GCW Planet Death Results: Jun Kasai vs. John Wayne Murdoch 

Originally published at GCW Planet Death Results: Jun Kasai vs. John Wayne Murdoch 

GCW: Planet Death

July 19, 2023

Shin-Kiba 1st Ring

Tokyo, Japan 

Singles Match: Shigehiro Irie vs. Shane Mercer

The match started with a stiff lock-up, and neither man was able to gain an advantage from it. They exchanged standing switches before Irie took Mercer off his feet with a running crossbody. Irie then slammed Mercer to the mat and executed a rebound splash, earning a two-count. Irie attempted to steamroll Mercer off the apron, but Mercer caught him and threw him into the second row, along with the ring post. They battled on the apron, where Mercer hit Irie with a military press, sending him crashing back into the ring. In the center of the ring, they exchanged forearms and chops; Irie got the upper hand and leveled Mercer with a series of elbows to his jaw. He followed it up by hitting a steamroller crossbody, sending Mercer crashing to the floor.

Irie attempted a running cannonball, but Mercer caught him. However, Irie managed to escape and quickly picked up Mercer, tossing him across the ring with a fallaway slam. Mercer then placed Irie on the top rope, trying for a superplex, but Irie countered with a big leaping cannonball in the corner, nearly getting the pinfall. Mercer caught Irie’s lariat attempt and locked him in a head and arm choke. Irie eventually reached the ropes and retaliated with another running cannonball. They continued to go back and forth, with neither man gaining a clear advantage until Mercer stacked Irie up on the turnbuckle and hit the Moonsault and Battery for the victory.

Shane Mercer Defeated Shigehiro Irie 

Six-Man Tag Team Match: Team FREEDOMS (Takashi Sasaki, Tomoya Hirata, and Toru Sugiura) vs. Team GCW (GCW World Champion Blake Christian, Gringo Loco, and Joey Janela)

Hirata and Janela started the match for their respective teams. Janela grabbed a headlock but was quickly taken off his feet with a shoulder tackle from Hirata. Christian and Loco entered the match and attempted to take Hirata down, but they were unsuccessful. Christian followed up with a head kick and an attempted back elbow. Toru entered the match and took Christian off his feet with a series of dropkicks. Loco then avoided Toru’s charge and delivered a series of dropkicks of his own. Loco executed a head scissors takedown on Toru and made the tag to Sasaki. Sasaki and Loco traded strikes, and Sasaki kicked Loco in the gut before hitting him with a DDT.

All three members of Team FREEDOMS ganged up on Gringo Loco. Hirata hit him with a big splash off the second rope, but their cocky pin attempt was broken up by Christian and Janela, who took the fight to the floor. Hirata then took everyone out with a big dive, and Gringo hit a double jump moonsault to the outside.

Joey cut off the ring and isolated Toru in their corner. Joey delivered repeated brainbusters and locked in the camel clutch. Loco and Christian took turns dropkicking Toru while he was still stuck in the hold, and they posed with his injured body. Blake taunted everyone before hitting Toru with a basement dropkick. Joey continued to target Toru, who eventually fired up and made the tag to Sasaki.

Sasaki took Joey off his feet with a big heel kick, followed by a step-up head kick to Loco. Joey was shot into the corner and hit with a lariat before being stacked up on the top rope. Sasaki brought Janela back into the ring with a superplex and a big lariat for a close near fall. Toru tagged back in and tried to take the fight to Joey, but Joey nailed him with a forearm. Joey went to the top, and Toru met him there, but Blake took Toru down with a sunset bomb. They all performed top rope maneuvers, but their pin attempt was broken up by the rest of the members of Team FREEDOMS.

Sasaki hit Christian with repeated big knee strikes, but Christian was too close to the ropes for the referee to make the count. Sasaki called for some steel chairs, attempting to slam Christian onto them, but Joey came in to make the save and hit Sasaki with a suplex. Toru and Joey traded forearms before Hirata assisted Joey with a popup German Suplex onto the pile of chairs. Gringo was sent to the outside, leaving only Hirata and Janela. Janela was able to land a desperation superkick, and Blake hit Toru with a sliced bread on the ramp, followed by a moonsault to the floor on Hirata. Sasaki was hit with a Death Valley Driver, followed by a moonsault from Loco and a 450 from Blake Christian for the victory.

Team GCW Defeated Team FREEDOMS

Six-Man Tag Team Deathmatch: Daisuke Masaoka, Isami Kodaka, and Yuko Miyamoto vs. GCW Ultraviolent Champion Rina Yamashita, Sawyer Wreck, and Charli Evans

Yuko and Rina started the match with a brief scramble for control. Yuko slammed Rina down to the mat, but Rina managed to escape and kicked Yuko in the gut. Rina then locked in the testicular claw, but Yuko broke free, and both of them made tags to their partners.

Kodaka and Sawyer started exchanging chops and strikes, with Sawyer eventually hitting a back fist to Kodaka’s jaw, sending him to the floor. Rina and Charli charged to the other side of the ring and knocked their opponents off the apron, leading to a brawl on the floor. Kodaka and Sawyer made their way back into the ring, where Kodaka set up a barbed wire door in the corner and sent Sawyer face-first into the wire. Kodaka grabbed a gusset plate and slammed it into Sawyer’s head, then used the broken half of the barbed wire door to hit her repeatedly with steel chairs, causing her to bleed from her forehead, elbow, and chest. Masaoka beat her down in the corner while her body was still wrapped in barbed wire. Yuko even grabbed a cut-out of Gringo Loco’s face and stapled it onto Sawyer’s face. Despite the pain, Sawyer managed to wrestle the staple gun out of Yuko’s hand and stapled his groin as she struggled to make it to her corner for a tag.

Charli was tagged in and laid in some shots on Yuko. She attempted a splash in the corner, but she missed, rolled him through, and caught him with a knee to the face. Charli followed up with a suplex and tried for another, but Yuko fought out of it and planted Charli on the mat with an STO. Charli was then tossed over Yuko’s head with an exploder suplex, while the other members of the team hammered skewers into Rina, Charli, and Sawyer’s heads.

Kodaka got a quick near fall on Charli as she ducked an incoming kick and connected with a series of her own. Rina tried to fire up after receiving the hot tag, but Masaoka met her with a shining wizard, followed by a combination of running knees and strikes in the corner. They continued to beat down the champion, who could finally create some separation with a super kick, but Masaoka countered with a forearm. Rina fought back and hit a big lariat, followed by an attempted Splash Mountain, which was broken up by Yuko.

Kodaka and Sawyer continued to fight, but Sawyer quickly took him down with a big clothesline, followed by a chokeslam on Masaoka. Rina came off the top with a big splash, but Yuko broke up the pin attempt at the last second. Rina then brought a bundle of chairs into the ring and hit Masaoka with a Dead Eye on the chairs, but he again kicked out. She set up more chairs in the center of the ring along with a barbed wire board and hit Masaoka with the Splash Mountain for the victory.

GCW Ultraviolent Champion Rina Yamashita, Charli Evans, and Sawyer Wreck Defeated Daisuke Masaoka, Isami Kodaka, and Yuko Miyamoto

A video package was played announcing that GCW will be running the legendary Korakuen Hall on October 12, 2023. This is a massive achievement for the company and one that they have strived for for years. Joey Janela noted on Twitter that on that night they will induct Marcus Crane into the GCW Deathmatch Hall of Fame. A rightful location for their fallen brother to receive such an honor. 

Deathmatch: Masashi Takeda vs. Masha Slamovich 

Masha and Takeda exchanged forearms in the center of the ring, with Takeda gaining the upper hand. He attempted to send Masha into the ropes covered in tubes, but she reversed it and sent Takeda crashing into them. Masha followed up with several tube shots to Takeda’s head. He managed to block an incoming shot, countered by putting the tube in her mouth and breaking it. Takeda continued breaking tubes over the former GCW World Champion’s head, even breaking one over his own head for good measure. He then retrieved his scissors and stabbed Masha in the face, creating a gory scene with her forehead busted open. Takeda kept beating her down in the corner as she tried to recover. However, Masha landed a series of weak-looking kicks that surprisingly turned the tables on Takeda. She took him off his feet with a leg lariat and pummeled him with a series of punches, resulting in a near fall that the crowd didn’t fully buy into.

Masha attempted a shining wizard, but Takeda caught her and locked her in the ankle lock. Despite her efforts to escape, Takeda slammed her to the mat. Takeda then grabbed a handful of tubes, drop-kicked them into Masha’s chest, and broke one over her head. He placed her across the second rope and hit her with a running knee, nearly getting the pinfall. Takeda placed a chair across her face and hit her with another chair for another close near fall. He then grabbed a bundle of tubes and gave them to Masha in an attempt to hit her with a running knee. She reversed it, breaking them over Takeda’s head, but was still caught in an armbar. They traded armbar spots, with Takeda targeting her fingers before finally breaking the hold and folding her in half with a belly-to-back suplex.

Masha retaliated by breaking a series of tubes over Takeda’s head and hitting him with a stiff spin kick for another close near fall. She then delivered a brainbuster on a pile of broken glass, but Takeda somehow kicked out. Masha climbed to the top rope, and Takeda broke a tube over her head before hitting her with a tube-assisted Razor’s Edge, but Masha managed to kick out at two. Takeda rushed to grab the remaining unbroken tubes and attempted to powerbomb her onto them, but she reversed it and hit Takeda with a tube-assisted air raid crash for yet another close near fall. Takeda retaliated by executing a release German Suplex, to which Masha flipped him off, but she was met with a bundle of tubes to the head, followed by an inverted DDT on the glass for the victory.

Masashi Takeda Defeated Masha Slamovich 

Six-Man Tag Team Deathmatch: Jimmy Lloyd and Los Macizos vs. Takayuki Ueki, Toshiyuki Sakuda, and Violento Jack

They all started brawling before the bell rang. Ciclope and Miedo teamed up on Jack, but Ciclope was sent to the floor as Miedo and Jack tried to take each other on. They both no-sold a couple of shots before engaging in a forearm exchange in the center of the ring. Miedo kicked Jack low and then broke a plastic container over his head. Sakuda escaped Miedos grasp and hit him with a running back elbow, to which Ciclope responded by using a pizza cutter on him.

Ciclope set up a cut can board in the middle of the ring and attempted to slam Sakuda on them. Although Sakuda fought back for a moment, he was eventually suplexed on the cans. Ciclope rushed in, but Sakuda met him with boots and a dropkick. They set up two doors, and Sakuda dove between them, taking out Ciclope and Miedo on the floor. They then drove Jimmy’s head through one of the doors and hit him with a cinder block. Despite this, Jimmy fired up and hit Ueki with a neckbreaker combination. Jack and Lloyd fought in the ring, with Jimmy getting Jack on his shoulders and hitting him with a Death Valley Driver, resulting in the first near fall of the match.

All three members of GCW’s team returned to the ring and hit a double 3D on Jack. Ciclope grabbed two needles and attempted to put them into Jack’s head, but Sakuda made the save and instead stuck them into Ciclope’s eyebrows and threw his cheeks. Jimmy came back into the ring and hit Sakuda with a sit-out piledriver, and the crowd chanted “Jimmy, Jimmy Fucking Lloyd.”

Jimmy stacked up a bunch of plastic storage containers and placed Sakuda on the top rope. Although Sakuda fought him off, Jimmy managed to hit him with a sliced bread through the plastic containers for a close near fall, but Miedo made the save for his partner. Miedo got Sakuda up on his shoulders and was going to throw him to the outside, but Sakuda got out of it briefly before Miedo Awesome Bombed him over the top rope.

Ciclope was still wrestling with the needles in his eyebrows as Miedo held Ueki still, and Ciclope threw tacks on the ground. They each took turns hitting Ueki with moves into the tacks. Ueki hit Miedo over the head with a cinder block, and then placed one on Miedos injured shoulder and came off the top rope with one of his own. Miedo moved out of the way, causing Ueki to crash and burn, and then Jack and Miedo picked up where they left off, trading stiff chops and strikes in the center of the ring.

Jack took Miedo off his feet with a lariat and followed up with a variation of the One-Winged Angel onto the thumbtacks. Despite the brutal move, Miedo was able to kick out at the last second. Jack grabbed a beer bottle, and Ciclope tried to fight it out of his hands but instead ended up getting the beer bottle broken over his own head. Ciclope was stacked up on the corner, but Murdoch made the save and hit Sakuda over the back with a tube. The Mascizo’s hit Jack with a Doomsday Device, but Jack managed to kick out at the last second. Miedo then hit Jack twice, and Ciclope went to the top rope and secured the victory with a Frog Splash.

Los Macizos and Jimmy Lloyd Defeated Takayuki Ueki, Toshiyuki Sakuda, and Violento Jack

Deathmatch: Jun Kasai vs. John Wayne Murdoch 

Murdoch and Kasai started brawling before the match began. Murdoch leveled Jun with a lariat to the back of his head, followed by a series of suplexes. Murdoch grabbed and broke a tube over his knee, then started carving away at Jun’s head. Murdoch called for a brainbuster, but Kasai fought him off and hit a tube-assisted brainbuster of his own. Murdoch kicked out, and they traded strikes in the center of the ring. Kasai grabbed a handful of skewers and put them in Murdoch’s mouth before giving him a DDT. Kasai then took a knife off the knife board and started cutting away at Murdoch’s arms, despite Murdoch’s pleas for him to stop.

Murdoch was body slammed into a pile of tubes and broken glass but still managed to kick out at the last second. Kasai scoop slammed Murdoch onto the knife board, yet somehow Murdoch still found a way to kick out. Kasai continued his assault with a series of tube shots to each other’s heads, followed by a back suplex onto the pile of broken glass. Kasai hit Murdoch with a suplex onto an open chair, but Murdoch once again kicked out at the last second. Kasai then grabbed a knife and continued cutting away at the Duke’s head. They traded vicious headbutts, making it uncomfortable to watch. Murdoch responded with a neckbreaker followed by a Sick Kick for a close near fall, but Kasai kicked out.

Kasai endured a backbreaker onto the broken glass, but it still wasn’t enough to put him down. Murdoch executed a sit-out piledriver, and to everyone’s surprise, Kasai popped back up and hit Murdoch with a lariat using a bundle of tubes. Murdoch stood his ground as Kasai tried to chop him down to size, eventually taking him off his feet with a stiff lariat followed by an attempt at a pedigree. Murdoch endured a couple of forearm shots to the jaw, followed by a scoop slam on the broken glass.

Kasai blew a snot rocket at JWM and grabbed a fork board, placing it across Murdoch’s chest. Kasai came off the top rope with a Splash, but to his astonishment, Murdoch managed to kick out at the last second. Murdoch got Kasai back on the top, but Violento Jack powerbombed Murdoch off, giving Jun the opening to hit his big splash. He placed a bundle on the Duke’s chest and came off the top, but shockingly, Murdoch was still able to kick out at the last second.

Kasai grabbed more tubes and a knife, and then placed them across his own chest before hitting Murdoch with a tube-assisted sitout piledriver for the victory. The match was incredible, with every moment holding significant meaning. Murdoch had wanted this match for years, and it was undoubtedly a gratifying experience for him.

Jun Kasai Defeated John Wayne Murdoch