GCW Til Infinity Report: G-Raver vs. AKIRA, PCO vs. Matt Tremont

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GCW: Til Infinity

Friday, December 31, 2021, Showboat Hotel, Atlantic City, New Jersey

Happy New Year everyone!


Due to Japan’s COVID protocols, Drew Parker was unable to leave the country for these two events. Replacing him in his match against AKIRA is G-Raver and his match against Joey Janela, Scotty 2 Hotty.

The promotion as a whole took the wrestling world by storm. They captured the imagination of casual fans, reintroduced storytelling into Indy Wrestling, and they were able to elevate their homegrown talent while establishing new stars as well. This card encapsulates what they were able to do this year, it’s a mix of GCW stalwarts like Jimmy Lloyd, G-Raver, Allie Katch, Effy, while highlighting the next generation the Atticus Cogar, Jordan Oliver, Nick Wayne, Dante Leon, Charli Evans, Blake Christian, Alex Zayne, Ninja Mack.

The future of GCW is bright, only a couple of more weeks until their biggest show ever.

The Passing of Markus Crane

On Monday morning we learned of the untimely death of Deathmatch Wrestler Markus Crane; this news was a gut punch for the entire wrestling community. Tributes started pouring from across the globe from heartbroken colleagues and fans:

Game Changer Wrestling released the following statement:

“With sadness, GCW mourns the loss of Markus Crane. As a performer, Markus embodied the spirit of GCW. He was an underdog and an outlaw. He was fearless in the ring and determined to succeed against the odds. He played a major role in GCW’s early success and was part of the heart and soul of our roster from day one.

Markus was passionate about GCW and Deathmatch Wrestling. We were proud to have him represent GCW at Korakuen Hall during our inaugural tour of Japan. In 2019, Markus suffered a traumatic brain injury that nearly took his life. We were all inspired (but not surprised) as he made a miraculous recovery and worked tirelessly to make his eventual return to the ring. Most recently, Markus returned home to his family with a commitment to focusing his energy towards a healthier lifestyle. He had celebrated milestones in his sobriety which he was proud to show off and left us all excited for his future. As a friend, Markus was caring and loyal. He was quick to smile, or bring a smile to your face. We were all lucky to know him. Rest in Peace Markus. We will miss you”

Tributes from friends and colleagues:

This past year, Markus Crane became one of the closest people that I have in my life. He motivated me in areas that I struggled in and I motivated him in areas that he struggled in. We were working on building an angle in No Peace Underground that was going to culminate with Markus Crane vs. Atticus Cogar in a deathmatch. The show was going to be called “Party’s Over”, which meant something to him because he wanted to change. Markus was extremely excited about it. He’d message me with ideas almost every single day. Those messages ended up turning into “hope your mental health is good today, reach out if you need me.” Markus wanted nothing but to wrestle again but first came his mental/physical health and the people that meant the most in his life. So, to everyone that is doing shots and blowing coke in his honor, please remember Markus Crane was 40+ days sober when he passed because that’s what he wanted. I told him all the time that I was proud of him. I’m still proud of you, M. I love you and I’ll see you in the future.”- Atticus Cogar

“Markus was fearless, During matches he put his head in places that some people wouldn’t put their backs. We are going to see his fingerprints on Deathmatch Wrestling for the rest of time. He was unfathomably creative and a true original. There’ll only ever be on Markus Crane”- Drew Parker

“I first met Markus Crane in the mid 00’s. He’d come to shows in Rock Island, IL & you could just tell how much he loved wrestling. Markus broke into wrestling in the Midwest & in 2009 he moved out to PA to live w/ me & to train a bit more extensively. I am crushed by his passing. Markus was incredibly creative, driven, and gregarious. He made friends wherever he went. He was SO proud that he got to wrestle in Japan & even more so because he was in a main event tag at Korakuen v. Jun Kasai. Just LOOK at how happy this sicko was.

I was terrified when he had his head injury. He couldn’t walk. He couldn’t TALK. But he battled his way back after months of grueling work. We often spoke about getting together & catching up. I really wish we would have. I loved that guy and I was SO proud of him. Markus was back home working to stay sober and to become a better person. Please remember that. My heart mourns for everyone connected to this. His family. His friends. His fans. I’ll miss our talks, his laugh, his smile. I’ll miss my friend. Love you Markus. Rest In Peace.”- Chris Hero

“Markus Crane. Thank you for coming to No Peace and being our longest reigning champion. Thank you for helping us build our name and creating an inclusive locker room for us. There is a hole in this world that can never be filled. We are forever grateful.”#reignforever LLMCNo Peace Underground

My heart cannot take much more. My prayers and thoughts go to Markus Crane family at this time. I’m so sorry bubble. I hope that you’re finally able to be at peace and those demons are laid to rest. Tell everyone I said hi and I’ll see you again one day.”- Mickie Knuckles

“I have a million pictures of Markus Crane. I took photos of him every time I saw him. Which is unusual for me. Pics of him alone, with me, with friends. His spirit and energy and kindness were and will remain unmatched. But all these pictures don’t help me.- Kevin Gill

In this business you make so many friends and one of a kind people, the only problem with this is you never know if it’s the last time you’ll say goodbye to them all. rest in peace Markus Crane” –Big Vin

“Markus Crane, who participated in the past for BIG JAPAN PRO WRESTLING at Nagoya, Korakuen events has passed away.

Our Condolences to his friends and family. Rest In Peace Markus”- Big Japan Pro Wrestling

“Not the best news to wake up to…RIP Markus Crane
You brighten our dysfunctional little world from the second you entered it.
I don’t even have the words to put together right now.
You will be missed forever my friend.”- Danny Demanto

I join the entire wrestling and Deathmatch Wrestling world in expressing my condolences to Markus Crane’s friends and family.

Rest in Peace Markus, “It’s a tough league to get a hit in”– Ron Bennington

GCW Blood On The Hills Results:

Ninja Mack Defeats Arez, Gringo Loco, Jack Cartwheel, Jimmy Lloyd, and Vandergriff, The Briscoes Retain the GCW Tag Team Championships, Tony Deppen defeats Nick Wayne, BUSSY (Effy and Allie Katch) Defeat Chelsea Green and Matt Cardona, Jonathan Gresham Retains the Ring of Honor World Title, Blake Christian Defeats Alex Zayne, Jacob Fatu vs. Matthew Justice No Contest, Atticus Cogar Defeats Jordan Oliver (No Rope Barbed wire Deathmatch)

Spoiler Free Match Recommendations:

  • Christian and Zayne vs Mack and Leon
  • Scramble match
  • Atticus Cogar. Vs Everett Connors
  • Jack Cartwheel vs. Nick Wayne


Commentary: Kevin Gill and Dave Prazak. Appearances by Joey Janela and Alex Colon.

The show opens with Emil Jay addressing the untimely passing of Deathmatch Wrestler, Markus Crane. The roster is around the ring as they toll the bell ten times and they throw it to a video memorial for Markus Crane. This was a very emotional scene as Markus was beloved by everyone.

GCW Extreme Championship Match: PCO vs. Matt Tremont

PCO made his return to Game Changer Wrestling last weekend when he and his fellow former Ring of Honor Tag Team Champion, Brody King, took on the current GCW Tag Team Champions, The Briscoes, in a losing effort. This match should be interesting and unfortunately, PCO is probably going to take unnecessary bumps on his back and hips.

PCO brings a sack to the ring and unveils the Extreme Championship. Emil Jay asks who will be accepting and Worlds Apart, Separate Ways hit and the crowd goes crazy for Matt Tremont. The two start trading fists as each man is searching for an advantage. PCO sends Tremont to the floor and goes for a topé but thankfully Tremont cut him off with a chairshot to the head. They go back into the ring and start trading unprotected chair shots to the head as PCO hits a cactus clothesline sending both men to the floor. PCO recovers and hits a topé and lands hard. PCO sets up a door in the center of the ring, and he hits Tremont with a DDT for a two count. PCO hits a moonsault and lands on the seat of two chairs, Matt Tremont Chokeslams PCO through a chair to no avail as PCO does the Undertaker sit up. Tremont gets PCO up for a Death Valley Driver for a two-count. Tremont brings in a barbed wire baseball bat, PCO is able to get it away from Tremont, hits Tremont in the head, and a Swanton to seal the deal.

PCO retains the GCW Extreme Championship

Singles Match: Cole Radrick vs. Tony Deppen

Cole looks for the love from the crowd as Tony Deppen jumps him from behind, there has been an online movement of sorts that’s been trying to get Cole Radrick booked at the Hammerstein Ballroom. A win here only furthers that argument. The two begin brawling on the floor to the delight of the crowd. Deppen hits a knee drop to the arms of Radrick as he continues to pick away at Radrick. Deppen sends Radrick back in the ring and starts working away on Radrick’s arm, locking him in various submission maneuvers. Radrick moves very fluidly in the ring, I hope we get to see more of him in GCW in 2022. Radrick hits an air raid crash for a 2 count, Deppen hits a running DVD into the corner followed by a double stomp for a two-count. They start trading palm strikes and knees, Cole gets Deppen down and hits a lariat to the back of his head, but his advantage doesn’t last long as Tony Deppen is able to lock in the cattle mutilation for the victory.

Tony Deppen Defeats Cole Radrick

Singles Match: Ho Ho Lun vs. Jimmy Lloyd

At face value, this is a very weird matchup but Jimmy Lloyd is one of the most versatile wrestlers on the GCW Roster. He is able to do any style flawlessly but gets pigeonholed as a Deathmatch wrestler because that’s where he gained his acclaim. This past year, Jimmy Lloyd competed in 37 matches for GCW and finished the year with a 16-21 record. Jimmy Lloyd is GCW’s version of John Olerud, a utility player, no matter what type of match is needed, The Different boy is always able to stand out and capture the imagination of the GCW audience. His series of matches with G-Raver, his match with Drew Parker, all the scramble matches he’s competed in, all back up this fact. Tonight he takes on former WWE Cruiserweight Classic competitor Ho Ho Lun. I have no idea what to expect for this match but I know the GCW audience won’t let Braden Harrington’s favorite wrestler fail on this big of a stage. The match starts off pretty fast as both men are able to escape from each other’s holds. Ho Ho Lun looks hesitant in the ring but Jimmy is able to bring the best out of Lun. The crowd isn’t really into this match but they are being respectful. Ho Ho Lun goes to the outside of the ring and starts throwing chairs in the ring. Jimmy Lloyd hits a tombstone pile driver onto the chairs for a two-count. Jimmy Lloyd hits the snowplow in honor of Markus Crane for the victory.

Jimmy Lloyd defeats Ho Ho Lun.

Singles Match: Jack Cartwheel vs. Nick Wayne

Jack Cartwheel and Nick Wayne arguably were the two biggest breakout stars on the independent wrestling scene. Nick Wayne is still in high school and possesses poise and presence that goes way beyond his years. This year Nick Wayne faced some of GCW’s top names: Atticus Cogar, Jimmy Lloyd, Jordan Oliver, Gringo Loco to name a few. Nick Wayne has had 14 matches for GCW and has yet to be victorious. Jack Cartwheel has competed in 12 matches for GCW this year and is ending the year with a 2-10 record. Both of these men are incredibly fun to watch and are so fluid in the ring.

The match starts with both men trading holds as they wrestle to a stalemate. They start chain wrestling with Cartwheel, Cartwheeling out of various moves as the match kicks into a different gear as Cartwheel blasts Wayne with a brutal overhand chop. Cartwheel goes to the floor, not missing a beat Nick Wayne jumps over the top rope onto Jack Cartwheel. Joey Janela notes that Cartwheel is a current college standout in gymnastics and football. Cartwheel is able to ground Nick Wayne long enough to attempt a shooting star splash but there was no water in the pool. Nick Wayne hits a penalty kick and a standing moonsault for a two-count. Wayne pulls Cartwheel into the corner and hits a Swanton bomb but Cartwheel catches him in a backslide for a two count. Nick Wayne attempts a Panama Sunrise but Cartwheel handsprings out of it, a beautiful counter. Nick Wayne has a great WWE shocked face after Cartwheel is able to once again kick out of Wayne’s offense. Wayne is on the top rope but Cartwheel gets him on the apron and hits a Death Valley Driver onto the apron. Cartwheel hits a beautiful corkscrew shooting star press to pick up the victory.

Jack Cartwheel defeats Nick Wayne

Singles Match: Everett Connors vs. Atticus Cogar

"20 Stories High"

I am the present. #SilverTeethSatan pic.twitter.com/BKxz3rkNay

— Atticus Cogar (@Atticus_Cogar) December 21, 2021

This was the year that Atticus Cogar stepped up and proved that he is more than a henchman for Rickey Shane Page; ever since War Games he has stepped out on his own and held his own in feuds with Jordan Oliver and Nick Wayne. He was a part of two of the best Deathmatches of the year, 56 Nights against Alex Colon, and the Tournament of Survival 666 Finals again against Alex Colon. Atticus competed in 32 matches for Game Changer Wrestling this year and the verdict went in his favor 20 times. His match with MASADA at RSPring Break could be his crowning achievement as he was finally able to vanquish the innovator of the skewers, fully claiming them for himself.

After making his GCW Debut against Joey Janela at the Fight Forever event, the 24-hour wrestling event, Everett Connors took GCW and JCW by storm. Everett Connors competed in 15 matches and is finishing the year with a 5-10 record. Other than his debut match against Joey Janela, this will be Everett Connors’ biggest test–will he be able to keep up with the brightest young star on GCW’s roster? Let me know.

Everett Connor comes to the ring wearing stuffed animals on his legs as Atticus Cogar hits a massive dropkick sending Connor in the corner. Atticus Cogar sends Connors into a chair that is propped up in the corner and starts picking away at Connors who is still wearing stuffed animals. As Connors recovers Cogar mocks him by sitting in the chair in the corner. Connors shows some of his chain wrestling abilities but Cogar is once again able to take right back over. Cogar teases going for the skewers but flips off the crowd instead as he continues beating down Connors. Connors is able to recover as he starts hitting Cogar with various offensive maneuvers and hits a trust fall to the floor. Cogar knees a chair into Connors’ face but Connors is able to kick out at 2. Cogar hits a top rope enziguri followed by a superplex, he floats over and hits an air raid crash through a chair for a two count. Cogar dumps a bottle of water on Connors’ head and takes a swig for himself as he goes to town on Connors back with a steel chair. Cogar gets caught in a torture rack as Connor plants him on his head on a chair. Connors doesn’t know what else he has to hit Cogar with, he takes too long as Cogar gets the advantage again, skewers hits the headlock driver for the victory.

Atticus Cogar Defeats Everett Connors

Post Match: Cogar grabs a bundle of tubes, puts his Markus Crane armband on the tubes, and takes a moment for himself in the center of the ring. Everett and Cogar hug, Connors turns his back and gets blasted with the tubes.

Tag Team Match: Alex Zayne and Blake Christian vs. Dante Leon and Ninja Mack

This match is going to beat every single expectation that anyone has for it, all four competitors are capable of surreal offense and they all have something to prove. Other than their match against the Briscoe’s at GCW So High, this is probably the biggest stage that Dante Leon and Ninja Mack have been on. This past year Dante Leon competed in 22 matches and was 6-16, Cagematch doesn’t have a profile for Ninja Mack yet.

This is the warm-up match for Blake and Zayne as tomorrow night they are set to face The Briscoes for the GCW Tag Team Championships. Will they be able to fend off the young team of Leon and Mack or will their experience benefit them against the relative newcomers? Blake Christian has one of the biggest matches of his career coming up at the Hammerstein Ballroom as he is set to face Jonathan Greshman for the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Championship. Since coming back from his time at NXT, Blake Christian has transformed his style, shifting from solely highflying into a more story-based match layout, and this change has really taken Christian to the next level. Blake Christian ends the year with a 3-2 record, Alex Zayne ends the year with a 5-2 record.

Ninja Mack and Blake Christian start off the match by wrestling to a standoff as Dante Leon enters the match and is able to get the advantage on Christian as Alex Zayne gets tagged, along with Ninja Mack. Ninja Mack goes for a flipping sunset flip but lands on the back of his head as the match slows down for a bit. Both Dante and Ninja are on the apron as they hit stereo superkicks and a pair of moonsaults onto their opponents. Ninja Mack is able to do things with his body that no one else can do, he hits phoenix splashes as if they are nothing. Christian and Ninja Mack take control of the match as Christian is able to land a series of kicks onto both Mack and Leon as he shifts into another gear. Zayne lands vicious chops to Ninja Mack’s chest as he starts tugging away on Ninja Mack’s neck. Leon gets a hot tag as he starts hitting forearms to Zayne and Christian and a springboard cutter for a two count. It is really notable how much Christian has improved since his time away from GCW. Christian hits a variation of the chaos theory into a blue thunderbomb for a two count on Leon. All four men are down in the center of the ring as they pair off trading strikes, Christian accidently hits Zayne with a kick as Mack and Leon take over the match working over Alex Zayne. All four men start trading high flying offenses, flying to the floor taking out each other numerous times. This match is built for gifs. Christian hits a 630 double stomp and pins Ninja Mack.

Blake Christian and Alex Zayne defeats Ninja Mack and Dante Leon

Singles Match: Colby Corino vs. Dark Sheik

Colby Corino has had a stellar year on the independent circuit, he is a true fighter and inspiration. As a fan of his since he first showed up on the scene, enduring the heartbreaking moments in his career, it is truly rewarding seeing this young man thriving. I always empathize with the second generation talent. This year Colby Corino competed in 6 matches for GCW accumulating a record of 1-5. Will Colby be able to end the year on a winning note or will he fall to the West Coast’s Dark Sheik? Dark Sheik ends this year with a 4-5 record and is one of the main focuses on GCW’s new sister promotion, LA Fights. This is their first time in the ring together and I’m very intrigued to see what they come up with. Match starts off with some chain wrestling as Colby is goading Dark Sheik. Both of these competitors move so fluidly within the ring, this is Dark Sheik’s first time at the Showboat Hotel. She starts throwing some chairs into the ring and hits a series of springboard leg drops onto Colby Corino. Sheik hits Corino with a massive kick to the head but Corino no sells it and connects with a stunner into a double stomp for a two count. Corino grabs a steel chair and starts hitting Dark Sheik with it, Sabuing it into her face for a two count. Sheik goes to the top rope spin kick but gets caught by Corino who throws her across the ring. Dark Sheik is able to capture victory.

Dark Sheik Defeats Colby Corino

Tag Team Match: Second Gear Crew (AJ Gray, Effy and Matthew Justice) vs. Young Dumb and Broke (Charlie Tiger, Ellis Taylor and Jordan Oliver)

This was a banner year for the Second Gear Crew– as a team, they went 15-2 this year as they took hold of GCW with their captivating and energizing entrance to their hard-hitting, smash-mouth style matches. At GCW Homecoming Weekend Night 1 The Second Gear Crew defeated G-Raver and Jimmy Lloyd to capture the GCW Tag Team Championships; they went on to successfully defend the belts 5 times against Dante Leon and Ninja Mack, Allie Katch and Effy, Aaron Orion and Jack Price, Jake Crist and Madman Fulton, Atticus Cogar and Eric Ryan. At War Ready, SGC lost their belts to the debuting Briscoes. However, SGC held the belts for 91 days. They also competed in the first-ever Art of War Games match where they successfully defeated Team 440H! as a part of Team MDK. I cannot wait to see what SGC is able to do at the Hammerstein, those balconies look very tempting!

After losing to Atticus Cogar in their No Rope Barbed Wire Deathmatch, Jordan Oliver looks to turn his fortune around and end the year with a convincing win over the former GCW Tag Team Champions. This is also a giant showcase for his fellow YDB members, Ellie Taylor and Charlie Tiger; they often get overlooked and overshadowed by Jordan Oliver but they are decent workers themselves, it’ll be interesting to see what, if any, offense they are able to get in on SGC.

Young Dumb and Broke superkick SGC as they all hit dives to the floor, Jordan Oliver is pounding on Matthew Justice on the floor as Effy and Tiger are in the ring together. Young Dumb and Broke are making quick tags as they work over Effy’s shoulder. This offense continues for several minutes as Effy fires back up, taking out YDB and he starts a chair duel with Charlie Tiger. Effy’s shoulder is cut open from the chair shots or something. AJ Gray enters the ring and starts beating down Tiger as Effy reenters the ring, jamming a chair into the ribs and kidneys of Tiger. Matthew Justice enters the match, taking out the two members of YDB on the apron and spearing Tiger. AJ Gray hits a massive lariat to Charlie Tiger as SGC sets up some doors on the outside of the ring. Elis Taylor hits a blockbuster onto Effy through the two doors set up on the floor. AJ Gray starts lighting up Tiger with strikes and another massive lariat. Matthew Justice and Jordan Oliver both go coast to coast as they take each other out crashing to the floor. Young Dumb and Broke get control for the first time in the match and start beating down on AJ Gray. Jordan Oliver hits a massive cutter onto Effy for a two-count. All of Young Dumb and Broke go for the pin at the same time but SGC breaks up the pin. Matthew Justice Ellis Taylor with a chair with Mance Warner’s face on it. They get him up and Effy hits a doomsday Sack Ryder for the victory.

Second Gear Crew Defeats Young Dumb and Broke

Scramble Match: Calvin Tankman vs. 1 Called Manders vs. JJ Garrett vs. Shane Mercer vs. Marcus Mathers vs. Yoya

This is a Hoss fight with the exception of Mathers and Yoya. Manders, Mercer, and Tankman pair off to start the match with Manders working over both of them to start. It didn’t last long as Mercer and Tankman deadweight threw Manders out of the ring. Mercer and Tankman lock up as hits, a surprising dropkick follows and was going to hit a topé but is cut off by Mercer. Yoya enters the ring and evades Mercer sending him to the floor as Garrett and Mathers enter the match. Mathers hits a giant crossbody on Garrett and sends him to the floor with a suplex, Mathers hits a series of penalty kicks on 4 of the guys but gets cut off by Tankman. Yoya and Mercer are back in the ring as Mercer goes for a moonsault tombstone but gets hit in the balls, Yoya hits a cross body off the top to the Calvin Tankman’s clutches. JJ Garrett takes out both men. Manders hits a moonsault followed by a topé by Tankman, Mercer runs Tankman into the post and rolls him back into the ring, and hits a one-handed suplex. All of the competitors take their turn throwing the much smaller Yoya around the ring. JJ Garrett hits a massive cannonball into the corner onto Manders. As they climb the top rope Tankman picks both men up and hits a slam on them. Mercer and Tankman begin trading strikes in the center of the ring, Mercer runs in and attempts a splash but he is cut off by Tankman who slams him. Mathers returns to the match and starts hitting Tankman with some vicious strikes but is unable to make a difference on the much larger Calvin Tankman as he powers through and hits a piledriver for the victory.

Calvin Tankman win the Scramble

Singles Match: Allie Katch vs. Charli Evans

Coming off the massive win at Blood on The Hill’s against the Cardona’s, Allie Katch faces her final challenge of the year; Charli Evans. The woman who went toe to toe with Alex Colon at the NGI6. This has been an incredible year for both of these competitors, Allie Katch competed in 25 matches for GCW this year and was able to rack up 11 wins and 14 losses. Between JCW and GCW, Charli Evans competed in 5 matches and attained a 2-3 record. These two are on a hot streak and 2022 will be the year that both of them take the next step, further cementing themselves as the stalwarts of the GCW Women’s division.

The match starts with a stiff lockup with Evans getting in control of Katch as they start chain wrestling and tests of strengths with each woman getting the advantage. They are both in bridges as they start slapping each other in the face, they return to their feet and once again exchange stiff strikes. Katch tweaks her knee as she Irish whips Evans into the corner, as she starts working over Evans’ arm. Evans starts kicking away at Katch’s knee as she scrambles into the ropes for safety. Evans locks in an STF and works over the fingers of Katch, Katch is able to break out of the hold but is hobbled. Evans continues beating down Katch with a chop and clothesline exchange, Katch recovers and hits a series of cannonballs into the corner followed by stiff forearms. For some reason, Jimmy Lloyd went through a table in the back of the room momentarily distracting the crowd. While that’s happening Evans and Katch start firing upon each other as they exchange more forearms and battle for advantage; Evans was toying with Katch mockingly kicking her in the head, Katch tried to overcome it but her knee isn’t doing her any favors. Evans hits a series of suplexes followed by Superplex. Katch hits a norther lights bomb for a two count. Evans hits a Saito suplex and went for a clothesline but is blocked by Katch who hits a piledriver for the victory.

Allie Katch Defeats Charli Evans

Effy, AJ Gray, Matthew Justice, Allie Katch, and Manders help GCW ring in the New Year.

Deathmatch: G-Raver vs. AKIRA

Due to Japan’s Covid restriction, Drew Parker was unable to travel to the United States for these bookings; taking his place is G-Raver. G-Raver made his triumphant return this year and competed in some of the best deathmatches of the year; No Rope Barbed Wire Match, The Glass Ceiling Match, I Quit Match, and finally The End. The feud between Jimmy Lloyd and G-Raver has been nothing short of phenomenal, the deathmatch world sorely missed G-Raver and he has picked up where he left off, stealing the shows with death-defying stunts and putting his body on the line for our enjoyment. This year G-Raver competed in 13 matches for GCW and attained a 5-8 record.

After tearing it up in ICW No Hold Barred and other deathmatch promotions, AKIRA made his much-anticipated debut for Game Changer Wrestling at GCW Fight Club: Gage vs. Mox, where he teamed with Alex Colon and G-Raver in a losing effort. He’s coming into the end of the year with a 0-2 record. Will he finally be able to capture his first win inside a Game Changer Wrestling ring? The world is AKIRA’s oyster for 2022, I really hope we get to see him do his thing against the best Deathmatch Wrestlers GCW has to offer. First up being G-Raver.

Weapons Used: Lightube Ladder, Ladders, Lightubes, gusset plates, metal zip ties used for pipes

Both men lock up to begin the match as AKIRA takes control with a waist lock transitioning into an armbar. This is AKIRA’s first-ever GCW main event and is the first one to feel the wrath of the light tube. G-Raver breaks a tube in the mouth of AKIRA as he starts digging away on the forehead of AKIRA with the broken tube. AKIRA starts eating a broken light tube and spits the broken glass into the face of G-Raver. AKIRA’s mouth is bleeding as G-Raver takes control of the match, smashing another tube over the back of AKIRA. They are brawling on the floor, AKIRA drives Ravers’ face through a chair as he sets up a door on the floor which is broken by G-Raver’s body. AKIRA runs Raver back into the ring and breaks a couple of tubes over the head of Raver as he starts bleeding. A ladder is placed in the ring and is bridged over the second rope and the chair. AKIRA hits a combination of strikes and attempts to suplex Raver onto the ladder bridge, but Raver fights out again planting AKIRA onto the ladder for a two count. The two exchange stiff strikes in the center of the ring with neither man getting the advantage. Raver goes for a tube-assisted senton but misses, AKIRA gets to the top and hits his own light tube-assisted senton for a two count. Raver hits a double knee through a door for a two-count. G-Raver searches under the ring and brings in a bucket full of gusset plates and metal pipe zip ties and dumps them over the ring. AKIRA stands with arms behind his back as G-Raver hits him with elbows and light tubes. AKIRA then hits his own chest with a gusset plate and sticks it into his own head and flips off G Raver who runs in and gets suplexed onto the metal zip ties and the broken glass followed by a tube assisted double stomp for a two count. AKIRA hits a piledriver onto tubes for a two count. They set up a ladder in the center of the ring and Raver powerbombs AKIRA through the light tube ladder for the victory.

G-Raver defeats AKIRA

John Wayne Murdoch is out to help AKIRA to the back when he calls out Colon, who was on commentary, and they have a pull-apart brawl to end the show.