GCW vs. The World: Joey Janela vs. Shigehiro Irie, Blake Christian vs. Axel Tischer

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GCW: GCW vs. The World

Turbinenhalle 2

Oberhausen, Germany

JCW World Championship Match: Jordan Oliver (Champion) vs. Latigo

Oliver started the match with a big boot, followed by an immediate Acid Bomb attempt. However, Latigo countered with a rana, delivered a boot of his own, and hit Oliver with a huge backbreaker for the first near fall of the night. Latigo strung Oliver up in the ropes, hitting him with a dropkick followed by a running crossbody in the corner and another quick pinfall attempt. Latigo then signaled for a lariat, but Oliver cut him off, only to be turned inside out by a knee strike and a lariat.

They transitioned into a back-and-forth exchange, with Oliver executing a beautiful bridging suplex. However, Latigo managed to get his shoulders up at the last second. Latigo was perched on the top rope and attempted a splash, but Oliver thwarted his plans with a cutter, followed by an Acid Kick and an Acid Bomb to secure the victory. The match was a complete sprint and well worth checking out.

Jordan Oliver Retained the JCW World Championship

Tag Team Match: Baby Allison and Maggot vs. BUSSY

Katch and Baby started the match for their respective teams. Allison licked Katch’s face, which Katch seemed to enjoy. Baby threw a kick, but Katch caught it and countered with a splash before tagging in EFFY. Maggot managed to take EFFY off his feet, but EFFY cut off his offense by dropping to his knees. However, he was caught by a hip thrust from Maggot. EFFY then caught Maggot in the corner, stretched him, raked his eyes across the ropes, and hit him with the Gayrantula.

Allison caught EFFY with a scorpion kick, serving as a distraction, and then leveled EFFY with a dropkick. She followed up with a series of kicks and punches to work over EFFY’s back. Maggot kicked EFFY in the rear and even gave him a wet willy while raking his nose. There was some playful physical interaction in this match.

EFFY retaliated by hitting Maggot with a northern lights suplex for a close near fall. Eventually, both teams made the hot tag to their partners. Katch ran wild on both opponents with her running hip attack and cannonball combination. Katch got a close near fall on Baby. BUSSY attempted a Doomsday Sack Ryder, but Baby countered with a rana, only to be caught later with a top rope blockbuster.

EFFY was hit with a cutter from Maggot, but Katch managed to break the pin up at the last second. Allison and Maggot then locked Katch in a submission maneuver, which EFFY broke up with a series of hip thrusts. EFFY kissed Maggot, and Allison responded by slapping EFFY in the face before hitting him with a suplex. Katch returned to the ring and executed a suplex of her own.

Katch caught Baby with a knee strike to the face and locked in a Boston Crab. Baby managed to escape and leveled Katch with a kick. EFFY returned to the ring, taking Maggot out with a Sack Ryder. Maggot rolled out of the ring, and the team of Katch and EFFY stacked up Baby Allison and hit her with a Doomsday Sack Ryder for the victory.

Bussy Defeated Maggot and Baby Allison 

Six-Man Tag Team Match: Amboss (Icarus, Laurance Roman, and Robert Dreissker) vs. SGCunt (Manders, Mance Warner, Dark Sheik)

These two teams put on a brutal display, with Sheik hitting Roman with a double stomp and a low blow. SGC returned to the ring and unleashed a flurry of jabs at Robert and Icarus, followed by a double eye poke. Sheik delivered a low blow to Robert while SGC celebrated in the ring.

Sheik then hit Roman with a German Suplex and proceeded to climb to the top rope, taking out all three members of Amboss with a dive to the floor. Mance teased a dive but opted for eye pokes instead, catching everyone by surprise. Roman was hit with a lariat from Manders, as were Icarus and Dreissker. However, Dreissker quickly recovered and took Manders down with a powerful spear, just as Amboss did to Sheik, taking a moment to celebrate in the ring.

Icarus, bleeding from a previous match, continued to stomp away at Manders in the corner. Mance returned and used a Sabu-inspired attack on everyone’s heads as the crowd cheered him on. Mance set up two chairs back to back in the center of the ring and chokeslammed Icarus across the chairs. Roman and Robert responded with a tandem cutter on Mance, regaining control of the match.

Robert and Manders engaged in a fierce exchange of big overhand chops, with Robert eventually crashing into a chair in the corner. Sheik took Roman down with a head scissors, followed by a Satellite DDT that spiked Roman. Roman received a kick to the head and a powerslam, after which Sheik climbed to the top rope and hit a top rope leg drop. However, Icarus broke up the pin attempt. Icarus connected with a Disaster Kick and a rolling elbow to Sheik, allowing Robert to hit her with a Vader Bomb and secure the victory.

Amboss Defeated SGCunt

Post Match: BUSSY returned to the ring and helped SGCunt beat up Amboss 

GCW Ultraviolent Championship Match: Rina Yamashita (Champion) vs. Lou Nixon 

I’ve been a big fan of Lou Nixon for a while now, ever since I saw his work in ICW No Holds Barred. He’s an incredible athlete who both dishes out and takes a lot of punishment. Lou entered the ring with a fist full of thumbtacks, which caught Rina off guard. Rina kept ducking his punches, took a kick, and then grabbed his arm, brushing the tacks off his fist.

Lou kicked away at Rina’s leg and whipped her into the corner, but she stopped herself just in time before making contact with the barbed wire board. Rina locked in a double claw and speared Lou through the barbed wire board in the corner. Given his background in shoot fighting, it would be great to see Lou in Bloodsport this year.

Rina grabbed a strand of wire and started to rake it across his forehead, causing Lou to bleed profusely. Rina even put a crown of wire on her head but ate a headbutt from Lou. Rina then grabbed a staple gun and stapled Lou’s groin, and Nick Gage sold the spot perfectly on commentary.

Rina ate a forearm from Lou, followed by a series of kicks to her chest. She ducked the final attempt and rolled him up for a quick near fall. Nixon got her up on his shoulders and hit her with a knee strike for a near fall of his own.

Rina dumped a box of thumbtacks on the mat and tried to slam Nixon into them, but he blocked it. They exchanged some forearms and engaged in a thrilling sequence in the thumbtacks. They continued to exchange forearms in the center of the ring, with Nixon rocking her with a knife-edge chop. Rina took a bump in the thumbtacks and encouraged Nixon to do the same. He obliged, taking the bump, and Rina immediately went for a near fall.

They went back and forth with a series of German Suplexes in the thumbtacks, thrilling the sold-out crowd. They continued to exchange fists in the center of the ring, with Rina getting kicked in the head but staying on her feet and hitting Nixon with a suplex onto the tacks for another near fall.

Rina set up a chair across Lou Nixon and went to the top rope. Nixon Sabu’d Rina, grabbing plastic storage bins and placing them in the center of the ring. He met Rina on the top rope and hit her with a Northern Lights Superplex into the storage bins, but Rina managed to get her shoulder up at the last second.

Lou then went to the stage and grabbed a weedwhacker. Rina managed to duck the wacker and took control of it, hitting Lou in the arm with it. Lou attempted a leverage pin, but Rina once again got her shoulder up at the last second. Finally, Rina set up a barbed wire board bridge in the center of the ring and sent Lou through the wire with the Splash Mountain to retain her championship.

Rina Yamashita Retained the GCW Ultraviolent Championship

Six Way Scramble Match: Gringo Loco vs. Arez vs. The Rotation vs. Mizuki Watase vs. Jimmy Lloyd vs. Aigle Blanc

The three GCW guys sent the others to the floor and paired off themselves. Jimmy charged and was sent through the ropes to the floor. Arez and Loco started running a series of Lucha spots. Loco hit him with an arm drag, and Arez quickly got back to a standing position, cartwheeling through as the two men stood face to face in the center of the ring.

Blanc returned to the ring and shoved both of them, hitting them with a double dragon screw leg whip. He then followed up with uppercuts in the corner. Loco ducked a leg sweep but ate a kick. Arez elevated Blanc up on his shoulders and took Loco down with a Rana of his own. Arez broke a full nelson but ate a kick to the back of his head and a dragon suplex from Blanc.

Jimmy returned to the ring and took Blanc down with an exploder suplex. Rotation returned and hit Lloyd with a lucha arm drag and a big dropkick. Watase and Rotation paired off and each threw a pair of dropkicks at each other. Watase came out on top, cleared the top rope, and took Lloyd out with a big dive. Loco sent Watase into the ring post.

Loco and Rotation were left in the ring. Loco escaped a kick but couldn’t avoid a DDT. Blanc and Rotation locked up, and Rotation hit a rope-walk Moonsault to the floor, taking everyone out with him. Not to be outdone, Blanc hit a flipping senton to the floor. It was then Arez’s turn to hit a step-up dive to the floor, clearing the field.

Arez stacked Blanc up on the top rope but was countered and hit with a neckbreaker and a 450 Splash. Loco made the save at the last second. Loco was placed on the top rope and ate a kick to the head from Rotation. Loco blocked a Rana as Watase went coast to coast with a dropkick on all of them. Arez nailed Jimmy with a Pele kick and hit Watase with a suplex followed by a double jump dive from Loco. Arez hit a slingshot Destroyer, and Loco hit a dive to the floor. The match went at an insane pace.

Rotation climbed up a support beam to the balcony and hit everyone with a giant moonsault. Arez broke up a pin attempt after Rotation came off the top with a 450, but all he ate were knees. Gringo caught Blanc on his shoulders and hit him with the Base Bomb for the victory.

Gringo Loco wins the Scramble Match

I think the ring announcer was doing the Sam Roberts bit of mispronouncing/enunciating the word syllable, he’s had some real gems this weekend. 

GCW World Championship Match: Blake Christian (Champion) vs. Axel Tischer

Axel took Christian down with an arm ringer. Christian rolled out of harm’s way before Axel could stomp on his bent arm. Christian returned to the ring and went for a waistlock, got a snapmare, and went to kick him but told Axel to “suck it” instead. Blake avoided a kick and scrambled to the ropes before Tischer could do any damage to him. Axel held Blake’s arm in position and stomped on his hand.

Axel unloaded on Christian with a series of uppercuts. The champion went to the apron and flipped to the floor, avoiding Axel’s offense. Axel had enough of Christian’s games and booted him in the face, hitting him throat-first across the edge of the ring frame on all four sides of the ring. Axel brought Christian back into the ring and tried to lay in with a forearm, but Christian blocked it, only to be quickly dropped with an uppercut and had his neck twisted by the fancy footwork of Tischer.

Blake cut Tischer in half with a spear and called for a dive to the floor, but once again, he held up and told Axel to “suck it.” He eventually got serious and picked up speed, hitting Tischer with a dive to the floor. They started to brawl in the crowd. Christian drove Tischer shoulder-first into the ring post and continued to work over the arm on the ring frame and posts.

Christian always tells a story with his opponent’s body part. He has transformed so much as a wrestler in these past couple of years, and it’s been awesome to watch. Christian brought Axel back into the ring and locked in an armbar. Tischer was able to make it to the ropes, forcing the break of the hold.

Christian ate two back elbows. He ducked the third one and connected with a Superman punch. Axel caught him with a calf kick, followed by a short-armed lariat into a butterfly suplex. Axel went to the top rope and hit Christian with a big flying clothesline, but Christian was able to get his shoulder up. Blake got his elbow up and connected with a palm strike. He trapped both of Axel’s arms and snapped them. Tischer was writhing on the mat and got hit with a basement dropkick for another close near fall.

They fired off forearm shots in the center of the ring. Axel turned Blake inside out with the McGuinness Lariat, followed by an attempted air raid crash. Blake got out of it and locked in a double wrist lock. Blake hit a desperation 450 Splash, but Axel again got his shoulders up at the last second. Christian couldn’t believe it and went for the curb stomp but was caught with an uppercut and a sitout powerbomb. However, the champion got his shoulders up again. Christian and Tischer fought on the floor. Christian put his head in a chair and went for a knee strike, but Tischer was able to move out of the way at the last second. Tischer connected with a head kick, but Blake popped back up and hit the curb stomp for the victory.

Blake Christian Retained the GCW World Championship

Norman Harras came out and cut a heel promo on the crowd and Nick Gage, Gage came out and hit Harras with a spinebuster followed by a Facewash. Gage grabbed a chair, Harras bailed to the floor. Gage expressed his love for the crowd and sent them ‘home’ happy before the main event with the MDK call and response. 

Singles Match: Shigehiro Irie vs. Joey Janela 

The two men locked up. Janela grabbed the arm, but Irie was able to break free with his strength and Janela did the same with his agility. Irie grabbed a side headlock, and Janela got the break by walking Irie into the ropes. They locked back up, and Janela backed him up into the corner and unleashed a series of uppercuts. Irie slammed Janela down and hit him with the rebound splash, but Janela kicked out at 2. Irie remained in control and hit Janela with a blow to his back, but Joey caught him with a chinbreaker followed by a neckbreaker.

Janela started to stomp down on Irie’s back and hit him with a sliding lariat, but Irie was able to kick out. Joey continued to stomp away at Irie’s chest, got him back up to his feet, and hit him with a forearm. Irie responded with one of his own. They continued to trade blows in the center of the ring. Joey punched Irie in the mouth and snapmared him down, hitting him with a double knee right to the face.

Joey kept softening up Irie’s neck with a series of blows in an attempt to break him down for the package piledriver. Irie blocked a suplex attempt and muscled Joey up for a suplex of his own followed by a sitout splash, but Joey was able to kick out at 2. Irie backed Joey up into the corner and hit him with a couple of shots to his mouth. Joey reversed it and hit Irie with some chops, challenging Irie to respond as they again threw blows at each other.

Irie hit a headbutt that dropped Joey across the ropes, which gave Irie the opening for his cannonball splash. Joey connected with a rolling elbow, but it didn’t do anything to Irie, who took him off his feet with a massive lariat. They battled on the apron, Joey got Irie up on his shoulders for another Death Valley Driver, but Irie was able to escape and hit Joey with a running crossbody that knocked them both to the floor.

Irie sent Joey back into the ring and hit him with a Black Hole Slam, but Janela managed to kick out again. Irie climbed the ropes and went for the big splash, but Joey got his knees up at the last second. Joey suckered Irie in with a superkick followed by a brainbuster, but Irie kicked out. Joey went to the top rope, but Irie intercepted him and got Joey up on his shoulders for a second rope Samoan Drop. Joey popped back up and hit Irie with a suplex, and Irie hit Joey with a series of his own.

They traded more forearm shots, and Joey got rocked and bounced his head off the ropes. Joey was in the corner but moved out of the way of the cannonball. Joey tried to hit a piledriver but had to hold up because of his injured leg. Instead, he hit him with a powerbomb, but Irie was able to roll through. An exasperated Janela hit a desperation Package Piledriver, and Irie kicked out, but the top rope double stomp was too much and secured Joey the victory.