GCW Say You Will Results: Vikingo and Nick Gage have a "must-see match"

Originally published at GCW Say You Will: Vikingo and Nick Gage have "must-see match"

GCW: Say You Will 2023

Friday, September 1, 2023

Grand Sports Arena

Hoffman Estates, Illinois 

Vikingo vs. Nick Gage is a must-watch match, other than his matches with Cardona and ZSJ. This was Nick Gage’s best match this year. Incredible effort by both men. 

Commentary: Dave Prazak and Veda Scott

Non-Title Six-Way Scramble: Jimmy Lloyd vs. Feugo Del Sol vs. JCW Champion Jordan Oliver vs. Manders vs. Adam Priest vs. Brayden Toon

Oliver was making his way to the ring, but Lloyd had different plans. He threw himself to the outside onto the JCW Champion. Manders and Toon followed suit with dives of their own as the match fully got underway. Oliver made his way to the top rope and executed a moonsault to the floor, taking out everyone who had just wiped him out. Oliver sent Sol back into the ring but missed him with a kick, which gave Priest a chance to throw Oliver’s neck first into the ring ropes. Priest and Manders faced off; Priest tried to be proactive by chopping Manders, but Manders didn’t budge and leveled Priest with a single chop. Oliver returned to the ring and took Priest out with a high-angle suplex. Manders took Oliver off his feet with a couple of lariats followed by a running powerslam in the corner, resulting in a close near fall. Toon hit Manders with a moonsault but couldn’t capitalize as Lloyd hit him with a combination of kicks followed by a piledriver on Manders for a quick near fall. Sol returned to the ring and unleashed a flurry of offense onto Jimmy Lloyd. Sol went for the tornado DDT, but Lloyd leveled him with a lariat. Priest ran wild on everyone with a series of suplexes, but his string of offense was broken up as Sol went coast to coast and then hit a twisting press to the floor. Sol executed a tornado DDT on Manders, but Toon made the save at the last second and engaged in a chop battle with Manders. Manders and Toon found themselves in a “fish out of water” spot, and Sol returned to hit a double crucifix. Oliver then came back and pinned Priest with a pinning combination.

JCW Champion Jordan Oliver won the scramble

Singles Match: Mance Warner vs. Mike Bailey 

Mance Warner jumped Bailey before the bell and began to slap him on the floor. Workers attempted to separate them, but Bailey fired up and leveled Manders with a couple of forearms. The two sides were separated as Bailey executed a big boot followed by a triangle moonsault to the floor. Bailey followed that up with a powerful running knee strike, sending Mance back into the ring and taking him off his feet with a missile dropkick. The crowd firmly supported both of these men as they continued to brawl inside the ring. Bailey attempted a couple of pinfalls, but Mance kept kicking out, and Bailey continued to strike him, sending him into the corner where he delivered a kick to the face. Bailey planted Mance in the corner and hit him with a jumping double knee strike. Bailey displayed an unusually aggressive side during this match, one that you don’t normally see. Bailey unleashed a barrage of Speedball kicks and then applied a rolling trailer hitch submission to Mancer. The two men exchanged forearms, and Mance resorted to poking Bailey in the eyes, trying to grab a facelock, but Bailey got tangled up with the referee, Dan Perch. So, Mance kicked him in the face for good measure. Bailey retaliated by poking Mance in the eyes, which prompted Mance to pick up the referee, Dan Perch, and perform the Terry Funk ladder spot with Bailey repeatedly running into Perch’s legs, eliciting a “Terry” chant from the sold-out crowd.

Mance retrieved a chair from underneath the ring, and so did Bailey. Both men swung wildly at each other with the chairs, but eventually, they dropped the chairs and unleashed a series of brutal chest kicks. Mance evaded a moonsault and kneed Bailey in the side of the head for a close near fall. Mance then retrieved a door from underneath the ring and set up a door bridge in the center of the ring. He sent Bailey crashing through the door, but it still wasn’t enough to put Speedball away. Both men grabbed the broken pieces of the door and started hitting each other over the head. Bailey won the exchange and connected with a series of kicks to Mance’s chest. Mance removed his boots, and they exchanged more chest kicks. Mance delivered a piledriver onto a chair, but Bailey once again kicked out. Mance set up another chair and attempted to drive Bailey through it, but he reversed it and hit Mance with a brainbuster followed by tornado kicks and the Ultimate Weapon for the victory.

Speedball Mike Bailey Defeated Mance Warner 

Tag Team Match: Violence is Forever vs. BUSSY

Dom started the match in a seated position, leaving EFFY uncertain about the situation. They eventually locked up, with Dom immediately going after EFFY’s arm. EFFY managed to take control of the waist and played some mind games with Dom. It’s worth noting that Dom appeared to be wearing trunks reminiscent of Samoa Joe’s from 2004. EFFY threw a chop at Dom, who returned the favor. EFFY teased another chop but instead tagged in Katch. Katch and Ku faced off, with Ku grabbing a wrist lock and starting to work over Katch’s arm. Katch successfully escaped the hold, and they grappled over waist locks, with Katch breaking free from Ku’s grasp with a hip swivel. EFFY booted Dom to the floor and then delivered an atomic drop to Ku, followed by double hip thrusts and running crossbodies.

Dom made the tag, and VIF executed a series of tandem tag team offensive maneuvers on EFFY. EFFY fired up and took them both down with a running leg lariat before making the hot tag to Katch, who ran wild on both members of Violence is Forever with her running hip attack combination. This was followed by a double northern lights suplex, resulting in a close near fall. EFFY hit a blockbuster on Dom, and Ku and Katch took each other out with boots as all four competitors tried to recover.

EFFY and Dom were the first to return to their feet and began unloading on each other with a series of chops and a rolling elbow from Dom. Katch intervened to save EFFY by throwing punches at both Dom and Ku. Ku then scooped Katch up and hit her with a gutbuster. EFFY followed up with a TKO on Dom and transitioned into a Dragon Sleeper. BUSSY (EFFY and Katch) had double submissions locked in, while Katch connected with a flurry of strikes. EFFY cut Ku in half with a spear, and BUSSY executed the doomsday Sack Ryder. However, Dom made the save for his team, and they pulled off a brainbuster combination to secure the victory.

Violence is Forever Defeated BUSSY

Tag Team Match: Masha Slamovich and GCW Ultraviolent Champion Rina Yamashita vs. Los Macizos 

Both teams started brawling, and Ciclope hit a dive to the floor that took out both Masha and Rina. Ciclope isolated Rina inside the ring, where Miedo unleashed a flurry of punches and lariats. Los Macizos attempted a pin, but Masha intervened and unleashed a series of chops. She tried to execute another move, but Macizos caught her and kneed her in the face. Rina engaged in a back-and-forth exchange with Miedo, taking him down with a head kick followed by an overhand chop in the corner. Masha and Rina delivered a couple of kicks to Miedo’s face. Meanwhile, Ciclope returned to the ring and absorbed two forearms and double-head kicks from his opponents.

Masha retrieved a door from under the ring, and Rina grabbed a couple of chairs, completing the door bridge inside the ring. Macizos fought back and managed to fend off Rina and Masha, sending Masha crashing face-first through the door for a close near fall. Rina fetched another door, as did Miedo. They set up a door in the corner, and Masha sent Ciclope crashing through it with an air raid crash. However, Miedo broke up the pin attempt and hit Masha with a chokebreaker. Los Macizos then set up a door bridge on the floor. Masha ate a superkick from them as Rina locked in the testicular claw. Masha kicked Miedo in the head, and she and Rina attempted to stack him up for the pin. Suddenly, Ciclope struck Rina’s head with a chairshot.

Ciclope and Masha battled on the apron, with Ciclope getting her up on his shoulders and sending them both crashing off the apron through the door onto the floor. Back in the ring, Miedo and Rina were left to face each other. Rina spiked him with a brainbuster, but Miedo rolled through and sent her crashing through the door in the corner. Rina quickly got back up and exchanged forearms with Miedo. She avoided a powerbomb attempt and hit him with a desperation knee strike. Rina then climbed to the top rope and came off with a big splash, but it still wasn’t enough to put Miedo away. She grabbed the broken door and a chair, placing them in the center of the ring, and hit Miedo with the Splash Mountain for the victory.

GCW Ultraviolent Champion Rina Yamashita and Masha Slamovich Defeated Los Macizos 

Singles Match: Lash LeRoux vs. Joey Janela 

Joey Janela is the Steve Garvey of wrestling. Hall of Fame career makes everyone better, never gets the credit he deserves. You can put Joey in there with anyone and he carries and elevates everyone he shares the ring with. This was Lash’s first match in 13 years and there is no better opponent than Joey Janela. 

The two locked up, with Joey initially gaining the advantage. He took Lash off his feet with a powerful shoulder block. Lash tried to evade, but Joey once again sent him sprawling with a shoulder block, followed by some boots and a chop. Joey continued his assault with a jumping kick and a barrage of chops in the corner. Lash countered with head scissors that sent Joey to the floor. Lash followed him outside, but Joey turned the tables by sending Lash headfirst into the ring post. Joey then placed Lash on a chair and unleashed a series of punches, finishing with a running flying knee that sent Lash crashing to the floor.

Joey rolled Lash back into the ring and managed to secure a close two-count as Lash struggled to regain his strength. They engaged in a chop exchange in the center of the ring, and Joey followed with a snap mare and a boot to the side of Lash’s head for another near fall. Lash fought back by sending Joey to the floor, where he executed a tope followed by a DDT on the hard surface. Lash returned Joey to the ring, blocked a few punches from him, and delivered his signature combination of punches. Lash attempted the Whiplash, but Joey powered out and responded with a Death Valley Driver for a close near fall.

Lash struck Joey with a German Suplex on the ring apron, causing both men to tumble to the floor. They continued exchanging shots in the center of the ring, knocking each other down with simultaneous clotheslines. Joey then connected with a big knee strike followed by a brainbuster. He climbed to the top rope, but Lash got his knees up at the last second. Lash unleashed a flurry of punches and a sweeping leg sweep, but Joey managed to kick out just in time.

Lash retrieved a chair and a door, bringing them into the ring. However, Joey cut him off with an uppercut and took it upon himself to set up the door bridge in the corner. Lash met Joey on the top rope and executed WhipLash through the door. Unfortunately, Lash was too worn down to make the cover in time, allowing Joey to get his shoulder up at the last second. They exchanged a final series of chops, with Joey ultimately flooring Lash with a big superkick to secure the victory.

Joey Janela Defeated Lash LeRoux

Tag Team Match: Alec Price and Cole Radrick vs. Bang and Matthews

Bang and Price kicked off the match, engaging in quick evasions and nearly securing rapid pinfalls before reaching a stalemate. Bang connected with a dropkick and then tagged in Matthews, who continued the offensive onslaught against Price. Radrick found himself on the receiving end of tandem tag team maneuvers that sent Cole rolling out of the ring for safety. Price fired up and executed a combination of strikes, concluding with a half-and-half suplex on Bang. Radrick hit Matthews with a flatliner, much to the delight of the crowd. Radrick attempted multiple pinning combinations on Matthews, but each time, Matthews kicked out. Radrick backed Matthews into the corner, unleashing a series of strikes and making quick tags to keep each other fresh.

Bang received the hot tag and unleashed a flurry of chops on Radrick, following up with a handspring back elbow. Bang cut Radrick in half with a slingshot spear, while Cole went to the floor. There, Bang and Matthews faked them out with a teased handspring dive into a Triangle Moonsault. Price returned to the ring and took out Matthews, hitting a tope on Bang on the floor as payback for his partner. Bang and Matthews executed a quad stomp on Radrick, but Price countered with big lariats and forearm strikes, setting up Matthews for a running torture rack and tandem running double knees from Price and Radrick. Price followed up with a top-rope leg lariat blockbuster combination, but Matthews managed to make the save for his team at the last moment.

Both teams gave their all in their quest for victory. Price avoided an attack from Bang, but Cole was hit with Spears Tower. Price rolled to the floor and was subsequently taken out with a tope, while Bang climbed to the top and connected with a 450 Splash to secure the victory.

Bang and Matthews Defeated Alec Price and Cole Radrick

Frank the Clown cut a heel promo on the crowd, Maki Itoh made her way to the ring to confront Frank. Maki beat up Frank, and dropped him with a DDT followed by the Kokeshi and a Face Wash in the corner. Maki went into her pocketbook and brought out her pizza cutter. Frank was laid out in the ring as Maki sliced him up. The crowd was literally chanting “Slice him up” 

GCW World Championship Match: Blake Christian (Champion) vs. Francesco Akira

Christian delivered a boot to Akira’s stomach and followed it up by leveling him with repeated German Suplexes. Blake took a moment to jaw-jack with the crowd as he toyed with Akira, finishing off with a big forearm strike. Akira responded by sending Christian flying into the second row with a powerful tope. He attempted another tope, but Blake moved out of the way. Akira continued his offense with clubbing blows to the champion’s back and sent him flying with a big head scissors takedown. Christian hoisted Akira up and dropped him face-first on the edge of the ring before hitting him with a splash on the floor.

Christian teased a dive, then executed a spear on Akira on the apron, following it up with a beautifully executed Fosbury Flop to the floor. Christian is known for having the best Fosbury Flop in the business. During this time, Christian engaged with some fans at ringside, allowing Akira to recover. The battle returned to the ring, where Akira was leveled with a big boot, followed by mocking shots to Akira’s head.

Akira fired back with a series of chops, but Christian retaliated with a chop across the chest, followed by a repeated lariat. Blake remained firmly in control of the match, locking in a body scissors in an attempt to squeeze the life out of the challenger. He then hit a handspring Ace Crusher. Akira rolled onto the apron, from where he launched himself back into the ring, connecting with an ace crusher of his own. The two men exchanged big overhand chops, neither budging as their chests reddened with each impact. Blake delivered a big elbow chop to Akira, followed by a chop to his back. Akira fired up with a brutal flurry of overhand chops, with Christian reciprocating with a slap across Akira’s face and some knee strikes to the chest.

Christian hit a slap of his own, and both men started to unleash a barrage of chops. Christian teased a low blow but instead kneed Akira in the face. Akira responded with a superkick, but Blake caught him with a Spanish fly, resulting in both men trading near falls. Akira connected with a knee strike to the side of the champion’s head, but Blake managed to kick out once again at the last second. Christian executed an Ace Crusher followed by a Springboard 450, but Akira once again kicked out, only to be quickly leveled with a curb stomp.

Blake Christian Retained the GCW World Championship

Singles Match: Gringo Loco vs. Tony Deppen 

Deppen charged at Gringo, who deftly ducked out of the way. The two men engaged in a shoving match before exchanging forearms. Deppen evaded Gringo’s leapfrog attempt, as Gringo did the same, cartwheeling out of a head scissors as Deppen crashed into the corner. Gringo followed up with a split-leg moonsault for a two-count.

Deppen struck Gringo with an STO, followed by a senton across Gringo’s chest. Deppen then wrapped his shirt around Gringo’s throat and began to work over his neck. Gringo was tossed to the mat after Deppen grabbed his leg and was leveled with running double knees in the corner, followed by a flip dive to the floor. Deppen went for a big kick, but Gringo evaded it and planted him chest-first with a Samoan Drop. However, he was too worn down to make the cover promptly.

Gringo booted Deppen in the face and connected with a big handspring back elbow. Tony climbed up to meet Gringo on the top rope, attempting a suplex, but Gringo pushed him off and executed a double jump reverse cutter, resulting in a very close near fall. Deppen attempted a knee strike, but Gringo reversed it into a backslide. Deppen then hit a slingshot spear, but Gringo quickly kicked out.

Tony climbed to the top rope and hit Gringo with a rana, followed by a big lariat attempt, and both men engaged in a duel of kicks that dropped them both. Using the ropes, both men climbed up on opposite sides of the turnbuckle. Tony attempted a move, but Gringo reversed it into a Spanish fly, followed by a double jump flip senton. Nevertheless, Deppen managed to kick out once more.

Deppen grabbed a bag full of powder from the ring post and threw it into Gringo’s eyes, then hit him with a knee to the back of Gringo’s head to secure the victory.

Tony Deppen Defeated Gringo Loco 

Tag Team Match: Colt Cabana and Swoggle vs. John Wayne Murdoch and Tony Deppen 

Deppen and Swoggle got into it, Murdoch jumped him from behind as Deppen joined in on the beat down. Colt Cabana’s music hit and the crowd went wild as the hometown hero made his way to the ring and took Deppen and Murdoch out. Emil announced that the match was now a tag team match, Colt and Murdoch faced off, and the crowd chanted for Swoggle, and Colt obliged. Murdoch dropped to his knees where Swoggle lit him up with a series of forearms. Deppen returned to the ring and peeled Swoggle off Murdoch as they all started trading fists, Swoggle hit a dive to the floor which took out both Murdoch and Deppen. Swoggle tagged in Colt who faced off with Deppen; The two men traded fists, Colt got the Superman pin on Deppen but Deppen was able to kick out again. Murdoch and Colt each hit lariats, and Deppen leveled Swoggle with a big running knee. Deppen grabbed a handful of powder and went to throw it at Swoggle but it went in Murdoch’s eyes, Swoggle hit Deppen with a chokeslam, and Colt came off the top with a big splash for the victory. 

Colt Cabana and Swoggle Defeated John Wayne Murdoch and Tony Deppen 

Singles Match: Nick Gage vs. El Hijo del Vikingo 

The two men shook hands as the bell rang, engaging in a stiff lock-up. Gage blocked a kick but ended up catching one to the stomach as Vikingo sent him across the ring and splashed him in the corner. Vikingo flipped to the apron and took Gage off his feet with a big dropkick. Gage went to the floor to try and recalibrate, but Vikingo came flying out of the ring with a beautiful tope.

Vikingo then struck Gage over the back with a chair. Gage reversed him and sent Vikingo headfirst into an open chair. Gage stalked Vikingo around ringside, but Vikingo reversed a whip and sent Gage flying into the third row of chairs. Vikingo stood on a chair and hit Gage with a Frog Splash. Vikingo grabbed a beer bucket and hit Gage across the shoulder with it. Gage retaliated by grabbing the bucket from Vikingo and beating him over the head with it. Gage sent Vikingo face-first into a trash can as they continued to fight among the fans at the Grand Sports Arena.

Vikingo turned the tables and placed the can over Gage’s head, hitting him with a steel chair. Vikingo started to bite at Nick Gage’s forehead in an attempt to make him bleed, but the referee encouraged them to bring the action back to the ring, which neither man heeded.

Gage retrieved a door from underneath the ring and slid it into the ring with the help of a fan. Vikingo attempted to recover, but Gage continued to bite at the champion’s forehead. Gage called for a chair and set it up across Vikingo’s forehead, then delivered a Face Wash. Gage threw a chair at Vikingo’s head, leveling him. He then set up a door bridge as Vikingo tried to recover. Gage pulled Vikingo up to a standing position and executed a belly-to-back suplex, sending Vikingo crashing through the door.

Gage followed up with a DDT in the center of the ring, followed by a Michinoku Driver, resulting in another close near fall. Gage set up another door bridge in the corner, and Vikingo fired up with a series of kicks, including one to the back of Gage’s head. He repositioned Gage and hit him with a double stomp for a close near fall. Vikingo pulled Gage back into the corner and placed a chair on top of him as he climbed back up to the second rope. Gage hit him in the back with a steel chair, but Gage got tied up in the ring ropes as Vikingo placed a door across Gage’s back. Vikingo climbed to the opposite turnbuckle, hit a springboard missile dropkick, breaking the door across Gage’s back—an incredible sequence and visual.

Vikingo then set up a bunch of chairs across Gage’s body. He climbed to the top rope and hit a giant Frog Splash, but Gage kicked out at one. Both men tried to get back to their feet, and they exchanged blows over each other’s heads with broken pieces of the door. Gage dropped Vikingo with another DDT, arranged the chairs, and placed them facing each other. Vikingo attempted to pull himself up by the ropes as Gage continued to build. Gage grabbed Vikingo and brought him onto the chairs, hitting him with a brutal piledriver, but Vikingo once again kicked out.

Gage set up another door bridge and placed Vikingo on the top rope. Vikingo fought him off, positioned Gage on the door, and hit a shooting star press through the door, but Gage kicked out! Gage came off the top rope, and Vikingo caught him, slamming him through a chair back first. Vikingo then climbed to the top rope and hit his 630 for the victory. It was an incredible match, showcasing Nick Gage as one of the best in the world.

Vikingo Defeated Nick Gage