Giannis "The Greek Freak"

This is fun.

The answer to the question “why do WWE guys do the same entrance every time?”


He should focus more on learning to shoot and praying he doesn’t see Kawhi again. Some MVP last year lol

You are the absolute worst


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I saw Giannis fold in person. He had us beat

A 24 year old didn’t win the NBA championship?deport him

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Not didn’t win. They had us down 0-2 and we won 4 straight. I saw those games in person -
Giannis wasn’t a killer and he wilted. Will he come back stronger? I hope so. I hope he leaves Milwaukee and comes to Toronto with our large Greek population. However I know he has some flaws he needs to sure up as well


Bruh, your NBA knowledge is so weird.

A 24 year old not winning the championship is what we expect. How old was Jordan when he won. Calm down.

And freak will never.go to the raptors

Again he may well get way better. He has to work a bit on shooting.

He is more likely to come to Toronto than anywhere else.

I’m not sure if you know the Masai and Giannis bond but it’s deeper than blood. If he leaves he’s coming here.

Of course he may not leave. He’s got a good team there. But Toronto has a lot of pluses (better city, more multicultural, Masai, rabbid fan base)

Almost zero chance he will go to Toronto. When is the last time Toronto signed any big name free agent? They got lucky with the Kawhi situation, nobody wants to play there.

If he leaves Milwaukee it’ll be a big market team like GS or LA

Well they resigned Demar.

Yes historically it’s been tough. GA is a different situation - he’s got ties to the Cory with Masai and he loves the response he gets here from the Greek Fans

If you really think he’s more likely to go to Toronto than LA you are high

He sucks. That’s not a feather in your cap.

You also told us last year that kawhi was staying bc uncle Dennis told an uber driver. I’m too lazy to find the post but it happened

And there’s a huge difference between re-signing guys and getting a free agent. He won’t sign in Toronto. Zero chance

Uncle Dennis is a Character. We were tracking a plane lol. Toronto fans are whack