GCW Wisconsin Death Trip: Sakuda vs. Cole Radrick, Taipei Deathmatch, Tag Titles defended

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GCW: Wisconsin Death Trip

Sunday, November 13, 2022, La Pica Lounge, Milwaukee, WI

Singles Match: Nick Wayne vs. Carlos Romo

Nick Wayne and Romo engaged in a feeling-out process before eventually wrestling to a stalemate, Romo locked Wayne in a bow and arrow but Nick Wayne was able to get out of the hold. Nick Wayne grounded Romo and hit a couple of moonsaults and a shooting star press before going for the cover. Romo kicked out and regained control of the matchup. Wayne attempted a handspring, but Romo broke it up via a dropkick followed by a twisting neck breaker. Wayne picked up the pace of the match and hit a handspring cutter followed by a beautiful northern lights suplex; Wayne sent Romo to the floor and took him out with a tope suicida followed by a Code Red in the center of the ring for a near fall. Nick Wayne went for a cloutcutter but Romo caught him mid-air and planted him with an Ace Crusher, Wayne fired back up, hit the cloutcutter, and won the match. 

Nick Wayne Defeated Carlos Romo

Triple Threat Match: Jordan Oliver vs. Alec Price vs. Blake Christian 

Oliver and Christian attacked Price before running some spots of their own, they quickly returned their focus to Alec Price. Christian went for the pin but Oliver pulled him off at 2; the two then traded chops in the center of the ring and Oliver dumped Christian with a side slam. Alec Price returned to the ring and took Oliver off of his feet with a second rope leg lariat, they traded a series of chops in the center of the ring, and Price followed that up with a forearm strike. Oliver kicked Price in the face and took control of the match; his reign didn’t last long as Christian returned to the match taking Oliver out with an Arabian Press. Price hit Christian with a cutter and went for a pin but Christian kicked out. Christian responded with a stiff clothesline to Price followed by a moonsault body block for another near fall. Christian climbed to the top rope but Oliver put a stop to it with a series of right hands, Price got back to his feet and climbed to the top rope, they hit a sunset bomb superplex combination which got a great response from the crowd. Christian planted Price with a Death Valley Driver followed by a Frog Splash, Oliver pulled Price to the floor and Christian hit a beautiful tope. Back inside the ring, Oliver hit Christian with a series of Acid Kicks followed by a sit-out powerbomb but Christian still managed to kick out. Christian hit Price with a Spanish Fly followed by a springboard 450 for the victory.

Blake Christian Defeated Jordan Oliver, and Alec Price

Deathmatch: Jimmy Lloyd vs. Sawyer Wreck 

Sawyer Wreck immediately put Jimmy Lloyd through a door in the corner and quickly grabbed a gusset plate. She slammed one into Jimmy’s arm and kicked him a couple of times before he eventually took her out with a tope suicida. The two brawled on the floor for a little bit, Sawyer climbed back into the ring which gave Jimmy Lloyd time to set up a bunch of chairs on the floor. Sawyer caught Jimmy Lloyd with a Code Red, Jimmy went to the apron which gave Sawyer some time to put some skewers into his head. She sent him crashing through the open chairs on the floor before he returned to the ring and hit Sawyer with a gusset plate. He broke a couple of tubes over her head and slammed her with a package piledriver followed by an Assault Driver through a door. Jimmy placed a couple of tubes in the center of the ring but Sawyer got back to her feet and hit him with two chokeslams for the victory. 

Sawyer Wreck Defeated Jimmy Lloyd

GCW Tag Team Championship Match: Los Macizos (Champions) vs. Dysfunction and Eric Dillenger

Dillenger sent Los Macizos to the floor and took them out with a giant dive over the top rope, they started to brawl on the floor hitting each other with firecracker bats and a bottle cap bat. Dillenger hit a frog splash and a leg lariat but was unable to pin either of the champs. Miedo took out Dysfunction with a tope suicida, and Ciclope went for a swinging DDT but Dillenger blocked it, Ciclope was successful on his second attempt but was only able to get a 2-count. Ciclope set a barbed wire door bridge, Dillenger fired up and hit Ciclope with repeated chops, he placed CIclope on the top rope and superplexed Ciclope through the barbed wire door. Dysfunction planted Miedo with a sit-out powerbomb but Ciclope broke the pin up which allowed Miedo to grab a barbed wire baseball bat and plant Dysfunction on top of it. Dillenger returned to the ring but was quickly sent back out over the top rope through a barbed wire door via an Awesome Bomb. Ciclope hit Dysfunction with a flaming shining wizard for the victory. 

Los Macizos retain the GCW Tag Team Championships

Deathmatch: Hunter Freeman vs. Big F’n Joe

They locked up a couple of times but they quickly got frustrated and they broke some tubes over each other’s heads. Joe hit Freeman with a big DDT and grabbed two coat hangers and started to stretch Freeman’s mouth with it. Joe body-slammed Freeman onto some broken glass and hit him with a seated senton which resulted in a two count. Freeman sent Joe to the floor and took him out with a dive over the top rope and started to work over Joe with broken bits of light tube, he grabbed a staple gun but Joe wrestled it away and started to staple money to Freeman’s head and chest. Joe hit Freeman over the head with a chair, then retrieved a scooter, tried to scoot at Freeman but Freeman hit him over the head with a steel chair. Freeman attempted to chokeslam Joe on the apron but Joe reversed it and hit one of his own, Freeman recovered in the ring and caught Joe with a powerslam through a light tube log cabin. Freeman propped a barbed wire door up in the corners, Freeman took too much time and was thrown into the barbed wire door but still kicked out at 1. Freeman set up a pane of glass in the corner before he and Joe started trading punches, Freeman got the best of the exchange and sent Big Joe through the pane and a barbed wire door. Freeman hit Joe with two big boots but was slammed to the mat on his third attempt. Joe retrieved a cut can light tube bundle but Freeman broke it over Joe’s head and followed that up with a big boot for the victory.

Hunter Freeman Defeated Big F’n Joe

Taipei Deathmatch: Mance Warner vs. John Wayne Murdoch 

Murdoch was taken off of his feet with a stiff shot to the head which allowed Mance to start scraping away at Murdoch’s head with the broken glass. The two men brawled on the floor with Mance Sabuing a couple of chairs to Murdoch’s head. Murdoch returned the favor and started to carve away on Mance’s forehead with the broken glass; Murdoch took Dave Prazak’s pen and started to stab away at Mance Warner’s head. Warner kicked Murdoch in the balls which gave both men time to recover, Murdoch was first to his feet and started to hit Warner’s foot with a hammer. Murdoch set a door up in the corner and sent Warner through it and started to hit him with what was left of the broken door. Warner fired back up and started to headbutt Murdoch who did the same back to him, Warner got the best of the exchange as they both crumpled to the mat. Warner hammered a gusset into Murdoch’s head which caused Murdoch to start leaking, but he responded with a gusset plate of his own to Warner’s head. Warner choke slammed Murdoch on a pile of broken glass. Mance was stumbling around the ring due to blood loss but still had enough fight left in him to start exchanging punches with Murdoch. Murdoch hit the Deep South Destroyer but Warner kicked out, Murdoch locked in the Koji clutch for the victory. 

John Wayne Murdoch Defeated Mance Warner 

Deathmatch: Sakuda vs. Cole Radrick 

The two traded some arm drags and head scissors before they wrestled to a stalemate. Sakuda kicked Cole in the balls and sent him out of the ring, he attempted to take Cole out with a tope but Cole cut him off with a stiff forearm. Sakuda wrestled a bundle of tubes away from Radrick before “going at his forehead” with a saw. The two men exchanged punches in the center of the ring with Sakuda gaining control again as he went back to the saw. Cole was eventually able to get some distance between himself and Sakuda but Sakuda stopped any momentum with a chair shot to Cole’s head. Sakuda set a chair up in either corner of the ring and placed a bundle of tubes on each and sent Cole back first into both of them. Cole had a burst of adrenaline and took Saukda off his feet with a lariat which gave Cole a little bit more time to recover. Cole planted Sakuda with an air raid crash but Sakuda caught him with a chin breaker followed by an uppercut for a near fall. Sakuda busted a bundle of tubes across Cole’s arms and hit a leaping leg drop which smashed another bundle across the chest of Cole Radrick. Sakuda hit a tube-assisted somersault senton, he climbed to the top rope and went for a flip dive but Cole rolled out of the way and hit Sakuda with a Michinoku Driver for a two-count. Cole set a door bridge up in the center of the ring but he was caught with a sliced bread but Cole still kicked out at 2. Cole wrestled the metal skewer away from Sakuda and shoved it through Sakuda’s mouth and hit him with a backbreaker followed by several light tube bundles, Cole hit the Lil Sebastians Curse for the victory. 

Cole Radrick Defeated Sakuda