the belt, then disappearing beneath the ring to retrieve a wrench and a screwdriver. Gringo ruthlessly drove the screwdriver into Mance Warner’s forehead. In a defiant move, Warner Sabu’d Loco catching him off-guard and delivering a neckbreaker across the back of a chair, nearly securing a victory.

With a face covered in crimson, Warner took his turn and began working over Gringo’s forehead with the screwdriver. Warner used the belt to strike Loco, then set up a door in the corner. Gringo fought back, hitting Warner with a neckbreaker, but Mance defiantly kicked out at the last possible second. Both competitors armed themselves with wrenches, using them to deliver brutal blows. Loco attempted a sunset flip, but Mance remained on his feet and utilized the wrench, following up with a powerful running knee to the side of Loco’s head.

Warner repositioned the door in the corner, attempting another running knee, but Gringo countered by lifting Mance and slamming him through the door with a forceful running powerbomb. In a last-ditch effort, Warner managed to get his shoulder up just in time. Loco ascended the ropes for his signature double jump moonsault. As the battle reached its climax, Warner broke a door over Loco’s back and arranged three chairs. Gringo met Warner atop the turnbuckle, executing a breathtaking top rope Falcon Arrow through the chairs, ultimately securing the hard-fought victory.

Gringo Loco Defeated Mance Warner 

Scramble Match: Jimmy Lloyd vs. Jordan Cruz vs. Brayden Toon vs. Calibus vs. Alec Price vs. JCW Champion Jordan Oliver 

Oliver initiated the action by taking Price off his feet with a powerful running boot. This led to Calibus and Price being left alone in the ring. Calibus knee-struck Price in the gut and impressively evaded Price’s attacks with a sequence of lucha-inspired moves. Calibus delivered an excellent dropkick that sent Price to the outside. Toon entered and executed a series of lariats, followed by a head kick, transitioning into a running shooting star press.

Cruz interrupted Toon’s momentum, catching Oliver with a release German suplex, and then proceeding with a deadlift German suplex combination on Toon. The third suplex sent Toon crashing to the floor. Jimmy made his entrance, dodging a clothesline attempt and dispatching Cruz to the outside. Price returned to the fray, showcasing agility as he reversed Jimmy’s attempts, eventually gaining the upper hand and sending Lloyd to the floor.

A confrontation between Price and Oliver ensued, with Price being taken down by a massive dropkick. Toon made his way back to the ring but was swiftly neutralized by Oliver’s kick to the gut. Calibus managed to escape from a figure four leglock. Price re-entered the ring and found himself trapped in a figure four, while Toon applied a headscissors on Oliver. Cruz seized Oliver’s legs and transitioned into a Boston Crab, as Lloyd secured a camel clutch on Toon. Price and Calibus intervened, breaking up the submission holds with stereo dropkicks. Price took down Calibus with a dropkick, only for Oliver to return and deliver a forceful chop, followed by a mighty running boot in the corner.

Oliver aimed for the Acid Bomb, but Cruz halted the maneuver and struck Oliver with a forearm. Cruz attempted a suplex, but Oliver managed to escape, only to be ensnared by a superplex. Jimmy executed a Codebreaker on Cruz, seamlessly transitioning into a rolling Death Valley driver for yet another near fall. Toon utilized a powerful running knee strike and a running neckbreaker to take Lloyd off his feet. Calibus hit Toon with a superkick before attempting a senton in the corner, but Toon evaded and found himself on the outside.

Calibus climbed to the top rope and executed an imploding 450, taking everyone out on the floor. Price was then slid back into the ring and managed to land a DDT on Calibus. He attempted the same on Cruz but was unsuccessful. Oliver and Price found themselves in a fierce exchange of fists in the center of the ring. Jordan unleashed a barrage of strikes, but Price countered by taking him down with a series of shoulder tackles, leading into the “You Can’t See Me” taunt and the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Oliver.

Cruz executed a Rock Bottom on Price, and Oliver responded with a Pedigree on Cruz, though Cruz impressively kicked out. Oliver aimed for a Cloutcutter, but Cruz countered with a back fist. Toon re-entered the ring and connected with an air raid crash on Cruz. Price followed up with a Blockbuster on Toon. Lloyd hit Calibus with a package piledriver, but Calibus resiliently kicked out. Oliver positioned Lloyd on the top rope and executed the Acid Bomb to secure the victory.

JCW Champion Jordan Oliver wins the Scramble Match 

Singles Match: EFFY vs. Fatu

The crowd was divided, chanting for both men as EFFY attempted to grab a chokehold, but was swiftly shrugged off by Fatu. EFFY found himself caught and flung into the corner, then tossed across the ring like a sack of potatoes. Fatu engaged in some jaw-jacking with the crowd while EFFY recovered in the corner. Seizing the moment, Fatu sent EFFY over the top rope and to the floor, where he forcefully rammed EFFY’s head into the ring post. Fatu proceeded to toss EFFY into the second row of chairs before bringing him back into the ring. Turning his back on EFFY, Fatu was met with a tope from EFFY, followed by a Cannonball off the apron to the floor.

Perching himself on the top rope, EFFY’s plans were thwarted by Fatu who executed a Frankensteiner, followed by a colossal Splash from the top rope. Remarkably, EFFY managed to kick out. Fatu continued to exert his strength, overpowering EFFY and controlling the tempo of the match. EFFY roared back with a rapid flurry of fists, culminating in a leaping neckbreaker from the top rope. Fatu slammed chest-first into the turnbuckle, and EFFY capitalized with the “Under the Rainbow” maneuver. EFFY then hoisted Fatu onto his shoulders, delivering a TKO before transitioning into a Dragon Sleeper. Fatu countered by rolling EFFY off his back, but EFFY quickly caught him with a popup powerbomb, coming within a hair’s breadth of victory.

Following up, EFFY called for the “Sack Ryder,” yet Fatu countered with a powerbomb, followed by a kick and a handspring moonsault that nearly secured the pinfall. Undeterred, EFFY managed to execute the “Sack Ryder,” but Fatu miraculously kicked out just in the nick of time. Determined, EFFY ascended to the top rope, only to be met with a series of fierce slaps from Fatu that halted his progress. As EFFY and Fatu traded headbutts and strikes on the top rope, Fatu landed a top rope Rock Bottom to clinch the victory.

Fatu Defeated EFFY 

Post Match: Fatu hit the ref with a Samoan Drop, he grabbed a door and placed it across the prone EFFY, and went climbing to the top rope, Mance Warner returned and hit Fatu across the back, still sporting his Crimson Mask. Fatu returned to the ring and hit Mance across the back with a chair. He stacked both of them up and hit the BME on both of them. 

Main Event: Nick Gage vs. Johnny Game Changer 

Johnny relentlessly punched Nick in the face while also delivering repeated kicks to his head. Employing his swift evasive moves, Johnny aimed to wear Gage down. However, Gage grew frustrated with Johnny’s tactics and introduced a door into the ring. A struggle ensued over the door, leading Gage to force Johnny up to the top rope, executing a superplex followed by a neckbreaker. Gage then applied a tight headlock, from which Johnny managed to escape through wrestling maneuvers. Yet, Gage swiftly countered with a forearm strike before propelling Johnny into the ring post, resulting in Gage appearing “bleeding.”

Gage produced a jug of fake blood from beneath the ring, taunting Johnny with name-calling as Johnny wiped off the faux blood. Gage hurled the jug at Game Changer and pulled out a Pizza Cutter from his pocket, proceeding to mercilessly use it on Johnny’s forehead. Following a back suplex on Johnny, Nick was struck with a Kendo stick. Gage constructed a door bridge between the edge of the ring and the back of a chair, placing Johnny across it to subject him to further punishment. Johnny retaliated by wielding the Kendo stick, striking Gage while perching him on the door. He then climbed to the top rope, attempting a corkscrew move. Unfortunately, Gage managed to evade the attack at the last moment, causing Johnny to graze his face on the side of the door.

Johnny scattered a bag of thumbtacks on the canvas and executed a Samoan Drop on Gage, followed by an attempt at a standing shooting star press. However, Gage once again dodged the attack just in time. The two opponents exchanged fists before Gage planted Johnny with a DDT onto the tacks. The referee checked on Johnny’s condition as Gage set up a door in the corner. Gage went for a spear, but Johnny managed to evade it, though he was still hit with a chokebreaker. Gage followed up with his reverse back elbow, but Johnny struck him across the back with the Kendo stick. Johnny then hoisted Gage into the Razor’s Edge position and hurled him across the ring, sending him crashing through a door in the corner.

Johnny retrieved two chairs and another door from beneath the ring. He knocked Gage down with a powerful running knee, setting up the door above him. Gage narrowly escaped from beneath the door bridge and responded by hitting Johnny with an avalanche piledriver. Despite the brutal move, Johnny resiliently kicked out at the very last second. Johnny grounded Gage and executed his finishing move, the Starship Pain, securing the hard-fought victory.

Johnny Game Changer Defeated Nick Gage