Giant WWE Title Belt nears completion outside company’s new headquarters

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An enormous concrete WWE Title is nearing completion outside the new company headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut.

As the Stamford Advocate noted, passers-by were already stopping to take photos of the seven-foot-tall structure at the weekend. It sports the words “WWE World Headquarters”.

Lauren Meyer, a special assistant to Stamford Mayor Caroline Simmons, said the building permit for the monument was issued by the city in November 2022.

The work is not yet complete, as tiled flooring and lighting will be added in front and around the monument, and more decorations are still to be added to the belt.

The belt straps will also eventually lay flat, creating a public seating surface.

WWE is in the process of moving to its new offices at Washington Boulevard in the city. The Titan Towers location is expected to be sold once the transition is complete.

So WWE will always have some version of that belt design for the Universal/Women’s championships. No way are they going to change it now that they have built a massive monument to it.

…but it does look cool. I would take a selfie with it.

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