GCW Rather You Than Me Results: Christian vs. Danhausen, GCW's General Manager

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GCW Rather You Than Me 2024

Friday, May 3, 2024

Tampa, Florida

Egypt Shrine Center

Match Recommendations: 

  • EFFY vs. Mance Warner, Last Man Standing
  • John Wayne Murdoch vs. Zilla Fatu
  • Joey Janela vs. Miyu Yamashita 

Matt Cardona announced that he is now the new General Manager of Game Changer Wrestling; Matt asked for an opponent Jimmy Lloyd as we began our action for the night. 

Singles Match: Broski Jimmy vs. Megan Bayne 

Cardona jumped on commentary for his Broski’s match, while Jimmy ambushed Megan from behind as she was making her way into the ring. Bayne reversed a whip, booted Jimmy in the face, and then rammed her shoulder into him in the corner. Megan retaliated by sending Jimmy into the opposite corner, delivering a big splash followed by an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Cardona complained that Jimmy wasn’t ready for this. Jimmy then pulled Ref Adam Gault in the way, creating an opening to take Megan off her feet. He isolated Jimmy in the corner with a chokehold. Cardona mentioned that he fired Kevin Gill as Jimmy executed the pushup chokes on Megan; Cardona mocked his form but still gave him credit for actually doing pushups.

Jimmy attempted the Reboot, but Megan caught his boot and countered with a series of suplexes and a big spear. Despite this onslaught, Jimmy managed to kick out at the last second. He then sent Megan into the corner and successfully executed the Reboot. He followed up with the Radio Silence, but Megan turned him inside out with a big lariat, earning another near fall. Undeterred, Jimmy quickly got back up and hit the Radio Silence again, only for Megan to kick out once more.

Taking the match to the floor, Jimmy retrieved a steel chair and attempted to strike Megan with it, but he accidentally hit the top rope instead, causing the chair to rebound into his head. Seizing the opportunity, Megan set up the chair and powerbombed Jimmy through it, yet he somehow managed to kick out. Determined to finish the match, Megan scooped Jimmy up and delivered a Tombstone Piledriver, securing the victory.

Megan Bayne Defeated Jimmy Lloyd in her Game Changer Wrestling debut

The LEGEND, Lenny Leonard joined commentary for the rest of the show. It’s always an honor to hear Lenny and Dave calling matches again. I hope Brett makes them the permanent team. 

Singles Match: Mr. Danger vs. Eli Knight 

They started with some chain wrestling as the two men began to feel each other out; Mr. Danger showcased his athleticism and quickness, frequently escaping Knight’s holds. He took Knight off his feet with a big dropkick and a senton. Danger rushed in, but Eli was able to recover and hit him with a dropkick for a quick near fall. They exchanged chops in the corner, with Danger using the ropes to his advantage. However, Knight pulled him down and ran into a forearm, becoming the victim of a springboard head scissors.

Eli went to the floor, but Danger caught him with a kick. Eli then superkicked Danger in the head and struck him in the back with a steel chair. Knight attempted a chair-assisted curb stomp, but Danger countered with a spinning wheel kick. Dave Prazak noted that Mr. Danger’s inspirations are RVD, Jeff Hardy, The Messiah, and the Icon Sick Nick Mondo. Eli dumped Danger to the floor and executed a moonsault over the ring post to the floor. He brought Danger back into the ring and hit him with a Fisherman’s Buster for another close near fall. Bleeding from his nose, Eli climbed to the top rope and attempted another moonsault, but Danger evaded it. Danger then took Eli down with a kick to the face followed by a flurry of strikes, but Knight responded with a belly-to-back suplex, leaving both men crumbled on the mat.

Danger executed the AJ Styles inverted DDT and a split-legged moonsault. Knight went to the floor and cleared the top rope with a Swanton. Danger climbed to the top and hit another Swanton, but Eli managed to kick out at two and a half. Eli attempted a small package, but Danger kicked out. Danger then went for a monkey flip, but Eli caught him and powerbombed him for another near fall. Danger countered with a Destroyer after Eli missed with a giant moonsault. Finally, Danger ascended to the top rope and executed a perfect Phoenix Splash to secure the victory.

Mr. Danger Defeated Eli Knight 

Trio’s Match: Gahbage Daddies and ROH Women’s TV Champion Billie Starkz vs. Los Desperados and Jack Cartwheel

Arez and Starkz began the match with some ground-based offense. Arez tied up Starkz’s legs, but the champion quickly reversed the hold and put Arez in a pinning situation, forcing him to break the hold. Arez then grabbed a wrist lock, but Starkz backed him into the ropes, breaking the hold once again. They exchanged a series of pinfall attempts, with neither able to secure the victory. Starkz sent Arez into his corner, where he made the blind tag to Cartwheel, who booted Starkz in the face. Billie came off the top rope, but her opponents caught her and threw her into Gringo, who hit an ace crusher. Radrick came to her aid and attempted to strike Jack, but Jack cartwheeled out of the way. He then booted Jack in the chest. Jack moved to the apron, Arez kicked Radrick in the head and then hit him with a curb stomp flipping leg drop from Los Desperados for a close near fall. Cartwheel and Arez chopped away at Radrick. Radrick tried to fight his way out of the corner, managing to trip Jack and Arez and make the hot tag to Price. Price went wild on everyone with a series of high-flying moves, including hitting a blockbuster on Arez for a near fall. He attempted a springboard, but Gringo Loco caught him and slingshotted him into a powerbomb for another near fall. Gringo then climbed to the top rope and hit Price with a double jump moonsault. Arez hit a dive on Starkz, and Jack hit a Sasuke Special on Radrick on the other side of the ring. Radrick was rolled back in by Cartwheel, who hit him with a shooting star press, but Cole moved out of the way and hit him with a rebound cutter, followed by a lariat from Price. Price took out Arez and Loco with a dive to the floor. All three hit Swantons onto Cartwheel, but Gringo and Arez managed to get back into the ring to make the save. All six of them were back on their feet and started slugging it out. Gahbage Starkz hit a triple superkick, which led to a series of strikes from everyone. Starkz then hit Cartwheel with a Destroyer, and Price came off the top with a double stomp for the victory.

Gahbage Daddies and Billie Starkz Defeated Los Desperados and Jack Cartwheel 

Singles Match: Jordan Oliver vs. Timothy Thatcher 

Jordan came out swinging with a big boot in the corner, causing Thatcher to spill to the floor in frustration. They locked up, and Thatcher immediately went to work on Oliver’s arm with various hammerlocks. Jordan countered with a back elbow, sending Thatcher spilling to the floor again. Thatcher then took Oliver down with a single leg and started wrenching away on his knee. Oliver attempted to turn things around by almost locking in the Boston Crab, but Thatcher blocked it and focused on Oliver’s arms and legs once more. Oliver managed to escape and applied an abdominal stretch. Thatcher countered with a fireman’s carry and attempted to lock in a cross-arm breaker. Although Oliver almost bridged out of it, Thatcher maintained his grip. Oliver eventually reached the ropes, breaking the hold, and then hit Thatcher with a big boot followed by a series of arm drags into an armbar. Despite Thatcher’s attempts to break free, Oliver maintained the hold and stretched him even more. A frustrated Thatcher grabbed Oliver’s foot and started twisting it while transitioning into a series of forearm strikes to Oliver’s face. Thatcher then applied a single-leg crab, taunted the crowd, and prepared for the bow and arrow into a big uppercut that grounded Oliver once again. The crowd was evenly split in their support as they encouraged Jordan to break out of a front facelock. Jordan managed to get back up to his feet and traded strikes with Thatcher in the center of the ring. Oliver connected with a DDT, creating an opening for a series of chops followed by an axe kick, but Thatcher kicked out at the last second. Oliver attempted the cloutcutter, but Thatcher countered with an uppercut to the back of Oliver’s head and attempted to lock in an armbar. However, Oliver connected with a dropkick, sending Thatcher into the corner. Oliver then stacked him up on the top rope for an Acid Bomb, but Thatcher grabbed Oliver’s nose. Oliver responded with a rana followed by the Cloutcutter for the victory.

Jordan Oliver Defeated Timothy Thatcher 

Singles Match: John Wayne Murdoch vs. Zilla Fatu

Murdoch mocked Zilla by imitating the Bloodline and proclaiming himself as the tribal chief. Zilla, who has an incredible tattoo of his father, Umaga, on his chest, showcased his power by easily shoving Murdoch down with a belly-to-belly suplex into a front face lock. He transitioned into a headlock but released it to demonstrate that he could out-wrestle Murdoch. Fatu delivered some forearms and executed a Full Nelson slam followed by an elbow to Murdoch’s chest.

Murdoch rolled to the floor and was taken out by Zilla, who hit a tope. Zilla slammed Murdoch into the ring post, mockingly commenting on camera, “Why did you book this, Brett?” Murdoch then turned the tables and slammed Zilla into the ring post. Murdoch grabbed a series of chairs and a door, hitting Zilla over the head with them. Despite this, Zilla got back up and slammed Murdoch’s head into the apron before lawn darting him head-first into a chair.

Zilla set up a door bridge on the floor and placed Murdoch on top of it. Climbing to the apron, Zilla attempted a big Uso Splash, but Murdoch moved out of the way at the last second, causing Zilla to crash and burn. Back inside the ring, Murdoch nearly secured a victory. However, he received a headbutt from Zilla, who then ascended to the top rope. Murdoch managed to get back up and pulled Zilla off the top rope for a flatliner, earning another near fall.

Murdoch brought another door into the ring and set it up in the corner, attempting a spike but failing. Zilla charged, but Murdoch once again dodged, sending Zilla crashing through the door. Zilla fired up and delivered a big shoulder tackle followed by a gut-wrench suplex. He then grabbed the broken door and repeatedly beat Murdoch with it before sealing the victory with a big splash from the top rope. Zilla Fatu’s performance was incredible, and witnessing him in GCW is a privilege; it’s only a matter of time until he joins WWE.

Zilla Fatu Defeated John Wayne Murdoch

Post Match: John Wayne Murdoch jumped Zilla from behind and beat him down with pieces of the broken door. He grabbed another chair and went to hit the Samoan Spike with it but Zilla popped back up and leveled Murdoch with the spike. 

Give me Roman, Usos, Zilla vs. Jacob, Solo, Tama Tonga, and Tonga Loa with Rock in their corner at War Games

GCW World Tag Team Championship Four Way Match: Violence is Forever (Champions) vs. Bobby Flaco and Ariel Van Go vs. Hunter Drake and Rico Gonzalez vs. Mane Event

Everyone unleashed a flurry of superkicks, with Flacco and Van Go initially standing tall. However, Drake and Rico swiftly took them down with big arm drags followed by forearms in the corner and boots. Lyon executed a step-up moonsault on Drake, and they followed up with another tandem cutter. Black grabbed the hoop as Lyon jumped through it with a Cannonball, taking everyone out. Flacco reentered the ring and brought Midas down with a series of kicks, followed by an elbow drop from Van Go, culminating in a pommel horse dive to the floor, once again taking everyone out. Drake and Rico then ambushed them from behind, hitting stereo moonsaults to the floor. Black blocked a top rope Rana and countered with a powerbomb, while Lyon followed up with an airplane spin, setting Drake up for the 619. Lyon then hit Drake with a J-Driller variation followed by a Froggy Bow, but Drake managed to kick out.

Flacco connected with a double stomp as Van Go executed a beautiful 630, but Dom intervened, pulling Van Go out of the ring to save their championships. ViF returned to the ring and executed a Muscle Buster, followed by a top rope brainbuster onto Drake. However, the Mane event made their return, with Black catching a GTS into a Dragon Suplex into the Chasing the Dragon on Lyon, only to be hit with stereo kicks from Van Go. Flacco fired up with a series of forearms on the champions, but he took too much time, allowing ViF to hit him with a driver to retain the GCW World Tag Team Championships.

Violence is Forever Retained the GCW World Tag Team Championships 

Singles Match: Miyu Yamashita vs. Joey Janlea 

They started off fighting for the advantage with some chain wrestling, but neither of them could gain the upper hand, leading to a stalemate. Joey went for a handshake but instead booted Miyu in the stomach and delivered chops in the corner. Miyu countered with a kick to Joey’s chest and a knee strike to his head. She attempted a penalty kick on the apron, but Joey caught it, uppercutting her knee and driving it into the ring frame and a chair in the front row. He followed up with a big running uppercut, knocking Miyu out of the chair for a quick near fall. Joey continued to target Yamashita’s knees, taking her down with a suplex for another near fall. He grapevined her leg and wrenched back on it. Miyu tried to break free with kicks to Joey’s head, but he persisted with repeated strikes. Joey attempted a Death Valley Driver, but Miyu escaped, kicking Joey in the gut and turning him inside out with a lariat.

Joey rolled to the floor and was hit with the penalty kick. He tried to fight back with strikes, but Miyu’s knee gave out, allowing Joey to boot her in the stomach. She drove Joey’s head into the turnbuckle and attempted another move, but Joey caught her and hit her with the Death Valley Driver for a close near fall, followed by a snap dragon suplex. Joey kicked her in the back, which fired Miyu up. She seated Joey and kicked him repeatedly in the chest and delivered a stiff kick to his ear. Joey ducked the Skull Kick as they exchanged forearm strikes in the center of the ring. He connected with a running uppercut but was caught with a head kick. Joey tried to take her out with a lariat, but Miyu fired up and connected with a kick to his head. Joey rolled to the apron, nailing her with an elbow to the top of her head. Miyu attempted the AA, but her knee buckled, leading to Joey hitting her with a Death Valley Driver on the ring frame. He rolled her back into the ring and attempted a double stomp, but she moved out of the way and hit him with a knee strike followed by the AA. Joey managed to kick out at the last second. She went for another penalty kick, but Joey caught it and locked her in a Boston Crab. Miyu reached the ropes, breaking the hold, and ate a double knee followed by a superplex. Miyu held on and countered with a suplex of her own. She kicked away at Joey’s back and hit him with a running kick to the back of his head. She attempted another one, but Joey countered with a German Suplex. Miyu quickly recovered and hit Joey with one of her own for a close near fall. Joey blocked the Skull Kick and hit her with a forearm followed by a Dragon Screw to the already injured knee. Miyu flipped him off, and Joey responded by kicking her in the face and nailing her with the package piledriver for the victory.

Joey Janela Defeated Miyu Yamashita 

Last Man Standing: Mance Warner vs. EFFY

This was another bloody chapter in GCW’s best storyline since Cardona’s title win. Mance jumped EFFY right off the bat and immediately pulled out the screwdriver, stabbing away at his former best friend’s head. Adam Gault initiated the standing 10 count, but an already bloody EFFY managed to make it back to his feet as Mance continued to stab at EFFY’s head. Mance unleashed right hands in the corner, continually targeting the laceration with knee strikes. He then went to the floor and grabbed a door, along with a series of chairs and a trash can, which he landed on EFFY to add insult to injury. Mance struck EFFY in the rib cage with a crutch, then proceeded to the production area to retrieve the ring bell and hammer. EFFY attempted to pick up a chair, but Mance dropped him with a right hand and followed up with a trash can to EFFY’s head. EFFY managed to rise at the count of 7, just as Mance swung the ring bell at him, but EFFY countered with a spear. He began to beat Mance down with a steel chair to the head and Sabu’d it at him for good measure. EFFY delivered a series of boots in the corner, followed by the “Under the Rainbow,” which sent Mance face-first into a steel chair. Mance retaliated with a blockbuster as Adam Gault administered the count, but Mance rose at the count of 6 as EFFY beat him down in the corner with a door. EFFY then threw a trash can at Mance’s knees and repeatedly struck him over the head with it before placing it over Mance’s head and hitting him with the crutches, then spearing him through the door. EFFY continuously Sabu’d Mance in the head with chairs as Mance sought refuge on the floor, but EFFY persisted in beating him down with the chairs. Mance was struck in the head with the ring bell as Adam Gault reached the count of 7, but a bloody Mance Warner managed to get back up to his feet, only to be Sabu’d again. EFFY shoved Mance to the floor and subjected him to more chair shots to the face. As Mance bled heavily, EFFY continued to use the chair across Mance’s back. EFFY set up 6 open chairs on the floor, but Mance fought him off, draping him across the top turnbuckle and bodyslamming him off the top onto the chairs. However, EFFY only managed to hit one chair as he landed back-first on the hardwood floor. Adam Gault reached the count of 8, but EFFY dragged himself back up to his feet. Mance had a crutch in his hand as EFFY crawled back into the ring. Mance swung, but EFFY ducked and countered with a Sack Ryder. EFFY then grabbed the screwdriver from Mance’s boot and began to stab at Mance’s forehead in retribution for the months of blindsided attacks on himself and his friends. Adam Gault initiated his count, and though Mance struggled to get to his feet, a puddle of blood started to form in front of his face. Mance managed to rise, but EFFY resumed stabbing him in the forehead, causing him to crumble to the mat as Dave Prazak questioned if that was enough. Adam reached a count of 9, but EFFY halted the count to inflict more punishment on Mance, continuously stabbing at his forehead and head. Both men were covered in each other’s blood as Mance was propped up in the corner so he couldn’t go down, while EFFY kept stabbing at him and even started to drink Mance’s blood leaking from his forehead. EFFY then went to the back and returned with a gas can, hitting Mance with a crutch across his back as he pranced around with the gas can and poured it on Mance Warner. EFFY attempted to light Mance on fire, but Adam Gault and Dan Perch pulled EFFY off him as Mance managed to escape to the back.

No Contest

I’m very excited about the potential conclusion of this rivalry occurring at Cage of Survival 3

GCW World Championship Match: GCW World Champion Blake Christian with Missy Hyatt vs. Danhausen 

Blake showcased his agility, turning the tables on Danhausen, who attempted to lock Christian in various holds. Blake mockingly cursed members of the audience from the floor. Danhausen fell for a trap as he reentered the ring, only to be met with a right hand and stomps from the champion. He reversed the whip and landed ten punches in the corner followed by a double axe handle off the second rope. Danhausen’s series of right hands dropped Blake to the floor, where Danhausen connected with strikes and bounced Blake’s head off the ring apron. However, Missy Hyatt intervened, grabbing Danhausen’s leg, allowing Blake to spear him on the apron and send him into the chairs with a lariat.

Back inside the ring, Danhausen fell victim to a boot to the back of his head, leading to a cocky pinfall attempt from Blake. He then executed the Cardona choking pushup for good measure. Danhausen attempted a boot, but Blake caught it and sent him across the ring, following up with a Stinger Splash attempt. However, Danhausen moved out of the way and countered with a German suplex into a series of clotheslines. Blake then hit Danhausen with a 619 followed by a big elbow drop from the top rope, but Danhausen managed to kick out. Blake attempted a 450 from the top rope, but he rolled through and went for a handspring cutter. Danhausen caught him and hit Blake with a DDT into a GTS, but Blake rolled out of the ring before Danhausen could cover him. Danhausen rolled him back in, but Blake broke the pin by getting his foot on the rope.

Danhausen grabbed the jar of teeth but was caught with a rolling Death Valley Driver into a springboard 450. Despite this, Danhausen was still able to kick out. Both competitors met on the top rope, where Blake caught Danhausen and hit him with a top rope leg drop, but Danhausen kicked out once again. Blake attempted the curb stomp, but Danhausen blocked it, leading to a quick near fall into a German suplex. Danhausen retrieved the teeth, put them in Blake’s mouth, and kicked him in the face for a very close near fall. Blake countered the GTS into a capture suplex, but Missy threw the Gucci bag to him. However, Danhausen knocked it out of Blake’s hands and struck him with it for the pinfall victory.

Emil Jay made the official announcement as the crowd erupted, and Danhausen celebrated in the ring. However, the GCW General Manager interrupted the celebration, stating he wouldn’t allow the “Tampa Screwjob” to occur on the first night of the Cardona era. He restarted the match due to winning with a foreign object. Blake then capitalized, hitting Danhausen with the Gucci bag and pinning him for the victory.

Blake Christian Retains the GCW World Championship via a Dusty finish