GCW To Live and Die in Tokyo: JWM vs. Violento Jack, Rina Yamashita vs. Takayuki Ueki

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GCW: To Live and Die in Tokyo

October 10, 2023

Shin-Kiba 1st Ring

Tokyo, Japan

Commentary: Brett Lauderdale, Emil Jay, Gringo Loco, and Kikutaro

Singles Match: Unagi Sayaka vs. Masha Slamovich

Unagi backed Masha into the ropes and slapped her across the chest. They went face to face, exchanging forearm shots. The sequence ended when Masha booted Sayaka in the face. Masha executed snapmares, followed by boots in the corner. They continued to trade forearm shots. Masha then took Unagi over with a Judo throw and applied a head and arm choke. Unagi managed to reach the ropes, breaking the hold. Masha executed a German suplex and delivered kicks to Unagi’s head. Unagi fired back and brought Masha down with a facebuster, followed by a leaping leg drop, securing a close near fall. Unagi then applied a variation of the Gory Special, slamming Masha back to the mat and locking her in a cross face. Unagi booted Masha in the face, but Masha responded with a series of kicks. They continued the back-and-forth exchange until Masha sent Unagi crashing into the turnbuckles with an Air Raid Crash, nearly securing the victory. Masha went for another head kick, but Unagi ducked it. Masha countered with a pair of roundhouse kicks, followed by a sit-out package piledriver to clinch the victory.

Masha Slamovich Defeated Unagi Sayaka 

Singles Match: Maki Itoh vs. Jimmy Lloyd

Jimmy shoved Maki off a couple of times, but Maki countered with a series of forearm shots. She attempted to take Jimmy off his feet with a shoulder tackle, but Maki ended up taking the bump. She kicked Jimmy in the groin, then took him off his feet with a dropkick. Maki followed up with a Kokeshi. Jimmy attempted a low blow, but Kiku pointed out on commentary, “Jimmy, she has no balls, no balls!” Brett Lauderdale confirmed that she indeed has no testicles.

Jimmy drove his knee into Maki’s back. She managed to make it to the ropes, but she still ate a boot to the back, followed by a big leaping elbow drop for a near fall. Maki took Jimmy off the top rope with a super powerbomb. She continued to fire up and hit Jimmy with ten punches in the corner, followed by the facewash and another near fall.

Maki grabbed her Pizza Cutter and started to carve away at Jimmy’s forehead, causing him to bleed heavily. Maki celebrated in the ring and continued her assault, smearing Jimmy’s blood on her face.

Jimmy wrestled the cutter away from Maki and leveled her with a superkick for another close near fall. Jimmy got Maki up on his shoulders for a one-winged angel, but Maki somehow managed to kick out.

Jimmy went under the ring and retrieved a single tube. Maki ducked the tube shot and broke it over Jimmy’s head, spiking him with a satellite DDT for the victory. 

Maki Itoh Defeated Jimmy Lloyd 

Tag Team Match: Gringo Loco and Joey Janela vs. GCW World Champion Blake Christian and JCW World Champion Jordan Oliver

Jordan and Joey started the match with Joey taking Jordan down with a side headlock. Joey then took Jordan back up to his feet and applied more pressure to the headlock before taking Jordan off his feet with a shoulder block. Oliver went for a sunset flip, but Joey retained control of Oliver’s wrist. Oliver reversed it, but Joey did a handstand to get out of it and locked Oliver back into the hold. Oliver eventually got out of it and took Joey down with a hurricanrana, followed by a rope walk backflip into a hip toss and a hard chop. Gringo and Blake then tagged themselves in and began their battle for control. Blake got a toss in early, but Gringo responded with a series of handsprings. Blake did the same and told Loco to “suck it.”

Blake then sent Loco into the corner and connected with a big forearm shot that dropped Loco. Oliver tagged back into the match and started working on Loco’s shoulders and arms. They traded chops, and Oliver sent Loco crashing into the turnbuckle before tagging Blake back into the match. Blake and Oliver proved to be a very cohesive team.

Loco fired up and hit them both with a series of chops, got them both into a knuckle lock, and sent them flying with a double-arm drag. Joey got the hot tag and took everyone off their feet with a series of lariats. Blake and Jordan went for a double suplex, but Joey powered them up and hit them with a suplex of his own. Joey then sent both of them to the floor and took them out with an assisted suicide dive, humorously referred to by Emil Jay as the “Jack Kevorkian Special.” Gringo followed up with a tope con hilo over the top rope, and the crowd got to their feet chanting “GCW.”

Blake and Oliver found themselves in a bad way in the corners of the ring, and Loco and Janela took them both out with dueling Swanton Bombs. This, however, only resulted in a two-count. Joey went for a Dragon Suplex on Oliver, but Oliver fought out of it and transitioned into a chop battle. Oliver then caught Janela with a big sidewalk slam and made the tag to Blake, who springboarded himself in and took Loco out with a leaping lariat, followed by a combination of ripcord lariats and a standing frog splash, resulting in a close near fall.

Blake went for a 450 splash, but Loco moved out of the way. Janela ate a shotgun dropkick that sent him crashing into the corner and also ate an uppercut. Oliver and Blake hit a series of tag team maneuvers. Oliver was caught coming off the top rope with a Dragon suplex but quickly recovered and took Janela down with another stiff lariat. Oliver went for the tag, but Blake hesitated and left Oliver alone to eat a superkick, followed by a Codycutter and a Death Valley Driver.

Gringo Loco and Joey Janela Defeated GCW World Champion Blake Christian and JCW World Champion Jordan Oliver

Tag Team Match: BUSSY vs. Los Macizos

Miedo and Katch locked up, and Miedo backed her up into the ropes. Katch took Miedo off his feet with a lucha arm drag, but he responded with a forearm shot. They both got back up to their feet and made tags with their partners. Ciclope got EFFY in a waistlock and incorporated some comedic spots related to the posterior. They ran a couple of moves, and EFFY dropped to his knees and headbutted Ciclope in the groin. Ciclope then tagged Miedo, who hit EFFY with a face thrust, resulting in a near fall for Los Macizos.

BUSSY took Miedo down with an atomic drop, followed by running hip attacks, a low crossbody from Katch, and an Earthquake Splash from EFFY. Miedo was able to kick out at two and connected with a forearm shot to Allie’s jaw. Ciclope locked in a sleeper hold to wear down Allie. Allie responded with a couple of forearm shots to Ciclope’s face.

EFFY and Miedo re-entered the match and took each other down with under the rainbow moves, followed by a TKO. EFFY tagged in Katch, who hit Los Macizos with her running hip attacks. Miedo started to bite Allie’s behind, and Ciclope wanted a turn, but Miedo pushed him off and continued his antics. Ciclope dropped Katch with a spinebuster, and Miedo hit her with a senton, placing Katch on his shoulders for the Doomsday. Katch kissed Ciclope, which got her out of the situation, and then she made the tag to EFFY. Katch put Miedo on her shoulders, and EFFY went to the top rope. However, Kikutaro pushed EFFY off the top, causing him to crash onto the apron. Kikutaro chased Allie away, providing Los Macizos with an opening to hit the Doomsday Device for the victory.

Los Macizos Defeated BUSSY

GCW Ultraviolent Championship Match: Rina Yamashita (Champion) vs. Takayuki Ueki

Ueki attacked Rina with the belt before the match and set up a barbed wire board in the corner. Rina attempted to push him into it, but Ueki held up at the last second. Rina connected with a lariat and tried to slam him into the wire again, but he muscled his way out of it. Rina tried again and eventually grabbed a headlock, driving them both through the board to the floor. They began fighting on the outside, exchanging big forearm shots. Ueki slammed Masha’s head off the ring post, attempting to do it again, but she blocked it, causing him to drive her head into a strand of barbed wire instead. Ueki headbutted the wire into Rina’s forehead. Rina fired back up, slapped Ueki across the face, and grabbed some wire of her own. She lit him up with forearms as they brawled in the crowd and on the ring entrance. Rina hit Ueki with a dropkick on the stage, and Ueki scoop-slammed Rina onto an umbrella.

They fought around ringside again, with Rina getting her face smashed against the ring post once more. Ueki then grabbed the barbed wire board and placed it across Rina’s back. Ueki came off the second rope with a diving headbutt, driving the wire further into the champion’s back. Ueki got a close near-fall. He reached into a sack and grabbed a cheese grater, rubbing it across Rina’s forehead. Ueki set up a chair and the barbed wire board in the center of the ring. He attempted to slam Rina onto the wire, but she blocked it with a headbutt and slammed Ueki onto the wire instead. Rina grabbed a strand of wire and raked it across the challenger’s forehead. She wrapped the wire around his head and pressed a barbed wire board into his body. Ueki fired up and drove the board into Rina, taking her to the floor with a running headbutt.

Ueki grabbed another strand of wire, wrapping it around Rina’s forehead. They traded headbutts, inflicting more damage on themselves than on their intended targets. Rina hammered a gusset into Ueki’s forehead. Ueki took off his shoes and pants, grabbed the barbed wire board, and attempted to suplex Rina onto the board. However, Rina reversed it and planted him feet-first onto the wire. They engaged in a struggle on the barbed wire board, and Rina took Ueki down with a huge clothesline. Rina set up all the barbed wire on top of Ueki and came off the top with a big splash. The referee had to help Rina out of the wire, and they continued to trade forearm shots in the center of the ring. Rina hit a Gin and Tonic on the barbed wire, but Ueki kicked out. Rina elevated Ueki and hit him with the Splash Mountain on the wire to retain the Championship.

Rina Yamashita Retained the GCW Ultraviolent Championship

Deathmatch: John Wayne Murdoch vs. Violento Jack

Murdoch and Jack immediately charged at each other. Murdoch sent Jack into the ropes, which were covered with tubes. Jack rolled to the floor, where he met more forearm shots to the jaw. In response, he delivered a series of chops, but Murdoch interrupted his momentum with a tube shot to Jack’s head. Jack began striking Murdoch with a couple of loose tubes, then threw him back into the ring. He attempted to whip Murdoch into the gusset plate board, but Jack reversed the whip, sending Murdoch crashing into the unforgiving metal spikes. Jack flipped Murdoch off as Jack broke a bundle of tubes across Murdoch’s head. Murdoch responded by hammering a gusset into Jack’s head. He went for another one, but Jack struck him in the gut and hammered it into Murdoch’s head for good measure.

Jack and Murdoch broke numerous tubes over each other’s heads. Jack went low and hit Murdoch in the knee with a tube, taking him off his feet. Jack locked Murdoch in a submission hold, but Murdoch hung on until Jack released it. Jack grabbed a chair with tuna can lids on it and placed it in the center of the ring. Murdoch avoided Jack’s offense and hit him with a Russian leg sweep onto the can lids, following it up with a chinbreaker. Murdoch set up a chair with cut cans in the center of the ring and suplexed Jack into them, but only managed to get a two-count. Murdoch went to the floor after a low bridge, and Jack attempted a dive, but Murdoch threw a bundle of tubes at his head. Jack was unfazed as he charged back up and hit Murdoch with a dive anyway. Jack and Murdoch tried to recover on the floor as the crowd cheered them on. Murdoch was taken down with a tube-assisted STO, and Jack placed a bundle of tubes across Murdoch’s chest before climbing to the top rope. Jack came off the top with a big splash, but Murdoch kicked out.

Jack grabbed two beer bottles and broke them over Murdoch’s head. He then took Murdoch off his feet with a lariat, but Murdoch kicked out once more. Jack sent Murdoch flying with an exploder suplex onto piles of broken glass. Murdoch recovered in the corner, but Jack hit him with a couple of tubes. They battled on the top rope, with Murdoch eventually hitting the Deep South Destroyer. Jack kicked out at one, and Murdoch planted him with a half-nelson suplex, followed by a double knee onto the wire. Murdoch grabbed a bundle of tubes and finished Jack off with a piledriver to secure the victory.

John Wayne Murdoch Defeated Violento Jack