Giulia thinks STARDOM is slowly closing the annual attendance gap between them and NJPW

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Giulia is confident that STARDOM will surpass NJPW as frontrunners of the Japanese wrestling scene.

STARDOM presented their ‘Dream Queendom’ show on December 29th from Ryōgoku Sumo Hall. At the event, Giulia made her return to in-ring competition after being sidelined since September with a neck injury. She scored a win over Konami in her return bout.

Leading up to the ‘Dream Queendom’ show, Tokyo Sports did a five-part interview series with Giulia and in part five, she discussed some of the hopes and aspirations she has for STARDOM as a promotion. She does not think it’s impossible for them to surpass New Japan Pro-Wrestling as the frontrunners of wrestling in Japan.

When it comes to annual attendance, Giulia says they’re not as good as NJPW but thinks that STARDOM is slowly closing that gap. According to Daily Japan, STARDOM sits behind Dragon Gate and NJPW for overall live attendance in 2021. They reeled in 47,405 people and presented 101 shows. Dragon Gate brought in 57, 828 and NJPW welcomed 183, 541 people to their shows this year.

Of course I want to surpass them, and I don’t think it’s impossible. In terms of annual attendance, we’re not as good as New Japan right now, but I think we’re closing the gap little by little. One by one, the should do their best. I believe that we are as strong as New Japan in the amount of energy we put into each match. We will catch up with New Japan Pro Wrestling, and one day, we will definitely surpass them. I don’t want this to end in a dream.

In part four, Giulia weighed in on the recent Ice Ribbon talent departures. Giulia got her start in wrestling with Ice Ribbon and is rooting for the reigning Ice Cross Infinity Champion Tsukushi Haruka. Giulia admitted that she is not a fan of Ice Ribbon President Hajime Sato.

I think the new champion, Tsukushi, is going to have a really tough time after the big break in Ice Ribbon. I think Tsukushi is going to have the hardest time because she finally won the belt, and she’s going to have to defend it a lot. In pro wrestling, the more strong and shining opponents you have, the more treasure you have. I know I’m the one who left, but I want Tsukushi to do well. Well, I hate the president of that place. I’m rooting for Ice Ribbon from the shadows.

She continued speaking about the topic and said it’s unnatural to have a happy and harmonious roster and people still wanting to exit the promotion.

It’s so unnatural to have a happy and harmonious team and then have a bunch of people leave. It’s fine to have a no-tweet talk show, but please entertain the fans. You’re a professional wrestler, right? I would have liked to see that in the ring.

The 12/29 STARDOM event was headlined by Utami Hayashishita versus Syuri for the World of STARDOM Championship. To check out the result of that match, head over to POST Wrestling’s article about the topic.