GCW Save Me Report: Nick Gage & Matt Tremont vs. Nick Wayne & Jordan Oliver

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GCW: Save Me

Saturday, January 7, 2023

Thalia Hall, Chicago, Illinois, 

Singles Match: Cole Radrick vs. Arez

Radrick and Arez battled for control in the opening minutes of the match, as both men started using the ropes to gain leverage on each other, and Arez got the best of the situation. Arez hit Radrick with a slingshot senton that resulted in the first near fall of the match, Arez slowed the pace of the match down which ended up being to his detriment as Cole recovered. Cole connected with a series of head kicks that grounded Arez momentarily, Radrick hit Arez with a swinging DDT that spiked Arez on the top of his head. Radrick went for the Lil Sebastians Curse, but Arez could reverse it and hit Cole with a sit-out powerbomb for a very close near fall. Both men had trouble getting back up to their feet; once they did they exchanged chops in the center of the ring, Arez got the best of the situation and hit Cole with a vertical suplex but Cole was able to fire up and hit a springboard stunner followed by Lil Sebastians Curse.

Cole Radrick Defeated Arez

Singles Match: ASF vs. Starboy Charlie

After a brief absence from GCW, it was great to see ASF again. The two men exchanged holds for the first couple of minutes of the match before Starboy Charlie fired up, and connected with a series of kicks followed by a Standing Shooting Star Press for a near fall. ASF tried to land some offense but Starboy cut him off and continued his assault by whipping ASF into the turnbuckles and landing some forearms. Starboy hit ASF with a Tombstone, he went for another one but ASF reversed it and hit a jumping Tombstone for a very close near fall. ASF sent Starboy to the floor and took him out with a springboard Tornillo. Back in the ring ASF hit Charlie with a Death Valley Driver followed by a dropkick to Charlie’s face for a near fall. Starboy fired up and hit ASF with an Alabama Slam into the top turnbuckle followed by the toxic swirl for a two count, Starboy went for a tornado kick but ASF locked in an elevated bow and arrow Starboy was able to get to the ropes to break the hold. ASF went to the top rope and went for a Shooting Star Press but Charlie got his knees up and locked in a crossface. Starboy kicked ASF in the head and pinned him. 

Starboy Charlie Defeated ASF

GCW World Tag Team Champion Match: Los Macizos vs. Bang Bros

Davey Bang and Miedo Extremo started the match off for their respective teams, the two traded holds and arm drags before they eventually wrestled to a stalemate to the delight of the crowd. Ciclope and Mathews were next in, Mathews was able to send Ciclope to the floor, and Davey Bang held Ciclope as Mathews went for a dive but Ciclope was able to get out of the way, they quickly recovered and hit a pair of dives that took out the GCW Tag Team Champions. The Bang Bros got a decent amount of shine throughout the match, but the champs eventually took control and beat down the much smaller August Mathews and Davey Bang. Miedo held Mathews as Ciclope came off the top rope with a double stomp to the back of his head; they turned their attention to Davey Bang who they hit with an elevated sit-out powerbomb but the pin was broken up by August Mathews. Los Macizos went to the floor and retrieved a pair of doors and set them up in the corner, they ended up driving Davey Bang through the door. The Bros responded with a spear on MIedo Extremo that sent him crashing through the other door, Ciclope set up a pile of doors in the center of the ring and slammed Davey on them, he kicked out at 2 so Miedo hit him with a sit-out piledriver for the victory.

Los Macizos Retained the GCW World Tag Team Championship

Singles Match: Blake Christian vs. Leon Slater 

Brett Lauderdale has one of the best eyes for talent and Leon Slater is the latest example. The match started very fast as both men displayed their high-flying offense in an exchange that eventually saw them wrestle to a stalemate. Christian went for a handshake but Slater slapped him across the face and ran wild for a little bit Christian routinely cut off his momentum with a power move. Christian sent Slater to the floor and took him out with an effortless Fosbury Flop. Slater and Christian brawled up onto the stage, Christian bodyslammed Slater on the stage and brought him back to ringside where he smashed Slater’s face off the ring post. Slater was able to fire back up with a series of dropkicks and dives, he hit his flipping senton over the ring post and brought Christian back in for a near fall. 

Leon Slater, oh my goodness #GCWSaveMe pic.twitter.com/61FEOoIFkc

— walker (@lifeafterkosovo) January 8, 2023

Christian connected with a dropkick in the corner followed by a cutter for another near fall. Christian went for a moonsault press but Slater kicked him in the face and hit him with a hidden blade for a close near fall. Leon pled with the ref before he went to the top but Christian moved out of the way and distracted the ref and hit Slater with a low blow. Christian teased his springboard 450 but he flipped off the crowd instead and planted Slater’s face in the mat with a curb stomp for the victory. 

Blake Christian Defeated Leon Slater 

Tag Team Match: Joey Janela and Jimmy Lloyd vs. Second Gear Crew

Joey Janela dedicated the match to the memory of Marcus Crane 

Matthew Justice launched a couple of chairs at Jimmy Lloyd’s head before he threw Joey into the ring and continued to beat him down with a chair. Janela fired up and hit a couple of superkicks onto Justice and Manders but Justice caught his leg on the second attempt and spiked him on the apron as Manders took Jimmy Lloyd out with a lariat. SGC hit opposite corner splashes but Joey kicked out which allowed him and Jimmy to run wild on Mathew Justice and Manders. Justice and Manders set up a door bridge on the floor, Justice set Jimmy up on the doors and climbed up to the second balcony, and jumped onto Jimmy Lloyd below. 

as soon as i heard the music i knew Justice was going off the balcony #GCWSaveMe pic.twitter.com/GZpytQLx6h

— dag (@brother_dag) January 8, 2023

Joey sent Manders through a door on the floor with a Death Valley Driver from the apron. All four men hit each other over the heads with broken pieces of doors and chairs, the ring was littered with broken pieces of doors as Justice and Janela had a chair duel that Justice won. Jimmy Lloyd Sabu’d a chair at Justice, Manders returned the favor and Sabu’d a chair into Jimmy Lloyd’s head. Joey and Jimmy hit Matthew Justice with an avalanche 3D for the victory.

#GCWSaveMe pic.twitter.com/1y0vjG2l2i

— Wrestling Hullabaloo (@WHullabaloo) January 8, 2023

Joey Janela and Jimmy Lloyd Defeated Second Gear Crew

Four-Way Match: Alec Price vs. Rocket vs. Mago vs. Robert Anthony

Mago and Alec Price opened the match with a couple of offensive sequences that saw Alec Price getting the best of the situation but was quickly attacked from behind by Robert Anthony. Robert Anthony then hit Rocket with a handful of scoop slams, he attempted a powerbomb but Rocket was able to wriggle out and hit a combination of strikes and kicks that sent Robert Anthony to the floor. Price and Rocket paired off and neither man was able to get the advantage as they were pretty evenly matched in their high-flying offense. Robert Anthony returned to the ring and took the fight to Price and Rocket before Mago cut him off with a couple of shots to Anthony’s back. That didn’t phase Anthony who continued to beat down Alec Price; he got Rocket up in a surfboard and as he disposed of him, Price kicked Rocket in the face. Rocket kept using his quickness throughout the match to escape the much stronger Robert Anthony, Rocket came off the top rope with a spiral tap-type move followed by a moonsault but it still wasn’t enough as Alec Price jumped him from behind and secured the victory.

Alec Price Defeated Robert Anthony, Rocket, Mago

Trios Tag Team Match: Mason’s Mercenaries (SLADE and Parrow) vs. THRUSSY (EFFY, Allie Katch, Dark Shiek)

Shiek and SLADE started to fight each other and Parrow took the fight to Allie Katch and EFFY on the floor. EFFY was able to turn the tables and took Parrow off of his feet with a senton from the apron, Shiek went for a dive but Parrow caught her and hung her upside down in the corner and powerslammed EFFY into her. Parrow went for a chokeslam but EFFY was able to reverse it into a chin breaker which gave him enough time to tag in Dark Shiek. EFFY set up two chairs in the center of the ring and hit the Sack Ryder onto Parrow sending him crashing through the chairs, EFFY made the tag to Katch who brought the fight to SLADE and Parrow as she hit her running hip attack combo. Parrow fired back up and dumped Shiek to the floor and hit EFFY and Allie with a double choke slam. A masked man came to the ring to help SLADE and Parrow, Parrow dumped EFFY on his head for the victory. The masked man took off his hood and was revealed as Billy Dixon. 

Mason’s Mercenaries Defeated THRUSSY

Singles Match: John Wayne Murdoch vs. Homicide 

Homicide with the Al Capone shirt in Chicago, how can you not love this man? #GCWSaveMe pic.twitter.com/gwADWtAPiz

— Austin Shermer (@AustinShermer) January 8, 2023

Murdoch jumped Homicide before Emil J could finish his introductions and brought the fight to Homicide with a series of throws and kicks. Murdoch slammed Homicide’s head into the corner turnbuckle then brought him back into the ring with a vertical suplex. Homicide fired up and sent Murdoch flying into the second row with a tope, Homicide continued to beat Murdoch down on the floor. Murdoch escaped back into the ring long enough to kick the second rope into Homicide balls which again gave him the advantage in the match. Murdoch brought a door into the ring and took Homicide off of his feet with a sick kick. Murdoch went for a step in DDT but Homicide cut him off with an ace crusher for a two count. Murdoch was placed on the top but he escaped and planted Homicide with a sit-out powerbomb, followed by a piledriver for another two-count. Murdoch locked on the Koji Clutch but Homicide escaped and was thrown into the door in the corner but kicked out at 2. Murdoch hit Homicide with the broken pieces of the door but it didn’t do anything to Homicide who took him out with a lariat followed by an avalanche ace crusher for the victory. 

Homicide Defeated John Wayne Murdoch 

Main Event

Tag Team Match: H8 Club (Nick Gage and Matt Tremont) vs. East West Express (Jordan Oliver and Nick Wayne)

Main event ENERGY #GCWSaveMe pic.twitter.com/3vtKFPA8Hi

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Nick Wayne and Matt Tremont are the first to start the match, Gage introduced a chair right away but the ref begged him off and he went back to the apron. Gage and Wayne traded holds, Wayne attempted to take Tremont off of his feet with a shoulder block but he wasn’t successful. Oliver came in to help Wayne and sent Tremont to the floor. Oliver and Gage locked up; Jordan Oliver is credited with getting Nick Gage back into shape in preparation for his Career vs. Title match against Jon Moxley. The two engaged in a Greco-Roman knuckle lock, Gage took Oliver to the mat with a headlock takeover, Oliver was able to reverse it with head scissors but Gage escaped via a headstand like he was Zack Sabre Jr. Oliver caught Gage in the face with a dropkick which gave him enough time to tag in Nick Wayne. Wayne kept the champ grounded for a bit until he was able to tag into Jordan Oliver. The East West Express hit Gage with their double team maneuvers and got two near falls after Matt Tremont was knocked to the floor. Oliver and Gage chopped each other, Gage was brought to the mat with another armbar which turned into modified rings of Saturn. Wayne and Oliver hit a series of stereo moves but they still weren’t able to get the pin on Nick Gage. Tremont was in the corner begging Nick Gage to try and make the tag but Oliver kept blocking him. Gage planted Oliver with a spinebuster followed by a DDT onto Nick Wayne, Gage made the tag to The Bulldozer who ran wild on both members of the East West Express with strikes and throws, Tremont turned Nick Wayne inside out with a stiff clothesline followed by an attempted Death Valley Driver. Oliver sent Tremont to the floor and Wayne was going to attempt a dive when he was cut off by a chair that was thrown by Gage. Tremont lept off the apron taking out both Oliver and Wayne, Gage climbed to the top turnbuckle and dove onto the pile taking everyone out. Gage whipped Oliver into the second row and continued to assault him with a chair. Gage set Oliver up in the chair and Irish Whipped Tremont into the prone Jordan Oliver. Gage asked two fans to retrieve two doors from underneath the ring which they quickly obliged. Gage set up the door in the corner, as he kicked the other one to the corner to be used for later. Gage speared Nick Wayne through the door even after Gage ate a stunner from the future AEW Superstar. Gage and Oliver traded forearm strikes in the center of the ring with Oliver getting the best of the situation as he hit Gage with an Acid Kick followed by Fisherman’s suplex from Nick Wayne, but Gage was still able to kick out. Gage and Wayne traded strikes in the center of the ring, Oliver returned but was laid out by a right fist from Gage. Gage hit the boot scrape on Wayne followed by a jumping Piledriver on Oliver for a two-count. Tremont seemed to have hurt his knee but it didn’t stop him from hitting a Death Valley Driver onto Nick Wayne followed by another piledriver from Nick Gage for the victory.

H8 Club Defeated East West Express