GCW Touch the Sky Results: Texas Bull Rope Match, Blake Christian vs. Fuego Del Sol

Originally published at GCW Touch the Sky Results: Blake Christian vs. Fuego Del Sol

GCW: Touch the Sky

February 23, 2024

Dallas, Texas

Gilley’s Dallas

Six Man Tag Team Match: Jordan Cruz, Kari Wright, and Max Heights vs. SGCunt

EFFY and Heights started with a wrist lock exchange. EFFY gained a waistlock and transitioned it into a side headlock. As EFFY was shot off the ropes, he took Heights down with a shoulder tackle. Heights responded with a big dropkick, which knocked EFFY off his feet. EFFY then tagged in Manders, and Max quickly retreated, tagging in Jordan Cruz. They attempted to take each other down with shoulder tackles, but neither budged. They started trading forearms back and forth. Cruz connected with a leaping knee and tagged in Wright, who took Manders out with a lariat followed by a knee drop to Manders’ back. Wright then pie-faced Sawyer Wreck before refocusing on Manders, who countered with a chop and tagged in Sawyer. Sawyer unleashed a barrage of chops on Wright, hit Heights with repeated headbutts, and took Cruz out with a back suplex. She continued assaulting Wright with chops and tagged Manders back in. They took turns chopping at Wright’s chest, then elevated him as EFFY attempted to come off the top rope with a blockbuster. However, Wright fired up and took everyone out with a lariat and dropkicks. Heights returned to the ring, taking out Sawyer with a leaping elbow drop before both Heights and Wright focused their attention on EFFY. They stomped away at EFFY in the corner before sending all three members of SGCunt to the floor and wiping them out with dives. They went for a delayed suplex, but Manders muscled them up and made the hot tag to EFFY, who hit them with a double blockbuster followed by a boot in the corner to Cruz and Heights. EFFY attempted a TKO on Cruz, but Wright intervened, hitting him with a leaping knee. EFFY managed to create separation and tagged in Wreck, but she was caught with a knee strike from Cruz and then planted by Wright with a driver, followed by a frog splash from Heights. EFFY broke up the pin at the last second. Manders turned Wright inside out with a lariat, Wreck hit the other two with a double chokeslam, and finally, a top rope Sack Ryder secured the victory.

SGCunt Defeated Jordan Cruz, Kari Wright, and Max Heights

Six Man Tag Team Match: Microman, Aramis, and Oni El Bendito vs. Los Desperados 

Aramis and Latigo started the match off for their respective teams. They began with a feeling-out process, leading to some unique Lucha spots as both men attempted to battle out of each other’s holds. They exchanged a sequence of leverage pin attempts, but neither man was able to score the pinfall. Gringo Loco entered the ring but was quickly taken down by Aramis, who hit him with a spinning head scissors. Oni entered the match, and he and Gringo escaped from various moves, with neither gaining an advantage. Microman tagged himself in and did his usual routine with Toxin. Microman took out all the members of Los Desperados, but they quickly recovered and put the boots on the little guy. Microman countered a powerbomb with a head scissors, sending Gringo to the floor, while Oni and Aramis flew to the outside, wiping out Los Desperados. The fans tried too hard to be poignant and chanted “This is wrestling.” Everyone hit a 450 on Los Desperados, but they managed to kick out at the last second. Aramis hit a splash, but Latigo broke up the pin attempt with a big splash. Microman was sent to the floor as Los Desperados turned their attention to Aramis, who was isolated in the ring. Gringo executed an assisted sit-out powerbomb on Aramis, but it still wasn’t enough to put the luchador away. Oni was isolated in the corner as Latigo kicked him in the groin. Microman returned to the ring but was met with a triple superkick. Gringo followed up with a tombstone, followed by an attempted double jump moonsault, but Microman moved out of the way and hit everyone with a DDT. Aramis fired up one last time and hit a moonsault to the floor, while Oni executed an inside-out springboard twisting press to the floor. Microman attempted to suplex Gringo Loco, but Gringo muscled him up and hit him with a brainbuster. Aramis returned to the ring to break up the pinfall. Aramis found himself caught on Gringo Loco’s shoulders but managed to ‘rana his way out of it for a very close near fall. Gringo hit Oni with a top-rope Spanish fly but was unable to capitalize. Los Desperados secured the victory after an assisted moonsault.

Los Desperados Defeated MicroMan, Aramis, and Oni El Bendito 

Singles Match: Broski Jimmy Lloyd vs. Billie Starkz

Jimmy recited the following promo: “I’m so happy to be here in Dallas, but it’s not because I like Dallas because let’s be honest, it’s a shithole. Show me some looks at notes respect. The only good thing that’s happened in Dallas was my Broski Matt Cardona winning the Intercontinental Championship at Wrestlemania. Matt Cardona is a superstar and he is saving my career, I have to follow his guidance and do what he says or I’ll be an Indy Jabroni forever. So tonight, I’m going to take his advice and I’m going to start my road to superstardom by taking on someone who already thinks they are a TV superstar, but in reality Billie Starkz, you’re not a TV Superstar, you’re just on the youtube show.” 

Jimmy went for a boot, but Billie caught it and sent Jimmy to the floor with a kick followed by a series of topes. On the last one, he caught her on his shoulders and sent her face-first into a support beam, then crashing into the rows of chairs. Jimmy brought her back into the ring and did push-ups while choking her at the same time. He attempted a running leg lariat, but Billie moved out of the way and hit him with a Poisonrana. Jimmy managed to get his shoulders up at the last second. He then drove Billie throat-first across the top rope and set her up in the corner for the Broski Boot, but Billie was able to kick out. She retaliated with a big kick followed by a destroyer, resulting in a two-count. Jimmy was then hit with a dragon suplex but managed to kick out. As Jimmy grabbed his Broski Championship, Billie kicked it into his face and followed up with a Swanton Bomb for the victory.

Billie Starkz Defeated Broski Jimmy Lloyd 

Tag Team Match: The Bollywood Boys vs. Gahbage Daddies

Cole and Harv started the match off. Harv locked in a side headlock on Cole and then attempted a quick crucifix bomb pin, but Cole managed to get his shoulders up at the last second. Gurv picked up where his brother left off with a wrist lock. Cole was able to work his way out of it and made the tag to Price, who ran wild on both of the Boys, taking them out with jumping dropkicks. They set the Boys up in the corner and delivered ten punches. The Boys managed to escape and locked in double sharpshooters, but Price sent Gurv into Harv, breaking the hold. The Boys took a timeout on the floor, cutting a promo on the crowd and calling for their music to play. They started dancing, asking Cole and Price to join in. Cole and Price obliged, but once they started dancing, they were jumped from behind by the Boys, who began beating them down on the floor. The Daddies turned the tables, finished their dance, and took the Boys out with running boot scrapes. Back inside the ring, all four men started throwing punches. Cole hit a stunner, Price followed up with a lariat, and then executed a top rope blockbuster, followed by a tope from Price to the floor. Parrow emerged on the stage with a chain in hand. The Boys hit a backbreaker elbow drop combo on Cole for the victory.

The Bollywood Boys Defeated Gahbage Daddies 

Tag Team Match: Jacob Fatu and Zilla Fatu vs. Los Macizos

Ciclope speared Jacob through a door that was set up in the corner as Emil Jay was finishing his ring introductions. Miedo hit Zilla over the head with a chair, then dragged both Macizos to the floor, where Jacob hit them with a big dive. Zilla sent Ciclope face-first into the ring post. The Fatu’s followed up with a double elbow drop on Ciclope, followed by a double superkick. Zilla set up another door in the corner and powerbombed Miedo through it. Jacob hit a running hip attack, but his pin attempt was broken up after Ciclope struck him across the back with a steel chair. Ciclope was sent into the ropes, but he countered, sending Jacob to the floor and hitting Zilla with a dropkick combination. Jacob returned to the ring and ate a German Suplex but was then hit with a flapjack through the door. Zilla managed to break up the pin attempt after a top rope splash. He then hit Ciclope over the head with a steel chair and attempted the Spike on Miedo, who countered by stabbing him with something, only to be Sabu’d by Jacob. Ciclope hit Jacob with a spinebuster but was quickly dropped with a Samoan Drop from Zilla. All four men were wiped out in the center of the ring. Zilla attempted another Spike but was dumped by Miedo and hit with a moonsault from Ciclope. Jacob broke up the pin after a handspring moonsault. Jacob brought another door into the ring, but Los Macizos turned the tables with a doomsday device through the door. However, they quickly recovered and hit Miedo with a powerbomb combo for the victory.

Jacob & Zilla Fatu Defeated Los Macizos 

Singles Match: Joey Janela vs. Sam Stackhouse

Sam sent Joey crashing into the corner after repeated collar and elbow lockups. Joey stomped on Sam’s feet, hobbling the big man. He attempted a suplex, but Sam didn’t budge and instead threw Joey across the ring repeatedly, taking him down with a big shoulder tackle that sent Joey crashing to the floor. Sam was then sent face-first into the ring post. Joey capitalized by coming off the top rope with a big crossbody that took the big man off his feet. Joey followed up with a double sledge across Sam’s back. Sam recovered and responded with repeated chops across Joey’s chest. Joey rolled to the floor, grabbed a chair and a door, and set up a door bridge on the floor. He tried to suplex Sam from the ring to the door bridge on the floor, but Sam blocked it, leading to a flurry of forearms from Joey. Sam fired back with repeated headbutts. Joey then applied a sleeper hold, but Sam broke it by backing Joey up into the turnbuckle. He then shot Joey across the ring and splashed him in the corners. Sam attempted a black hole slam, but Joey responded with a series of forearm shots to the big man’s jaw. He tried to lift Stackhouse up for a Death Valley Driver, but it proved unsuccessful. Joey then went to the second rope, but Stackhouse caught him out of mid-air with an RKO. Despite this, Joey was still able to get his shoulder up at the last second. Sam took too much time setting up a door bridge, giving Joey the opening to hit Sam across the back with a steel chair followed by a cutter. Joey then set up a door bridge in the center of the ring and sent Stackhouse through it with a Samoan Drop. Joey attempted a clothesline, but Stackhouse stayed on his feet. He tried again, but Sam leveled Joey with a big spin kick. Joey countered with a Code Red, planting Sam on top of his head, but it still wasn’t enough to put Stackhouse away. Joey went to the apron, and hit a low bridge, sending Stackhouse crashing out of the ring through the door set up on the floor. Someone in the crowd yelled, “Someone check on the floor!” Joey put Stackhouse back into the ring, hit him across the back with a steel chair, and attempted a brainbuster. However, Stackhouse muscled him up and planted him with a slam followed by a big splash for another close near fall. Sam climbed to the top rope, but Janela popped back up and powerbombed him, placed a chair on top of Stackhouse, and hit him with a top rope double stomp for the victory.

Joey Janela Defeated Sam Stackhouse

GCW World Tag Team Championship Match: Violence is Forever (Champions) vs. MonsterSauce

Alex Zayne and Dom started the match off for their respective teams with a feeling-out process. Neither man was able to gain a clear advantage over the other until Dom took Zayne down with a big shoulder tackle. Zayne backed Dom into the corner and hit him with a lariat followed by a rana, but Dom popped back up and chopped Zayne across the chest. Unfazed, Zayne responded with a series of chops of his own. The two men unloaded on each other. Archer ran wild on both members of ViF. Zayne and Archer executed a flurry of tandem tag team maneuvers, but the champions fired up and countered with their tag team offense for a close near fall. Dom isolated Zayne and kicked him across the spine before tagging in Kevin Ku. Ku went to work on Zayne’s legs in an attempt to nullify his high-flying abilities. ViF made frequent tags back and forth as Zayne desperately tried to make the tag to his partner. Zayne was draped across the top rope, and Ku drove his knee into his back, but it still wasn’t enough to put the New Japan star away. Zayne fired up and hit Ku with a big lariat, then made the hot tag to Lance Archer, who ran wild on Ku and Dom with various power moves. They executed a tandem flipping leg drop for a very close near fall. ViF locked in submission holds. Archer dumped Ku on top of Dom and Zayne. ViF escaped a double chokeslam situation and sent Archer to the floor. Zayne was dropped onto Dom’s knees for another close near fall. Archer hit a running knee strike on Ku, who was on the top rope. Dom attempted to hit Archer across the back, but it had no effect. Archer booted Dom in the face and executed a top rope move on Dom, but Ku was able to break up the pin attempt at the last second. Ku sent Archer to the floor with a dropkick, and ViF hit Chasing The Dragon to secure the victory.

Violence is Forever Retained the GCW World Tag Team Championships

Post Match: ViF called out any team in the world to come to face them The Bollywood Boys, Los Macizos, and The Fatus all entered the ring and The Bollywoods challenged everyone to a Tag Team Championship Match in a Punjabi Prison. 

Deathmatch: John Wayne Murdoch vs. Pagano

Murdoch slapped Pagano, no relation, in the face, then they traded standing switches before Pagano sent Murdoch to the floor and wiped him out with a big tope. Pagano grabbed a wood board with barbed wire on it and attempted a dive through it, but Murdoch moved out of the way, sending Pagano crashing into the wire. Wood is good. Murdoch then grabbed a staple gun and started stapling money to Pagano’s arms, forehead, and back. Pagano returned to the ring covered in money as Murdoch continued to stomp away at his back. Murdoch got into an altercation with a fan at ringside and teased throwing a chair into the audience. Pagano attempted a bulldog onto the chair, but Murdoch held up and was instead sent flying across the ring with a top rope dropkick. Pagano followed that up with a big dive to the floor, taking out the Duke. Murdoch rolled back inside the ring where Pagano set him up on the top rope and positioned a barbed wire board. He then took Murdoch off the top with a Spanish fly through the wire for a close near fall. Murdoch connected with a big boot, which took Pagano off his feet, and then took a coil of barbed wire and dragged it across Pagano’s head. Murdoch attempted to put Pagano through a barbed wire door, but Pagano turned the tables and suplexed him through it. Murdoch was ensnared in wire as Pagano went for another pinfall. Murdoch was struck with a chair shot to the head. Pagano then climbed to the top rope and attempted a chairsault, but Murdoch moved out of the way, stapled his tongue, and hit Pagano with a brainbuster on the steel chair for the victory.

John Wayne Murdoch Defeated Pagano

GCW World Championship Match: Blake Christian (Champion) vs. Fuego Del Sol

Blake locked in a wrist lock, and Fuego attempted to counter it, succeeding with a wrist lock of his own. Blake managed to escape and got Fuego down on the mat. They continued trading wrist locks, and Fuego attempted a DDT, but Blake avoided it and countered with a sharpshooter, though Fuego made it to the ropes. As Blake went to the floor, Fuego attempted a dive but held up after Blake walked away. They both evaded lariat attempts, but Blake was taken off his feet with a head scissors. Fuego followed it up with an uppercut and tied Blake up in a submission hold. Blake broke free and shoved Fuego to the floor, then took him out with a dropkick followed by a beautiful Fosbury Flop. Bringing Fuego back to ringside, Blake started choking him with a t-shirt. Back inside the ring, Fuego fired up and hit Blake with a head kick followed by a European Uppercut, but Blake caught him with a boot that sent Fuego colliding with the ring post. Fuego’s face bounced off the ringside chairs as Blake continued beating him down with a stiff DDT on the floor, then followed it up with a draping DDT inside the ring, but Fuego still managed to kick out. Fuego fired up with a series of dropkicks followed by a shoulder to Blake’s midsection into a moonsault press. Blake rolled to the floor where Fuego hit him with a Shooting Star Press. Blake was rolled back inside the ring and was hit with a double stomp for a close near fall. Fuego was hit with a spinning head kick followed by a suplex. Blake sent Del Sol to the floor where he took him out with a lope followed by another head kick. Fuego recovered and went Coast to Coast on Blake with a dropkick, but Blake still managed to get his shoulder up at the last second. Fuego hit a spiral tap, but again Blake was able to get his shoulder up. Blake locked in a Texas Cloverleaf on the apron, but the ref forced him to break the hold. Christian grabbed a pair of scissors and cut the turnbuckle pad off, attempting to slingshot Fuego into it, but Fuego countered with a tornado DDT. Blake collided with the steel turnbuckle and was hit with a flipping DDT from Fuego, but Blake was able to get his boot across the bottom rope. Blake hit a brainbuster on top of the exposed buckle, but Fuego kicked out at the last second, only to be quickly hit with the stomp.

Blake Christian Retained the GCW World Championship

Texas Bullrope Match: Mance Warner vs. Allie Katch

I’m home for @GCWrestling_ and I gotta bring @ManceWarner home too. pic.twitter.com/RqLkQJly2a

— ALLIE KATCH アリー・キャッチ (@AllieKATCH) February 24, 2024

Tremendous promo from Allie Katch hyping up the match with Mance Warner. 

Allie kicked Mance in the groin and tripped him up with the rope. Mance went to the floor where Allie lit him up with a series of right hands. She sent Mance flying into the second row of chairs, but he quickly recovered and leveled Allie with a straight right hand. She whipped Mance across ringside and sent him flying into the chairs once again. Mance rolled into the ring and forced Katch to collide with the ring post head and shoulder first, similar to a tamer version of the Danielson/McGuinness spot from Unified 2006. Mance grabbed a steel chair and attempted to hit her over the head with it, but she moved out of the way, causing the chair to hit Mance in the face. Mance detached Allie from the rope and started whipping her with it, then wrapped it around her neck to try to cut off her circulation. Mance attempted to spike her on a steel chair, but Katch fired up and dropped him crotch first onto the chair before taking him out with a running lariat. Katch then connected with a series of right hands. Mance took out the legs of Allie and sent her face-first into the steel chair. He grabbed the chair and proceeded to beat her across the back with it. Mance then grabbed the bell and pounded away on her head, causing her to bust open. Mance tossed two chairs into the ring and stomped one across Allie’s face. He brought a door into the ring and set it up in the corner. Mance dug the bell into Katch’s face and grabbed a bundle of skewers from underneath the ring. Katch threw a chair at Mance’s head, placed it across his neck, and wrenched back on it. She hit Mance with a handful of skewers, and Mance punched her in the face and stabbed her in the head with the skewers for good measure. Mance was sent face-first into a chair in the corner, then sent flying through a door that was set up there. She followed that up with a piledriver, but Mance was able to get his shoulder up at the last second. They both got back up to their feet, where Katch again speared Mance through the door, but he still kicked out at the last second. Katch set up two chairs in the center of the ring and went to piledrive Mance onto them, but he blocked it and stabbed Katch in the leg with a skewer before headbutting her. Finally, Mance chokeslammed her onto the steel chairs, but Katch kicked out at two. Mance Warner called for the mic and told Allie to stay down, then hit her with a running knee strike, but Katch kicked out again. Mance couldn’t believe it as the crowd got behind their hometown girl. He told the ref to give her a standing 10 count, but Allie got back up to her feet, flipped Mance off, avoided another running knee, and got a quick roll-up, but Mance kicked out and unloaded on her with the cowbell. Mance then grabbed a pair of scissors and was going to stab her with them when EFFY made his way to the ringside area. EFFY got into the ring, and Mance tossed the scissors to Katch, telling her to attack EFFY. EFFY hit Mance with a Sack Ryder and went to stab Mance with the scissors, but Mance moved out of the way and stabbed EFFY in the head. Mance handcuffed EFFY to the bottom rope and stabbed Katch in the head with the scissors. Allie Katch’s mom came into the ring and covered her daughter, then spat at Mance Warner, who started to leave the ring with the scissors. He was halfway to the back when he turned around and stabbed Allie’s mom in the head as the show went off the air.

No Contest