Genichiro Tenryu to be discharged from hospital at the end of June 2023

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Tenryu was prohibited from walking on his own and had to stay in bed. 

Dating back to September of 2022, Genichiro Tenyru had been dealing with health issues. It was discovered that he had spinal stenosis and underwent surgery. In February 2023, he was set to make his first public appearance since the surgery but a week later, he underwent emergency surgery for septic shock

An update on Tenryu came via the Tenryu Project website and it is noted that he’ll be discharged from the hospital at the end of June. He was prohibited from walking on his own and had to remain in bed.

After his spinal stenosis surgery, Tenryu had to wear a halo-vest. It is noted that the septic shock surgery was kidney-related. Tenryu is looking forward to the day he’ll be able to greet the public from inside of a wrestling ring again. 

The next event for the Tenryu Project promotion is scheduled for June 17th in Osaka, Japan.