GCW vs. Renegades of Wrestling Night 1: Vikingo vs. Gringo Loco

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GCW vs. Renegades of Wrestling Night 1

Friday, August 25, 2023

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 

UNSW Roundhouse 

Three-Way Match: Robbie Eagles vs. Lochy Hendricks vs. Everett Connors 

Loch applied a headlock, but Everret took him off his feet with a shoulder tackle. Eagles and Everett continued to target Lochy with a double dropkick. They all reset, and Lochy attempted to shake hands with the two men. Instead, he thumbed them in the eye and leveled them with forearms. Connors fired up and sent Lochy to the floor with a head kick, allowing Eagles and Connor to execute a couple of spots before Eagles threw himself outside with a big crossbody.

They all returned to the ring. Connors ducked a clothesline and took Lochy off his feet with a rana. Connors escaped Eagles’ incoming offense and took a moment to pose in the center of the ring. However, Connors was then struck in the back of the head with a forearm and dropped on his back with a big side slam. Lochy used a cutter to drop Robbie right on Everett and went for simultaneous pin attempts but came up short.

They exchanged waist locks, and Eagles dropped both of his opponents with a stiff forearm shot. He kicked Lochy in the ribs and then focused on Connors’ legs. Lochy attempted a chicken wing, but it was blocked, leading to Connors attempting repeated pins on both Eagles and Lochy.

Connors hit a double poisonrana, and Eagles followed with a 450 splash on both Lochy and Connors, who were locked in a submission hold on the mat. Eagles got back up to his feet first, followed by the others, and they all began exchanging chops and strikes in the center of the ring.

Connors hit a Burning Hammer on Lochy, who was able to kick out slightly. Connors then executed a spinning Frog Splash, but the pin attempt was broken up by Eagles, who kicked Connors in the face and secured the victory.

This was a fine match, it kind of felt like they were moving in slow motion but it was still servable. 

Robbie Eagles Defeated Everett Connors and Lochy Hendricks 

Tag Team Match: The Bastard Brothers (Gore and KrackerJak) vs. Back Pain (Backman and Gymbro Jessie)

Jak and Jessie kicked off the match for their respective teams. Jessie took the offensive stance initially, attempting to dismantle the Australian Wrestling Legend. She succeeded in taking Jak off his feet and even used his back for a set of push-ups. After putting Jak in a toe hold, she added more push-ups to her repertoire. This prompted Jak to call for a push-up competition. Swiftly, Jak sprung up and dropped an elbow on Jessie, following it up with a flurry of chops.

Gore was tagged in and unleashed a barrage of powerful moves against Jessie, showcasing his strength. Backman tagged in, aiming to confront the larger opponent. However, he ended up colliding with the corner post, allowing Jak to staple his face. Gore capitalized on this with a massive back suplex, then tagged Jak back into the fray. Jak attempted to remove the staple from Backman’s head, inadvertently causing him to start bleeding.

Gore returned to the action, renewing his assault on Backman’s back. Smearing the blood across his face, Gore delivered a series of punishing chops and slams. Jessie was tagged back into the match and executed a giant swing on Jak, but her momentum was quickly halted by Gore. As Jessie hoisted Jak onto her shoulders, he countered by utilizing the staple gun, and he sliced her in half with a spear. Meanwhile, Gore executed a powerful powerslam on Backman from the top rope and secured the pinfall victory. This was a fun match, not the best wrestling but it still had it’s moments. 

The Bastard Brothers Defeated Back Pain 

Tag Team Match: BUSSY vs. Prima Pi Kappa (Frankie B and Nikki Van Blair)

EFFY and Nikki kicked off the match by playfully spanking each other. Frankie took the initiative and tagged herself in, immediately unleashing a volley of repeated chops against EFFY. Scaling the ropes, she brought EFFY down with a forceful wrist drag. This was followed by a tilt-a-whirl facebuster, after which Frankie also engaged in some spanking. Balancing herself on the ropes, she executed a skillful wrist lock drag that brought EFFY to the mat. She attempted to maintain her offense, but EFFY quickly rallied and tagged in Katch.

Nikki and Katch squared off, with Katch attempting to grab Nikki’s waist, only for Nikki to cartwheel out of the predicament. Nikki delivered a powerful German suplex, followed by a head kick. Despite the impact, Katch managed to kick out at the count of 2. PPK employed a series of double-team maneuvers against Katch. Frankie then executed an assisted Moonsault on Katch, but the tenacious competitor kicked out once more.

Eventually, Katch successfully made the hot tag to EFFY. BUSSY, as a team, hit a double hip thrust, while Katch followed up with a flying crossbody on Nikki, who still found the strength to kick out. EFFY attempted to stack Nikki on the top rope, but Nikki maneuvered out of the situation, launching into a flying lariat as Frankie simultaneously took EFFY down with a tope to the outside. Back in the ring, Frankie connected with a running hip thrust on Katch, while Nikki executed an assisted Samoan Drop. Frankie persisted with her pin attempts.

Frankie continued her offensive onslaught, delivering a forearm that floored EFFY. Simultaneously, she hammered Katch with a series of boots, yet the attacks weren’t enough to secure the victory over Katch. EFFY responded with a double blockbuster, followed by a sequence of pump kicks in the corner, culminating in an assisted TKO on Nikki. Katch intervened, breaking up a pin attempt by EFFY. Katch then landed a substantial knee strike, swiftly followed by a head kick on Nikki.

In the final stretch, EFFY executed a double Sack Ryder, showcasing his team’s dominance. BUSSY combined their forces for their Powerbomb/Sack Ryder combination, ultimately clinching the victory.

ROW Title Match: Caveman Ugg (Champion) vs. Joey Janela 

They began with a fierce lock-up, and Ugg easily threw Joey to the mat. They locked up again, this time with Ugg backing Joey into the corner. Leveraging his size and strength advantage, Ugg repeatedly took Joey off his feet with powerful shoulder tackles. In response, Joey took a moment on the outside, while the crowd showered him with insults. He eventually walked to the back, leaving Ugg to celebrate in the ring. Joey later returned and evaded an incoming forearm from Ugg. He caught the champion with a gut boot, followed by a series of punches in the corner.

Ugg launched Joey with a forceful Monkey flip, but Joey managed to dodge a charging Ugg and responded with a flurry of stomps in the corner. Joey went beneath the ring and playfully teased the audience by producing a door. However, he decided against using it and instead reentered the ring to attack Ugg. Succumbing to the crowd’s enthusiasm, Ugg fetched a door from underneath the ring and propped it up in the corner. Joey sidestepped a charging Ugg, causing him to collide with the door, although it didn’t break. Joey attempted to set the door up once more, but it stubbornly resisted breaking. Frustrated, Joey lifted the door and slammed it over the champion’s head. Joey then positioned the door in the corner again, but Ugg managed to reverse Joey’s attempt and hurled him into the door, finally shattering it under their combined weight.

Joey responded by hurling the broken door at Ugg’s head and following it up with a Superplex that sent Ugg through the remaining fragments of the door. They traded fists in the center of the ring, with Joey rising to his feet first. Their furious exchange continued, with Joey landing a powerful forearm and a subsequent running knee strike. He attempted the one-winged angel on Ugg, but Ugg’s weight proved too much, sending Joey to the floor with a snap dragon suplex.

Joey retaliated by tossing a chair at Ugg’s head, and then executing a Swanton Bomb from the top rope onto the door positioned over Ugg. However, Ugg displayed resilience by kicking out at two. They found themselves on the apron, where Joey aimed to perform a Death Valley Driver on Ugg, but Ugg countered with an STO slam on the apron. Placing Joey in the corner, Ugg attempted a twisting press, but Joey narrowly evaded, causing Ugg to crash into the corner.

In a display of determination, Joey executed a Death Valley Driver on Ugg, yet Ugg managed to kick out. They resumed their fistfight in the center of the ring, with Ugg gaining the upper hand. Joey retaliated with a superkick followed by a package piledriver, resulting in a close near fall. Joey struck Ugg with several chair shots, prompting Ugg to rally and strike back with a powerful blow to Joey’s chest. Ugg continued the assault, and as they brawled around the ringside area, Joey sent Ugg headfirst into the ring post.

Returning to the ring, Joey set up a door bridge in the corner. He placed Ugg on a table and climbed the top rope. Just as Joey was about to leap onto Ugg, Ugg rolled off the table and hit Joey with a Splash Mountain powerbomb through the door. Remarkably, Joey managed to get his shoulders up at the last possible moment. Ugg concluded the intense match by executing a Fire Thunder Driver, securing the victory.

Caveman Ugg Retained the ROW Championship

ROW Women’s Title Match: Aysha (Champion) vs. Steph De Lander vs. Lena Kross

Aysha valiantly attempted to take on both of her opponents, despite their significant size and strength advantages. They forcefully sent the champion out of the ring. In a showdown, SDL and Lena confronted each other. SDL gained control over Lena by repeatedly tossing her down by her hair. Aysha re-entered the ring and attempted to secure a victory over SDL with a small package, but the Women’s Internet Champion kicked out at the count of 2.

SDL struck the champion with a series of forceful forearms, and then applied a chin lock to exert pressure and drain the energy from her opponent. However, SDL got caught off guard with a low bridge, enabling Lena to kick her in the mouth as she returned to the ring. Aysha and Lena engaged in a sequence of moves, with Lena delivering a powerful big boot followed by a Gord buster. Despite the impact, the champion managed to kick out at the 2-count.

Lena executed a snap German suplex on Aysha, and SDL hoisted Lena onto her shoulders, slamming her face-first onto the ring apron. An attempt to pin Aysha followed, but the champion kicked out at the very last moment. SDL taunted her opponents and intensified the assault on Lena, nearly securing a pinfall victory. Aysha was subjected to a head kick and a barrage of ground and pound, yet she exhibited tremendous resilience by kicking out just in the nick of time.

Aysha countered with an arm drag followed by a code breaker on Lena, also nailing her with a swinging DDT. However, SDL intervened and broke up the pin attempt. SDL landed a significant pump kick on the champion, and Lena responded with one of her own, setting the stage for SDL’s “tower of doom” move where she hit both Aysha and Lena simultaneously. SDL went for pin attempts on both opponents, but they both kicked out.

In a dramatic turn of events, Aysha managed to roll up Lena Kross to retain her championship, showcasing her determination and resourcefulness in securing the victory.

Aysha Retained the ROW Women’s Championship

Singles Match: Charli Evans vs. Maki Itoh 

Charli managed to back Maki into the corner and delivered a light mocking kick. She secured a wrist lock, but Maki quickly turned it into a hammerlock. Charli, however, skillfully took Maki down with a headlock takedown as they grappled for control on the mat. Maki applied a head scissors, and although Charli initially struggled, she managed to break free, leading to a reset in a standing position. Displaying a fiery exchange of middle fingers and forearms, they both attempted shoulder tackles to bring each other down. Maki succeeded in grounding Charli and followed it up with a headbutt, along with an attempted bootscrape in the corner. Charli thwarted the bootscrape, delivering two of her own, but Maki kicked out.

Charli executed a powerful running crossbody, yet Maki resiliently kicked out once more. Subsequently, Charli dropped Maki with a reverse neckbreaker, transitioning into an arm lock and a pronating wrist lock, inspired by Paul Wardlaw. Maki responded with a headbutt and then delivered ten punches in the corner, followed by another bootscrape. Maki brought Charli to the apron, hitting her with a draping DDT before applying a deep Boston Crab. It’s worth noting that Maki’s significant improvement over the past year has been truly impressive.

In a turn of events, Charli managed to thwart Maki’s attempt to use a pizza cutter by kicking it out of her hands. She followed up with a knee lift and a Fisherman’s Suplex, coming very close to a pinfall victory. Charli landed a kick, only for Maki to respond with a powerful iron headbutt. Both athletes struggled to regain their composure in the latter stages of the match, trading forearm strikes as they returned to a standing position. Maki flipped Charli off, prompting Charli to bite Maki’s finger.

Charli introduced several chairs into the ring, and Maki absorbed a chair shot to the head, momentarily staggering her. However, Maki quickly recovered and began to cut into Charli’s forehead with the pizza cutter. As blood started to flow from Charli’s forehead, Maki paraded her around all sides of the ring, yet Charli still found the resilience to kick out.

Showing determination, Charli fought back with a forearm strike, followed by a spinning draping DDT. Maki responded with a series of spiked DDTs, but Charli continued to kick out. Eventually, Maki locked in the Liontamer submission hold, securing the victory.

Maki Itoh Defeated Charli Evans

AAA Mega Heavyweight Championship Match: El Hijo del Vikingo (Champion) vs. Gringo Loco 

The two began with an intense pace, successfully avoiding each other’s offense until they wrestled to a stalemate. The crowd erupted in excitement for both men as they reset. Gringo tripped Vikingo, who returned the favor but evaded an incoming elbow drop. Vikingo landed a spin kick but missed with a second rope crossbody, leading them to once again square off in the center of the ring. Gringo slapped Vikingo across the face as their evasive dance continued. Vikingo thrilled the audience with a stunning double jump tornillo to the floor. Following this, Vikingo executed a beautiful Frog Splash on Loco, but Gringo managed to kick out at the 2-count.

Vikingo pressed on, leveling Gringo with a stomp and then attempting a 450 splash. However, Loco moved out of the way, causing Vikingo to crash face-first into the turnbuckle. Gringo bit Vikingo’s forehead and sent him soaring with a fall-away slam. Gringo came close to securing a victory, but Vikingo managed to get his foot on the ropes. Gringo locked Vikingo in a submission hold, but even that wasn’t enough to put the champion away.

They battled on the top rope, with Vikingo landing a head kick. Gringo stacked Vikingo on his shoulders on the apron, where he delivered a Base Bomb onto the ring apron. Gringo continued his assault with a double jump moonsault, but Vikingo displayed his resilience by kicking out at 2. Gringo ascended to the top rope once again, attempting a spiral tap, but Vikingo walked the ropes and countered with a dropkick that transitioned into a spinning head kick.

Vikingo once more climbed to the top rope, initially aiming for a leaping rebound arm drag. While he botched the move, he managed to recover and execute an inside-out rana to the floor. Gringo was rolled back into the ring, and Vikingo capitalized by hitting him with an inside-out springboard 450 splash. Vikingo ascended the ropes again, but Gringo thwarted him, hitting a Spanish fly. Yet, Vikingo demonstrated his determination by kicking out once more.

A climactic battle ensued on the top rope, where Loco sent Vikingo flying with a gorilla press, but Vikingo defiantly got his shoulders up at the 2-count. In their final top-rope struggle, Vikingo managed to hit Gringo with a poisonrana, followed by a double knee in the corner and a breathtaking 630 splash, ultimately securing the victory.

Vikingo Retained the AAA Mega Heavyweight Championship

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