GCW Role Model Results: Matt Cardona vs. Danhausen

Originally published at GCW Role Model Results: Matt Cardona vs. Danhausen

GCW: Role Model 2024

Harpo’s Theater

Detroit, Michigan

Tag Team Match: The Pillars vs. Gahbage Daddies 

Radrick was sent to the floor as the Pillars began working over Price in the corner with a series of lariats and kicks. Radrick returned to the ring and caught Tommy Vendetta in the jaw with a kick. Price tagged himself in as the Daddies executed tandem offense on Tommy, resulting in a near fall. Tommy slammed both Radrick and Price and made the hot tag to MM3, who ran wild with straight right hands. MM3 hit Radrick with a knee strike followed by a neckbreaker for a close near fall. Tommy re-entered the ring and attempted a move on Radrick, but Radrick fired up and sent Tommy into MM3 before making the hot tag to Price. Price delivered a big leaping lariat on Tommy, followed by a top rope senton from Cole. However, MM3 returned to the ring and saved Tommy from the pin attempt. MM3 rocked Price with a head kick, sending him into Tommy, who then hit Price with a piledriver for a close near fall. MM3 hit Radrick with a cutter followed by a two-man cannonball in the corner. Price emerged on the stage, with Cole holding the Pillars in position as Price launched himself off the stage, clearing two rows of chairs and the top rope to take out the Pillars with a crossbody. Price and Radrick then hit MM3 with head kicks followed by a backdrop into a sit-out powerbomb for the victory.

The Gahbage Daddies Defeated The Pillars 

Six-Way Scramble Match: Gringo Loco vs. Isaiah Broner vs. Josh Bishop vs. Karam vs. Marcus Mathers vs. Oni El bendito 

Broner and Karam cleared the ring. Oni was sent into the corner by Mathers, who landed a kick to his jaw. Mathers attempted another move, but Gringo caught him with a military press and then followed up with a moonsault for a near fall. Bishop and Broner stood face to face in the ring and exchanged chops. Mathers returned to the ring and attempted to join the chop battle, but was quickly dropped by both of the big men. Oni tried the same and met the same fate as Mathers. The two men continued chopping each other as they looked around. Oni and Mathers then superkicked Broner and Bishop, sending them to the floor, and also hit Karam with one. They subsequently took flight and wiped everyone out on the floor with a pair of dives.

Gringo returned to the ring and hit Karam with a double jump cutter followed by a seamless tope. Karam turned the tables on Gringo with a lariat before shifting his attention to Broner. They began trading chops as the crowd chanted “Meat.” Broner took Karam off his feet with a combination of strikes and a forearm to the head. Gringo attempted to chop Broner and then hit him with a kick, but Broner responded with a kick of his own followed by a sitout spinebuster. Bishop stepped back into the action and resumed chopping with Broner. Karam joined in but received a nasty headbutt. Mathers went for a crossbody, but Bishop tossed him across the ring with a fallaway slam. Bishop then dumped Broner on top of Karam in the corner but was quickly sent face-first into the second turnbuckle by Oni, who then hit him with a bottom rope moonsault. Mathers responded by executing a destroyer on Oni.

Gringo returned to the ring and hit Mathers with a flatliner followed by a sitout tombstone for the win.

Gringo Loco wins the Scramble Match

Non-Title Match: GCW World Champion Blake Christian with Shane Mercer vs. Sawyer Wreck 

Sawyer booted Blake in the face before Emil could finish his introductions and lit him up with a series of headbutts. Sawyer followed up with a double chop across the chest and then executed a suplex for a two-count. Blake retaliated by attacking Sawyer’s leg, repeatedly stomping on it and driving her knee into the canvas, further injuring it. Sawyer reversed the whip, but Blake responded with a rebound handspring head kick, dropping Sawyer once again. Blake attempted an elbow drop from the top rope, but Sawyer moved out of the way and countered with a series of forearms and headbutts. Despite Sawyer’s desperation big boot, it wasn’t enough to put the champion away. Blake fired up and responded with a kick and a top-rope elbow drop. He then went for the stomp, but Sawyer evaded it, only to be caught by a handspring cutter. Although Blake tied her legs up, Sawyer managed to break the hold by reaching the ropes. Mercer attempted to intervene, but Sawyer punched him in the face, providing Blake with the opening to deliver a superkick for another near fall. Sawyer retrieved a door from under the ring, but Blake soared out of the ring and collided with Sawyer and the door, sending them crashing into the crowd. Blake set up a door bridge, but Sawyer ambushed him from behind and choke slammed him through the door for a very close near fall. She then attempted a tree slam, but Mercer interfered by pulling her legs out from under her, allowing Blake to capitalize with the stomp for the victory.

GCW World Champion Blake Christian Defeated Sawyer Wreck 

Microman Defeated Dan the Dad

Tag Team Match: The Mothership vs. The Rich and Powerful 

Sheik landed a series of kicks on Parrow’s head, resulting in a one-count. Parrow retaliated by slamming Sheik on her head before both wrestlers tagged in their respective partners. Katch punched Holiday in the face and followed up with a hip thrust to his face. Sheik then came off the top rope with a double boot to Holiday’s arm as The Mothership began making frequent tags, targeting Holiday’s shoulder. Holiday gained control of the matchup by hitting Sheik with a back elbow and slamming her down, allowing Parrow to re-enter the ring with a big senton for a close near fall. Sheik countered a chokeslam attempt with a dropkick and attempted a top rope head scissors, but Parrow caught her and executed a sit-out powerbomb for another close near fall. Katch received the hot tag and unleashed a barrage of offense on Holiday, including her running hip attack cannonball combination, resulting in a near fall of her own. Sheik attempted to re-enter the match, but Parrow brought her back down to the floor, allowing Holiday to hit Katch with a cutter. Parrow and Holiday attempted to double-team Katch, but Sheik returned and punched both of them low. Katch then hit Parrow with a heatseeker, allowing Sheik to dive onto Parrow outside the ring. With Holiday left alone in the ring, he fell victim to a double-team X Factor. However, Sheik was shoved off the top rope by Mance Warner, who proceeded to repeatedly stab Allie Katch in the head with a screwdriver. Despite this interference, Holiday returned to the ring and hit Katch with the 2008, securing the pinfall victory.

The Rich and Powerful Defeated The Mothership

Tag Team Match: Jacob and Zilla Fatu vs. Bang and Matthews

The Fatu’s jumped Bang and Matthews before the bell rang. Jacob hit Matthews with a big tope as all four men brawled on the floor. The Fatu’s asserted dominance as Jacob Sabu’d Matthews, sending him flying into the third row of chairs. Inside the ring, Bang faced off against Zilla, who began choking away on Davey Bang. Despite the odds, Davey attempted to fight back, but the Fatu’s continued to beat him down with various power moves. Bang and Matthews rallied and executed a tandem offense, culminating in an elevated leg drop to the back of Jacob’s head. They wiped out the Fatus with topes, then hit the quad stomp on Jacob Fatu, followed by a series of kicks on Zilla who was in the corner. Bang and Matthews set up a door in the corner and attempted to put Zilla through it, but their attempt was blocked. Zilla countered by hitting Davey with a blackhole slam followed by a moonsault from Jacob. Zilla powerbombed Davey through the door, but the pin attempt was broken up by Matthews who executed a Swanton Bomb off the top rope. They sent Zilla crashing through another door in the corner and hit him with the Spears Tower, but he kicked out at one. Zilla endured a couple of superkicks followed by a Sabu on both Jacob and Zilla. They attempted another Spears Tower, but the Fatu’s blocked it. Matthews climbed to the top rope and leaped off, only to be caught out of mid-air by a BIG Samoan Spike from Zilla, sealing the victory.

The Fatus Defeated Bang and Matthews

Singles Match: Joey Janela with Miss Hyatt vs. Shane Mercer with GCW World Champion Blake Christian 

Joey charged right away and began firing away with chops and punches. He attempted a splash, but Mercer caught him and sent him flying with a release over-the-head belly-to-belly suplex. Mercer continued to throw Joey around the ring with suplexes and worked him over in the corner with some chops. Joey fired up with a moonsault press, which took Mercer off his feet and onto the floor. Joey went for a tope, but Mercer caught him and dropped him tailbone-first on the edge of the ring. Mercer locked in a bear hug and attempted a twisting press off the top rope, but Joey moved out of the way and took him off his feet with a big running back elbow and a running dropkick on the floor. Mercer was caught with another running uppercut followed by a cutter into a superkick for a two count. Joey attempted another running uppercut, but Mercer popped him up and hit him with a fallaway slam for a two-count of his own. Mercer retrieved a chair from under the ring and used it to hit Janela’s back. Joey fired up and hit Mercer with a Sabu followed by a Death Valley Driver, but Mercer was still able to kick out at two and a half. Mercer hit Janela with a deadlift falcon arrow, but Joey managed to kick out at two. Blake sent a door into the ring, which Mercer used to set up a door bridge. Joey connected with a big right hand that staggered the big man. He then placed Mercer on the door and hit him with a top rope Frog Splash. Mercer attempted to power Joey up, only to be hit with a destroyer from Janela while Mercer had Joey on his shoulders. Joey then placed a chair across Mercer’s chest and climbed to the top rope. Mercer Sabu’d Joey on the top rope and hit him with the Moonsault and Battery, but Joey managed to escape into a sunset bomb. Blake entered the ring and attempted to hit Joey with the belt, but Miss Hyatt distracted him. Blake went to attack Missy, but Sawyer came to her aid and hit Blake with a chokeslam. Sawyer attempted the same on Mercer, but Mercer countered with a suplex. Mercer grabbed Missy, and Joey hit Mercer with a low blow followed by a Gucci bag to Mercer’s head, allowing him to pin the World Champion’s henchman.

Joey Janela Defeated Shane Mercer

GCW World Tag Team Title Deathmatch: Violence is Forever (Champions) vs. The Rejects

Murdoch and Ku began throwing fists right away. Reed rushed in to save his partner, as did Dom. Dom kicked Reed across the back, prompting JWM to do the same to Dom, leading to all four men exchanging punches in the center of the ring. The Rejects were sent to the floor by the champs, who continued targeting them with chops and punches. Murdoch struck Dom across the back with a steel chair and delivered repeated chops, but Dom turned things around, unloading on Murdoch with chops and kicks of his own. Both of the Rejects worked over Dom and sent him back inside the ring. Dom attempted to fight them off, but The Rejects tripped him up and placed a pane of glass over Dom’s body, shattering it with a senton from Murdoch. Murdoch then hit Dom with a chin breaker, with a mouth full of broken glass, while Reed punched some broken glass into Dom’s head and struck him with knee strikes. Murdoch set up another pane of glass across the bottom rope and attempted to put Dom through it, but Dom turned the tables, sending The Rejects crashing through the glass with a suplex. Ku got the hot tag and ran wild on Murdoch and Reed with repeated clotheslines in the corner, dumping Murdoch onto a pile of broken glass for a two count. Dom tagged back in and unleashed a series of chops and strikes on Murdoch and Reed. Dom was bleeding heavily from his back as he managed an inside cradle on Murdoch for a two-count. Dom was then set up in the corner, and a pane was placed across his chest before being dropkicked into him, resulting in another two-count. Dom endured a flatliner into a Koji clutch, but Ku returned to the ring and broke up the submission, allowing the very bloody Dom to try and recover. All four men traded fists in the center of the ring. The Rejects executed a double team Hero’s Welcome on Dom into the broken glass, but he still kicked out. Murdoch and Reed set up another pane of glass. Ku hit Murdoch with a Sabu, knocking him off the top rope, while ViF executed Chasing the Dragon on Reed to retain the GCW World Tag Team Championship.

Singles Match: Matt Cardona with Deathmatch Royalty vs. Danhausen 

Cardona immediately executed the Radio Silence, but Danhausen kicked out. Cardona then tried to strike Danhausen with the Internet Championship, but Danhausen evaded, causing Cardona to inadvertently hit Lloyd in the head. In retaliation, Danhausen struck Cardona with his own championship belt, but SDL pulled the referee out of the ring before he could count to three. Cardona attempted to strike Danhausen with the belt again, but Danhausen caught him and unloaded a series of right hands, knocking him off his feet. Danhausen delivered ten punches in the corner followed by a big double axe handle. SDL’s distraction allowed Cardona to capitalize, beating down Danhausen with a series of clotheslines as the crowd chanted “We Want Chelsea.” Cardona then sent Danhausen crashing into the corner with a vicious Irish whip. SDL handed Cardona a couple of action figures, with which Cardona struck Danhausen in the head, but it only resulted in a two count. Danhausen retaliated by taking Cardona off his feet with an action figure to the head, followed by a big running uppercut in the corner. Cardona leveled Danhausen with a knee strike, but Danhausen responded with a German Suplex. Cardona resorted to hitting Danhausen low and followed up with the Broski Boot, but it still wasn’t enough to put Danhausen away. Cardona then grabbed his pre workout, but Danhausen hit it into his face. SDL’s distraction gave Cardona and SDL the opening to continue their assault on Danhausen. Nick Gage’s theme played as he entered the ring to make the save for his tag team partner. Danhausen hit Cardona low, Gage followed with a spinebuster on Cardona, and Danhausen grabbed the jar of teeth, pouring them into Cardona’s mouth before kicking him in the face for the victory.

Danhausen Defeated Matt Cardona 

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